The DECKED X Uncharted D-Bag Pro Will Turn Your Toolbox Into the Ultimate Roadside Emergency Kit

The DECKED X Uncharted D-Bag Pro Will Turn Your Toolbox Into the Ultimate Roadside Emergency Kit


A DECKED d-Bag is open and showing the contents of Uncharted supply Co.'s survival kit


You’re barrelling along at 70 miles per hour down some backroad. The sun’s out and your farmer-tanned arm rests on the driver’s side door. Tom Petty is belting out of your radio about how he won’t back down—from what? You wonder—but that doesn’t stop you from singing along and admiring how your hair is sorta growing out into the shape of his 70’s shag. You slick it back with your other hand and give yourself a wink in the rearview mirror, thinking about how great your life has been since you installed the DECKED Tool Box with the telescoping ladder. That roadside emergency kit you saw on their website really caught your eye too, and you sometimes wonder if you should have just snagged it when you had the chance. “Naw, I’m good,” you mutter with a toss of your head, and just as you were thinking, “what could possibly go wrong—BAM! You’re careening down a ravine and land upside down in the ditch.




DECKED + Uncharted Supply Co.

Here at DECKED, we are well aware that even if your hair looks great and the sun’s out, shit can still go sideways. (In a hurry, we might add, because 70 miles per hour is pretty dang fast for a backroad.) But regardless, any road you travel at any speed is a risk. A risk that may be so commonplace that folks don’t give it much thought, but once you’ve been stranded on the side of the road with nothing but an empty chip bag, a couple of swigs of old coffee, and whatever the hell is growing in your kid’s school backpack, you change your tune real quick about the emergency roadside kit you carry with you.


We can’t stress this enough: emergencies happen. You never know when. Be prepared for anything at any time.


That’s why we partnered with our friend Christian from Uncharted Supply Co. to make a DECKED and Uncharted mashup of our best roadside emergency kit supplies that are enough to keep two people alive for 72 hours of an emergency.


A flat lay view of all of the contents that come from Uncharted Supply Co. and are packaged in DECKED's D-Bag.


So what exactly is in this roadside emergency tool kit? Let’s get into it:




Something that Uncharted Supply Co. does really well is simplifying directions to help aid you out of your complex situation. Our D-Bag is filled with their supplies that are sorted by type and stored together in smartly-labeled, easy-to-read bags.


The kit comes with Uncharted’s famous instructions on how to best utilize the supplies they’ve given you and what to do in case of various different types of emergencies, (even how to administer first aid). Each separate pouch has more specialized instructions pertaining to its contents as well.


Having all of this info is a major reassurance because if you’re stressed out and can’t think, taking a deep breath and reading what Uncharted has to say could help keep you alive.




A battery jump starter, a USB charger, and more—Uncharted calls the Zeus a portable power system. Inside the hard case are battery terminal clamps and a ton of cables: USB, USB-C, micro USB, a cigarette lighter charger, and even adaptors for those things so you can power other things—like an air compressor.


The Zeus itself is a battery unit (also included) and will jumpstart up to an 8L diesel. It’ll charge a cell phone over 10 times and make a flashlight run for days.


And as Christian says, in this 17-minute YouTube video where he presents the entire contents of the roadside emergency kit, “If you find yourself somewhere—you’ve left the dome light on, there’s no help coming, and jumper cables aren’t going to save the day—the Zeus will. You’ll be back on the road in 30 seconds.”


a fatigue-green truck is off-roading and rests only on 3 wheels.





There’s a mini water filter, a water pouch, and two sets of rations—each amounting 2,400 calories of easily digestible fuel. Christian says they taste like an “OK coconut bar,” but since the food doesn't need water, heat, or preparation—it gets the job done in an emergency.  




In addition to the Zeus, our just-in-case roadside kit comes with an NOAA crank radio, which Christian describes as “A pretty awesome little piece of technology—and it connects to weather band, so if you’re in some inclement weather, you can quickly turn this thing on and figure out what the weather is.”


It has a solar charger and a crank, so if you have no other way to make power, you can do it by hand with the crank, and there’s a USB port and charger so you can charge your phone that way if needed. There’s a flashlight in the unit as well, in addition to a separate, handheld light because, as Christian points out, the redundancies in the kit are by design because “Sometimes things break. They get lost, they get wet—so you’re never totally screwed if one thing goes wrong.”




Inside the warmth pouch, there’s two knit hats, two sets of insulated gloves, two sets of hand warmers, and an emergency tent.


“The mylar tent,” Christian says, “tiny, but mighty. It’s a triangle tent with a string through it. You can tie this thing to two trees, put a rock in all four corners—and you’ve instantly got a waterproof shelter.”


In the video, he goes on to provide a wealth of additional info on how best to stay warm, and one thing’s for sure, if you have to be in an emergency—be in one with Christian.


An aerial view of a truck on the side of the road in winter. There's snow on the ground.




In the tool pouch, you’ve got a multitool, a knife, a shovel, duct tape, paracord, and storm-proof matches.


The duct tape is flat packed (awesome!), and is five yards, so, more than MacGuyver would need, but, just enough for you.


With 100 feet of paracord, Christian recommends a use that is not commonly thought of and says if you need to leave your truck for some reason in an emergency, you can use the paracord as bread crumbs and tie it to trees or objects so you can leave a path for people to find you.


The included knife is super burly, with a full metal tang, a glass breaker, rubber grip, bottle opener, and finger guard. The case holds a sharpening stone and Ferro rod as well, so chances are, it may quickly become the knife you love the most.


Just remember though: put it back! If you don’t keep it in your roadside emergency kit at all times—what’s the point in having it?




Christian says one of the things people also don’t think about enough is really protecting your eyes and your lungs. There could be sand blowing or snow blowing, and protecting your eyes and lungs from hazards could quickly become your secondary emergency if you’re not careful.


The air and vision pouch has:


  • Goggles (The skiing type, but they are single-paned so not great for hitting the slopes all day in)
  • Glow sticks (military-grade, brightest, most high-quality chem lights that Uncharted could source)
  • N-99 compliant air masks (complete with carbon filter, one-way valve, and extension strap to accommodate all head sizes)


a man sits on a stool next to his motorbike and uses tools to make adjustments. He appears to be sitting at a cliff's edge.




Inside the kit are Uncharted’s First Aid Pro, two mylar blankets, sunscreen, and anti-bacterial wipes. And inside the First Aid Pro, (Christian’s favorite kit that they currently sell), are 60 pieces of first aid paraphernalia, along with full directions and additional space to carry your own personal items like medications.




The metal water bottle they’ve included is great because it has screen-printed instructions right on the bottle.


It tells you how much to drink, how long to boil, and everything else you need to know about staying hydrated. A rubber gasket in the lid keeps it sealed, but everything else is metal, so you can stick the bottle in a fire and boil the hell out of some swamp water and probably not die.


The D-Bag


For most of us, an emergency is completely uncharted territory. When seconds matter, calories count, and water is treated like the absolutely precious resource that it is, It's a huge relief knowing you have support from survival industry experts like Uncharted Supply Co.


Here at DECKED, we’ve got your back too, literally, with our D-Bag, which is the only d-bag you’re ever gonna like.


A front view of a black DECKED D-Bag, a cross between a toolbox and a backpack


Check it out:


  • Weather-resistant
  • Has multiple carry options: backpack, briefcase and shoulder sling
  • Has straps (with carabiner attachment points) that can be tightened down snugly when carried like a briefcase/shoulder sling, or can be removed completely
  • Aluminum handles on both ends of the bag
  • Top and bottom are made from thermoformed EVA foam coated with ballistic nylon cloth
  • Reinforced lid
  • Won’t tear, rip, or snag
  • Side panels are made from 900D TPU-coated nylon that give the bag expandable and collapsible capabilities
  • Full-sized, beefy horseshoe zipper top lid access port. Non-snagging and double-taped with glove-friendly zipper pulls
  • Ships for free in the contiguous U.S. (DOES NOT ship to Canada)




Outside dimensions: 19” x 16” x 9”


Volume: 42 liter/2500 cubic inches


The D-Bag makes a great vessel for Uncharted’s best emergency roadside assistance kit supplies, and we also sell the bag on its own for all of your God-knows-what else you need to tote around with you. It’s a job site marvel, a great fishin’ buddy, and can withstand even the most brutal of torture tests. See for yourself here, when a bear tries to steal the guy's sixer. He makes off with the loaf of bread, but at least the dude had the foresight to protect the beer at all costs. (And that’s beer—not bear.)


A rear view of a black DECKED D-Bag, a cross between a toolbox and a backpack


So here’s the straight dope: The Uncharted + DECKED roadside emergency kit is definitely an investment. It’s not especially cheap to keep your priceless ass alive. But if you’ve already got most of these supplies kickin’ around the back of your pickup, but what you really need is a secure, 100% waterproof place to store it all, Let the DECKED Tool Box inspire you.


Since it’s made from high-impact polymer resin and high-density polyethylene, the cockroach of plastics, it’s damn near impossible to kill. Or to break into.


We’ve engineered our toolbox, (or Dr. DECKED did), with an upstanding lip that gets overlapped by the lid, minimizing theft pry bar points.


There’s plenty of organizing capabilities with the D-Box and Snack Tray that come with it, so the Tool Box is a great choice for storing all of the supplies like what you’d find in Uncharted’s kit, plus everything else you might want to add to create the ultimate roadside emergency kit like flares, chains, tow cable, ax, heavy-duty shovel, and more.


For fast and unobstructed access, we’ve innovated a new era in what’s expected from a crossover toolbox. The DECKED Tool Box has an optional, integrated, 6000-series aluminum ladder that pulls out from the top of the Tool Box and telescopes to the ground, even on lifted rigs.


A man in a yellow hard hat and maroon shirt stands on a ladder extending out the top of his toolbox and down to the ground


When seconds count—on the job or in an emergency situation, the ladder will lift you up, and won’t let you down. As dorky as it sounds, it truly partners with you to revolutionize the way you store and access your gear. Dig around in all of your crap from the top down—like a boss, and maybe even get a raise when you recommend it to your actual one. So far, everyone who’s used our ladder has been floored.


What Our Toughest Critics Say


As always, thanks for letting us spew our words all over you. We get really excited about truck bed organization, preparedness, and partnering with badass companies who are out there, like you, and like us—getting the job done.


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