Pack Rat or DECKED Tool Box?

Pack Rat or DECKED Tool Box?


Weather Guard is a known entity founded in 1960. DECKED is (comparatively) the new kid on the block — we’ve only been around since 2013. So why would you choose our DECKED Truck Tool Box over their Weather Guard Pack Rat tool box?


Below are many of the considerations that might be on your mind as you choose your next tool box. Review them all for a comprehensive comparison of the Weather Guard Pack Rat versus our Decked Tool Box, or skip to the most-relevant sections. (Though you might find a few more reasons why DECKED will simplify your life if you take just minutes more of your time to review them all now.)

Construction worker getting tools out of DECKED Tool Box

Ergonomic design


Even if you’re super-fit, a day at work or exploring the wilderness can take its toll on your body. That’s where both the Weather Guard Pack Rat and the DECKED system make life easy. Instead of lugging bins, you just slide out drawers to access your necessities. But ergonomics are built into the DECKED system. Our Truck Tool Box has an optional integrated ladder to even better optimize your capacity to get to must-have tools, plus the rest of our system allows you to access drawers at waist height, without unnecessary bending and reaching.


Construction working using DECKED Tool Box ladder





Weather Guard sells aluminum boxes with a powder coat finish that offers protection from the elements. But if you’ve ever had bikes or other outdoor toys with that type of finish, you know they’re prone to scratching. And there’s a reason that they have “scratch and dent” pieces for sale: It’s because that aluminum is prone to dings.


If you’re thinking ahead to buying Weatherguard Pack Rat Tool Box replacement parts, they are available at a number of online and brick-and-mortar retailers. You just need to know the part number, or find your local Weatherguard distributor.


DECKED is different. Our process utilizes injection-molded high-impact polymer resin with galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcements, so our tool box and drawers are impossible to dent, but easy to love. That’s one less thing to worry about as you’re trying to maximize the amount of gear you can transport: You won’t be facing indents that negatively affect your storage space. Smaller boxes designed to be used with our boxes and drawers are manufactured with durable polypropylene (PP), plastic resin material that’s reinforced with fiberglass, for more durability. Not to mention that it’s recyclable, so you can transport your gear while helping to save the planet.


Plus, if something breaks, all you have to do is complete our warranty form to get quick resolution.  If getting a replacement part is more of an emergency, we’re available by phone during Mountain time business hours. Also, you don’t have to be the original owner to get support. If a used DECKED system part fails, contact us at — we’ll hook you up.




Weather Guard storage is classic, with a seemingly sturdy design that utilizes 14-gauge steel top and sides and 12-gauge steel skids.


But we’ve designed our system one step above. DECKED utilizes a molded, not welded, construction. Because of this, tolerances are tighter and your stuff is more protected from dust and the elements. Our design includes a built-in rain gutter to avoid dampness, plus an EPDM synthetic rubber gasket and bub seal. That means our products are weatherproof … though not fully waterproof. Keep your electronics inside the cab!


Also, even if our system is sexy AF, we don’t want to draw too much attention to your tools. So it’s designed to blend in with the vibe of your truck. That way, sketchy types perusing the parking lot or the trailhead for things to snag don’t even notice that you might be packing valuable items, and move on to a more-blingy rig. DECKED is sexy, but subtle.


Those who want to hide the system a bit more can use a retractable tonneau cover, subject to some limitations.


Truck with DECKED system loaded with camping gear, at sunset in front of mountain range

U.S. made?


Actually both the Weather Guard Pack Rat and our DECKED Tool Box are manufactured in the U-S-of A, less than 500 miles from each other, in the American Heartland. Because our boxes and drawers are more locally-made, you’ll also miss out on the supply-chain problems and shipping delays that are an inherent part of buying products made overseas.


A DECKED worker based in the U.S., working in a factory


DECKED also utilizes American engineers and suppliers to bring our best to you and boost the U.S. economy by keeping more jobs in the States.


Storage capability


The Weather Guard Pack Rat system is available in 24-49” lengths, 10.25” widths and 4.75-23.5” heights. And you have to figure out which sizes work best with your rig using their Truck Fit Guide, which seems like a bit of work. Top load capacity is 750 pounds.


Their system has modular storage, but maxes out at four compartments and 24 dividers that have to work with all the different sizes and configurations of truck beds on the market.


DECKED, on the other hand, lets you plug in your brand, model, and year, then shows you precisely which tool boxes and drawers are custom-designed for your truck. This helps optimize your storage, to minimize empty spots. You just need to figure out what you’re packing, whether it’s tools for your next job, or backcountry gear for your next wilderness adventure. The only downside is that only some truck brands are currently supported for DECKED system installs: Chevy, Ford, GMC, Jeep, Mercedes Benz Sprinters, Nissan, Ram and Toyota. And while we’re not currently set up for use with SUVs or Jeeps, that possibility is in the works.

Toyota truck in front of mountains


The DECKED Tool Box accommodates almost 10 cubic feet of whatever stuff you need today, tomorrow and beyond.


If you need Thule or Yakima racks in addition to our system, to transport bikes, boards, whatever, we have you covered. You just need one of our T-Tracks.


Compared to the more-limited modular storage with Weather Guard, one other DECKED selling point is the array of dividers and boxes that you can stash within our boxes and drawers, using sizes specific to your needs, allowing for even more organizational options.


Our Truck Tool Box ships with both a D-Box for tools, and a Snack Tray for smaller items. Plus tie-downs allow for easy transport of bigger items, like ATVs.


DECKED system hauling ATV, on snowy ground in front of barn


If you add our DECKED Drawer System, depending on your truck, you get up to another six cubic feet of storage … per drawer. Check out our compatibility chart to see which truck beds accommodate both.


Because the drawer system has a 2000-pound top load capacity, you can stack all sorts of things, from plywood to sleds, atop the drawers for transport. And each one accommodates 200 pounds of whatever stuff you’re packing that day. Just remember that your load needs to be evenly distributed, so you might want to set those items atop a piece of plywood.


The best part is that you get all of these for free with the drawer system: 1 D-Box Desert Tan, 1 Crossbox Desert Tan, 1 DRAWERGANIZER™, and a set of 2 wide Drawer Dividers that fit our full-size and wide mid-size systems.


Drawer capacity between the two systems is close, at 425 pounds evenly distributed for Weather Guard Pack Rat drawers, versus DECKED drawers that hold up to 200 pounds per drawer.


Do you need more accessories beyond the freebies? Do your research and order them alongside your system, to get $25 flat rate shipping. Otherwise, you’ll be paying market rates.




Weather Guard demands drilling for its installation.


DECKED has a no-drill install process that can be DIY if you have the time and inclination … or you can outsource that job to experts who work with our systems every day.


How heavy are the boxes and drawers?


The DECKED Tool Box itself adds anywhere from 103 to 114 pounds to your rig, depending on whether you add the ladder – which is highly recommended, for only 11 extra pounds but a ton more versatility, not to mention less wear and tear on your body.


Despite the impressive top load and storage capacity numbers, adding a DECKED Drawer System to your standard-bed truck means only another 230 pounds, versus 383 pounds for a comparable-size Weather Guard Pack Rat.




Weather Guard is available almost anywhere. But you’re buying from retailers, instead of someone from the company, or a verified vendor, who will stand by the product.


DECKED products come manufacturer-direct, so you’re buying from someone who knows the product and has a connection to the company and its success. Everything from ordering to professional installation is managed by one of our experts.




Not only does our DECKED Truck Tool Box lock, but our design makes it next to impossible for would-be thieves to pry it open, and they can’t remove it unless that lid is open. We say that it’s “so tough, it’ll make a crowbar cry.” One single lock secures all your latches.


Open DECKED Tool Box on construction jobsite


When you add the DECKED Drawer System, once you lock your tailgate, the drawers are secure, and there are two matching keys per set.


Also, Fort Knox-level security is built into the visual elements of our designs, which don’t scream “storage,” but blend into the look of your truck.


Once you load in your gear, whether they’re tools for the jobsite or avalanche safety, DECKED lets you secure it with our Core Trax 1000 tie-down tracks and Load Locks, just two of the many accessories we offer.


Weather Guard doesn’t slack in the security department either, offering a one-touch latch mechanism.




Today, we live in a largely throwaway society. That’s one area where Weather Guard and DECKED are both different from the rest of the pack. Both companies have a limited lifetime warranty. Theirs covers manufacturer defects, and our covers defects in material and workmanship.


First responder, military and government discounts


DECKED is committed to everyday fair prices, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t savings to be had. First responders, military members and family, and government employees save up to 10% on your purchase with a GovX ID.


Fire department worker next to truck with DECKED system


Weather Guard doesn’t make any mention on their site about thanking these members of our community with a discount.


And last but definitely not least, price and financing


One Pack Rat drawer tends to run around $1500 at many retailers, while the DECKED two-drawer system is about the same price.


Because Weather Guard works with national retailers, availability of financing is dependent on where you buy.


If cash flow could be better, and you like the DECKED system, we do offer financing: Check it out.


Now you’ve seen the comparison: Consider your needs, and choose the system that gives you the most functionality, security, and durability for your professional or recreational needs.