DECKED - How Do I Get The Best Pickup Truck Accessories

How Do I Get The Best Pickup Truck Accessories?

The way you accessorize your pickup – truck bed accessories in particular – say a lot about you, both as a person and as a working professional. When choosing accessories for a pickup truck, you have to think about how you’ll be using them. Will you be needing pickup truck camping accessories more than you’ll need pickup truck tailgate accessories? Will aftermarket pickup truck accessories do, or do you need OEM parts?

The wrong kind of pickup truck accessories can make your truck (and possibly your business) seem unprofessional. Do you need sturdy, durable professional tool and gear storage options, or are you more interested in pickup truck chrome accessories?

So, we examine some of the best places to buy pickup truck accessories, both online and “IRL” (in real life).


DECKED Drawer System and accessories



Buying Pickup Truck Accessories In Person: Brick And Mortar Stores

Nothing beats traditional shopping if you aren’t entirely familiar with the brands and products you are considering. It doesn’t really matter what kind of pickup truck accessories you are seeking. You can gain as much information from handling a sample set of cartoon character mudflaps as you can feeling the weight and strength of a truckbed-mounted toolbox or a bed liner.


While it might be more convenient or faster to shop for pickup truck accessories online, it doesn’t give you as much information about the quality of the materials the manufacturers used, or the way the products will look when attached to your vehicle. Any picture can be doctored, but the hand and eye together are still hard to fool. In addition, most brick-and-mortar stores that sell pickup truck accessories can at least recommend a technician to help you mount or install your purchases. Many have in-store technicians specifically for this purpose.



Napa Auto parts Store


Of course, if there simply aren’t many places selling pickup truck accessories near you or if you are avoiding in-person shopping during the pandemic, online shopping is a fine alternative most of the time.



Going Online For Pickup Truck Accessories: Amazon And Other Websites

If you know exactly what you are after and exactly what quality and options you need, most of the reasons to shop in person disappear. Only the possible expense of shipping remains, and many online retailers of pickup truck accessories offer free or reduced cost shipping anyway.


Online retailers tend to have a wider selection than brick-and-mortar stores, because they don’t need to keep it all in a showroom. Many actually dropship directly to you from the manufacturer.


DECKED shipping department




Can You Suggest A Few Trustworthy Pickup Truck Accessories Stores?


JC Whitney

JC Whitney was founded around the same time the Ford Model T came out, when the entire world existed only in shades of gray. Really, though, the company has been around longer than almost all of us have been alive, and still has a flagship brick-and-mortar store in LaSalle, Illinois. They are more famous for their mail order catalog, which is still running. Of course, you can buy pickup truck accessories from JC Whitney online now as well.


Advance Auto Parts

Advance Auto Parts was founded some 90 years ago. It is a huge distributor of aftermarket pickup truck accessories and car parts, and has a significant online presence. They have brick-and-mortar shops all over the country as well – more than 5,200 locations throughout North America and the Virgin Islands. is one of the leading online pickup truck accessories retailers. They have an excellent reputation for both product quality and customer service.



RealTruck was founded in North Dakota around the turn of the century. They specialize not just in pickup truck accessories, but also for parts and accessory kits for SUVs and cars. RealTruck is one of a number of online retailers who offer free shipping and returns on online orders, so they are a name worth remembering.



AutoAnything was founded more than 40 years ago, as a retailer of seat covers and floor mats. They have expanded their product line substantially, and now offer a wide range of pickup truck accessories and gadgets. was founded some 20 years ago in Illinois. They have a reputation for offering good advice and better customer service. Their selection of pickup truck accessories is nearly unrivaled.



How Do I Find Pickup Truck Accessory Stores Near Me?

Online research is always your friend these days, but you have other options. The Yellow Pages still has substantial sections labeled “automotive” or “auto parts” in most regions, and these are a good way to find pickup truck accessories retailers near you. You could just ask the navigation app on your phone as well.

But, we’ve done a little of the legwork, based on popular search results:


Pickup Truck Accessories Little Rock, AR

Pick Up Truck Warehouse - Little Rock, United States 501-568-0040

Baseline Truck Accessories - Little Rock, AR, United States 501-570-0570

Line-X of Little Rock - Little Rock, AR, United States 501-683-8408



Pickup Truck Accessories Columbus, Ohio

4 Wheel Parts – Off Road Truck & Jeep 4x4 Parts - Columbus, OH, United States 614-274-7074

Honest Speed Shop Truck Jeep 4x4 Off-road And Car Performance Parts and Accessories - Columbus, OH, United States 614-853-8730

Reading Truck - Columbus, OH, United States 614-800-9715


Pickup Truck Accessories Columbia, SC

FleetPride - Columbia, SC, United States 803-799-4812

Rhino Linings of the Midlands - Columbia, SC, United States 803-926-0300

Truck Supply Company of South Carolina - Columbia, SC, United States 803-754-9022


Pickup Truck Accessories Kansas City

Xtreme Truck & Auto LLC - Grandview, MO · (816) 472-8200

KC Customs, In Barry Plaza - Kansas City, MO, United States 816-468-8500

Truck Works North, Kansas City, MO, United States 816-842-4222


Pickup Truck Accessories Phoenix, AZ

Cosmos Truck Accessories - 3252 W Van Buren St 602-269-3524

Phoenix Truck Accessories - 4994 N 12th St 602-482-8200

Quality Bumper Company Inc. - 1210 NW Grand Ave 602-258-9577


Pickup Truck Accessories Dallas, TX

ABCS Truck Accessories - Dallas, TX, United States 214-912-3423

DFW Camper Corral / DFW Truck and Auto Accessories - Dallas, TX, United States 972-241-6443

Custom Trucks Unlimited / LINE-X of Dallas - Dallas, TX, United States 469-754-3990


Pickup Truck Accessories Katy, TX

NAPA Auto Parts - Genuine Parts Company - 808 Avenue B 281-391-2154

Express Auto Tint & Truck Accessories - 2125 Katy Fort Bend Rd (Unit 205) 281-902-7907

O'Reilly Auto Parts In Katy Plaza - 2110 Katy Hockley Cut Off Rd 281-395-1355


Pickup Truck Accessories Omaha, NE

Trucks Plus - Omaha, NE, United States 402-408-0112

Cape Truck Accessories In 84Th & F Plaza - Omaha, NE, United States 402-333-3248

LINE-X of Irvington Total Truck Store - Omaha, NE, United States 402-509-2100


Pickup Truck Accessories Indianapolis

Line-X of Indy Truck Accessories & Jeep Store - Indianapolis, IN, United States 317-228-0123

MB Auto and Truck Accessories LLC - Off Road Truck & Jeep 4x4 Parts - Indianapolis, IN, United States 317-324-4416

Indianapolis LINE-X and Millennium Linings South - Indianapolis, IN, United States 317-807-2000


Pickup Truck Accessories Springfield, MO

RMS Automotive Inc. - Truck Accessories Store - 211 W Erie St 417-881-8434

Higher Standard Off Road - 4097 W Sunshine St 417-886-5353

Impact Coatings by Line X - 555 S Kansas Expy 417-719-4200


Pickup Truck Accessories Bakersfield, CA

American Truck & Van Accessories - Bakersfield, CA, United States 661-588-2740

California Truck Accessories Inc - Bakersfield, CA, United States 661-832-5091

4 Wheel Parts – Off Road Truck & Jeep 4x4 Parts - Bakersfield, CA, United States 661-836-6443


Pickup Truck Accessories Wichita, KS

Truck Stuff, Inc. - 427 N Washington St 316-264-1908

Toppers Plus Truck Accessories - 5511 W Central Ave 316-942-2864

LINE-X of Wichita - 167 Washington S 316-858-1197


Pickup Truck Accessories NJ

Shore Customs Car and Truck Accessories - Ocean Township, NJ, United States 732-988-5600

1&9 Chrome Shop - Newark, NJ, United States 862-237-9300

Johnson Truck Accessories - Dover, NJ, United States 973-366-0356


Pickup Truck Accessories Oklahoma City

J & T Truck Accessories - 3316 N May Ave 405-948-3111

Mr. Pickup Truck Accessories - 809 S Agnew Ave Ste A 405-236-3215

Star Accessories - 135 E Hill St 405-521-0300


Pickup Truck Accessories Cincinnati

NAPA Auto Parts / Queensgate Auto Parts - Cincinnati, OH, United States 513-651-0090

O'Reilly Auto Parts - Cincinnati, OH, United States 513-731-7700

Advance Auto Parts - Cincinnati, OH, United States 513-681-2198


Pickup Truck Accessories Fort Worth

Trails End Truck Accessories - 8148 West Fwy 817-246-8780

LINE-X of Fort Worth - 8155 Camp Bowie W Blvd A 817-244-6500

4 Wheel Parts Off Road Truck & Jeep 4x4 Parts, 3421 Brandon Ln 817-560-2455


Pickup Truck Accessories Atlanta, GA

Advance Auto Parts 404-524-5492

Atlanta truck Parts 404-627-9099

ServUs Van Accessory Shop 404-691-8800


Truck Accessory Stores in San Antonio

Alamo Truck Gear - Line-X of San Antonio 210-522-1122

American Elite Outfitters 210-680-2000

Longhorn Truck Accessories 210-682-2220


Pickup Truck Accessories Tulsa, OK

Advance Auto Parts 503-530-4295

NAPA Auto Parts - Beaverton Auto Parts 503-644-1166

O'Reilly Auto Parts 503-643-9666


Pickup Truck Accessories Salt Lake City, UT

4 Wheel Parts - Off Road Truck & Jeep 4x4 Parts 801-954-8826

Best Deal Spring & Truck Parts - Salt Lake City Utah 385-429-3800

Zack's Racks 801-856-1997


Pickup Truck Accessories Louisville, KY

Bedliner Warehouse 858-888-5338

Leer Accessory Truck Center 858-279-0240

Leer Truck Accessory Center - San Diego 858-380-5587

San Diego Truck Stuff 619-329-4198



Can You Recommend A Few Choice Pickup Truck Accessories?


DECKED drawer system at a cookout



Indeed we can! Did we mention we sell pickup truck accessories? But not just any accessories. If you actually are looking for cartoon character mudflaps or an electrically cooled drink holder, try Nappa, or JC Whitney. At DECKED, we make and sell only the best truck-mounted tool boxes and truck box accessories. For example, let us suggest:





The DECKED Drawer System – Mobile Tool Storage In Style


DECKED Drawer System


The DECKED Drawer System consists of a pair of high-capacity tool storage and organization drawers mounted under a high-density plastic bed protector. It can hold a total of more than 2,000 pounds of tools or equipment in its secure, weatherproof, and discreet bays.  

All parts of the DECKED Drawer System, as with everything we make, is manufactured and assembled in the USA. These pickup truck accessories might even outlive your truck.  


The DECKED Tool Box – A Best-In-Class Truck Box



The DECKED Tool Box fits behind your pickup’s cab, mounted securely to the bed rails. It is feature-packed as well. It is waterproof and will keep your tool or other gear dry for years. It’s locking mechanism is literally armored, and the whole box is heavily reinforced with steel and aluminum.

The DECKED Tool Box not only stores a huge amount of gear and equipment, but can also fit a range of pickup truck accessories like the D-Boxes and Crossboxes described below. It can even be ordered with a retractable ladder for easy access. This is one of the most versatile pickup truck accessories you can buy today, and it comes only from DECKED.








The DECKED D-Box Large Tool Box

The DECKED D-Box is made in the USA from a unique high impact plastic resin that is not only highly recyclable, but also contains a high proportion of recycled materials. It is study and watertight, and features two movable, removable internal dividers. Just like the DECKED Crossbox below, the D-Box was designed specifically to work with the DECKED Drawer System and the DECKED Tool Box.

DECKED Crossbox



The DECKED Crossbox Tool Box

The DECKED Crossbox is a really handy tool box, but also so much more. It is made from the same fully recyclable high impact resin as our other fine DECKED products. It features a waterproof seal which can keep everything inside dry, and it fits perfectly inside both the DECKED Tool Box, and the DECKED Drawer System.


We hope you learned a little about where to buy pickup truck accessories these days, as well as how to find a reputable retailer. We also hope you took time to look at some of the top-notch pickup truck accessories that DECKED has to offer. Whether you need a truck bed tool box or an entire tool or gear organizing system, DECKED has just what you’re looking for.