The MANPACK of all manpacks: A heavy-duty, dust-resistant Tool Bag Harbor Freight can be a great help

The MANPACK of all manpacks: A heavy-duty, dust-resistant Tool Bag Harbor Freight can be a great help

If you're like most people, you probably have a lot of tools. And if you're like most people, you probably have a lot of trouble keeping track of all your tools. That's where a tool bag comes in handy. A good quality tool bag will keep your tools organized and easy to access. It will also help protect them from damage and keep them dust-free.


DECKED has a great selection of high-quality tool bags that are perfect for both professional and DIY users. So whether you're a trucker or a DIY worker, be sure to check our selection of tool bags today!

What is a tool bag and why would I need one?

Tool bags and tool boxes are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Tool chests and carry cases may be organized so that tools can be found quickly, or they can accommodate multiple tools for larger jobs. Tool bags come with shoulder straps to carry them on the user's back so both hands remain free. The bag can also easily attach to a motorcycle for added convenience when riding.

a blue toolbox placed in a large toolbox that most electricians and truckers use

Harbor Freight Tool bags (not pictured above) are varied in appearance but generally have enough room for carrying different types of tools. A leather roll-up pouch is great for holding screwdrivers, drills, knives, measuring tapes, wrenches, and other small objects. Most tool rolls include pockets  with flaps that close to protect the tools in the bag.


Tool bags are usually made of canvas or nylon. Tool chests and carry cases may be organized so that tools can be found quickly, or they can accommodate multiple tools for larger jobs when necessary. Tool bags come with shoulder straps to carry them on the user's back so both hands remain free.


Tool boxes include drawers, shelves, and small compartments. Larger tools like hammers, screwdrivers, and saws can be hooked onto the outside of the tool chest. Tool bags come with shoulder straps to carry them on the user's back so both hands remain free. Tool bags harbor freight tool boxes are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

a tool bag with a set of handy tools lying around

Why buy DECKED tool boxes and Harbor Freight tools?

Tool bags allow storage of tools easily and conveniently. And you want decent tool bags. Harbor Freight has bags that are as useful as the tools inside them as they come in many different shapes and sizes to accommodate your storage needs.


Tool Bags (Harbor Freight or otherwise) usually have some sort of strap so that you can carry them by hand, on a belt or even over a shoulder if it is small enough. Tool bags from Harbor Freight can also come with a variety of pockets for added convenience.  


Tool bags vary greatly depending upon their intended use and what it contains inside. Harbor Freight tool bags can be used for basic household repairs or advanced automotive repair jobs. Better yet, you don’t need to worry about the most expensive tool bag.  Harbor Freight is an affordable store with many, and frankly, the tool bags need not be bought from the most expensive store in town; there is no point in wasting money.

Is it worth it?

Whatever Harbor Freight tool bag you want, chances are, it is available cheaply at most hardware stores or online. Tool bags at Harbor Freight can be bought for under $20 bucks, so do not waste time worrying about spending too much on things you will use once and forget. You want a good tool bag. Harbor Freight has promotional offers as well, making them more affordable than they already are.  


Be mindful that your Harbor Freight tool bags come in both soft sided as well as hard sided options depending upon the type of tools stored inside them. Tool bags made from polyester are waterproof, tear resistant, and fire retardant which makes it perfect to store electrical tools that might get wet or catch fire accidentally.

a tool box with a drill machine, screwdriver, and other tools

How to choose the right tool bag for your everyday needs

Would you like a tool bag that is not only functional in its design but also has an attractive price? Here are some questions and answers from my own experience when deciding what kind of Tool bag best fits your situation. What kind of tool bags do harbor freight offer?


Harbor Freight offers tool bags in four different types:

  1. Standard Tool Bag Harbor Freight

The standard tool bag has a zipper closure and holds up to 40 pounds. The tool bag measures 16"x12"x6", and comes with a removable, adjustable shoulder strap as well as a side storage pocket for small parts or fasteners. This tool bag costs $4.99 at your local Harbor Freight store. The warranty on all tool bags from Harbor Freight is one year from the date of purchase.

  1. Tool Tote Harbor Freight

The Tool Tote has a zipper closure and easily holds up to 50 pounds. The Tool Tote has two outside pockets and two inside pockets, all with generous openings for easy access to contents – even when the Tool Tote is full! The Tool Tote also includes a carry handle and an over-the-shoulder strap. Tool Tote costs $9.99 at your local harbor freight store.

  1. Deluxe Tool Case Harbor Freight

The Deluxe Tool case has a hinged lid with molded-in tray and zippered mesh pocket, interior side pockets for storing smaller items securely, two exterior side pockets, an adjustable shoulder strap, and measures 15-1/2" x 10-3/4" x 7". This Tool case costs $14.99 at your local harbor freight store.

  1. Slimline Tool Pouch harbor freight

A new lightweight design tool bag that is perfect for carrying hand tools. It has one large compartment with double zipper closure which holds up to 40 pounds of equipment or parts. It has a built-in handle and an adjustable shoulder strap.


The Tool Pouch also features two exterior pockets with hook and loop closures which provide quick access for your frequently used tools. Slimline Tool Pouch costs $9.99 at your local harbor freight store. Tool bags from Harbor Freight are designed to be functional while also having an attractive price.


Moreover, all tool bags can typically hold up to 50 pounds or more when full. A Tool Tote Bag is made of polyester, which makes it easy to clean stains; just wipe Tool Tote clean with a damp cloth. Tool bags are also available in different colors and you can pick one that suits you the best.

What to look out for when buying a tool bag

What is the best tool bag? It really is a personal choice. But there are some major factors to consider when shopping for tool bags:


  • One of those is size. Do you need a large tool bag or can you get away with a smaller tool bag? There's no right or wrong answer as it depends on what tools and equipment you need to carry around. If you only have one tool belt, then maybe a bigger tool bag with more space would be better. On the other hand, if you don't want to lug around such a big tool bag then maybe go for a smaller tool bag that has less storage space but will still hold most of your tools and equipment.


  • Another thing to consider when buying tool bags is material composition. Not all tool bags are made of the same kind of materials. Some tool bags use nylon material while others use leather tool bags for example. Decide which material you want your tool bag to be made out of and that should help narrow down the options when buying tool bags.


  • The last thing you need to consider is how long you'd like the tool bag to last. If you don't mind buying a new tool bag every year or so then go ahead and buy cheaper low quality tool bags. On the other hand, if you prefer durability over price, it's best not to look at cheap tool bags but rather shop for high quality tool bags that will last for years without wearing out too quickly. By spending more on better quality tool bags they will last longer and you won't have to buy tool bags all the time.


two drawers full of handy tools and hammers

What should I look out for when buying tool bags?

Tool bag materials: If you're not sure what material your tool bag needs to be made of, try looking at some tool bag reviews online. Reading other people's tool bag reviews can help you decide which tool bags are worth considering and which tool bag brands don't live up to the hype.


Tool bag size: Most tool bags come in different sizes these days so there's no problem finding the right tool bag size for your needs. However, if you still struggle with deciding on a tool bag size, take a measuring tape with you so you can get the dimensions of where the tool will be stored. That way you'll have a tool bag that's just the right size instead of tool bags being either too big or too small.


Material composition: As discussed earlier, tool bags made out of different materials have their pros and cons. While tool bags made from nylon material for example are lightweight and easy to clean, tool bags made from leather tool bags won't absorb water so they won't get soaking wet when coming into contact with rain or splashed with dirty machine oil in your garage.


Durability: If you go shopping for tool bags it can be easy to fall for all the different brands and hype in tool bag marketing brochures. But if you're looking for quality and durability, remember high price doesn't always mean the tool bag is the best choice. If you're shopping at tool bag auctions or tool bag clearance sales then be sure to ask for tool bag reviews. Speaking with previous customers of the tool bag brand that's on sale can give you a better idea of how long their tool bags last.

a guy wearing a cap lifting a blue tool box from the back of a truck

Things you should consider before purchasing a Harbor Freight Tool Bag

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