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DECKED Is A Toolbox for Your Kids In 30 Years

DECKED Now Makes a Toolbox for Kids: YOUR Kids. Meaning It’s So Durable, You’ll Be Passing Yours Down to Them


A dad hands his son who is standing in the back of his truck bed a tool.



That’s a shocker of a headline, right? Who woulda thought about passing down a toolbox? It’s more common than you’d expect though because when you think about it, your toolbox holds more than just inanimate objects—it holds your blood, your sweat, and your tears. It supports more than just your tools. It holds your dreams, your hopes, your goals, and your desire to put your best foot forward. A toolbox proves that yours is a life well-lived. And though we don’t technically make a tool box for kids, we make one so durable and long-lasting that it’ll be around even when you won’t. Rest assured that if you can’t give your kid(s) inheritance, you can always give them DECKED.


And everything we—and youput into it.

Whoa, Baby!


OK. Maybe we got a little too serious there. Maybe you’re thinking—what the hell is wrong with these people? I’m here for the jokes! Don’t worry, they’re coming… It’s just that we take the longevity of our product dead-seriously, so we end up waxing philosophical about it from time to time.


When we think about what an absolute honor it is to be able to make a product so solid that it carries on from one generation to the next, it can sometimes get us a little misty-eyed. And then, since a lot of us here at DECKED are parents, we get swiftly jerked back into reality and reassume our proper roles of crying in our beers while watching Netflix after our kids go to bed.


Kids are hard, man! But you know what’s harder? Digging through all of your shit in the back of your truck to find your tools. You don’t have time for that! You’ve got butts to wipe.


Dad is holding baby. Both are wearing a bunch of DECKED brand gear.


This Ain’t No Toy Tool Box For Kids


Those other toolboxes? Child’s play. As far as we’re concerned, they may as well be making a “pink tool box for kids,” or a “plastic tool box for kids,” or even a “wooden tool box for kids.”


At DECKED, we left the engineering to the grownups, and the product we ended up with is anything but elementary.

So Secure, It Makes Thieves Cry Like a Baby (Security)


Nobody likes to share their toys, so why should you share yours with idiot thieves? A DECKED Tool Box is designed with security at the forefront. We know that your livelihoods and ability to provide for your family depends on your tools, (us too), so that’s why we built this beast like Fort Knox.


We spent over two years in Research and Development—hell, we may as well have been gestating an elephant—but, when DECKED was finally born, we knew we had birthed a good one. (Good looking, too!)


A DECKED Tool Box. All black with aluminum handles and rugged-looking.



Our toolbox is molded, not welded, and made from high-density polyethylene, high-impact polymer resin, and is reinforced with steel and aluminum. Because of our unique design, it’s virtually impossible to break into our toolbox. We’re making crowbars cry, and pry bars weep, but damn it if we don’t get enough of that crap at home!


Anyway, because we designed our product with an upstanding lip, the tub-lid interface minimizes theft pry bar points, and the lid won’t be damaged if some jackwagon decides to try.  


Not “Kiddie Quality” (Durablity)


We want to make it abundantly clear that this is NOT a toolbox for sissies. While those other makers might be namby-pamby about their craft, we are out here in Defiance, Ohio, defying the odds of what is possible when it comes to toolbox innovations.


We use materials from this century, with a design that looks like it’s from this decade. (Finally! Sheesh. Somebody had to do it…) Because this ain’t your granddad’s toolbox, and it ain’t for toddlers either, we can proudly say that our toolbox won’t ever dent, ding, rot, or rust.


It’s a regrettable fact that 50% of aluminum toolboxes arrive at the customer dented or dinged. That’s like saying you’re only going to take care of half of your children. You created them. You take care of them, right?


In our opinion, it’s about time those other manufacturers see their sweet little creations through to graduation. Either that or those other makers better head on back to the sandbox because we’re all tired of their metal tool boxes for kids. They kinda make us want to take a nap.


We promise you that a DECKED Tool Box will never arrive at you with boo-boos. Because of the materials we use, and the Jedi-level ways that we use them, our toolbox simply doesn’t get them. Besides, we don’t really want to kiss your owies anyway. Gross.



Bricks are hit with a sledgehammer and explode over the top of an undamaged toolbox.

Fights Wetness Better Than a Diaper (Waterproof)


This would be the perfect time to swap stories with one another about poopy diapers. But we’ll refrain, because maybe, Dear Reader, you are one of the elite, childless humans we can only imagine what life is like for. Not sure how you’ve tolerated all of the potty-talk here so far, but we suspect that you’ve stayed because we are funny. Really funny.


But you know what is not so funny: soggy-bottomed tools that are now ruined because of your underwhelming toolbox.


Opening up the lid to that at the start of your day is like picking up your baby and giving them a big squeeze—only for pee to squish out of their diaper all over your arm. We said we’d hold the poop stories, but the pee? The pee is fair game. Because pee on your arm is like water on your tools. NOT OK.



Water cascades off of a DECKED Tool Box



A DECKED Tool Box is 100% waterproof, and here’s how we do it:


  • FIRSTLY - Because our toolbox is not fabricated, it means the lid and the tub are each molded as single pieces. There are no cracks or seals for water to penetrate, and that right there is like being born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Our toolboxes are privileged in that respect.


  • SECONDLY - A DECKED Tool Box seals tightly when closed, thanks to an ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) gasket. (No, we can’t send an extra one of these for your kid’s mouth. That other guy already asked…)


  • TURDLY - We created the toolbox with an upstanding lip that gets overlapped by the lid, and acts as a rain gutter on our product. When open, there’s a bulb seal that goes around the entire lid, too.


  • LASTLY - But certainly not in the least, we use anti-corrosion treated steel and aluminum hardware for long-lasting durability.


Nothing Juvenile About This (Engineered)


Like we’ve said before, this ain’t child’s play. We hired some experts, like grownups. Together, we created a product we’re so sure of, we continually put it under as much pressure as a parent trying to get their kids to school on time while they ready themselves for work. You can have one—but not the other, right? Wrong! (But only when it comes to toolboxes.)


Our toolbox is lightweight, yet rigid; and tough as nails, but still looks good. It will never bend, warp, or sag like you do these days when you try to carry your seven-year-old on your back.


We’ve tested it chock-full of a 500-pound payload in an excruciating 180 degrees Fahrenheit and a frigid negative five, and it performed better than Marlon Brando in the Godafther. You see, this isn’t a pretend, Home Depot tool box for kids. It’s a DECKED Tool Box. The toolbox of the future. One that your kids will inherit.

A dad has a baby doll strapped to his chest in a baby carrier.



We also wanted to let you know that in the spirit of safety and family inclusivity, we’ve designed our toolbox in a way that won’t ever pinch fingers. You could let your little ones near it (not that you’d want to), without any fears of it slamming shut on tiny fingers. Or grownup-sized fingers, because, let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. Our toolboxes are not meant to babysit your kids though. You’ve got this. We believe in you.



We eliminated the gas struts that are known to fail in favor of torsion springs that won’t ever poop out or need replacing. Because let’s face it, we’re all juggling enough at home as it is, so we’re gifting you one less thing to worry about. Our 30-pound lid stays open with ease, all thanks to the invention of spring steel. (Wonder who’s kid invented that? We bet their parents are mighty proud.)



A motorcyclist climbs up a ladder extending from a DECKED Tool Box that is mounted in the back of a white pickup with a dirt bike in back.


Accessible. Even for the Little Guys (Optional Ladder)


The ladder is, hands down, one of the best features on our toolbox. Dare we even go so far to say that it’s better than the day you finally get your kindergartener into school? Or back into school, physically, if you’ve just made it through a pandemic. Congratulations, by-the-way…


The bottom line is—or here, it’s the bottom rung—is that we have created a first-of-its-kind integrated access ladder from 6000-series aluminum that shines like a diamond among those other tool box kits for kids. The ladder is optional, but, trust us, you’re going to want it because it not only saves your back and prevents wear and tear on your body, but, it also makes you look like the authority figure that you are. Around your homestead, anyway…


The ladder nests smartly into the top of the toolbox, and then slides right out, dropping fully to the ground. Since we know that there is a range in truck bed heights, just like there’s a range in degrees of mid-life-crisis-I-have-too-many-damn-kids hobby-mobiles, we’ve designed the ladder to accommodate nearly every pickup, every lift.



Half of a garage is filled floor to ceiling with gear.

No Problems Putting Your Toys Away (Organizable)


If you or someone you love has problems putting toys away, then you’re going to love the organizational capabilities that come standard with our toolbox.


Don’t tell your kids, but our D-Box comes standard with a DECKED Tool Box, along with a Snack Tray. And we aren’t joking about that last one. That’s really what it’s called. Don’t ask.


The D-Box is a portable toolbox that can be carried from the top like a tackle box, or from the side like a suitcase. It supports your busy lifestyle by being grab-and-go ready and has its own spot in the toolbox where it can always be put back where you found it, (because we know as a parent, you aren’t getting those perks anywhere else). It would also probably be great for your kids’ barbies or LEGOs, but we haven’t tried that one yet. Let us know. And if your D-Box mysteriously disappears, never fear, we’ve got loads of additional accessories ready to ship.


A man in a plaid shirt stands on a ladder accessing his gear from the top of his toolbox.



We made a pretty picture on the top of the D-Box for you too, one that you’ll want to show off to your friends because it is an ultra-handy, common bolt and bit guide and a ruler. Can you see how hard we’re trying to be helpful? Gold star, please.


Trick Are For Kids, Not Serious Tool Box Makers


At the end of the day, we feel solid that you’ll find that this is not a milquetoast of a toolbox. “Timid, feeble, insipid, bland”—those attributes are not ours. We are all wagering bets here that you’re still trying to get all of the “lost” crusts of toast you served last week to “found” status anyway, and with all of that apple juice you’ve been slingin’, the half-eaten cheese sticks you’ve been throwing away— well, shoot. We did you a solid and just kept the “toast” out of it.


It’s time to get seriously serious about our toolbox here for a minute—we did, so we know you can too—and come to terms with the dreaded fact that one day our children are going to grow up. As much as they are complete pains-in-our-asses, we love the hell out of them, and truly want the best for them. It is not a lie when we honestly state that this is exactly how we feel about every toolbox we send off of our line.


An aerial view of the DECKED warehouse in rural Ohio.



The vast majority of our materials are sourced in the midwest. We believe in “close to home,” “taking care of our own” and every other down-home colloquialism you can think of.


Our toolboxes are made by real people, with real American families, and our materials, like our aluminum and steel, are coming from multi-generational, family-owned businesses that never let us down.


Our HDPE plastics are always sourced from recycled materials because we believe that we owe it to our children to ensure they have a habitable planet. Part of that is repurposing what we humans have already made—except make it better.


A friendly worker takes a break. He leans against a piece of metal and has one glove off. He has a nice smile.



This is our toolbox family. And we want to be part of your family too. We want to be the toolbox for kids only because you passed it down to them. We’d be honored to have a seat at your table, and you are always more than welcome at ours. RSVP here.