Securely Store Firearms for Easy Access With the DECKED Tactical Toolbox

Securely Store Firearms for Easy Access With the DECKED Tactical Toolbox

Imagine this: You're in a combat zone and need to use your weapon. You've got to get at it now fast. That's when you need a tactical toolbox.

Have you been looking for a safe way to transport your firearms? Whether traveling or responding to a threat, DECKED accessories can ensure your weapons are accessible without compromising safety.

If you're a military member or public safety professional, you know that space on law enforcement vehicles can be scarce. Now there is a solution to store, organize, and easily access your equipment conveniently.

A traditional drawer system lacks the strength, functionality, and durability required to withstand the rigors of mission-specific environments. Although other drawer systems may fit your needs in the office or home, none provided the option of deployment in extreme field scenarios without costly modifications required by a skilled craftsman.

The DECKED team has engineered the most versatile drawer system available and first modular drawer system for mission-specific deployment designed for law enforcement, military, and public safety personnel. These can be installed in most truck beds and are used by police, military, marine, and fire professionals. You can explore how we can help you organize and better grasp your gears while protecting them from damage.

DECKED is the first modular drawer system for mission-specific deployment designed for law enforcement, military, and public safety personnel

DECKED offers an all-inclusive modular storage solution customized to your specific needs. We built this tactical toolbox with aero precision to meet the demands of individuals on active duty that require an all-inclusive storage solution capable of storing tactical equipment, weapons, and ammunition while remaining mobile, organized, and easily accessible.

Many law enforcement and military departments around the world trust our versatile storage device to not only help them organize their stuff but also to keep their mission-critical equipment protected.

For more information on how DECKED can assist you in your firearms storage needs, visit our website or contact us today.


Gun safes are big and bulky, while DECKED’s Tactical Tool Box is small and discreet. Now, let's discuss the nitty gritty. A tactical toolbox is a tool that is built to open quickly and is small enough that it can be kept where it'll be most helpful, which is your truck bed. Military personnel and police officers typically use a tactical toolbox to store their weapons in vehicles. The purpose of this type of storage is for quick access in the event of an emergency.

While tactical toolboxes are made to open quickly, gun safes aren't. Gun safes are intended to protect their contents from fire, theft, and natural disasters (like floods). That means they're heavy and challenging—so tough, that accessing your firearms inside them can be difficult.

The second upside of tactical-toolbox is that these are light and portable. You can carry them from your vehicle straight into the house or out on the boat. It makes them ideal for storing your gun when you're not at home or when you're traveling in remote places where taking it with you may be unsafe.

Tactical toolboxes are also much less expensive than most gun safes — as little as $1000 compared to several thousand dollars. They also tend to be smaller, making them easier to fit in tight spaces.

As per information from tactical toolbox review websites, the tactical toolboxes have the same basic features as any other gun safe, but it's made for someone who needs immediate access to their weapon but doesn't want it out in the open or accessible at all times.

Whether you are an individual soldier, have an operations team, or law enforcement agency, you need a high-quality polymer 80 tactical toolbox. If you're looking for an all-purpose place to keep your weapons without worrying about someone stealing them or getting their hands onto them when you're not looking, consider investing in an excellent tactical toolbox from DECKED.


DECKED aims to create functional and elegant storage products with a purposeful balance between form and function. With no tools needed and installation in just a couple of minutes, DECKED has been quite successful in the market while focussing on one core functionality: making the organization secure and easy!

DECKED provides a stylish, innovative way to organize tools, weapons, and emergency gears in any vehicle or on-duty station with easy access to each item.

DECKED provides stylish, innovative ways to organize tools, weapons, and emergency gears in any vehicle or on-duty station with easy access to each item. Our products are trying to showcase newer ways of thinking about how you carry essential gears. Check out how people are using DECKED worldwide in their everyday lives.

The DECKED Drawer System is a modular weapon storage system that meets military standards for securely storing your tactical gears and firearms. All products from DECKED are manufactured in the USA and designed for quick assembly and deployment. We build beautiful, durable products and are passionate about what we do, which comes across in all aspects of our business-to-customer experience.

We reinvented the existing boring, flimsy toolboxes in the market. The DECKED Tool Box, Drawer System, or any accessory that we engineer are created from the ground up to be the most modular, secure, and affordable storage system in existence.

With modular, beautiful, and intuitive designs, DECKED gives you the freedom to create your storage solution at a price that no other competitors can’t beat. You'll love what DECKED can do for you!

Go ahead,  unleash your creativity with our accessories which are something truly one-of-a-kind.


DECKED offers modular, customizable drawer systems designed to fit any space and meet any need. This means you get exactly what you need and much more. The design of our products is simple, straightforward, and timeless. We have something for everyone: business owners, law enforcement personnel, teachers, and medical professionals…need we go on? Visit the DECKED website to learn more about the benefits of having a robust and secure storage solution at your disposal.

Whether you're transporting a firearm, ammunition, or any other valuable property, DECKED has solutions for all your storage needs.

Whether you're transporting a firearm, ammunition, or any other valuable property, DECKED has solutions for all your storage needs. By utilizing most of your space, DECKED maximizes your storage capacity giving law enforcement, military forces, and emergency responders an advantage in situations where storage organization is paramount.

Our innovative lockable storage compartments enable fast access to an emergency kit, equipment, and tactical gears. Our patented design outperforms in the most challenging jobs—from tactical setups to securing weapons and ammunition to emergency medical treatment.

DECKED Security Features For Firearm Storage

Having fast access to firearms is crucial in tactical situations, but it also can mean leaving firearms exposed and unsecured. All products engineered by DECKED  are explicitly designed for the needs of law enforcement teams, tactical operators, and public safety professionals. Our products are used everywhere, military personnel, fire departments, hospitals, schools, and other institutions! DECKED was founded to provide the highest quality product on the market for customers of all sizes—from individuals to large enterprise businesses.

We’re confident that once you experience our product portfolio, you will be impressed, and we do whatever we can to ensure your satisfaction. Oh, did we tell you that no tools are required for installation? Further, our highly modular design lets you configure your setup to your specific vehicle storage needs.

Whether your goal is to secure sensitive documents or completely organize your work environment, our drawers are modular enough to handle anything.


Having something as lethal as a gun, especially when children or irresponsible adults are around, might invite disaster. That's why it's essential to keep your guns out of sight and locked up when not in use.

It's essential to keep your guns out of sight and locked up when not in use while having something as lethal as a gun, especially when children or irresponsible adults are around.

1) Added security with a locking tailgate

The DECKED Drawer System is an integrated cargo deck that attaches to the rear of many pickup trucks. That means no more worries about cargo falling off your truck or someone stealing your valuables. We ensure durability and functionality with our accessories while providing safety and security for your gears, weapons, and firearms.

Sometimes a simple lock isn't enough to protect your stuff, which is why DECKED accessories are so great. You can leave your belongings safe at a trailhead, at a campsite, or anywhere else without worrying about someone getting into your truck bed. With no ability to physically open the tailgate, thieves will have no choice but to move on.

2) Satisfies law enforcement rules relating to gun storage

If you carry a weapon with you, the gun should be concealed at all times, except when being used for self-defense. If you own a gun, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is stored safely and securely. Failure to do so may result in criminal charges or other penalties.

If you are carrying a gun in your vehicle, the weapon should be stored in a locked box or container within the vehicle. We help gun owners legally comply with American laws. Gun storage laws vary from state to state, but generally speaking, owners must store their firearms in a locked container or cabinet.

3) Weapons stored in dry, durable & weather-proof drawers

Tired of organizing clutter and never finding what you're looking for? DECKED lets you focus on being outside, not on the mess. We engineer secure, robust, and waterproof storage solutions. With modular designs of our products, it's easy to customize the storage space and with rugged construction, it stands up to a deck’s harsh demands.

DECKED is designed to be your outdoor storage partner. It handles the most demanding situations with ease and looks great doing it. Our products are manufactured from the highest quality materials available and have passed rigorous testing to ensure safety and longevity. We combine design, functionality, form, and function to create an appealing storage solution that brings order to your gear collection.

4) Keep firearms hidden and out-of-sight when not in use

Many people don't realize that a loaded gun is a liability. When stored in your home, a loaded firearm can be a frequent source of worry, mainly if children are present or if you live in an area where break-ins are common.

Decking out your gun cabinet with our storage units will keep your firearms hidden and out-of-sight when not in use. We allow you to hide and conceal your firearms out of sight in a safe, secure manner from children and intruders while keeping them accessible at all times.

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5) Satisfies gun transportation laws in most states

If you've ever had an issue transporting your firearm from one destination to another, you'll understand why this product is so revolutionary. The legal transport of firearms has become an increasingly important issue as more and more states have enacted legislation requiring the secure transportation of guns.

Whether you are a sportsman, gun collector, or concealed carry permit holder, it is essential to comply with the laws. We engineer innovative firearm storage solutions that allow you to quickly and safely transport your weapon. Our firearm storage solutions meet the requirements of most state gun transportation laws. We have not encountered any legal issues concerning its design or intended use. However, we recommend that users check state and local laws before using DECKED to determine whether or not the device is legal in their jurisdiction.

So if you want to ensure that you comply with all gun transportation laws for locking up firearms in unattended vehicles while also ensuring quick access to your firearms in case of an emergency, that case, DECKED is an excellent choice.

DECKED innovates secure modern storage solutions to keep firearms loaded yet protected.

DECKED innovates secure modern storage solutions to keep firearms loaded yet protected.

Over the years, DECKED has been tested by top names in law enforcement, military, and emergency services. Our multi-functional products allow you to optimize storage spaces and improve storage efficiency. You can have the same reliable storage solution by clicking here.

Countless events are reported every year because a child or an unauthorized user has access to a firearm. Part of the problem is that most gun safes on the market offer cheap, flimsy security. In short, everyone using DECKED products will have more capacity to store equipment and supplies, increased access times to critical equipment, increased efficiency, and less downtime due to faulty or broken gear.