You COULD Settle for Rolling Tool Bags, But Why?

You COULD Settle for Rolling Tool Bags, But Why?

Tools and accessories are part of the whole picture in nearly any work setting or adventure you go with your truck. Depending on what you intend to do, they come in handy when working on simple or complex tasks. All the same, there are times you may need to keep your commonly used equipment close or rather carry just a few than bring everything there is in your cargo pack. That is where a rolling tool bag comes in. It essentially lightens the load and saves you the hassle of trekking back and forth to your truck while working, as you’d only bring some of your preferred cargo.

Suppose you are a truck guy who juggles multiple bags or boxes to the site; having your much-needed tool gear in one rolling tool bag can help reduce the bulkiness and heavy lifting. Ultimately, it excellently saves your time. So yes, a rolling tool bag is necessary. They come in many brands and types such as the Milwaukee Rolling Tool Bag, the Husky Rolling Tool Bag and the  Klein Rolling Tool Bag, among others. But are they essential? Here’s the lowdown.

In all honesty, rolling tool bags are a lifesaver in cargo and tool management scenarios, especially in situations where flexibility is such an issue. For instance, a wheeled Craftsman Tool Bag would be a good option if you have to drag a heavy haulage of items on a smooth surface, and so would be a Klein Rolling bag. But that does not mean they are essential; not to be misquoted, though. Of course, they are critical, but going down to the nitty-gritty, you’d realize that truck bed cargo handling involves more than just a few “comfortable features” one can easily detect in a tool box. It spans far and wide, and many things come into play. Wheeled bags are cool for ease of movement, but it’s not like the terrain out there will always be smooth to guarantee you that kind of convenience. Besides, there are neither tarmacs in the bush nor smooth surfaces in fields, which is why you may need something more like a comfortable carry-on, like the DECKED D-BAG (where D-Bag stands for Drawer-Bag, not a type of person—yes, we know what’s on your mind).


The D-Bag is generally designed for the Drawer System buy can also fit into the Tool Box.

Firstly, get to know us

Have you heard of DECKED before? We are the guys behind the cool Double Drawer System and the New Modern Ergonomic Truck Tool Box. With nine-plus years in operation, we can confidently say that our product lines are second to none and our mastery of the craft is off the charts. The DECKED D-Bag is one of our convenient creations with a unique twist that wins against all the main metrics that test the standards of a suitable Tool Bag for your truck’s tool handling needs. The D-Bag is a collection of an integrated removable tools roll, multiple inlay compartments, and a handy duffel bag. The D-Bag is designed to fit neatly into the wide drawer, and the best part is that two of them can integrate well. There is also an option of solo use when you do not have drawers and a toolbox. It will still serve your needs remarkably.


Made using High quality rugged clothe , and coated with EVA foam, the D-Bag is made to withstand all manners of harsh treatment including wear and tear and rough handling while securing tools and cargo.


In arriving at a decision of whether or not to purchase a tool box or a cargo management solution, a three point test process is necessary to undertake.  

  • It begins with analyzing how the features and specifications of a tool bag affect user experience. This will guide you on the tool bag's intended use.
  • Review tool bag standards a buyer should be looking for in a quality tool bag. It will give you a roadmap to capitalize on for better decision-making.
  • Test metrics against DECKED Tool Bag to help you understand why it should be your next tool bag.

Features and specifications of a tool bag that affect user experience

The design

Tool bags are in various designs giving options worthy of exploring. But relax before jumping on the offer, because you’ve got to ponder over how design impacts user experience, usability, and transportation practicability. The different standard options are traditional bags, backpacks, and carriers. Traditional bags' features and specifications include a single-zipper compartment, multiple interior and exterior pockets, plus shoulder straps. They are convenient as they accommodate several tools, but not all have shoulder straps for comfortable transportation. Backpack designs look similar to traditional bags but with additional details that improve functionality. They have an added protective layer, interior allowance, and tools pocket holder. They are the most comfortable carrying, but reviews show that space is still inadequate for big jobs. Lastly, the carrier tool bags design is open with handles for transportation. Their advantage is that they can hold extensive tools and allow easier access, while their disadvantage is that your devices could fall unknowingly.

The intended use  

There is always a specific reason each tool appears in that storage box. The box is supposed to enhance a tool's intended use by offering a conducive storage environment—visual control, convenience of access, appropriate storage, and protection from adverse elements and malicious intrusion, thereby enhancing durability and rational use. In this regard, a tool bag's features and specifications effectively affect an equipment’s user experience by meeting unique storage conditions.

The material

Material is a significant determinant of a tool bag that can determine serviceability or performance. Tool storage equipment is made from a variety of materials including metals, wood, fabric, alloys, leather plastic and synthetic fiber, among others. Storage bags on the other hand, could be nylon, canvas, or polyester-made. In making choices on materials, things such as strength,  weather-resistance, and loader capacity are significant considerations. Specifics show that nylon is strong, hence durable and flexible. Yet canvas is double-layered and therefore quite sturdy and resistant against wear and tear caused by sharp tools. Polyester is fast-drying and does not decolorize.

Fastener durability

These are components of tool bags that affect the security of the items, such as zippers and buckles. Prevention is always better. Choose tool bags or storage boxes with superb fastener quality.

Tool Bag standards you should be looking for in a quality tool bag

While choosing a tool bag, testing metrics can help you make a sound decision.

The durability of the tool bag

The durability of a tool bag gets determined by its sustainability. To be able to analyze its quality, ask the right questions. Can it withstand wear and tear? Tools and accessories have different shapes, sizes, and weights. You want a tool bag that can comfortably accommodate all of them and resist the potential damage.

Another question is, does its construction support longevity? A quality tool bag should be structured with first-rate features and specifications and be issue-based to tackle the shared concerns of a tool bag.

The Ergonomics

Ergonomics measures the capacity of the interior space of a tool bag to secure items correctly, especially in movements. An outstanding tool bag has pockets and compartments in its interior space. Enjoy the convenience of superb ergonomics by checking on this detail. Evaluate your tools and compare how each device gets held in the designated areas.

The mobility

Mobility is the main essence of a tool bag. Depending on the distance and how often you use your tool bag, consider settling for a design that will make your work easier. Some options for you include backpacks and rollers, making your transportation manageable. You can also customize your movement by exploiting the detachable shoulder straps and handles for appropriate mobility.

DECKED Tool Bag features and specifications tested against the metrics to help you understand why it should be your next tool bag

The DECKED D-Bag should be your next tool bag. Whether you are a hunter, a camper, a merchant, or anything in between that requires proper organization and transportation of tools and gear to the work site, this is the ideal tool bag for the job. It is a versatile, military-grade hybrid soft- and hard-shelled tool bag made to handle all kinds of tools and equipment movement needs you can imagine.


Removable rolling tool bag

The Tool Roll is (900D TPU coated nylon) and comes in handy in securing pieces of sharp tools and equipment to prevent clinging and damage due to unnecessary movement.

  • Material- 900D TPU coated Nylon
  •  It has heavy-duty ring snaps that secure it inside the main bag
  •  It is with Semi-transparent pockets to see contents

Removable Duffel Bag

  • Material-900D TPU coated Nylon with thermoformed EVA foam base
  • It is with heavy-duty ring snaps that secure it inside the main bag

Multiple carry options

The portable Duffel bag comes in handy when faced with needs of having to move around with tools and equipment. It is more of a carry on therefore unaffected with rough terrain or rugged ground surface problems which is always the case with wheeled tool bags.

  •  Backpack
  • Briefcase
  •  Shoulder sling


  •  It can be tightened down snugly when carrying it like a briefcase or shoulder sling or removed entirely.
  • They have Carabiner attachment points

Aluminum handles on both ends of the bag

  •  They are easy to grab


  •   Material-900d TPU coated nylon
  •  They give the bag its expand and collapse capabilities.

A Full-sized, beefy, Horseshoe Zipper top lid access port (#8 YKK)

  •     Non-snagging, double-tapped with oversized, glove-friendly zipper pulls


The DECKED Tool Bag is durable, ergonomic, and allows mobility.


Can it withstand wear and tear? Yes. Imagine a tool bag to use and abuse. The D-Bag can fill with tools and gear but still maintain its shape. Cool, right? This means that you enjoy moving around with a snag-free design. Load it and transport heavy sharp objects suitably. Plus, it is tough on the outside, soft on the inside. Throughout the package, it maintains 900D TPU ballistic nylon and thermoformed EVA foam to give you a soft and hard-shell hybrid. You enjoy durability while holding a substantially higher weight in tools without putting undue weight on any part, which sounds like freedom.

Does its construction support longevity? Yes, it does. It is made 100% in America. It is weather resistant with 2500 cubic inches/42 liters volume. Honestly, that can serve you for everything from power and hand tools for a long time. 

Mobility and Usability

The Bag is versatile and features military grade design aspects and materials to not only store and transport but secure your handy tools and protect them from adverse weather.

The D-Bag comes standard with a removable DECKED rolling tool bag and DECKED Duffle Bag. Both snaps snugly into the main bag via heavy-duty, military-style ring snaps. The best part is that the accessories come as part of the package. Their convenience is at the next level. You can carry and roll the tool bag to enhance mobility according to the job. You carry the whole tool bag when you want to load different tools. When specific jobs only require hand tools, roll out the other parts. Its straps are a versatile system. They let you wear it as a backpack, carry it like a briefcase, or slung over one shoulder like a boss. DECKED tool bag functionality is made even better by the rolling tool bag. The durable non-canvas tool pouch provides protection and organization which ultimately, supports your maximum storage functionality.

DECKED Tool Bag Ergonomics

The bag is designed to either be worn at the back or carried like a briefcase and comes with a tool roll for securing smaller items.

Suppose your previous tool bag disappointed your expectations with its internal capacity, then not to worry! This one should exceed expectations. We know what you need and therefore have you.

DECKED created a tool bag that takes the ergonomics of cargo management and organization systems to the next level. You will find locks with keys, Core Trax, and T-Tracks in its interior space. Also, the D-Bag’s additional dividers and additional boxes give you pockets and compartments that hold your items in their designated areas appropriately. Remember, you do not want to end up with a tool bag whose features malfunction or break easily. That is why the DECKED should be your next Tool Bag. Its zippers are high-quality YKK zippers and come double for increased durability and function. Teeth won't separate or degrade under heavy loads.

You could be dissatisfied in the past, but it is time for a solid upgrade with a DECKED D-Bag. It gives you options and quality for carrying your tool—a separate duffel bag, ideal for dirty work clothes, boots, and accessories. If you want to take several small tools and accessories, it has a removable, rolling tool bag that divides them well to ensure they are organized and transported easily. That is hardly the case with other tool bags, where you will have to consider purchasing a small divider for the same job. Besides, the products get handled with care and packaged in highly-protective packaging and can be DIY-installed with the included fitting instructions or help from expert fitters and technicians. The best part is that you get secured with a lifetime warranty, which shows you that we build the toughest products on the market and stand by them too.