How Does A Standard Rolling Toolbox Stack Up Against An Integrated DECKED Drawer System?

Stop, Drop, and Roll: How Does A Standard Rolling Toolbox Stack Up Against An Integrated DECKED Drawer System?


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Today’s world is fast paced. Gone are the days of the hardened handyman sipping a coffee in the morning before sauntering off to the garage to arrange their tools at the workbench. The text-while-walking (or running), coffee to-go, rat race isn’t slowing down anytime soon. It seems, if anything, that the world is speeding up, not letting up.


Now, most guys are in their truck and on the road before sun up. It’s off to the job site, through traffic, to get things moving, while simultaneously trying to answer emails from clients on the way. Everything has to be mobile and on-the-go, and that includes your tools.


How much time is spent organizing your tools and moving them from one place to the next? It’s a daily grind getting exactly the gear you need to where you need it and all that time can eat into productivity when just staying on schedule is already enough of a struggle. And that's what brings us to the plastic rolling tool box. A piece of equipment most of you have owned or seen lying around on jobs. Whether it's a large rolling tool box or a small rolling tool box, we’ll take a look at what some popular brands have to offer and see how they match up against the DECKED Drawer System. So, let’s roll.


The DECKED Drawer System: Not Your Usual Rolling Tool Box With Drawers


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First off, let’s look at the DECKED Drawer System and how it works. The DECKED Drawer System is an integrated modular storage system that custom fits the bed of your truck. The system stays fixed in place in your truck bed and has rolling drawers built in with storage space. In essence, it's a tool box with drawers that fill your truck bed. DECKED uses wheels for its drawers that allow your tool box rolling in and out. It doesn’t use sliders so they won’t bend or warp with pressure.

Durability That Holds Up


The whole system is tough so pressure won’t be an issue at all. It is made from a combination of steel and High-Density Polyethylene. This is a heavy duty rolling tool box; HDPE is impossible to dent, but easy to love. With a payload of 2000lbs, the DECKED Drawer System is built for work, so you can do your darndest beating it up because it can take a kicking. It’s as strong as a standard metal rolling tool box, probably stronger. The plastics used are made from recycled material and the steel is anti-corrosion treated. The whole DECKED Drawer System is weather proof so there’s no need to worry about showing up to a job with your tools all soggy. It’s built with materials from the future and made solid as a brick house. No worries for the master or the hobbyist, the DECKED Drawer System can stand up to all challengers.


DECKED Drawer System, rolling tool box, small rolling tool box, heavy duty rolling tool box

Get Organized


Of course durability is a feature everyone can get behind, but the staple requirement of a portable rolling tool box is organization, and DECKED has that in spades. Truck beds and tool boxes are notoriously tricky to keep organized. You arrive on a new job, running late, with last week’s tools still rolling around in your tool kit – we’ve all been there. Job to job the disorganization adds up and no one wants to waste a weekend in the garage putting everything back in order when you could be enjoying some free time. That’s why with DECKED you work smarter so you can play harder.


Each drawer can be fitted with a wide range of accessories to personalize your setup:


  • The Drawerganizer sits at the head of the drawer and is great for odds and ends. That measuring tape that has been resting on the dash of your truck forever, toss it in the Drawerganizer for no-fuss accessibility without sacrificing organization.


  • The Crossbox functions as your trusty tool box that comes with a removable small parts tray. It fits snuggly into the DECKED Drawer System and is easy to grab when needed.


  • The D-Box works like a big brother to the Crossbox with more storage space. They turn this system into a stackable rolling tool box with easily stackable units. It makes storing your jumper cables, tow straps, and other bulky items a breeze.


  • The D-Bag is your grab and go tool kit for maximum mobility. It nests several detachable components inside like a small Duffle and tool roll for even more customization.


There are plenty more Decked Accessories available and the combinations are endless. You can mix and match your setup so that it works for you. That is what really makes the DECKED Drawer System shine: versatility.


Versatility For The Working Man On The Move


Whenever deciding on a rolling portable tool box what makes it unique is its versatility. Does it allow you to stay moving without getting bogged down with rifling aimlessly through drawers or lugging bins in and out of the truck bed? This is where DECKED carves its own lane among even the best rolling tool box. The DECKED Drawer System is designed with mobility in mind.


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Each individual modular component fits perfectly in the drawers and is as easy to grab as it is to put back. How many of us have that heavy milk crate of tangled wires and power tools all the way at the back of the truck bed that we never take out because it would mean a trip to the chiropractor? With The DECKED Drawer System there’s no need for any of that because you can easily roll components from the back up to the front without the back-breaking. So, the gear you only use once in a while can stay tucked away neatly and you don’t have to worry about it getting in the way. The real luxury of a rolling tool box, even a cheap rolling tool box, is that you don’t have to sacrifice your body dragging gear, and you can save your strength for getting the job done.


Rolling Deep: DECKED Drawer System Vs Other Rolling Tool Boxes

DECKED Drawer System, rolling tool box, pickup truck, truck bed, tool box rolling


The DECKED Drawer System has its strong suits, but how does it fare when it's matched against some of the other leading brands’ offerings? There are many options on the market to choose from and here we can have a look at what DECKED is up against. The criteria will consist of durability, organization, and versatility. Will the DECKED Drawer System roll with the punches or get knocked out? Let's see.


Tough Customers: All About Durability


The best portable rolling tool box would have to be durable, no doubt about it. All handymen know the woes of a tool box with a bent lid that won’t close or a tool chest with drawers so warped they never seem to shut. Only the most rugged will do.


DECKED Drawer System, Milwaukee rolling tool box, rolling tool box, rolling tool box Milwaukee


The Milwaukee rolling tool box is made with impact resistant polymers and metal reinforced corners making it hearty enough to withstand most jobsite environments. The PACKOUT rolling tool box is also compatible with other interlocking components and features a 250lb capacity. That’s pretty tough.


DECKED Drawer System, Craftsman rolling tool box, rolling tool box, tools, plastic rolling tool box


The Craftsman rolling tool box TradeStack System, on the other hand, is constructed with a structural foam design for extra strength. It comes with overmold latches to keep your gear secure. The TradeStack System rolls around on 7’ durable wheels to avoid having your tool kit turn into a wobbly grocery store shopping cart.

A Craftsman 5 drawer rolling tool box is also available. More of a rolling tool box workbench made from 20-24 gauge steel, the 5 drawer only holds around 50lbs worth of product, which is lightweight compared to some of the heavy hitters on this list.


A smaller unit is the Husky rolling tool box. At 37’ high and holding 50 gallons of capacity, the Husky features a water and dust seal to keep your tools secure from debris and weather. Equipped with 8’ wheels the Husky portable rolling tool box can haul your gear on even the most rugged terrain.


Of course these portable rolling tool box offerings are tough in their own right, but with the DECKED Drawer System integrated into your truck bed with a payload of 2000lbs, it seems they’re punching out of their weight class. The DECKED Drawer System is made from High-Density Polyethylene which is so tough it’ll make a crowbar cry. Every drawer has its own payload of 200lbs which is a major plus on bigger jobs.

There’s also no need to fear the wind; the DECKED Drawer System is weatherproof.


Clean Up Nice: Organization


DECKED Drawer System, rolling tool box, D-Box, Crossbox, pickup truck, truck bed, tool storage


Organization is, after all, why we use tool boxes in the first place. Isn’t it? Who’s the most orderly of them all?


The Dewalt rolling tool box ToughSystem boasts 20% more storage space on their 2.0 model. It also comes with a removable tray insert for all your small loose ends. Its detachable black handle allows you to place the box on a pickup truck which is a plus when loading up your gear after a long day.


The Craftsman 5 drawer rolling tool box is great for the meticulous workman. Its large drawers and neatly divided storage areas allow for clean work setup time and time again. With 3,589 cubic inches of storage use this rolling tool box is definitely a standout for neat freaks.


The Milwaukee PACKOUT rolling tool box comes with its own removable tray insert to suit the different requirements of its owner. It is also fully compatible with all other PACKOUT components making it highly customizable.


It seems though that not every rolling tool box is on equal footing when it comes to organization. The DECKED Drawer System provides more storage than most competitors and it does it all from the bed of your truck. The genius of the DECKED Drawer System is that all of the components can be stored neatly inside your truck bed. You don’t have to remove a ton of stuff to get what you’re looking for. The Accessories allow you to access what you need when you need and not turn your whole tool kit upside down in the process. The integrated system really brings the rolling tool box into this century with its clever organizational design.


Stick And Move: Versatility


DECKED Drawer System, rolling tool box, pickup truck, rolling tool box portable


What really makes a rolling tool box special is that little something extra. You want to be moving forward, not looking back. It's all about movement and fluidity in this category. How versatile is today’s rolling tool box? And better yet, how versatile is the rolling toolbox of tomorrow?


The Dewalt rolling tool box comes equipped with a telescopic handle for easy maneuvering around the job site. The handle also removes for loading into a pickup. It comes in at a light 20.61lbs, unlike the Kobalt rolling tool box which weighs a hefty 43lbs. These things matter when it comes to versatility.


The Milwaukee PACKOUT rolling tool box has 9” wheels which make for great mobility on a job site. It is also compatible with other PACKOUT components making it highly customizable to its user’s specific needs. Its carry handle makes it easy to bring it with you wherever you venture.


When it comes to versatility the DECKED Drawer System really is on another level. The unique design of the Drawer System and its customizability makes it feel like it's from the future. The drawers roll out with such precision to display easy to access accessories like the D-Box or Crossbox right there at your fingertips. You can crack them open for something specific or bring the whole thing with you. When it comes to the D-Bag, you can walk away with it on your back. All of it is integrated into the bed of your truck, so when you get home no unnecessary unloading and when you wake up all your gear is right where you left it, ready to roll.


Not All Rolling Tool Boxes Are Created Equal


DECKED Drawer System, rolling tool box, D-Box, Crossbox, Drawerganizer, pickup truck, truck bed


To wrap up, it seems clear that while the rolling tool box has been around forever and the more conventional offerings from other brands do have their place, the DECKED Drawer System is a tool box for this century, not the last one. It brings so much to the table in terms of futuristic materials and heavy duty durability. It will keep your tools in order that will restore harmony to your garage and keep your arsenal of gear at the ready, cozied up in the bed of your truck.


The DECKED Drawer System gives you a leg up in this crazy rat race. And isn’t it time we rethink the rolling tool box for today’s world? Maybe DECKED already has. Keep rollin’ y’all.