RKI Tool Box vs DECKED Tool Box

RKI Tool Box vs DECKED Tool Box

Tool boxes are vital for general use. You can use them to store tools or general gear, such as hunting or fishing gear. This means a good tool box should effectively protect its contents from external factors. However, identifying a good tool box is proving to be difficult by the day with new brands joining the industry at a high rate. This is why it is essential to assess some crucial factors when buying a tool box. For instance, you should check its security features, its durability, the ability to protect your tools during severe weather conditions, and its brand, among others.

If you intend to purchase a tool box but are wondering where to start, this guide will be of great help. We will comprehensively compare two of the industry's leading tool box makers; RKI and DECKED. Read on for a comprehensive comparison.

RKI Tool Box

RKI is one of the most established tool box makers. It is a proud manufacturer of some of the industry's best equipment. Their products include the RKI tool box, winches, service bodies, and cranes. RKI ships these products to clients across the country. Based in Texas, RKI is a proud local manufacturer.

The RKI tool box

You have probably seen a work truck with an RKI crane mounted on the corner or a tool box with the RKI label on it; that's them. RKI has been building truck equipment for over 40 years. Their many years of experience in the industry make it incredibly challenging for any rival to beat them.


  • Highly durable
  • Spacious
  • Unique design


  • Could be costly
  • Some designs are too heavy
  • Unreliable in various weather conditions


The story of DECKED starts from a very humble background. From a simple but noble idea that was conceptualized in a local diner, DECKED has grown to become one of the biggest tool box makers in the country. This brand prides itself in making highly reliable and unique products. What makes DECKED stand out is that its products are made from many years of research, ensuring that they exceed your expectations.

The DECKED tool box incorporates the three basic principles; security, accessibility, and organization. Despite the fact that DECKED hasn't been around for that long, Its products are surely mind-blowing. The brand makes versatile products that every working individual would be proud to own.

You cannot question the authenticity of any DECKED products, with customer reviews speaking volumes about their quality. Whether you want a small tool box or a truck tool box, you can get them at DECKED. With the company committed to providing tool storage solutions, you can be sure of high-quality tool boxes that will keep your tools safe at all times!


  • Highly secure
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • It makes tool organization easy


  • Not as many luxurious accessories

An Opened DECKED tool box

The Comparison: RKI vs. DECKED

Considering RKI and DECKED have established themselves as competent tool box makers, it is best to know which one has an outstanding product. Therefore, we have made an in-depth comparison based on their essential features to help you select the better one between the two brands.


Any tool box owner understands the importance of safety. You wouldn't want a tool box that cannot guarantee the safety of your tools. In fact, one of the main reasons why people buy tool boxes is to keep their tools safe. Therefore, it is essential to assess the security features before making your purchase. Doing so is vital because it will prevent you from purchasing a poor-quality tool box. Without a doubt, RKI and DECKED have some of the most secure tool boxes. However, it is essential to know which brand has the most secure tool box between the two.

Given its many years of experience, RKI is known to produce tool boxes with excellent security features. The RKI truck tool box comes with a high-quality security system that helps keep your tools safe. Even though the RKI tool box locks help enhance security, they have a two-phase severity system that can be challenging to install. This means that you could have problems handling this tool box.

With its enhanced security system, the RKI underbody tool box guarantees maximum efficiency when it comes to protecting your tools. The equipment comes with a reliable in-built security system that makes it challenging for thieves to break into. You can also opt for the RKI side tool box that comes with several security features. For instance, this tool box has a remote keyless entry feature that lets you access it without using keys.

Even though the RKI tool box has excellent security features, most of the vital parts come unassembled. This means that you have to assemble them by yourself. If you make any mistake during the assembling, the tool box might not be secure. This is clearly a concern based on the several RKI tool box reviews from users.

DECKED is a truck tool box that guarantees maximum efficiency when it comes to security. This tool box's security features are based on simplicity and ease of use, making it easy for you to handle. Some of its products like the Drawer System, use highly advanced mechanical technology. This is crucial because it ensures that you have robust, secure, and impact-resistant storage solutions.

With DECKED, you have a tool box that will not rust, ding, or dent. This tool box is also highly durable, ensuring that your tools are kept in good condition for as long as possible. The aluminum and galvanized steel found on the DECKED tool box looks easy on the eye but incredibly tough on thieves. The DECKED tool box is so secure that nobody can break into it, not even with a crowbar. It would take a thief several hours of hard labor in an isolated location to get close to breaking the DECKED tool box. This means that you can easily get them before they get close to breaking the tool box.

Another feature that makes the DECKED tool box excellent is its revolutionary tub-lid boundary. This is a crucial feature that helps minimize weak spots. With the tub-lid boundary, forced entry is eliminated. It is a reliable security feature that discourages any break-in efforts. The steel locking mechanism on the DECKED tool box also enhances security. The DECKED engineers weren't playing when it came to security.

The high-quality locking mechanism on the tool box is another reason why you should trust it. This unique feature is meant to remind you to lock the tool box whenever you are not using it. Even better, the DECKED tool box comes with two keys. You can keep one and give the other to your assistant. This helps prevent inconveniences whenever either of you misplaces the key. We advise that you keep the spare key in a safe place to avoid having to break into the tool box. With DECKED's excellent security system, your tools and gear will be safe at all times.

The advanced technology used to design these security features puts DECKED ahead of any other tool box. It is the toughest in the industry. The tool box uses aluminum reinforcements with industrial HDPE, a combination of the hardest materials. The tool box is also strong enough to withstand around 2000 pounds of weight!

Ease of Use and Accessibility

It is vital to go for a tool box that is easy to use and access. Working with a tool box that makes it extremely difficult to access your tools can be frustrating. Unfortunately, some users tend to focus on other features like security and ignore the ease of use. What's the point of having a tool box that keeps your tools safe but makes it incredibly difficult for you to access them? Avoid such tool boxes because they will slow down your work progress. Being among the leading tool box makers, RKI and DECKED have tool boxes that help make your work easy. Here is how RKI and DECKED tool boxes compare in terms of ease of use and accessibility.

The RKI pickup tool box has a unique design that makes it easy for you to access tools. Mostly, all brands of tool boxes come with drawers that you can use without any challenges. RKI's unique design in most of their products means that you won't have setbacks operating the tool box. Like the RKI truck tool box, a standard tool box has tool box trays that you can use to keep your tools. Even better, the RKI tool box strut comes with offset drawers that are available in various shapes and sizes.

One striking feature of these drawers is that they move in L-shape. As a result, they can glide smoothly without having to use excessive force. The RKI tool box also has an extensive catalog that users can choose from. Several designs and sizes ensure you don't miss out on one that suits you. The tool box is partitioned into various parts, making it easy for you to store tools. You won't have the problem of mixing up tools, something that hinders accessibility.

Tool box accessibility is one of the things that DECKED engineers took very seriously. From the tool box design, you can tell that DECKED understands the importance of ease of use. With the DECKED tool box, your operations will be easier thanks to its accessibility. The DECKED tool box is designed in a way that you can access your tools just by a snap of your fingers. Besides, the tool box comes with a wide range of accessories that make accessibility easy.

The DECKED Tool Box stuffed with item inside and on top of its deck

For instance, you can use drawers that make it easy to access the lower layer of the tool box. This is ideal, especially if you intend to keep larger tools. You can keep tools you regularly use on top of the tool box. You won't have to ransack the tool box trying to pick out tools by doing so. Given the substantial body of the DECKED tool box, you can use its top for various purposes. For instance, you can keep other items on top of the tool box. A standard DECKED tool box can sustain up to 2,000 lbs of weight. This helps free up space you can use for other purposes. The dividers in the DECKED tool box make it easy to organize tools.

With dividers, you can keep tools in unique areas. Furthermore, this tool box is incredibly easy to open and close. No matter its location, you can easily slide it open. Its drawers can not bend when opening because there are no tracks. Therefore, the DECKED tool box can easily roll open regardless of the weight. You also don't have to worry about sustaining injuries when picking out tools from your DECKED tool box.

Weather Resistance

It is vital to consider weather resistance when getting a tool box. No one wants a tool box that cannot control water or air entry. While most tool boxes are made of metal, not all are weather-resistant. It is prudent to ensure that your preferred tool box is weatherproof and protects your tools against humidity. If you use your tools on a regular basis, there are increased chances of them rusting due to humidity.

While metallic tool boxes do an excellent job in preventing water entry, they are leading catalysts of corrosion and rust. This is why it is essential to go for a well-conditioned tool box that is treated to prevent rusting and corrosion. RKI and DECKED have high-quality tool boxes that perform well in any weather. However, which brand performs better when it comes to weather resistance? Let's find out!

The RKI 435 tool box has unique features that help keep tools safe in extreme weather conditions. Some of these features prevent rusting, something that can significantly damage your tools. Most RKI tool box accessories are made of durable materials that resist rust and corrosion. Some accessories have a rain gutter lid that ensures weatherproofing.

As a result, tools will be in good condition no matter the weather conditions. Furthermore, the RKI tool box side has additional features that defend the tub from water entry and other environmental conditions. With the advanced RKI tool box lock keeping the tool box secure, air and water entry cases are limited. This helps prevent rust and its effects.

Without a doubt, DECKED has some of the industry-leading features in weather resistance. The tool box is highly durable and robust, making it stand out from other products on the market. These unique features and huge distinction places DECKED in the 21st century, many steps ahead of competitors. The fact that the DECKED tool box is made from high-impact polymer resin gives it an edge in weatherproofing. These materials also guarantee durability and reliability. The high-impact polymer resin does not dent or rust no matter the circumstances.

In addition, there is injection molding that makes this tool box completely waterproof and weatherproof. You will also enjoy a wide range of other defenses with this tool box. For instance, there is an intelligent lid design that prevents water entry. It also prevents debris from entering the tool box, reducing cases of corrosion. The rain gutter found on the tool box lid leads water off the tool box. This means that your tools will remain dry no matter how hard it rains.

The presence of space between the gutter and edge of the tool box is a perfect recipe for weather resistance. There is also a deep gutter in the tool box's MDPE gasket that keeps off the water. This accessory also resists any debris intrusion. The medium-density polyethylene and MDPE gasket are resistant to a wide range of liquids, not just water. If you have tools that tend to rust due to extreme weather conditions, the DECKED tool box will change that norm. This tool box guarantees maximum protection against harsh weather conditions and keeps your tools in good condition. Get yours today.


Having seen the thorough comparison between these two tool boxes, it is time to decide which is better. From the comparison, you will agree that the DECKED tool box is better than the RKI tool box. This is evident from the many fields that DECKED performs better than RKI. For instance, when it comes to security, DECKED has more advanced features than RKI. No one can break into the DECKED tool box due to its reliable security features. This tool box is also made of better materials than RKI's. The high-impact polymer resin used to make DECKED tool box guarantees durability. Even hitting this tool box with a hammer won't dent or break it.

The DECKED tool box also edges out the RKI tool box in weather resistance. This is because the RKI tool box is made from medium-density materials that don't offer maximum protection against extreme weather conditions. With DECKED products enhanced with High-density Polythene (HDPE), your contents will be safe for years.


How Safe Are DECKED Drawers?

The DECKED drawers are highly secure. They come with locks that provide high-security standards. Every lock customized for DECKED drawers comes with a unique set of keys. Besides, the DECKED drawer locks meet firearm-carrying regulations in most states.

What Does Weatherproof Mean?

A weatherproof tool box is that which protects your tools in all weather conditions. It has reliable features that help enhance its ability to keep your tools in excellent condition. Besides, it doesn't allow water or air entry. This prevents cases of rusting and corrosion. As a result, your tools will remain in an optimal state.

How Weather and Dust Resistant Are DECKED Drawers?

The DECKED Drawer System is uniquely designed to be fully dust and weatherproof. It can take on anything mother nature throws at it. Even though airborne particulate matter might find its way into the drawers, there are several things you can do to prevent that. For instance, avoid keeping your tool box in dusty places.

How Much Weight Can a DECKED Tool Box Support?

Payload tests have confirmed that the DECKED tool box can support weight of up to 2000lbs.

Is the DECKED Tool Box Flammable?

No, the DECKED tool box is not flammable. This tool box has been tested at extremely high temperatures and passed several flammability tests. The HDPE material used to make it is also self-extinguishing.

How Do You Clean a Tool Box?

To clean your tool box, start by putting all the tools onto a clean cloth. Then, thoroughly clean the outside of your tool box using a piece of cloth and water. You should then clean the inside of the tool box using paint thinner. The same approach can be used when cleaning your tools. Using the thinner paint can be disturbing given its strong smell. To reduce the smell, you can turn on the car air freshener.