Strictly Tool Boxes vs DECKED: Everything You Need to Know

Strictly Tool Boxes vs DECKED: Everything You Need to Know


Preparing for a winter adventure, two people in the back of a white pickup truck with an orange outdoor vehicle sit next to a DECKED drawer system.


Can we have a talk about Strictly Tool Boxes? Would you like to know what we at DECKED really think about our competition?


We have respect for other companies: We’re all in the business of making our customers’ lives easier, and we make each other’s businesses better. And you won’t catch us throwing shade on a member of the tool organization fraternity. But we pride ourselves on our honesty, so we gotta tell you: A Strictly Tool Boxes experience might be good, but we think that DECKED is better.


And we wouldn’t just say that and expect you to believe it without some very good reasons… so here they are.

DECKED Tool Boxes Never Go On Sale

A black DECKED Tool Box sits in a photography studio with the lid open. A blue DECKED Snack Tray sits inside on the left side.


That doesn’t sound like a solid reason at all, does it? Why brag about not offering a special price, especially right off the top?


Well, we at DECKED believe in concentrating on getting our products right, serving our customers, and setting one fair, steady price. So rather than asking the good folks who are interested in organizing their work and play with a DECKED system to keep track of fluctuating prices, we thought you’d prefer to know that we charge the same amount next Friday or Black Friday.

If you have a  Strictly Tool Boxes Garage Journal code, that’s cool, but… is it expired? How soon do you have to use it? Are you even ready to use it? Is that deadline forcing you to make a purchasing decision before you’re ready?


What if you just worked with a company that didn’t use these discount codes at all? No checking for a Strictly Tool Boxes monthly sale or constantly monitoring social media for a Strictly Tool Boxes Facebook coupon.


Woah. Freeing, isn’t it?


So feel free to hang on to your Strictly Tool Boxes coupon… your Strictly Tool Boxes coupon code… your Strictly Tool Boxes discount code… or wait months and months for a Strictly Tool Boxes Black Friday deal. We think you’ll appreciate the opportunity to make a single visit to our sales page without worrying about timing, special codes, or limited coupons.


It’s just that simple.

DECKED Offers Easy Financing

Outside a building in an urban environment, a delivery driver carries a box from a white van with both back doors open. Boxes are stacked over a DECKED drawer system.


Now that you know we think Garage Journal Strictly Tool Boxes codes, Strictly Tool Boxes coupons, and other temporary deals are trumped by DECKED daily prices and service. And while you might be interested in Strictly Tool Boxes financing, we’d like you to consider DECKED’s financing options as well.


We’re happy to help you with financing your DECKED purchases to supercharge your business or make your free time a little more freeing– or both. DECKED is pleased to offer two financing options to fit with your needs and goals:


You can buy a DECKED system now and pay later with Affirm Financing. Qualified buyers can secure 0% APR over six months. Just choose the vehicle you’re outfitting, add the products you’d like, and continue to checkout as normal. It’s easy to select the Affirm option right from the payment screen.


You can quickly check your Affirmed eligibility without impacting your credit. And there are several options for paying with Affirmed:


  • Pay over 6 months with 0% APR (annual percentage rate)
  • Pay over 12 months at 10-20% APR
  • Pay over 18 months at 10-30% APR


These terms are subject to approval, and they’re easy ways to make payments over time to make a DECKED system your own.


A person stands on the roof of a black pick up truck, putting up a tent. Mountains are in the distance and hte truck is on the grass.


If Affirm isn’t a good fit for you, then maybe it’s better to pay on a different schedule with PayBright. When you check out with an order between $300-5000, select the PayBright option when you reach the payment screen.


Using PayBright means that you’ll pay for your order in four equal bi-weekly payments. DECKED ships PayBright items immediately, and best of all, you won’t pay any interest or additional fees.


A PayBright transaction does involve converting your purchase to Canadian dollars (CAD), using the exchange rate from OFX Limited at the time of your purchase. A Foreign Currency Conversion rate of 2.0% applies, and you’ll make your first payment as you check out.  


And then–your DECKED purchase is on the way!


So if you’re wondering, “Can I make payments to Strictly Tool Boxes?” Well, that’s not really our department. But what is our game is flexible financing with several options for payment. We want DECKED products ending the junk show in your truck bed just as quickly as you do.

Reviewers Love DECKED

Outside a warehouse, five white pickup trucks are lined up on the grass, facing the building. All have DECKED drawers installed.


We don’t deny that a Strictly Tool Boxes review might have some nice things to say. But do they include extensive discussions about whether or not you can driveway surf on it?


A Strictly Tool Boxes ode can include the usual information you’d expect about– well, tool boxes. But our customers are thrilled about the extra space available to store and organize jumper cables, bug-out bags, tools, and other gear.


Optional dividers and smaller boxes are available to tote straps, ropes, ammo, and whatever else you can imagine. Our products are made with materials from the future and are fully customizable for your needs.


So while we appreciate that Strictly Tool Boxes reviews could throw a few stars at the competition, we’re not threatened.


We’ve got our happy and loyal customers jumping up and down on our drawer systems for joy.




A DECKED System is Made For Your On-The-Go Life

Two hunters in camo stand at the end of a grey pickup truck. The drawers of their DECKED system are open, revevaling outdoor gear.


Why else should you join the DECKED crew? A Strictly Tool Boxes side cabinet or a Strictly Tool Boxes side locker might serve your needs, but we humbly propose that you consider the mobility and convenience of taking all those tools with you.


Having your work tools and outdoor must-haves seems like an impossibility in a bare truck bed. Carefully maintained, expensive equipment can bounce around, risking damage, loss, or even theft. And don’t get us started on how junky it looks.


But with a DECKED Truck Tool Box or DECKED Drawer System, you not only have a place to store it all, you can take it wherever adventure calls. Sure, it’s convenient to wheel your tools and such next to you in the garage or driveway. But what if you could hop in the cab and take it whenever the water’s right, the deer are in season, or the boss calls?


So while or Strictly Tool Boxes side lockers could do the job, take your best and most necessary equipment on the road trip. Drawer dividers big and small, backpacks, the Drawerganizer, and even firearm-friendly Piecekeepers are all designed to work perfectly with your DECKED Drawer System. (And the backpack is a nifty addition to the DECKED Tool Box.)


Don’t compromise just because your Strictly Tool Boxes side boxes aren’t an easy fit for your truck. Make your truck your tool box. But don’t worry doing so will cramp your style– your truck is sexy, and your toolbox should be too. As long as it’s DECKED, you’ll get the job done while looking smooth.

DECKED Products are Tough

A white pickup truck, full of supplies stacked on top of a DECKED Drawer System, sits outside an industrial area.


Strictly Tool Boxes scratch and dent purchases might cost less. But why not purchase a new organizational system that will look as if it’s never seen a crowbar–even if a would-be criminal has done his or her worst?


A DECKED product is designed like Fort Knox. It’s impact resistant. It won’t ding. It won’t dent. It won’t rust. And it won’t sink your truck body.


How is this possible? Our products are structured with injected molded, high impact polymer resin that won’t degrade after hours in the sun. Galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcement provide state-of-the-art structural integrity. That means your DECKED Truck Tool Boxes, Drawer Systems, and accessories will look pretty much the same as they do on the day they’re installed in your truck bed. The only difference will be the terrific memories you’ve made with your products that, by the way, come with a Lifetime Warranty.


So there’s plenty of time and room for more memories.

DECKED Products are Proudly Made in America to Last

In a warehouse, several DECKED boxes are stacked on a shelf. In the background is an American flag.

The home of Strictly Tool Boxes is Gainesville, FL. And we think that’s great! Here at DECKED, we fully understand the importance of creating American jobs and building communities right here at home.


In fact, our commitment to contributing to the US economy is so thorough that we designed the first DECKED system in Idaho and produce it in Northern Ohio. We’re in business to make the everyday lives of working men and women better.


To that end,we’ve put a ton of thought into the engineering of our products. Structure comes first. For example, gas struts are made with a torsion system powered not by plastic, but spring steel.  And our products were tested at 180 degrees F and down to -5 degrees F to make sure that your payload is protected, whether in the driveway or on the freeway.


DECKED Drawer Systems are Easy to Install

A pickup truck sits inside with its tailgate down. DECKED drawers, packed with gear, are fully extended.

Okay, so your DECKED items are built to hand down through as many generations as your family can churn out. But that probably means it’s a nightmare to get those drawers and tool boxes into the truck bed, right?


Not in the slightest. You can install a DECKED Drawer System or Tool Box in your own garage (although–full disclosure–it’s easier and safer to tackle a couple steps with a buddy.) You won’t need to run to the hardware store to grab specialized tools, either, although you’ll probably want to hightail it down there anyway just to show off how great your ride looks with your new organizational system.


And not only is installation easy, it’s kind of fun. You’ll want to grab a drink with your installation manual once you’re through with the job, because it communicates the whole process with you like a friend who knows you just need a little how-to guidance. And if you’re a visual learner (or hey, just a fan of watching stuff get done), DECKED also offers video tutorials.


Even if you’re not a hands-on kind of person, or simply prefer to use your time planning your next outdoor adventure with your DECKED gear, we’re happy to take care of installation for you. It’s easy to find a dealer who will get you outfitted and ready to go.


Let’s Make It Work

A woman wearing a hat and sunglasses stands outside a pickup truck that's outfitted with a full DECKED drawer system. A brown dog stands in the pickup truck.

Now if you’re still thinking about Strictly Tool Boxes, we understand. As we said, we respect our competitors. But we’d also like a chance to bring you into DECKED Nation.


Do you have any questions about how our systems work, or what a DECKED Tool Box or Drawer System can do for you? Feel free to contact us!