So you want a tool box on wheels?


DECKED's drawer system is easy to pull out, so you can grab what you need quickly.


Mechanics, hunters, and outdoorsmen alike all have one thing in common when it comes to their trucks (and sometimes other things) – wanting a quicker way to grab onto that precious cargo in the back.


The DECKED team has thought about this problem at length. In fact, convenience and simplicity is the inspiration behind some of DECKED’s most iconic Tool Box products, namely the truck bed storage system.


This system is an easy-to-install Tool Box that features a slidable set of drawers that can provide easy access to wrenches, ropes and drills. Even better – these drawers can be organized via dividers and baskets. The system is like a durable stackable tool box, but designed to be flat and horizontal for the most efficient use of space.


But of course, every sensible shopper needs to look at their options before taking the plunge on a purchase. So, we’ll make this easy for you. We’ve gone ahead and done the research and laid out the factors to consider.


Older tool boxes were fairly simple. Ones made from metal could rust or dent.

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The concept of a tool box has existed for much longer than a few centuries. But during the industrial revolution of the 1800s, tool boxes and tool kits came into the limelight. All of a sudden there were many more industrial workers, who needed more tools, and an easier way to transport them.


Some of the earliest tool boxes were referred to as tool chests. Often these craftsman tool boxes were made out of wood and meticulously designed to hold hundreds of tools. Over time, these contraptions were made through metal. Some of the smaller ones looked like rusty lunchboxes and then through the years morphed into large storage cabinets.


Soon, projects for construction workers and mechanics became even more evolved. Advanced machinery and concrete jungles popped up everywhere. And, eventually, designers thought to put some wheels on these bad boys to make it even more simple for transportation. Then the large tool box on wheels was born and ready for sale. 


Tool boxes on wheels are fairly old.

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Whether intentionally or not, you’ve probably come across a husky tool box on wheels. It could be the stackable storage and file cabinet next to your desk at the office, or it could be a storage chest in the garage.


Tool boxes on wheels exist everywhere. There are numerous models and they are used for a lot of niche purposes. And some of these tool boxes are super expensive, even though they aren’t the right fit and may not work for a truck.


So for truck lovers that need to keep their precious cargo in their vehicle, finding the right tool box on wheels can be challenging. Some things to consider are price, convenience, durability, and whether the box works for your needs.



Easy to lug around.



Stanley Black & Decker makes a range of products and runs the Stanley, DeWalt, and Craftsman brands.  All of these companies make their own types of tool boxes.


But here, we’ll talk about the Stanley tool box on wheels. Some Stanley tool boxes run on the cheaper end, like the FATMAX 020800R 4-in-1 organizer or the 3-in-1 Detachable Mobile Work Box. This can be useful for the mechanic worker that doesn’t need to carry many tools and wants an inexpensive option. Many Stanley tool chests on wheels run less than one hundred bucks.


But at the same time that the tool box is cheaper, the materials may not last as long, and probably can’t withstand a payload of hundreds of pounds. Many of these tool boxes are made with plastic, which can corrode and break easily. Also, it’s not a grab and go system. You’ll have to pull it out entirely and put it back together each time. So, convenience and longevity may be sacrificed.


Pricier than other models, but sturdy.



Dewalt makes some husky tool boxes on wheels, like the 9-Drawer Rolling Cabinet. These products are more expensive ranging in the hundreds of dollars depending on the product.


The rolling cabinet is great for someone who may prefer to keep most tools at home. The product uses steel for strength and is durable, as it can hold over a thousand pounds of equipment. It also includes a key and lock system to ensure safety. It’s still a cheaper option for someone looking to have an upgraded storage system but not break the bank.


Of course, Dewalt makes some more portable tool boxes with wheels that can be put into the car. That includes the TOUGHSYSTEM 2.0 24 in. Mobile Tool Box. This tool box can still withstand around 250 lbs of weight and has metal latches for durability. It’s also water resistant.


The CRAFTSMAN VERSASTACK towel tool box with a red lid is a popular option. The stackable tool box system includes a slide out drawer and an organization system that could make it convenient for someone with lots of tools. It’s also not super expensive either.


But we run into some similar problems with the Stanley tool box on wheels. These boxes are still made from plastic, so they may not offer as much bang for the buck in the long-term. And, both the cabinet system and rolling boxes aren't super convenient to take out of a truck, especially if you need all your tools. If these systems are filled with materials, it could break your back if you aren’t careful.


Also, simply put, these boxes may not be big enough for everything you’re packing.


Essentially a pit box, much like other options.



The Milwaukee Packout Tool Box, also known as the Milwaukee Packout Storage System, is essentially a “pit box,” much like the other options listed above. This red tool box on wheels is much like a large piece of luggage that can be rolled around.


It might be the perfect fit for you, if you don’t have a massive set of tools and need something that can be a quick grab. The system consists of a set of modular tool boxes and a 2 wheel dolly. Each individual box is weather proof and is a plastic-and-metal latch concoction. Each box also has a metal rail at each corner to ensure the boxes don’t fall in on themselves when they are stacked.


The large tool boxes feature some removable trays, which can help with organization. And the system as a whole seems strong enough to get the job done, and it comes at a fair price. These systems range from small to extra-large.


However, much like other options, the tool box isn’t embedded in the vehicle. So it might take up space inefficiently. The larger tool box, especially, is quite clunky and may be difficult to fit into a car or truck that already has other items in it. And even though the tool box is husky and fairly well built, the materials are still plastic and can be broken easily. If you want something that lasts long, it might be good to look at some other options.


The DECKED D-Box and DECKED Crossbox plastic tool storage boxes are super cheap and easy to install.



The DECKED drawer system was built with convenience, price, and durability in mind.


The entire system can be the bed of your pick-up or working truck, under a secondary truck bed. The top is incredibly resilient and acts like an actual truck bed, so it’s almost invisible and still leaves plenty of cargo space for other items.


Of course, you’ve come here to read about tool boxes on wheels. The most relevant part of the DECKED drawer system is the drawers themselves. Each of these drawers can be pulled out independently of each other and each can store up to a 1000 pounds of tools and equipment. The best part is that these drawers live in the truck, so you just have to roll them out, grab what you need and get your job done.


If you’re seeing the organization of a milwaukee tool box on wheels, DECKED may still offer a better option. Each drawer can be easily subdivided and contains both smaller tool boxes and moveable dividers. The DECKED D-Box and DECKED Crossbox plastic tool storage boxes are super cheap and easy to install.


On top of all that, the drawer system includes a highly reinforced locking and security system. You might be worried about leaving your tools in your truck overnight. But it’s easier to break into a truck and grab expensive tools than it is to get into the drawer system, which is reinforced with a galvanized steel hat. It’s also waterproof, so there’s nothing getting inside that box.


The overall goal of this system is to prevent injuries and wear and tear on the body, so that people can perform their best.


At around $1,500 the DECKED drawer system is a bit pricier than the other options, but is built to last for years and may end up costing youless in the long run – both financially and for your physical health.

There's so much to get with DECKED.






With so many options for a big or small tool box on wheels on the market, it can be difficult to cut through the BS. But, your purchase ultimately depends on your needs, and every good man and woman ought to have their needs met.


For an artist, part-time mechanic or even just handy-person, a standard tool box on wheels may be the best fit. You don’t have that many tools, or maybe you do but don’t use them often. Simple storage can be achieved with a cheaper, plastic tool box. There are plenty of brands out there that can do that for you.


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However, the full-time construction worker and mechanic that relies on their tools to put bread on the table may look towards a more durable and long-lasting product, which still doesn’t break the bank. That’s what makes DECKED’s drawer system competitive and intriguing to lots of hard-working truck owners.


The system includes easy no-drill installation, as well as two separate weatherproof, covered full bed length drawers to keep elements safe from the rain and snow. The drawers also roll out at waist level to provide safe, easy access to tools, gear and other supplies.



The system is made from high-density polyethylene with galvanized and stainless steel construction.



Most importantly, the system is made from high-density polyethylene with galvanized and stainless steel construction, so the deck can withstand 2,000 lbs evenly distributed. If you need to tag along with some friends or even your dog, there’s not only plenty of space, there’s also assurance that your tools and your truck will be safe and sound.

An easy to access and sturdy tool box for your truck.



If a rolling tool box is not what you want ultimately, DECKED also makes other products that could be enticing. The DECKED TOOL BOX is made from high-impact plastic resin and is made even sturdier with aluminum and steel reinforcements. Those interested in getting this Tool Box can also purchase a ladder that can make it easier to quickly grab whatever tools, fishing rods or ropes that are needed, without having to climb into the back of the truck. The tool chest is strong and slick, and it’s armed with a secure locking mechanism.


DECKED’s supply chain includes numerous family run businesses. The company understands the important of work-life balance. Having the right tools and the right Tool Box at your disposal can help you get the job done quickly, safely and effectively. And at the end of the day, you can pack up your tools quickly and focus on returning back to the people who matter.