Essential Items That Should Be In Every Driver’s Tool Box Sets

Essential Items That Should Be In Every Driver’s Tool Box Sets


If you are a new driver or vehicle owner, sometimes it can be intimidating to think of doing your own repair and maintenance. However, you can avoid the stress if you keep yourself prepared with complete tool box sets.


Must-Have Tools For Your Tool Box Sets


Pliers and Wire Cutters


All types of electrical repairs on your vehicle will require wire cutters and pliers. So, whether you want to install a new stereo system or rewire your headlights, you’ll be happy you have these two important tools with you.


Socket Set


It is crucial that your tool box sets must include a durable, fully stocked socket set. Make sure that your socket sets with tool box include sockets of different sizes, from 6mm to 19mm, a hex (Allen) key, an extender, and a ratchet.





Although your tool box combo sets already include one or two screwdrivers, you’ll want to ensure that you have a variety of sizes and shapes that can be easily accessible whenever you need them on your mechanical jobs.


Wrench Set


You might find that it is truly hard to get anything done without having a wrench set. Be sure to choose wrenches having a ratcheting side and an open-ended side. This can help in getting your task easier to accomplish since you will be able to remove the wrench between turns.


Breaker Bar


A breaker bar is a type of ratchet that has a long handle. This is very handy when you want to remove nuts and bolts. If you have tightened some nuts using your torque wrench, then you will need a breaker bar to extract them.


Man looking for tools inside the tool box.


Torque Wrench


A torque wrench is a vital piece of tool that you must have in your tool sets with tool box. This unique ratchet is specifically used for properly tightening nuts. Using a torque wrench can be beneficial since it prevents any slippage as well as damage to the bolt. At the same time, it can help you in removing the nut in the future.


Rubber Mallet


Sometimes there are tools that you don’t think about until such time that you need them. A rubber mallet is one of them. With a rubber mallet, you can easily get through those difficult situations. This can help you in straightening out your bumpers or extracting stuck bolts.


Impact Wrench


Although an impact wrench is an optional tool, this is still something that you might want to include in your starter tool box sets. This high-powered tool can help you to easily and quickly remove or replace lug nuts using its electric torque. An impact wrench can be very valuable if you have arthritis in your hands or you have difficulty in applying adequate force to a standard wrench. With an impact wrench, working with your vehicle will be more comfortable.


Jack Stands


Avoid lifting your vehicle on a ramp or jack without using jack stands. This tool can prevent your jack or ramp from shifting or slipping while you are working underneath your vehicle.


Floor Jacks or Ramps


If you want to get underneath your vehicle to do some repairs, then it is crucial that there is a way to elevate it. If you are new to vehicle repair, then it is recommended that you should use ramps since they are much safer.


Man pulling drawer from tool box.


Factory Service Manual


If you want to familiarize yourself with the different parts of your engine, then you must read the factory service manual. With this manual, you will learn how to do repairs and maintenance on your vehicle since you have exactly the right information.


With a well-stocked tool sets in box, you will always feel confident in handling some minor issues that are just common if you own a vehicle.


Important Tools For Pickup Owners


As a pickup truck owner, you have unique responsibilities and opportunities. There are a lot of things that you can do with your pickup truck such as driving on rough roads, towing trailers, hauling dirty items, or transporting couches. Since you will be doing these things, you must have the specific tools and equipment needed in accomplishing them safely. The following are some of the equipment that you need when you are on the go.


Safety First


The U.S. Department of Transportation requires all commercial vehicles to have three things. This includes three safety flares, a dry fire extinguisher, and some spare fuses. Even if your vehicle is not a commercial one, it is always a good idea to always have these items with you. It is recommended that you should use an ABC-rated fire extinguisher instead of a BC-rated extinguisher. Also, rather than using flares, you can use triangles. A-rated fire extinguishers are designed for putting out fires that involve paper, wood, plastic, and cloth. While B-rated fire extinguishers are meant for fluids such as diesel fuel, gasoline, and oil. And finally, C-rated fire extinguishers are designed for electrical fires. For vehicle owners, it is always a good idea to have one extinguisher that is effective for all three types of fires.


Pickup with two opened drawers in the truck bed tool box.


Triangles are greatly recommended over flares since flares could likely burn out in 10 to 30 minutes and could get worse over time. Triangles might be difficult to store since they are larger, however, they can work anytime provided that they are not damaged. Aside from these safety items, you should have a basic first-aid kit in your mechanic tool box sets. Also, with a pair of sturdy gloves, you can avoid burning your hands when touching hot items. You can even wear this when wrenching to protect your hands.


Tools Needed for Your Truck


You will never know when you will be needing a certain tool. That is why it would be best to keep tool sets with box organizers that can be easily accessed. It is greatly recommended that your complete tool sets with tool box should contain wrenches, an air pressure gauge, duct tape, zip ties, screwdrivers, wire strippers, pliers, socket sets without tool box, as well as and electrical tape. It’s always good to have these tools around so you can make temporary repairs while traveling on the road. And hopefully, this can last until such time that you can find a place that has the proper equipment. Having cheap tool box sets is much better than having no toolbox at all.


Compared to most cars, pickups are longer, taller, and wider. They also use larger hardware, that is why it is only appropriate that you should invest in a large set of wrenches and sockets. Consequently, you will need larger tools when towing a trailer, not only for the trailer but also for the weight-distributing hitch. Having wrenches and sockets with larger sizes up to 1 1/2 inches in your tool sets with box can be very handy in case the bolt on the trailer hitch or the nut on the truck will get loose.


Man sitting on top of truck bed tool box.


When working in the dark, having flashlights are a lifesaver. Although most cellphones are now incorporated with flashlights, it is always nice to have one in the truck. A folding shovel is also another excellent tool for your pickup truck. This is very useful when your vehicle gets stuck and you need to dig it out. It can also be used for digging a toilet, clearing rocks on the tent site, creating a fire ring, and many more. They are small, inexpensive, and easy to use and store. It is also handy to have jump-starters or jumper cables. Most portable jump-starters also come with a built-in air compressor, in case you might need to inflate a tire.


With these large tool box combo sets you will be able to help others in need. Just remember that having all of these tools in your vehicle will add extra weight.


Tools For Hauling Trailer or Cargo


If you frequently use your pick-up for towing a trailer or for hauling cargo, there are some tools that you must have in your truck. When carrying cargo in the bed of your pick-up, you can keep them secure with ratcheting tie-downs. On the other hand, if you are pulling trailers with heavier cargo, you will be needing longer and larger tie-down straps. A 20 to 30 feet long rope with a small diameter is very flexible. You can either store them in your door pocket, under the rear seat or inside your complete industrial tool box sets.  


Parked pickup with opened tool box.


Likewise, you can also use tow straps for vehicle recovery as well as for towing a vehicle out of danger and bringing it to a safer location. Ropes are lighter than chains, at the same time, they are also easier to handle, however, they are not abrasion-resistant. Most tow straps have loops or hooks on the ends. If your tow straps have loops, then you might need a set of heavy-duty shackles to securely connect them to the vehicle.


If you are traveling in icy, snowy, or muddy conditions, then it is always good to have tire chains in your truck. Driving during the winter can be much safer if you have at least two tire chains to prevent your truck from getting stuck in mud or snow.


Storage For Tools and Equipment


There are different methods of storing your tools and equipment on your pickup truck. An excellent way of storing tools is tool roll-up packaging which is made of nylon or heavy canvas. Usually, tool rolls have separate pockets dedicated for each tool, which can prevent them from rattling. These are very compact. Once you roll them up, they can be easily stored. Look for tool box sets for sale that can protect your fragile tools and keep them organized. Although they might take up more space compared to tool roll, stackable tool box sets have a hard shell which means you can stack them in a specific area.  


Opened tool box with different gear inside.


Truck-bed toolboxes such as the DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System offers a lot of storage space, at the same time, you can even use the bed of the truck. You will have enough space for all the tools and equipment that were mentioned above. Having this equipment in your vehicle might take up some space, however, when there are emergency situations, they are indispensable.


Purchasing all of these tools and equipment at once can be very overwhelming and expensive as well. So, you should start with small tool sets with tool box, buying a first-aid kit here, and choosing a tool there, until you can build a complete tool sets with box. Ultimately, your complete professional tool sets with tool box can either help you or somebody else in getting out of a difficult situation.


What are the Features of The DECKED Storage System?


The DECKED drawer storage system is the toolbox that looks as good as your truck. It is a great option since it is created to fit your truck or pick-up. The DECKED storage solution provides you with two large pull-out drawers, yet you can still load up your truck bed with a maximum capacity of up to 2,000 pounds. The weight capacity of every drawer is up to 200 pounds, permitting you to store any heavy gear, tools, or equipment.


Man assembling DECKED Tool Box.


The DECKED Tool Box is created from injection molded high impact polymer resin with a combination of galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcement. Since it is made of extremely durable material, you can assure that it will last for years. One of the greatest benefits of the DECKED storage system is that it is weatherproof. All the drawers are completely sealed to prevent any dust and moisture from getting inside. This can guarantee that all your gear, tools, and equipment inside are dry and clean.


The DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System comes with accessories including D-Box, Crossbox, Drawerganizer, and Dividers. This allows you to customize your tool box even further. DECKED offers Free Shipping and a Lifetime Warranty to its storage system as well as its accessories.


Do you need easy access to your tools? If so, then you can choose the DECKED Tool Box with Optional Integrated Ladder. The ladder will be bought separately. With the optional adjustable nesting step ladder, which slides directly out of the box, you can easily access your tools and gear. Although the ladder is placed inside the box, it will not cause any distraction within the toolbox. The ladder is made from 6000 series aluminum and simply drops to the ground, even on a lifted truck.