Sears Tool Boxes – How Much Can You Get For Your Money?

Sears Tool Boxes – How Much Can You Get For Your Money?

Will you be happy with the tool boxes Sears sells? Maybe. It all depends on what you buy. You can get decent, respectable mid-market Craftsman tool boxes at Sears, but you’ll also see the occasional Husky product. There are plenty of Viper tool boxes at Sears, but you’ll also see saddle-style truck boxes from brands like BAK industries.

Unless your local Sears is very small, or has an underdeveloped automotive and hardware section, they should have something in stock that will achieve what you need. The problem is that everything claims to be professional quality temporarily reduced to a super-low price, so you might not actually know what you are getting.

In order to make that choice easier, we’ll examine some of the most common brands of Sears tool boxes, and give you a sense of where they actually sit in terms of quality, durability, and price. We’ll also look at a few tool boxes Sears sells, and then compare them to a few fine DECKED products you’ll probably never see in a Sears.



Small tool box



There Are Several Brands Of Sears Tool Boxes. Let’s Look At A Few Of Them In Detail:

Sears Craftsman Tool Boxes

Craftsman used to be Sears’ house brand exclusively, but the brand was sold to Stanley Black & Decker years ago. Of course, Craftsman tools are still sold at Sears – the brands have a great deal of history together – but you can find them at other outlets as well, such as Lowe’s. Nothing has really changed in terms of craftsmanship, though. Craftsman tools had always been manufactured by outside companies. In fact, Sears bought the brand itself in 1927. Before then, the Craftsman brand was owned by Marion-Craftsman tools.


Craftsman was always a middle-of-the-market brand, and that is still essentially true today. A Sears Craftsman tool box won’t be any different than the same model sold at Lowe’s, Menards, Ace Hardware, Montogomery Ward, or even the various Armed Forces Exchange stores. A typical Sears Craftsman tool box will be fairly well-made and should stand up to just about anything a home user could throw at them. They are a bit low-end for heavy professional use, lacking the build quality and material durability you’d get with Snap-on or DECKED, but many pros use craftsman tools for quite a few years before investing in one of the bigger (and much more expensive) names.


Tool Box

Sears Harley Davidson Tool Boxes

Craftsman Tools has been making special editions of their rolling tool cabinets, combination boxes, and other mechanics’ tool storage solutions with the Harley Davidson name and colors for many years, and you can still find plenty of them at Sears.

Underneath the orange and black powder coat, these are classic Craftsman tool boxes, and have all the virtues and vices you would expect from the brand. They are either high quality Sears mechanic tool boxes for amateurs, or low-to middle quality boxes for professional motorcycle mechanics. Generally speaking, Sears Harley Davidson tool boxes will outperform most lesser-known brands and massively outclass brands like Kobalt.  



Viper Tool Boxes At Sears


You will occasionally see the odd Viper brand tool box at Sears stores, though they rarely carry a wide variety at any one time. Viper tool boxes tend to be very well-made, and are generally up to professional standards. However, some products may not be quite as sturdy – check individual reviews before purchasing, at Sears, or anywhere else.


The casters and wheels on Viper brand tool boxes tend to be of very high quality, and comparable in both design and performance to market leaders like Snap-on. The drawer pulls are aluminum, but are quite thick and up to the task. The bearings are well-made, and can easily support 100 pounds or more per drawer on the larger units. They tend to have sturdy locks as well. Viper tool boxes, at Sears or anywhere else, tend to have a thick, durable, paint layer which resists cracking on impact, and is easy to keep clean.



Wooden tool box





Better Built Sears Tool Box


We’ve talked about Better Built products in these articles before, and most of what we said still applies to the Better Built tool boxes you can find at Sears. Better Built is owned by WernerCo, and has been making truck boxes and tool boxes for more than 3 decades. Werner is perhaps most famous for making aluminum ladders out of production facilities in Illinois, so it is not surprising that Better Built tool boxes tend to be made of lightweight if not particularly strong aluminum.  


A Better Built Sears tool box does offer value for money, but mainly because they are priced so very low. They suffer from durability issues because the metal is thin. It dents easily, and you should never actually step on a Better Built tool box, ‘diamond plate’ tread pattern or not. Be careful if you opt to order a Better built Sears tool box for delivery, as the  most common negative customer reviews complain of the truck boxes arriving dented.


In the end, Better Built truck boxes are a budget line that serves many of the same purposes as our DECKED Tool Box, but without the quality, durability or looks a genuine DECKED product provides.



A Detailed Look At A Few Sears Tool Boxes

Lund 7111002 Aluminum Economy Cross Box

This 60 inch Lund Aluminum Economy Cross Box from Sears is just what it sounds like – a budget model saddle-style truck tool box for mid-sized pickup trucks. It is essentially identical to similar products made by Husky, and those sold under the tradesman brand.

Overall, the welds were excellent though the aluminum seemed thin even for a budget brand truck box, at least on the model we looked at. We suspect the stated measurement – .06 inches – includes the thickness of the paint. We tried one of the quickest tests for durability that we know for a cross box – we had a not-particularly-large guy sit on it. The lid bent immediately, and the latches no longer closed.

The latches are particularly disappointing, as they can be bent with only the pressure of your fingers. This is in no way a secure container, even if locked.


Craftsman 2000 Series 5-Drawer Rolling Cabinet

These 26½-inch wide Sears Craftsman tool boxes offer 5 steel drawers, which are each rated for a generous 100 pounds of equipment. The casters are of good quality, just as you’d expect from the Craftsman brand. They are rated at 650 pounds in total, which is more than enough to support the cart and its contents as well as a small top box.

These Sears craftsman tool boxes have good quality locks, and provide just over 8,000 cubic inches of storage. After assembly, the entire piece measures 26.5 inches wide by 18 inches deep and 34 inches tall.

This example of the Sears Craftsman tool box is built in Missouri, although from global materials.


Sears Better Built 79012451 Side Mount Tool Box

The Better Built side mount tool box is a good example of the lower end truck tool boxes Sears has to offer. Remember, Better Built is a bargain line. That having been said, this side mount truck tool box isn’t terrible if you’re careful with it. It would never do for professional use, but it is a convenient and weatherproof place to keep a small set of truck tools, and maybe some light gear.

The main construction material is diamond plate aluminum, but the paddle latches are stainless steel. Aluminum isn’t strong, but it is all but immune to corrosion in normal conditions.

The lid seems reasonably strong, at least when closed, which is nice to see in a budget truck box. It is reinforced along the perimeter to keep the weather seal in place, but it still isn’t a safe step or seat. Note that you may have to purchase a mounting kit separately, depending on your vehicle.


 Where To Buy Sears Tool Boxes Near Me

There are Sears stores all over North America, and almost all of them have at least a small tool and automotive section. If you aren’t sure where your local Sears is, just google “Sears Tool Boxes.” Before you do, though, we would like to ask you to consider some of DECKED’s fine mobile tool storage and organization solutions as well. They are of much higher quality, and are very competitive on price to Sears’ middle and top quality tool boxes.





The DECKED D-Box – Definitely Not A Sears Tool Box

The DECKED D-Box is lightweight, waterproof, durable, and incredibly versatile recyclable resin tool box. It offers a large internal space which can easily be subdivided into 2 or 3 compartments using the removable bulkheads which ship with each unit. Its plastic resin construction ensures that it is light and impact-resistant. Our unique formula is not just easily recyclable, but also proof against cracking or fading even after years of harsh sunlight. Just like the DECKED Crossbox below, it is fully compatible with both the DECKED Tool Box and the DECKED Drawer System.

Decked Crossbox


The DECKED Crossbox Plastic Toolbox

The DECKED Crossbox isn’t expensive by any means, and it is a well-made little tool box. Its primary construction material is an easily and economically recyclable high impact polymer resin, which manages to be both light and extremely durable. In fact, each one that leaves our US factory already contains a high proportion of recycled materials.

The DECKED Crossbox fits easily in any closet, ready for your home improvement or DIY projects, and is equally at home behind the seat of your truck. However, the DECKED Crossbox really excels as part of the DECKED Tool Box or DECKED Drawer System tool storage and transport ecosystem.





The DECKED Tool Box – Better Than Any Truck Tool Boxes Sears Offers

The DECKED Tool Box was designed for heavy professional use, putting it in the same class as the Craftsman truck tool boxes Sears sells, but outperforming them in just about every measurable category. The DECKED Tool Box is entirely made in the USA, of the same strong, durable, and recyclable plastic resin as most of our other products. However, it also boats steel and aluminum reinforcing to provide superior durability and strength.  

No other truck-mounted tool box on the market offers the kind of strength the DECKED tool box offers. It features removable dividers and organizers, but can open up into a single weatherproof, secure space.

Tired of climbing up into the bed to access your truck boxes? The DECKED Tool Box can be ordered with an optional folding ladder. This makes your tools easy to access, no matter how tall your truck bed is. Better still, the locking mechanism is armored in steel. The only way to access the contents of a DECKED Tool Box without the key is with power tools.


The DECKED Drawer System – A Two Ton Truck Tool Box You Won’t Find At Sears

The DECKED Drawer System gives you two tool and gear storage, each rated at a full 1000 pounds. It is easily the equal of most Sears rolling tool boxes in terms of cargo, but mounts to your truck without consuming bed space. The entire system is designed, built, and sold in the USA as well.

DECKED drawer system fitment overview


No other truck-mounted tool box on the market offers the strength and durability the DECKED tool box provides. Each drawer boasts removable dividers and organizers, or can be opened up into a single weatherproof space.

The DECKED Drawer System actually increases the usable area of your truck bed. Because it sits above the wheel wells in most vehicles, the high impact plastic surface lets you use the entire bed width and length for more types of cargo. Better still, your actual truck bed stays free of scratches, gouges and rust.


We hope you learned a little about Sears tool boxes, as well as some of the more mobile alternatives that DECKED has to offer. Sears offers many truck tool boxes, but when you need to take your tools on the road in total security, you need DECKED.