A Rough Country Tonneau Cover is Great But… The DECKED Drawer System is the Ultimate Tonneau You’ve Been Missing

A Rough Country Tonneau Cover is Great But… The DECKED Drawer System is the Ultimate Tonneau You’ve Been Missing

You probably love your truck so much, and you would go the extra mile to enhance its capability and practicality. Purchasing a Rough Country tonneau cover might seem the most appropriate solution to improve your truck’s versatility. DECKED brings you the definitive tonneau cover solution, the DECKED Drawer System, that you will fancy to be a part of your treasured truck.

Truck usage has continued to increase over the years. We know as well as you do that your truck is your office, home, getaway den, and not a mere transportation tool. Perhaps this is why you could have considered having a tonneau cover. The most common reasons for having a tonneau would be to protect your stuff from the elements, add security, provide better fuel economy, and of course, benefit from the ooze of elegance a tonneau offers.

The DECKED Drawers makes you enjoy the convenience that a a Rough Country tonneau cover cannot.

A tonneau cover is an excellent option. But hear this. The DECKED Drawer System raises the bar even higher. DECKED is revolutionizing truck storage in a manner that a tonneau cover cannot counter. The DECKED Drawer System is great for solo use, but it will also work well with your tonneau.

The DECKED Drawer System Does What a Rough Country Tonneau Cover Couldn’t or Wouldn’t

The Rough Country tonneau cover is undeniably a famous brand. Rough Country will offer hard and soft tonneau covers that will excellently meet your needs. But well, times are changing, and truck storage is evolving. Why would you constrain yourself to a tonneau cover when there are better options out there?

Here are several instances where the DECKED Drawer beats any tonneau cover hands down.


The DECKED Drawers are made using HDPE . It won't ding or dent regardless of tough working conditions you put it through.

A tonneau cover is a great accessory. The real question is, how long will you enjoy its service? If you own a truck that has a tonneau, you’ve got to admit that it requires extra care and maintenance to squeeze out a few years of service from it. Perhaps you’ve even noticed that its sharp and shiny look continues to fade as years roll.

DECKED gives you a storage solution that looks like it came from this century. It is designed both for use and abuse. Even the most carefree truck owner will abuse the DECKED Drawer System, but it won’t ding, dent, or fade.

The DECKED Drawers are made using recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with steel and aluminum reinforcements. You can hit it with a hammer, throw stones at it, or jump on it, and your Drawer System won’t even scratch. The worst is that it will only get dirty.

The HDPE also ensures that your Drawer System is safe from harsh UV rays. This means it won’t crack or fade. Your Drawers will have the same bold and sharp look after many years of service. You can’t say the same for a rough country tonneau cover.

Payload Capacity

The DECKED Drawers have a payload capacity of up to 2000 pounds. You can enjoy full truck bed use and also carry items like ATVs, motorcycles, et cetera.

Imagine loading an ATV or a motorcycle on top of your Rough Country tonneau cover? Would it even hold? Would it even stand? We both know the answer.

The DECKED Drawer System has a payload capacity of up to 2000 pounds. You will find this feature incredibly useful if you are a contractor, engineer, DIY warrior, or hobbyist. You can store your precious tools and gear in the Drawer System. You can haul taller items and mount other accessories, including tie-downs, bike racks, and cargo glides.

The DECKED Drawers withstand the payload torture test. You will get excellent storage and enjoy full truck bed use. You can’t enjoy this benefit if you opt for a tonneau cover.


Even if you live in the middle of nowhere, you will always find some low-life thugs who desire what you have. You want all your tools and gear away from prying eyes. As the old adage goes, “out of sight, out of mind.”

The Rough Country tonneau cover will do a great job in keeping your stuff secure. You will even enjoy more security when you purchase the hard folding tonneau that you can open with a pull cord. The pull cord is only accessible through an open tailgate.

The optional Drawer System Locks add an extra layer of security to your Truck Bed Storage. Enhance the security of your tools and gear by closing your tailgate and you have a mobile Fort Knox.

The DECKED Drawers are similar to Fort Knox and are designed with security in mind. One can only access your Drawers if you leave your tailgate open. As a bonus, you can purchase the optional Drawer System Locks for $50. You will find the Drawer Locks helpful if you carry firearms in your truck bed.

Some thieves are dedicated, and with the right tools, they can break into anything, including your tonneau. The DECKED Truck Bed Box will give thugs a heck of a hard time. You can save yourself the brain cramp over the safety of your tools by getting DECKED.


The DECKED Drawers keeps out all dust and moisture.

Maybe you’re asking whether the DECKED Drawers can withstand a thorough car wash? It may interest you to know that DECKED engineers crafted a truck bed box designed for all sorts of weather conditions. It will keep all your tools and gear safe from the elements, including water, dust, and snow.

A tonneau cover will do a great job of keeping moisture and dust away almost 100% of the time. But can a Rough Country tonneau cover go through the carwash? Just know that the high-pressure jets can damage the cover. Car wash brushes can also damage the thread on the tonneau. A touchless car wash would be the most appropriate.

Don't even worry about snow. The DECKED Drawer System withstands it all.

As we said before, the HDPE material does not dent, ding, or corrode. It will withstand all sorts of weather conditions. DECKED Drawers will survive your rigorous work ethic.

Ease of Use

The DECKED Drawers make life easier. They pull out at waist height, and so no more awkward lifting or getting in the back of your truck to access your tools.  

DECKED makes you more efficient and effective. You no longer have to crawl in and out of your bed to access your tools. A tonneau cover is great. But you will have to go through the hustle of opening your tailgate and folding the cover to access tools on the far end of your bed.

DECKED offers a solution. The Drawer System is ergonomic, and it means you say goodbye to awkward lifting, tiptoeing, and cuffed knees. The DECKED Drawers pull out at waist height.

You can summon all your tools and gear in a split second. The DECKED Drawers slide on sealed bearing wheels at minimum effort and are as smooth as silk. The Drawers never bend, and in fact, the more weight in your drawers, the smoother they roll out.

You don’t have to climb your truck bed to access your tools. With the DECKED Truck Bed Box, you access all your gear with one simple pull.

Meticulous Organization

Whether you use your truck for work or recreation, you must agree that you could be more efficient with some sort of organization. You will find it more rewarding if you get a modular storage system to segment and organize all your tools. You will also discover that the DECKED Drawers are a critical time-saver.

DECKED offers modular storage, which enhances ease of use and accessibility. We offer state-of-the-art technologies that you can use in and out of the Drawer System. The Drawer System comes standard with a D-Box, Crossbox, Drawerganizer, and a set of two full-size Drawer dividers. Let’s see how they make your life easier.

The D-Box and its brother the CrossBox allow for even better convenient storage. They are large and easy to carry to job site, camp site, or any other place you may want.

D-Box – The DECKED D-Box is watertight, durable, and lockable. You can put all your expensive tools in a D-Box and carry them wherever you go. They fit the DECKED Drawers, and you will find the D-Box helpful in carrying ammo, small tools, and small power tools.

Crossbox – The Crossbox is the brother to the DECKED D-Box. The Crossbox fits crosswise in full-size drawers and midsize wide drawers. It fits lengthwise in narrow midsize drawers. Like its counterpart, the D-Box, the Crosbox has an Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) gasket making it completely waterproof. It also features easy-to-carry handles, removable tools and parts organizer, and several grip points for easy retrieval.

 The Drawerganzier comes standard with the Drawer System. It can carry small and frequently used items.

Drawerganizer – The DECKED Drawerganizer allows you to make the most of the storage space near your drawer handles. It is perfect for small and frequently used items, such as small power tools, duct tape, and tape measures. You may also consider purchasing the Double Drawerganizer that comes with handles and some serious storage capacity.

Dividers allow for better storage. You can adjust them as required to fit different storage needs and situations.

Drawer Dividers – The DECKED Drawer Dividers are another top-of-the-line innovation that makes the Drawer System stand out. The Dividers have cut-outs that you can use to secure your tools with the tie-down points. They also fit in different mounting positions within the DECKED Drawers, meaning that you can customize them to suit your diverse needs.

No tonneau cover will offer this level of convenient storage. As a matter of fact, no tonneau cover offers modular storage. You may purchase a tonneau for the looks, but the DECKED Drawers offer the elegant looks and organization you need.

Room for More Accessories

There are numerous other accessories that you can purchase besides the D-Box, Crossbox, Drawerganizer, and Drawer Dividers that come standard with the Drawer System. Go beyond a traditional tonneau cover and accessorize your truck. Check these out.

The tool bag of choice with a generous capacity. Use it to carry your tools, ammo, snacks, and any other items that you take to work or recreation.

The DECKED D-Bag – The D-Bag is the only tool bag that you will ever love. It is made using military-grade hybrid soft and hard-shell material. It is versatile, and you can use it for camping, hunting, or work. It has various carry options, including a backpack, horizontal, briefcase, and sling carry. It is weather-resistant and durable. The D-Bag also fits snugly in the DECKED Drawer. No Drawer System? Worry not. The D-Bag is also excellent for solo use.

Piecekeepers are compatible with the DECKED Drawers. Use Piecekeepers to transport your firearms safely and conveniently at the back of your truck.

Piecekeepers – The DECKED Piecekeepers are an additional accessory that people who enjoy hunting or other shooting range games will not want to miss. The Piecekeepers are a safe and convenient way of transporting your firearms within the DECKED Drawers. The Piecekeepers will accommodate long guns since you can adjust them. The Piecekeepers fit in the same slots as the Drawer Dividers. You don’t want to fall on the wrong side of the law by carelessly carrying shotguns and rifles. You can secure your firearms in your truck using the DECKED Drawer coupled with the Piecekeepers.

Foam Inserts – You can purchase the DECKED Kaizen Foam Inserts. The Foam Inserts can serve as rifle cut-outs. You can use them to keep delicate and expensive items that you don’t want to hang loosely in the Drawer System, such as power tools.

Additional Benefits of Having the DECKED Drawers


Trucks and their corresponding accessories are a huge investment. The DECKED Drawer System is quite expensive compared to the Rough Country tonneau cover. You can get a soft roll-up bed cover from the Rough Country website for as little as $269.95. The premium ones go for about $699.95. The DECKED Drawers will cost a whopping $1499.99. It sounds a lot. But it isn’t, considering its durability and versatile applicability.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

We assure you that all our products are made to last a lifetime. $1499.99 might seem a lot but not quite. All our products are backed with a limited lifetime warranty, a clear indication that DECKED produces the toughest products in the market.

Free Shipping

 All DECKED products are proudly made in the US. They are easy to install, ships for free, are affordable and come fully backed with a limited lifetime warranty.

The Rough Country tonneau ships for free if you purchase directly from their website. You may not be so lucky if you buy from third-party retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

All DECKED products ship for free within the continental US. Place your order, and you will receive it right at your doorstep.

Simple Installation

Installing a tonneau cover will take one to two hours. The DECKED Drawers require two to three hours to install with minimal or no drilling required. After initial installation, you can easily uninstall in 15 minutes if you need to use the full depth of your truck. Reinstallation also takes 15 minutes.

Final Thoughts

Proudly engineered in the US, the DECKED Drawer System is the truck storage solution for this century. A tonneau cover is a handy gear with several benefits. Still, it fails to give ergonomic use, convenient organization, full bed use, and maximum security.

For the die-hard tonneau cover fans, the DECKED Drawers are fully compatible with the Rough Country tonneau cover. Wait no longer. Visit the DECKED website and order your Drawer System and other accessories you may need.