Ready To Step Up Your Tool Box Game?

Ready To Step Up Your Tool Box Game?






Whether you’re a contractor, carpenter, landscaper, HVAC specialist, or you love going off-road on the weekends for hunting, fishing, four-wheeling, or just plinking on the range –– then your truck is much more than just a vehicle. It’s your right hand. And let’s be honest, your gear and your tools probably aren’t anywhere near as secure or easy to get to as they should be. We love our pickup trucks, too, and we know what it’s like to always be on the lookout for the best truck bed tool box that’s damn near indestructible and can keep your tools safely stashed away.


That’s why at DECKED, we built a Tool Box that’s as tough as a fortress and easy to access, and it looks as good in your truck as you do when you’re behind the wheel. That’s because this box was made in this decade, with your needs in mind –– no matter your trade, your tools, or your recreational pursuits.


And we do it all with good, old-fashioned American manufacturing, which means DECKED products are 100% made here –– and we’re proud of it.


The fact is, when you’re making that serious decision on your next truck tool box, there are some key things to consider. Here’s the breakdown.


  • Durability & Stamina
  • Security
  • Weatherproofing
  • Organization & Dimensions
  • Accessibility
  • Versatility
  • And, for truck lovers like us…Style




Nevermind That It’s Trending ––

This Tool Box Is Here For The Long Haul


There’s a reason why our storage solution is getting more attention in magazines and blog articles these days, and people who tag us on their social media posts. That’s because our DECKED Truck Tool Box is not your granddad’s tool box...and let’s just say it’s not your uncle’s, either.


couple of guys smiling in front of some pickup trucks



But we don’t let any of that go to our heads. What gets us up out of bed in the morning is knowing that the quality of our products exceeds the old standards.


When we started this company, it was for the workers. We set out to make work easier, safer, more efficient, and generally just make their day better. All we want is to give everyday men and women one less thing to worry about as they go about their business and have a tool box for truck beds. So to make life that much smoother for all the people we serve, we go hard to create newer, higher standards, so that you come to expect nothing but great performance out of our storage accessories and systems.


And the thing is, when it comes to toughness, you should be asking lots of questions about the material your truck tool box is made out of, and you should expect total transparency about the process, the where, and the how.


So here’s what you need to know.


man working the line at DECKED


 Got Stamina?

 Works Like A Football Helmet

The truth is, in this industry, roughly half of all new aluminum tool boxes show up dented. Not ours. You can rest easy knowing you won’t ever pay for dents with DECKED.


Not to mention, our Tool Box starts out sleek and sexy, to go with your truck, and it’ll keep looking brand new, season after season, like it’s just come fresh off the floor of our manufacturing facility on US-24 in Northwestern Ohio.


That’s not to say that we take anything for granted. In fact, we’ve been around long enough to know that sometimes, imperfections and life can happen.


That’s why we offer a lifetime warranty on ALL of our products.


Here’s what you should expect from every DECKED Box:


  • We engineer our boxes to hold their structure –– no matter what
  • The DECKED Truck Tool Box is constructed with high-impact, injection molded polymer ASA and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) resins
  • This means you get bulletproof protection against any kind of punctures
  • Built with anti-corrosion, galvanized steel hardware, and aluminum for long-lasting durability
  • Impact-resistant means it won’t ding, dent, OR rust, in any geography or weather conditions
  • The gas struts are made with a torsion system powered by spring steel, and torsion bars last forever
  • A 30 lb lid that stays open




 So tough, it’ll make a crowbar cry

 Obviously, all tool boxes should provide a certain amount of protection against theft. But some will be much more secure than others.


With the DECKED Truck Tool Box:

 Not even a pry bar can break or damage it

  • A tub-lid interface minimizes theft pry bar points
  • The Tool Box tub is reinforced with steel for extra stability and security
  • A robust steel armored locking mechanism combined with a driver side lock makes forced entry nearly impossible
  • You get 2 keys
  • The lid must be open for the Tool Box to be removed from the bed of the truck



Weatherproofed and safe from the elements

No matter where you are across the map –– desert, mountains, coast, or forest –– you can count on your valuable gear staying protected from the elements, even in inclement weather.


Keeps your gear bone dry, even when you are soaked to the bone


  • The DECKED Tool Box is molded not welded, so you get a seamless lid and tub
  • Seals tightly when closed with an EPDM gasket
  • Created with an upstanding lip that gets overlapped by the lid which acts as a rain gutter on the product
  • When open, there’s a bub seal and gasket that goes around the entire lid
  • Anti-corrosion treated steel and aluminum hardware for long-lasting durability  


Hunters in a snowstorm unpack gear from their DECKED System


Innovative engineering for better accessibility

Been crawling around in your truck? Those days are over.


It’s time to end the insanity. We've developed an optional Ladder that easily drops to the ground, takes up minimal space, and telescopes closed inside the DECKED Truck Tool Box.


We’re proud of our Ladder, because it’s one of the ways DECKED is revolutionizing the way people work from their trucks.


A great example of smart engineering made to simplify lives, the Ladder nests beneath the lid of the Tool Box and allows users to easily access over 50% of their storage from either side of their work truck. It completely eliminates the hassle of crawling in and out of the truck bed to access items near the cab –– once and for all. Its telescoping design means it can easily be folded in and out of the truck, even while wearing your work, sporting, or snow gloves.


The  good news is, if you didn't add the optional Ladder when you purchased your DECKED Tool Box, don’t worry. You can still purchase the Ladder separately to install in your DECKED Tool Box.


  • Optional adjustable nesting step ladder slides right out of the box
  • Ladder doesn’t obstruct anything within the toolbox
  • Drops to the ground, even on a lifted truck
  • Made from 6000 series aluminum
  • Ladder can be purchased separately

The DECKED tool box for trucks


You can read more information on using the integrated ladder.


One of the biggest downsides of most high-quality tool boxes is that once the box is mounted in your truck bed, it generally stays in your truck bed. It makes a lot of sense to have a box that you can use in your truck bed and then remove to store tools at home or on a job site. That’s why each Tool Box comes standard with an easy to grab D-Box that hangs in place on an integrated hanging system within the tub as a smaller modular tool and gear organization system.


  • D-Boxes are weatherproof, with a gasket seal
  • Comes with a handy Snack Tray that nests in place for small tools and gear
  • Tie-downs come pre-installed at the base of the tub on the tailgate side to secure large cargo
  • Effortless lid opening and closing with torsion springs so you won’t slam your fingers


A stack of D-Boxes, close-up


Size & Versatility

Have you ever ordered a new tool box, only to realize it’s an inch or two too long for your truck bed? Or too tall for your tonneau cover? It’s happened to the best of us, and if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably spent some time considering not only the size, but the shape of your van or truck bed. We want to make sure you can get the most out of your tool box, so we designed one that’s versatile and compatible with our 8-foot Drawer Systems..


Our system fits just about any full size truck and cargo van since the late 90’s

  • External dimensions of the DECKED Tool Box are L76” x W22”x H20.53” x Height Above Bed Rail 5.78”
  • Storage capacity is 9.82 ft³ (73.4 gallons)
  • Weight without the aluminum ladder is 114 lbs.
  • Internal Width at the Seal (top o' box): 17.9"
  • Internal Width of Ladder Verts: 13.5"
  • Internal Length: 60"
  • Depth: 17.4"

Find more details about construction, weight, and dimensions, go here.

The DECKED System comes in either a short or standard bed length, and each drawer can hold up to 200 pounds, so you can pack them full without worrying about overloading the capacity.


Not only can this system support up to 2,000 pounds of payload capacity, but it was also designed with mounting in mind to optimize the utilization of your truck bed. Visible dimples on the surface of the deck indicate where the steel tubes run, and they serve as the perfect mounting points for a variety of accessories such as ladder racks, slide systems, additional tool boxes, and more. In fact, you can fully customize the DECKED System to meet your needs by adding Drawer Dividers, Drawer System Locks, Snack Trays for all your loos bits and small tools, CoreTrax with attachment loops for short, standard, and long truck beds, and T-tracks. If you enjoy hunting and have firearms, you can sleep easy knowing that your weapons will be secure in this storage system, which is build like Fort Knox. The best part is, you’ll still have access to the full dimensions of your truck bed because you’ll be able to load all your heavy equipment up to 2,000 pounds, or any other gear, on top of the Decked System.

Order your large DECKED toolbox now. It comes pre-assembled, with free shipping. Need help installing? Here are the install instructions. 

And if you’re ready to bring your truck storage into this century, then start your DECKED Drawer System build today. The time when you’d have to craft your own, homemade drawer and storage systems out of plywood and what was available at hardware stores is over.


logging with a DECKED drawer system in the pickup bed



Plus, DECKED installation is easy, but if you need any assistance, our free tech support is always available and ready to help. If you change vehicles, you can easily move this system over to your new truck or cargo van.

Proudly made in the USA, DECKED is all about high quality and pride in craftsmanship to meet all your storage needs and keep your items secure and weatherproofed, so you can have one less thing to worry about while you’re going about your day. The simplicity and long-lasting durability of our products from start to finish make this a must-have for any truck or cargo van owner.

We thought of everything, with your needs in mind, so if you need to pay over time, no problem. We have a financing option for that, too. Plus, if you’re a member of our armed forces, please take advantage of our military discount.

Order yours today.

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