Top 6 Quick 2020 RAM 2500 Accessories to Customize Your Pickup

Top 6 Quick 2020 RAM 2500 Accessories to Customize Your Pickup


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So, you have finally decided to ramp up your heavy-duty pickup with some of the best 2020 Ram 2500 accessories. Whether you have just bought your Ram or had it for a while, you might be waiting for the right pieces of mods to personalize your ride the way that makes it yours. Whatever the case may be, the good thing is that you have made up your mind, and more importantly, we know just the right upgrades that you need.


The 2020 Ram 2500 is a beast of a truck that its heavy-duty counterparts, Ford and Chevy, may shy away from. The Olympian Cummins turbo-diesel engine that boasts 1000 lb-ft of torque combined with a strong and sturdy body, Ram 2500 gives you an unrivaled horsepower, grip, and control when it comes to heavy towing and hauling, or riding across rough terrains.


You would be excited to know that modifications to your Ram 2500 aren’t always expensive, though some may be. Moreover, there are tons of loads of Ram 2500 accessories available, offering truck owners, i.e., you, a wide range of possibilities to modify their rides.

Customize Your Pickup with 2020 Ram 2500 Accessories & Upgrade Mods

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First-time modification enthusiasts find it confusing whether or not to go all out with personalizing their Ram. For someone like us who lives and breathes trucks, our recommendation to you would be to go with the quick-to-install Ram accessories, get a feel of it, and then decide if you wish to go a step beyond.


That being said, we have handpicked a list of top 6 Ram 2500 accessories for the 2020 model. The short-listed mods aren’t that difficult to set up, and in fact, installation won’t take more than an hour.

  1. Tonneau Cover

We know, we know. You must be wondering what makes a tonneau cover the most important thing that always tops the list. The answer is pretty straightforward: tonneau covers are among the essential Ram 2500 bed accessories that your truck can’t live without, literally.


You may say that the truck bed of any pickup is one of the most vulnerable parts. For starters, all your tools and gears are left exposed if you don’t conceal your truck bed properly. Secondly, the bare surface of the bed may possibly age faster than it should be because of all the dust, moisture, and the resulting corrosion and deterioration.


If you want to protect your gears, you need a concealer. If you wish to increase the longevity of your truck bed, you need a protector. A tonneau cover does all that: conceals what’s inside and protects what it covers.

Things to Look Out For

Tonneau covers come in various types, made of different materials. Therefore, it is essential that you first research and learn more about the different types, their pros, and cons, and then decide what works best for you.

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Take, for instance, the soft roll-up tonneau cover that is easy on your truck, looks neat, and comes with no hassle. Just roll it up when you aren’t hiding something on the truck bed, and roll it open to protect your Ram bed from rain or snow. But the downside is that a soft roll-up can be torn, and anyone who wants to steal anything from your truck would just knife the soft roll-up, sneak their hand into your items, and steal it.


If you ask us, we would recommend going for a more durable and sturdy tonneau cover that can protect your bed, secure your tools well, and that can carry up to 2000lbs of payload without seating diesel.

  1. Decked Multi-Purpose Tonneau Cover

Before you settle on any tonneau cover, you should also determine the size of your ride because these covers may vary from ride to ride. DECKED offers a multi-purpose tonneau cover that is available for a wide variety of pickups, including but not limited to 1994 to 2022 Ram, Chevy, and Ford, to name a few.


What’s so multi-purpose about it? *deep breathe* For starters, DECKED tonneau cover doesn’t make your truck heavier than it already is. At DECKED, we designed this baby with a high-density polyethylene unit with a little bit of aluminum and stainless steel and immersed it in an e-coat. The result is a strong as hard tonneau cover that can’t be broken, dented, dinted, or damaged easily.

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Secondly, the tonneau cover has a full room under it above the bed, carrying full bed-length drawers, giving you a premium storage system where you can keep, organize, and store all your valuable tools. The drawer systems can carry 200lbs each, and keep all your items bone dry. The weatherproof body of the DECKED Drawer System will keep all your gears protected.


More importantly, unlike many other, single-purpose, tonneau covers out there, the DECKED Drawer System can carry up to 2000lbs of payload just like a baby in their mother’s arm. It means you can safely carry your kayak, ATV, bicycle, or even your refrigerator without any worries.


Things to Look Out For

Unlike most other tonneau covers, the DECKED Drawer System doesn’t come cheap. But, it will be an upgrade that your Ram will surely appreciate as it will help increase the longevity of your truck bed. However, assembling DECKED onto your Ram may take an hour or more to get properly set up.


If you carry tons of tools and other items with your truck on a routine basis and want to secure your tools on top of the DECKED cover, you may add a soft-roll tonneau cover to the mix. This is because soft roll-ups are inexpensive, and the cover would secure the items on top of DECKED.

  1. Bullbars

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Bullbars are a must to have Ram 2500 accessories for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Bullbars come in all sizes and materials, ranging from plastic to alloy and steel. These truck accessories are essential for you and the safety of your 4X4 drive, and it would go well when you take your ride off to rigid terrains, and mountains. It will keep you safe during animal strikes and unfortunate collisions.


There’s no denying that bullbars give your Ram that aesthetic appeal that adds a more beastly look to your 2020 Ram. But apart from aesthetics, there’s a more functional side to bullbars inclusion that you and your truck will praise.


A bullbar is a great defense against animal collision. Suppose you are off to riding the roads of Pennsylvania for work and suddenly a deer jumps across the speed while your truck is in full throttle. If the deer were to collide with the truck, it would send an impact across the truck to the passengers and endanger their life. But if you have a bullbar installed, the impact would dissipate while keeping the passengers from harm’s way.


Similarly, the bullbar would further protect your investment from the resulting damage of an animal collision which without a bullbar may possibly result in having your ride written off.


General protection to the passengers and truck aside, bullbars also go well with winches, sand flags, and driving lights.

Things to Look Out For

You shouldn’t always go for the aesthetics when it comes to bullbars but more towards functionality, material, and make. Consider the thickness of the material of the bullbar to make sure that it can withstand tough off-road trips. If you are a routine user of winches, make sure that the bull bar is compatible with the winch, and it doesn’t get bent or damaged with routine use.


Fog lights are also amongst the essentialities of a pickup truck. But when you remove your bumper, you lose your fog lights. Therefore, consider getting a bullbar that comes with a standard fog lights option, or at least with the foglight space holders so you can install it yourself.


Bullbars would take around 60 mins to get installed with just the usual tools.

2020 Ram 2500 Accessories

  1. Air Intake System

Now let’s talk a bit more about performance accessories before we jump back to the exterior 2020 Ram 2500 accessories, starting with the cold air intake system. When you bought your premium 2020 Ram, it came with a factory-fitted air intake system. However, most truck owners rightly believe that aftermarket air intake systems are way better than factory-fitted systems.


There are tons of benefits that often go unnoticed when it comes to cold air intake systems, and all the benefits have to do with the truck’s performance. The air intake system adds more horsepower to your already powerful Ram, increases acceleration and throttle, and saves your trips to gas stations. How does it do that? Colder air, better oxygen combustion, and improved speed.


The air intake system creates a better cooler air inflow system into your engine. This way, the fuel in your engine burns efficiently, the oxygen combustion improves by a significant margin, and you get an added horsepower of around 6 to 11hp. Consequently, you also get an improved acceleration response which allows your truck to reach higher speeds faster. Another benefit you get is the mileage you experience due to enhanced horsepower and acceleration.

Things to Look Out For

When buying a cold air intake system, the first thing you need to see is the make and model of your car to find the right item with the right size. Secondly, it is essential to consider the material of the intake system and its filter. Most factor-fitter cold air intake systems come with paper filters that are prone to wear and tear quite early and require frequent replacements. Always go for the filters that are sturdier and require simple cleaning, and that too, after 30,000 to 40,000 miles.

2020 Ram 2500 Accessories


The hose of the intake tube also plays a significant role in improving the performance of the airflow and your truck’s horsepower. Straight tubes tend to flow air much more smoothly and efficiently than curved tubes. Plus, the wider the tube of the cold air intake system is the better the flow.

  1. Oil Catch Can

If you wish to improve the life of your Ram 2500 engine, you may definitely want to add an oil catch can filter to your Ram 2500 truck accessories’ shopping list. Ram trucks are listed amongst high-performing vehicles which is why it is important their engine stays in pristine condition, otherwise you won’t be able to make the most of your pickup. Regretfully, no pick truck or any other vehicle comes with oil catch cans factory-installed. If you see one in any car, it is most probably an aftermarket purchase.


Regardless, oil catch cans can definitely increase the life of your Ram’s engine’s components by reducing the oil blowby. When oil passes through the piston seals and flows into the crankcase, it ends up leaving contaminated deposits of oils and other nasty stuff. If left unchecked, the built-up deposits can reduce the efficiency of the engine, cause ignition failure, and ultimately, deteriorate the engine in the long run. The oil catch can sit between the engine hose to filter the blowby and prevent oil buildup.

Things to Look Out For

People who aren’t well familiar with oil catch cans often end up installing the upgrade without tuning it. Yes, some catch cans require tuning so they can work in an optimal manner. But the best part is that most of the brands now manufacture pre-tuned catch cans so you don’t need to get your hands dirty. Well, you might while installing the catch can which would take half an hour max.

  1. Truck Tool Box


The last yet the most important 2020 Ram 2500 accessory in our list is the DECKED Truck Tool Box, which is a must for every tool owner. Tool boxes offer the best protection to your tools against harsh weather conditions, corrosion, and theft. More importantly, tool boxes allow you to organize your valuable tools so you don’t have to clutter your cab or cabin and later pull your hair out because you can’t find that damn 5/6 inch wrench.


Tool boxes come in varied sizes, shapes, and types. The crossover truck tool box sits right at the front of your truck bed behind the cab. The side mount tool box goes with the rails of your truck, allowing you to store items and easily retrieve the side mount’s lid from the outside.


Things to Look Out For

Truck tool boxes come in different materials as well, and each material has its pros and cons. For instance, the plastic-made tool box is cheap and it can carry a good amount of tools. However, it is not as durable as aluminum and steel. Similarly, steel is sturdier and heavy but it is prone to corrosion. Aluminum, on the other hand, is heavy and durable, but it is expensive.

Try the DECKED Tool Box

We create the DECKED Tool Box with high-impact plastic resin with a mixed blend of aluminum and galvanized steel that protects the tool box from dents, dints, and punctures. Plus, the weatherproof feature adds to the durability of your toolbox as well as your tools. With an integrated ladder, it gives you seamless access to your tools even from outside the truck.


If you want something sturdier, durable, long-lasting, and secure, get a DECKED Tool Box.