Why Choose Stackable Tool Boxes For Tool Storage


How to Choose Stackable Tool Boxes For Tool Storage


Having stackable tool boxes is very convenient when organizing your tools, screws, and other items. Since this is portable, you can take them wherever you want to go. It is a must-have tool box for everyone. However, there are a lot of options that are available, making it very challenging in choosing the right one.


Stackable Tool Boxes: How To Choose The Right One


These stackable tool boxes on wheels can help you in locating your tools instantly in case there are emergencies or simple repairs that you need to handle. Here, we are going to provide you with some of the important information needed to help you in choosing the best stackable tool boxes with drawers. It is important to select the toolbox that best suits your needs.


What are the Different Types Of Stackable Tool Boxes


The two major types of portable tool boxes are hand carry tool boxes and stackable rolling tool boxes.


Hand-Carry Tool Boxes


This type of stackable tool storage boxes is either made of sheet metal or hard plastic. Toolboxes that are made of metal are durable and longer-lasting, while toolboxes that are made of plastic are compact, waterproof, and lightweight. Hence, your choice will likely depend on how you use the toolbox as well as what your personal preference is. That is why you have to determine these before buying either metal or stackable plastic tool boxes.


You should also consider that your cheap stackable tool boxes must have adequate space for your standard hand tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, as well as any other small hand tools. Some high-end models offer some additional space for tiny power tools, such as a hand drill or an angle grinder.


Two persons assembling their gear.


Rolling Toolbox


Most often, you can see a lot of large tool boxes that are piled on top of each other and placed on a rolling trolley that comes with two wheels, making it easier to move. One of the greatest benefits of rolling stackable tool storage boxes is that it has the ability to hold more tools compared to your typical toolbox.


It is only rare that you can find hand-carry tool boxes that are piled on top of each other. With most rolling tool boxes, you can remove the top box and use it as a hand-carry compartment. If you are looking to haul all of your tools to a remote area, then a rolling tool box would be the best choice. In addition, some models are using large, solid rubber wheels which are appropriate for any kind of terrain. While others incorporate casters that are great for hard or smooth surfaces.


Important Aspects To Consider When Purchasing Stackable Tool Boxes




Two of the standard materials that are used for building portable stackable tool boxes are steel and plastic. The steel toolbox is great and can last longer, however, metal stackable tool boxes are heavy, expensive, and not waterproof. On the other hand, the plastic toolbox is inexpensive, lightweight, and waterproof, however, it is not capable of holding too much weight. The construction built of stackable steel tool boxes will greatly depend on your work environment.


Drawers that contain different tools.



With regards to the size of the best stackable tool boxes, you to take a look at the size of your tool collection, the space location for your box storage as well as how often you need to move it from one location to another. Keep in mind that as the dimensions of the box increase, so as its weight. For instance, if you only want to carry simple hand tools, then you will only need a hand-carry toolbox. On the other hand, if you are taking several power tools with you, then you will need a rolling type toolbox.


Load Capacity and Weight Of A Toolbox


The load capacity of tool boxes stackable will likely depend on how much weight the toolbox can handle. Usually, you can see the load capacity of the toolbox on the user manual or on its package. Ultimately, steel and composite toolboxes are heavier compared to plastic toolboxes. Remember that the heavier the toolbox, the more difficult it could be to carry and move around. Consequently, the weight and the load capacity of your stackable storage tool boxes are related. Although a heavyweight toolbox is capable of storing lots of tool weight, it could be difficult to move around except if it has wheels.


Number of Compartments


Basically, lightweight toolboxes provide you with several boxes, for instance, three boxes or four boxes, depending on their particular design. Having more compartments such as four containers allows you to store more tools in a well-organized manner. Aside from verifying the number of compartments, it is also important to check the design of the compartment to know if the boxes are removable or not.


Man placing tools inside the tool box.

Bottom Box


The biggest box should be placed at the bottom, which is closer to the ground. These stackable heavy duty tool boxes are where you will keep the heaviest tools. Most often, these bottom boxes are attached permanently to the trolly. This means that you will be compelled to bring the backbone and the handle wherever you want to go.


Handheld or Trolly


If you intend to use your stackable metal tool boxes with drawers for carrying heavy equipment, then trolly is the best option for you. However, for carrying delicate and lightweight pieces of equipment, you can use handheld boxes. You can either use metal or hard plastic wheels for your stackable tool boxes with wheels. Trolly with a handle is easier to carry.


Latches and Clips


You can find that most stackable boxes come with either plastic or metal clips. Although both of these materials are great, metal clips are more sturdy and reliable. They are ideal for heavy usage. If you require great comfort, then the best choice is plastic clips. However, they are not as strong as metal clips. But plastic clips are not heavy, making them ideal for lightweight usage.




The quality of the tool box will greatly depend on the build and design of its handle. Thick handles are very comfortable to clutch and provide you with good grips. While long handles offer excellent balance. Perhaps the perfect ones are the hard plastic handles. On the other hand, for heavy usage, look for handles with metal notches.


Men arranging tools inside the tool box.



For attaching one box with another, you will be needing notches. Basically, they are used for attaching all the boxes with the trolley. If you need to attach several boxes, then they should be firmly assembled. Plastic or metal latches can also be used for attaching boxes together.




Although metallic wheels are strong and durable, these wheels can create some noise which can be annoying. Because of this, it is best to use rubber or strong plastic wheels for your stackable tool boxes on wheels for camping.


What are the Advantages of Stackable Tool Boxes


The following are the benefits that you need to learn before searching for portable stackable tool boxes on wheels.




When you are working outdoors, you want your equipment to be fully protected from the outside environment. For example, when there is rain, you have to close the lid of your toolbox and seek protection. Hence, having a waterproof toolbox can always keep your tools dry. At the same time, it can also keep you safe since you don’t have to run around bringing with you a large toolbox.




This can be very valuable when you are doing some tasks in remote areas, wherein you need to carry your equipment along with you. Hence, it is more suitable to have a lightweight toolbox so you won’t be wasting your time running back and forth.


Permanent Storage


Generally, you separate specific tools into their particular containers to manage them properly. This allows you to save more valuable storage space. Most of these tools might be permanently stored in portable toolboxes, hence, it only requires less space.


Man placing things inside the tool box.


Keep Your Tools Secured


To keep your devices and other items protected, you can use a lock and key. This can prevent other people from using them without your knowledge. Most stackable portable tool boxes include padlocks which can help in securing your tools and keeping them from theft.


Used As Emergency Tool Kits


It is necessary that every vehicle should have an emergency tool kit that contains road flares, jumper cables, and other essential items for emergency situations. Top rated stackable tool boxes could save you some storage space for the kit.


Organize Your Things


By using modular stackable portable tool boxes, all your equipment will be efficiently organized in one area. For instance, one box will be dedicated to hand tools, while others will be for measurement instruments, power tools, etc. Using this method for organizing your stuff can help you to work quickly and efficiently.


Drop-Resistant Up To A Specific Height


High-quality best rated stackable tool boxes can sustain falling from a certain level without suffering from any damage. For instance, if it falls accidentally from your bed truck as you are moving, you can assure that your tools will not spread on the road which could cause a significant threat to the other drivers.


Why You Need The DECKED Truck Tool Box With Ladder


DECKED redefines truck box design with the latest innovations. For the last few decades, it seems that the truck toolbox design remained untouched. Organization and storage systems for trucks and pick-ups are the specialty of DECKED. The DECKED Truck Tool Box is built with a secure and sleek design as well as improved accessibility.


Man looking for tools inside the drawer.

Features of the DECKED Truck Tool Box


The DECKED Truck Tool Box is built from aluminum, steel, and polymer ASA and HDPE resins. It can keep your tools completely dry since it is waterproof and comes with a sturdy locking system. The integrated telescoping ladder lies just beneath the lid. It includes a D-Box, a smaller tool box with dividers.


According to the DECKED General Manager, Jake Peters, as a well-established brand for producing modernized solutions for working men and women, he believes that the DECKED Truck Tool Box was a natural development. Using updated, more sturdy materials and including creative features such as a secure locking system and an integrated ladder, this tool box looks like it came from this century.


So, how does DECKED improve the design of the truck tool box? First, they began with choosing the materials. The DECKED Truck Tool Box is made from powerful, injection-molded polymer ASA and HDPE resins. Afterward, the anti-corrosion steel hardware and aluminum were incorporated. It has a perfect design which prevents the water from getting in. With the inclusion of a robust locking system, you can assure that your tool box is always secured against theft. So tough, it’ll make a crowbar cry. It’s not only waterproof, but it is also dent-proof and rustproof.


Made In America


The DECKED Truck Tool Box, as well as its other products, are constructed mostly from recycled HDPE, steel, and aluminum. The company assembles and distributes its products in Northwest Ohio. The DECKED Truck Tool Box, with an optional integrated ladder, can be bought from authorized dealers.


Pick-up truck with DECKED Truck Tool Box.

Integrated Ladder


Some diesel trucks have higher beds, making it harder for you to access the tool box. DECKED discovered the best solution which is to include a ladder as an option. This telescoping ladder lies just beneath the lid. It easily folds out to provide you with quick access to the items on your tool box without the need to crawl through the truck bed to reach them. Additionally, this can be achieved without taking up too much space.


A Modular Tool Box


The DECKED Truck Tool Box includes a D-Box, which is a small modular tool box that is perfect for your most important tools. This feature provides you with more organizational capability so you don’t have to dig through the depths of your truck tool box. Additionally, the D-Boxes are weatherproof since it comes with a gasket seal. The handy Snack Tray is appropriate for small tools and gear. Opening and closing can be done easily, thanks to its torsion springs.  


By using the DECKED Truck Tool Box, you can turn your messy bed truck into a neat and tidy place. Additionally, they are very valuable when finding the right tool at the right time.