The “DECKED Toyota Tacoma Tonneau Cover”

The “DECKED Tacoma Tonneau Cover”

Have you heard of the story of the American who hated pickup trucks that he never owned one? Of course, you haven't because there is no such person.

If there is anything us Americans agree on, it should be the love, adoration, and obsession we have for pickup trucks. And, if you are part of the American dream ethos, there cannot be a better way of justifying this than buying yourself a pickup truck. The bigger, the better! Also, if you are an American who actually hates trucks–if at all such a person exists, please, for your own good, take that secret with you to the grave. As a proud American, you should love those magnificent beasts; this should be in our Constitution!

The story goes that the pickup truck obsession started as a necessity— a preferred utility vehicle for hauling and toting farm produce many moons ago when our ancestors were farmers. So strength was a major factor to consider when buying one, but now, needs have evolved, and there are many things to factor in. People want their trucks to last longer looking new–both for appearance and to keep the resale value high. In this regard, truck guys have added on their truck maintenance budget books a column for pickup upgrade. And every now and again, your truck could use some touch ups to bring it to speed with the trends whether it is to keep abreast with the fashion or ramp up its functional features for more serviceability.

It doesn't really matter what you want your truck to accomplish. You may want it to carry more gear, look a bit stylish or have a stronger bed to haul larger cargo. The question is, will you get the right accessory to meet your needs?

Tonneau Covers have been here many years now and they are truly useful. No doubt they are a necessity if you are a truck guy especially in regards to bed covering needs such as protection from bad weather.

As DECKED, we are dedicated to revamping your truck, giving you the perfect experience with your cargo handling situations, which is why we bring you the “DECKED Toyota Tacoma Tonneau Cover.” We knew that we would make legendary Tonneau Covers for your trucks with our innovation and expertise, and so we did! Our version of the Tonneau covers performs similar functions to the 2021 Toyota Tacoma Tonneau Cover and, in addition, helps you keep your cargo neat and organized.

What Generally Makes a Great Tonneau Cover?

The minute Tonneau covers were invented, many companies ventured out to make their own to sell to buyers in the scramble for a piece of this lucrative market. However, the problem began when an influx of unqualified manufacturers flooded the market with low-quality brands, sometimes at insanely low price with enticing offers targeting to lure unsuspecting consumers. Given the wide range of choices, it is easy to fall into the trap. But with a bit of information on the features of a great tonneau, you could get value for your money. Let's start with the various types and forms currently available in the market.

  • Roll-up Tonneau Covers Tacoma- just as the name suggests, one can fold the Roll-Up Bed Cover like a mat, providing easy access to your cargo.
  • Retractable Tonneau Cover Tacoma- the names give up the nature of these bed covers. The retractable bed cover withdraws itself towards the back of your trunk. There are two varieties of the retractable bed cover, soft and hard.
  • The Folding Bed Cover- the folding bed cover comes in two designs; either the bi-fold or Toyota Tacoma Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover. In other scenarios, the bed cover may come in more than three foldable sections.
  • Hinged Bed Cover- this is a one-bed cover that is supported in hinges. The typical hinge system requires only lifting the lead, and the business is done.
  • Toolbox Bed Cover- this is a Tacoma Bed Cover that comes with an integrated tool box where you can keep the tools you need.
  • Electric Bed Cover- the most convenient of the bed covers. It uses electrical power to open and close and has a key to operate remotely.

DECKED Systems do more than just cover your truck bed. You get security, better arrangement and order, and unmatched strength.

Metrics To Consider For Your Perfect Product


Pickup trucks have different bed sizes based on the model. For example, the 2022 Toyota Tacoma has a bigger truck bed than the 2021 model. Size, therefore, matters as you want to be sure that what you buy will snug nicely onto your truck bed.


Depending on the purpose that you intend your truck to serve, you are likely to purchase it either with accessories or make future modifications. Therefore, before installing a tonneau cover, you'd want an assurance of compatibility with a range of truck bed accessories in the market.


The essence of owning a Tonneau cover is to keep your cargo safe, whether from the weather, thieving hands, or curious eyes. A great Tonneau cover should serve all these purposes; otherwise, you are going to put your money to waste.


The longer your Tonneau’s shelf life, the lesser you will have to dip into your pockets to foot repair or replacement costs.


While some people abide by the principle that cheap is expensive, others prefer to use what they have until they are comfortable acquiring costlier products. Similarly, tonneau users have different financial capabilities, and your choice as a buyer depends on the depth of your pocket.

DECKED Systems are strong. The Drawer System for example features a 2000lb payload plus a per drawer payload of 200lb. Is there a thing you can't haul with all this capacity really?

Why You Need The Tacoma Tonneau Cover

The invention of the Tacoma Tonneau Cover has brought along several benefits to owners of the Tacoma pickup Trucks. Below is a list of some of the accompanying advantages:

  • It shields your truck bed from harsh elements, especially falling objects and adverse climatic conditions.
  • Ensures your cargo remains intact even in the worst of terrains, speed, and heavy winds.
  • Prevents theft- Leaving your cargo exposed makes them susceptible to theft, and it would be a shame to work so hard to lose your products to some itchy fingers in Texas city. Properly fitted tonneau covers keep that from happening.
  • Fuel efficiency- the covers reduce air drag resulting from airflow from the windshield to the roof of your Tacoma truck and finally to the trunk.

Well, the Tacoma Tonneau Cover is not so different from what the market already offers, only it comes with a bit of customization to snug into your Toyota Tacoma Pick Up Truck.

Why DECKED Is Better

As DECKED, we decided to make the DECKED Systems ( the Drawer System and the Tool Box), targeting truck guys with Toyota Tacoma owners in our minds. We have heard the complaints concerning the quality of the initial Tacoma Tonneau Covers prompting the need to manufacture something more ergonomic.

The soft Tonneau Tacoma Cover is penetrable if one pokes it with let's say a knife. It may be cheap but inefficient in warding off thieves. The OEM Tacoma Tonneau Cover is high quality but quite expensive, thereby making it unattainable to anyone on budget. Several people have also complained about the Trifold having issues with its waterproof system, which risks perishable goods or those susceptible to rust. Toyota Tacoma owners haven't been left behind, they too have complained that the Roll-up Tonneau Cover sometimes freezes up during the winter, making it difficult to open the bed and access the cargo. The materials used to make the various tonneau covers for Toyota Tacoma are not durable and may not withstand the extreme American weather. Therefore, you have to regularly replace the cover, which is costly in the long run. Finally, Tonneau's major pitfall is they offer truck bed canopy without organization. So, as DECKED we intervened and made you a better version that beats all these disadvantages and with yet more benefits.

This is your perfect solution for outdoor expeditions storage whether you are a hunter, a farmer , a filed service guy or more; just get DECKED out and solve your storage problems like the pro you are.

Everything You Need To Know About DECKED

You have probably made the best choice learning about DECKED and our products. At DECKED, we are dedicated to quality customer service, which is why we chose not to be left behind and partnered with Toyota to bring you the best truck bed tool storage systems for Toyota Tacoma as a replacement for the Tonneau. DECKED was founded in 2013 by great-minded thinkers who believed in making the lives of working men and women better. Apart from making truck bed covers, we have also invested in designing the DECKED Systems which enhance your truck and make your life easier.

We also take pride in the commitment to deliver 100% American-made products while towing within the line of quality policies, labor laws and consumer protection ideals. The blend between Tacoma and DECKED is nothing short of this vision.

What Makes Our DECKED Systems Extraordinary


When it comes to Tonneau Truck Covers, durability is a must! The other brand makers might not know that, but as DECKED, we preach it. We understand how painful it can be to constantly dip into your pockets to buy a truck bed cover only to get a substandard product. Therefore, the materials we use in making you a Tacoma Cover are tried, tested, and proven to be durable through the longest times you can imagine. The bed cover can withstand the harshest weather conditions and the toughest impacts. If you have used our DECKED Drawer System and DECKED Tool box, you know that we never compromise on our products' strength and durability.


Like we always say, our DECKED products are made with materials from the future! They are made with: fiberglass, aluminum, ABS plastic, and high-impact polymer resin using injection molding. They are strong, resistant to easy punctures, and waterproof.

We are giving you Tonneau Cover substitutes like you have never seen.


We have also noted the numerous complaints by clients owning the Toyota Tacoma trucks that their bed covers are often susceptible to itchy hands or are not leak-proof. The materials used to make the DECKED Systems make them both theft and waterproof, ensuring that your products remain safe. We make a hammer and crowbar look like a joke.

With DECKED Drawer System, You'd comfortably carry anything the weight of half a tonne truck at your truck's bed.


We are not scared to think outside the box, which is why we designed a truck bed that allows you to organize your cargo. Yes! We know you love order for easy access to your tools and cargo. So we give you exactly that. You will even be more organized when you bless yourself–and your truck– with the DECKED Systems.

Scientific Engineering

It is amazing how much time and energy we incorporate into the scientific engineering of our products.

The DECKED systems come majorly in two forms but in diverse shapes, sizes, and materials to suit the interests and preferences of the Toyota Tacoma pickup owners. The installation process of our products is relatively easy, making it a convenient asset for your truck.

Free Shipping

As DECKED, we know that our products can be a bit pricey. But that's because we give you quality, and we would never wish to compromise that. But, what we can do is to ensure that once you pay, you do not incur any extra cost. So yes. All our products come with free shipping!


Since we trust the quality and durability of our products so much and value your trust even more, we offer a lifetime warranty. Yes! We want you, our customer, to enjoy your DECKED products or any other of our accessories  feeling secure and confident.

With top notch security, good cargo arrangement, great capacity to mount equipment and superb protection against weather, there is not a place you cant go with your pick up truck. DECKED promises you all these and much more.

Be Part of Our Journey

We know that we have piqued your interest. Therefore, we would like to invite you to join us in this journey by exploring the different DECKED products. You may want to retain your Toyota Tacoma cover, and we are excited to let you know that you can use both the Tonneau Cover and the DECKED alternatingly. The easy-to-install feature of the DECKED Systems makes the process of switching between the two simpler.

With the information that the DECKED Truck Bed Cover will be revolutionary to your life, why waste any more time? Order yours today and join an elite group of Toyota Tacoma owners enjoying our services.

Step up your game! This is not 1973, we are in the 21st Century, and you should not be left behind. Our products are made from materials from the future, and we shall be glad if you join us throughout this exciting journey.