The DECKED “Studley Tool Storage and Drawer System”

The DECKED “Studley Tool Storage and  Drawer System”

The DECKED “Studley Tool Storage and  Drawer System”

If the artisanship of a handyman in a tool chest is any sign of his prowess, then the deft creation of the pro carpenter Henry O. Studley must have been breathtaking. In a medium-sized wooden box with the dimensions  (20 by 40) inches when closed and (40 by 40) when open, the tool chest takes the design of a clamshell, and believe it or not, some three hundred handy tools fit in.  


The maker employed a jigsaw puzzle arrangement technique consisting of flip-up and fold-out trays and several compartments. As its primary materialing , the chest features rosewood, ivory, pearl, and ebony.  


There exist in the world not many things that can be said to have value to the sentimental level of incalculable spiritual, intellectual, and monetary worth. In the list of such priceless items, I presume the Studley tool chest occupies a well-deserved prominent position. I mean, any carpenter has a decent tool box, but a few, if any, have ever created something like the Studley tool chest. As interesting as it is, behind it is a rich history of hard work, restlessness, precision, and an undying quench to create a masterpiece that has lived through time to be used as a prototype to solve some of the most complex needs of truck cargo organization. From this ingenuity rose the DECKED Truck Bed Tool Storage and Organizer.


The Studley Tool Box

Made to hold its own special set of tools as well as a collection of many other ancient manual operations equipment, the chest works diligently as an ingenious system that safely keeps some three hundred handy implements in such a small space. Like a perfectly designed jigsaw puzzle, each tool perfectly fits in its special space. Layers, trays, and compartments come together in style to conceal each piece of equipment, and you’d remove or put in a particular one without touching the others. The detail in the craft and design, especially the inlays, is truly awe-inspiring. When empty, the tool box weighs about 72lbs and 156lbs when full, suggesting that it would take some input to lift and mount on the wall.  


The system's modular design is what makes it revolutionary. Its ability to securely keep a set of different types of equipment used for different types of work such as woodworking, stonemasonry and other practical uses all in one application makes it such an important invention in the cargo storage and organization industry.


It is not hard to see that the inception of this incredible piece was unburdened by the measurable constraints of production, the likes of time and resources. Truly, Henry Studley was committed to his craft, working at his own preferred pace. And after thirty years of hard work, the brainchild of his creation-an exemplary prototype lives on through the decades to inspire the development of other cargo and tools organization solutions.  


The DECKED Drawer System borrows heavily from the “Studley tool” organization concept. It occurs as an integrated application designed like a clamshell (two halves of a tray system), lying side by side to help with cargo storage and organization. As part of the Truck Bed Storage System, the DECKED Drawer System offers a perfect combo of order and security.


DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System features a heavy duty tray application (comprised of two drawers) with a supporting bodywork that withstands some 2000lbs evenly distributed on the surface.

Why the DECKED Drawer System? Aren't there enough cargo organization solutions in the market already?

We did not need to dramatically reinvent the Studley Tool Chest to harness market relevance. A simple rebirth of what seems to be an archaic invention gives us the upper hand; we are in business to ensure we make a meaningful difference in the lives of the people who rely on truck usage to organize their cargo either for a living or other uses.


Indeed the Truck Cargo organization market is flooded with many players, but this does not prevent us from standing tall. We have elbowed our way through this mammoth crowd, standing strong and earning respect which is enough proof that the DECKED Drawer System is one of a kind. Since 2013, we have tinkered with research, embarked on trials, conducted product development, and engineered value creation models that in a quest to meet present-day truckers' tool storage needs and have since come up with a versatile Drawer system for storing and organizing cargo that only a handful of our competitors can rival.


DECKED is an entire organizational system with the kits: Drawer Dividers, a “drawerganizer,” and two Lidded Boxes


Our goal is to change the experience of truck owners with their bed cargo and tools situations. We have genuinely invested in efforts to develop something that will revolutionize such needs, and this is exactly what makes us stand out.

The DECKED is conceived by expert hands and supervised by the virtuoso's eye. Every detail matters and every touch means something–thus, we are careful in our production process, which is why it has taken us more than four years of extensive research and trials alone. We value perfection and ensure that it exists from the beginning to the very end so that the sophisticated creation is arrived at without concessions to compromise.  


We like to look at the DECKED Drawer system as a universal storage solution. Whether it is hunting, fishing, handy work, construction, survey work, military field work, farm activity, camping, or any practical activity that may require the storage and organization of cargo and tools in a secure and fashionable truck bed environment, we have you covered.




The DECKED drawer system is designed for some of the most challenging jobs on planet Earth. Something that can withstand the impact of grenades is truly made to hold against  the most vicious outdoor abuse but still work  perfectly. DECKED is extra tough thanks to the High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) materialing molded onto a sheet of steel and exposed to intense UV rays to give it a rugged frame.

Its rugged design and materialing gives it impeccable resistance to wear and tear  and a super hardy framework for serious outdoor work.


Lock and Key set system

One thing that characterizes a great storage system is the guarantee to offer protection and security to the stored cargo and tools. The DECKED drawer system comes with a lockset to bar malicious intrusion. The lock ensures you go about your daily activity worry-free, knowing that your stuff's security has been taken care of. The lock system comprises cam locks with a set of two matching keys just in case you lose one. Cam locks employ a key control mechanism that makes it difficult to manipulate the keys, thus adding a layer of protection to the Drawer. Moreover, operating it is easy; a simple 90-degree key turn offers reliable yet robust closure and opening.


It is not for nothing that we chose a cam lock as the preferred lock system for DECKED. An impervious latching complements the Drawer's weatherproof functionality. And because trucks are generally "field service vehicles," meant to withstand all manners of outdoor situations, a weather-resistant lock for your storage further adds to the equation. Moreover, being made of brass with a stainless steel head, there would never have been a better guarantee for resistance to weather-induced corrosion. You get the assurance of looking forward to summer hunting or camping year after year with your very same tools.

Part of what makes DECKED a kick ass cargo storage solution is its cam lock system . It is a robust corrosion free latching with a superb security design that makes it almost impossible to duplicate the keys.


Sturdy frame

The best tool storage solution should be rugged but flexible. "The Studley DECKED” Drawer System has altered people's perception of truck bed cargo organization. This ergonomic storage solution features two hardy bed-length drawers with industrial-grade wheels underneath that allow a seamless gliding.  


More functionality

DECKED is quite broad, occupying a large area of your truck bed. This coverage, however, does not compromise space but gives you more functionality, and you would be sure of the full use capabilities of your truck. With up to a 2000lb payload and a per drawer payload of 200lb with internal compartments, you get more surface area for holding both huge cargo and small tools.

The DECKED is truly designed to hold up to the strength of heavy-duty utility.


Easy Installation

Installing DECKED should not be rocket science. When you place an order which should be processed and delivered anywhere between 5-7 days, what typically arrives at your shipping address is a near 300 pound densely packed box with all the bits required to assemble the system. At first glance, it may appear not very comforting, but after taking a little of your time, you shouldn't miss the fact that all the parts are labeled and an easy-to-read guide clearly directing what to fix and where embedded in the pack.

Installing DECKED is such a breeze. The parts are labeled to give you an easy assembly time.


That it is highly rugged and strong does not mean you need heavily built men to put it in place. If anything, DECKED is light, and assembly requires little work and takes very little of your time. And yes, you may need a power drill, though you'll see that you need to be easy and relaxed and the drill's power set at the lowest setting. Some light screwing is just fine.


Nevertheless,  we appreciate that some people may have trouble piecing together written guidelines  and may require a bit of hand-holding, so we always have links to video assembly tutorials as part of the instructions package. Better still, there is a customer service desk with a support system on waiting. Don't fail to call them if you need help. They'll be more than glad to assist. Disassembling it should even be easier.

Why DECKED is unique

You will use your truck “as a truck”

Some people tend to think that DECKED does compromise the functional abilities of their truck as it appears as if it raises the bed's surface-level while taking up space that otherwise could be used for some other function. And while it does occupy some room, it, in fact, makes things better that way as it adds to your truck's serviceability. You will have more surface, more payload evenly distributed, and yes, you can do a hell of a lot more with it.

DECKED does not compromise your trucks storage space, on the contrary , it adds more functionality.

An amazing payload capacity 

DECKED will see to it that your truck's payload capacity is greatly enhanced even though it does not really add any new physical modifications to your bed other than an augmented surface area for better organization and security.


DECKED boasts of a 2000lbs payload .To top this off, the drawers gave a 200lb payload each.

Top-notch security

With its state-of-the-art latching and super strong casing, not even a crowbar opener can be used to break it.

Free Shipping

We do free deliveries for shipping addresses located anywhere in the continental US. This policy, however, only applies to the initial order as a set of:

  • The D-Box Desert Tan
  • Wide Drawer Dividers
  • CrossBox Desert Tan


Anything that is part of this package but ordered separately will attract a fixed shipping cost of $25, though any other accessory not part of the package will be shipped at rates determined by the existing market conditions.


To demonstrate how confident we are with our products and the craft we have perfected over the years, we offer a lifetime warranty, but we do have conditions to be met for this policy to hold.

Return policy

We appreciate that our products may at times come with manufacturer-induced defects or may not meet your expectations, so we have devised a return policy describing the time frame and conditions under which returns are accepted.

The DECKED drawer system is compatible with all full-sized pick-up trucks dated 2001 and onwards.


So there you go. If you think of adding a bit of style and strength to your truck bed cargo organization, DECKED is the Storage System you should acquire; it truly is some kickass cargo organization system. The DECKED "Studley Tool Chest" with a Drawer System is committed to satisfying the needs of those who value rarity in its most pure form.  



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