Think Outside The Proto Tool Box If You Want The Best of The Best


The DECKED Tool Box, shown by itself with the top closed on a white background, is simply better than other options: It won't ding, dent, or rust.

Look at that beauty: Your truck is sexy, your toolbox should be also. The saddle style DECKED Tool Box is tough as nails, weatherproof, and looks like it came from this century. This is not your granddad’s tool box. Psssst! It’s got a few surprises built in, too.


Think Outside The Proto Tool Box If You Want The Best of The Best


Hey, we’re not going to tell you that the average Proto tool box isn’t a solid option in some cases for storing your tools, but we are gonna clue you in on a little secret that isn’t so secret anymore: The DECKED Tool Box rises above all other choices, from the Proto professional tool box to the Proto 550s tool box and beyond.


Ever take an old Proto tool box, set it on the ground, tie it to the back of your pickup, and take it for a ride? We’re pretty sure it wouldn’t end up looking like the DECKED Tool Box did afterwards — ‘cause our tool box won’t ding, dent, or rust.


At DECKED, we’ve brought the tool box into the 2020s. This Tool Box is from this century. You won’t find a Proto rolling tool box or a vintage Proto tool box that fits right in your truck and goes with you to work or to play. Sure, the other guys on the market, like the Proto tool box 540s, have their advantages. We’re not in the habit of bashing the competition; that’s not cool.


We don’t brag, either. We let the facts and figures speak for themselves.


Nearly indestructible. Secure. Easy to access. Weatherproof. Full of extra features.


There’s just no comparable choice that will go up against the DECKED Tool Box. But we don’t have to tell you all about it.


We’ll show you.


You won't find a Proto tool box that fits in the back of your truck, let alone one that has the option of a built-in ladder that makes it easy to access. Shown here is the DECKED Tool Box in the back of a white pickup as a worker wearing a white hard hat stands on the ladder to easily reach into the box full of tools and other gear.

Gear up and get ready, ‘cause the DECKED Tool Box won’t slow you down. Instead, it helps your day go more smoothly with ease of access thanks to the optional built-in ladder, which nests right into the saddle style box, out of the way of your tools but handy to use.

Put Through the Paces Every Day, the DECKED Tool Box Holds Up to the Punishment


When we say the DECKED Tool Box is “nearly indestructible,” we mean it. Check out any Proto tool box for sale or vintage Proto tool box for sale, and we’re confident you’ll find that our tool box is simply on a different level.


Take a look, and you’ll see this tool box is designed like Fort Knox. It’s impact resistant — and we all know that can’t be said about aluminum or steel tool boxes. At DECKED, we’ve used injection molded high impact polymer resin with galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcement to make this tool box impossible to dent, but easy to love.


Many truck owners have one of those aluminum diamond-patterned saddle style tool boxes in their past, or even in their pickup right now. There’s no shame in that. But we all know that about 50 percent of them show up dented when they’re new.


You don’t pay for dents with DECKED.


In addition to sheer toughness, the DECKED Tool Box is engineered with solid structure in mind. Load it up all you want because it won’t bend or sag. The 30-pound lid stays open thanks to the gas struts made with a torsion system powered by spring steel, and we all know torsion bars last forever.


It’ll stand the test of time, and the elements, too (more about that here in a little bit). We’ve tested the DECKED Tool Box at 180 degrees and at -5 degrees with a 500-pound payload. It held up just like it should.


As tough as it is, this tool box matches its durability with stellar security, too.




The DECKED Tool Box was made with security in mind. Shown here is a man in a yellow hard hat accessing tools from the box installed in the back of a white pickup truck.

The solid, steel-reinforced DECKED Tool Box lid, driver’s side locking system, and molded construction means your tools and gear are safe inside this tool box so tough, it’ll make a crowbar cry.

The DECKED Tool Box Offers Security Beyond a Proto Tool Box


Leave your Proto tool box within reach of thieves, and they’ll definitely leave a few pry bar marks even if they can’t get into it to steal your stuff. That’s also if they can’t just roll or carry it away.


The DECKED Tool Box is impossible to break into with a pry bar, and it won’t damage if someone tries. The tub-lid interface minimizes theft pry bar points.


In addition, the tool box tub is reinforced with steel for extra stability and security. Its robust steel armored locking mechanism, combined with a driver’s side lock, makes forced entry nearly impossible.


Plus, the lid has to be open for the DECKED Tool Box to be removed from the bed of the truck. With security like that, you might think you’ve got to drill holes in your truck or take an entire afternoon to install this box made from materials from the future.


On the contrary: It’s a 10-minute install with a bracket and bolt system; thread it in, then use a power tool, and it grabs a bed rail to install. There’s no drilling. Four clamps fasten to the bed rail, and you’re good to go.


Hey, we’re truck owners, too. At this point, in looking at the DECKED Tool Box versus the Proto tool box, the Proto Blackhawk tool box or the Stanley Proto tool box, as examples, we’re picturing one thing: standing right beside the Proto tool box top chest and easily reaching into it, compared to standing beside a truck and staring longingly at the seemingly unreachable depths of the saddle style box.


Well, not to pat ourselves on the back too much, but we thought of that too.



Saddle style tool boxes can be tough to access, so the DECKED Tool Box has the option of an integrated ladder, seen in this photo with a man standing on the ladder and reaching into the box installed in the back of a black pickup truck.Truck owners know about the main challenge that comes with a saddle style tool box: access, access, access. That’s why the DECKED Tool Box has the option of an integrated ladder to help you get right to your tools quickly when you need them.

Easy Access is a Must — Check Another Box for DECKED


Like we said, we’re truck owners, too. We’ve all scratched our heads wondering how we’re going to reach a screwdriver that’s settled to the bottom of that cavernous saddle style tool box in the pickup bed.


There’s likely not a person alive who can stand on the ground flat-footed next to a truck and reach right into such a box. Sure, we’ve tried. We’ve all employed a bit of gymnastics, and probably stood on a tire or step side or a nearby concrete block a few times, to get to everything in the saddle style box.


You don’t have to do that with the DECKED Tool Box.


Allow us to introduce you to the optional integrated ladder by DECKED. It fits right into our tool box, out of the way of the contents yet easily within reach from the outside. You pull it up and out of the box, adjust it to land on the ground beside even a lifted pickup, and climb right into arm’s reach of your gear.


Mind blown.


Aw, shucks. We appreciate that you appreciate this feature. We kinda thought you would.


The ladder can be purchased separately. It’s made from 6000 series aluminum and slides right out of the box without obstructing anything you’ve stored there. It’s adjustable, too.


Now, then, on to another necessity for your work, trek across the country, camping excursion, or hunting trip with your buddies: dry gear protected from the weather.


Even truck owners who think outside the box, such as this motorcycle rider on the DECKED Tool Box optional integrated ladder with his dirtbike in the back of a dust-covered white pickup at the dirt track, will find most weather conditions are defeated by the DECKED design.

The DECKED Tool Box doesn’t just protect your gear from the rain; it also keeps out most particles such as dust, no matter where you go.

Yep, It’s Weatherproof. We Made Sure of That


Storing your tools and gear, and toting them along with you, is all fine and good, but you’ve got to rest easy that they’re protected from the elements. The environment in the back of your truck is pretty harsh compared to the safe confines of your garage or workshop.


The DECKED Tool Box keeps your gear bone dry, even when you are soaked to the bone.


It’s waterproof and rust/corrosion proof. Molded, not welded, this box features a seamless lid and tub, and it seals tightly when closed with an EPDM gasket. Its upstanding lip is overlapped by the lid, and that acts as a rain gutter. When open, you’ll see the bub seal and gasket around the entire lid designed to keep water at bay.


The DECKED Tool Box also features anti-corrosion treated steel and aluminum hardware for long-lasting durability.


Ever think you might leave a Proto tool box out in the rain? You might need a Proto tool box lock replacement or some Proto tool box parts if you did.


Maybe none of this surprises you. Could be you’re familiar with DECKED, founded in 2013, and already know that we’re in business to make the everyday lives of working men and women better. And that means 100% American made tool boxes crafted in northwest Ohio, too.


We’re still betting we have some surprises in the DECKED Tool Box for you.

Organization is a cinch with the DECKED Tool Box, shown here installed in a white truck and full of tools and gear, including one blue-lid D-Box, as a man reaches into the box for the contents.


Among the key features of the DECKED Tool Box are the D-Box (shown with blue lid) and Snack Tray (not pictured), with one of each arriving with the box when you receive it. They make this saddle style box easy to organize.

A Few Surprise Features Propel DECKED Past Any Proto Tool Box

This ain’t your granddad’s tool box, because it’s not 1973. At DECKED, we’ve designed the tool box that looks like it came from this century. It’s got modern conveniences built in, too.


Each box comes standard with an easy-to-grab D-Box, which hangs in place within the tub, keeping it at the top right where you need it. The D-Boxes are weatherproof themselves, with a gasket seal, and you can use them with dividers or without, depending on the size of the tools you want in the handiest spot in DECKED’s Tool Box.


Each DECKED Tool Box comes with a Snack Tray, too, that nests in place at the top inside the box and will hold the smallest tools and gear you have.


We’ve put tie-downs pre-installed at the base of the tub on the tailgate side to secure even large cargo, including a motorcycle or ATV. We’ve designed the lid to open and close effortlessly with torsion springs. No more smashed fingers from a lid that drops down at the worst possible time.


Think if you’ve seen one tool box you’ve seen them all? Guess again.



The DECKED Tool Box, show with the lid closed installed in the back of a white pickup, goes with you wherever you need it.

It looks good in the back of your truck. It works as hard as you do, and it might last even longer. The DECKED Tool Box is not your granddad’s toolbox.

It’s Time to Treat Yourself to the Tool Box for the 2020s


Step up your game. Step up to the DECKED Tool Box.


It’s tough, secure, and weatherproof. We address the classic access challenge that saddle style tool boxes present via the optional integrated ladder to get you right up where you need to be. We know that time is valuable on the job, and you often need to grab your tools and run.


The DECKED Tool Box comes with great surprises, too, like the pair of tie-downs right where you need them, and accessories included to make organization a breeze.


Check out Proto tool box prices. Then look at what you get for your money with DECKED. Our tool box never goes on sale, and you won’t need discounts or coupons. We believe in everyday fair prices, plain and simple.


We give you the value of a tool box that will serve you for a lot of years. We offer Free Shipping and a Lifetime Warranty. We also have financing options — a pair to choose from, actually.


You work hard, you play hard, and you need equipment that keeps up with you. That includes a tool box to store and protect all the gear you need.


Don’t wait any longer! Get DECKED!