Your Wife Wants an Organized Tool Bag


Your Wife Wants an Organized Tool Bag

tool bag organized with pouches and spaces for tools

Listen guys, I am going to let you in on a little secret. Your wife wants you to have an organized tool bag. Sure, she wants the best organized tool bag for you. But also, she wants to be able to find something in your tool bag without unpacking the whole thing and putting it back together again.


Picture this: you are off on a hunting trip with your friends and your wife is home. She gets the itch to finish up that home renovation project, but she needs a few tools. When she opens up your tool bag, it is a disaster. Now, she cannot find what she needs and is discouraged. No points for you.


Now imagine the same scenario, but you have an organized tool bag with tools easily accessible. She gets what she needs without frustration and at the same time she is yet again impressed by you. This is a win.


Tool Bag Vs. Tool Box: Which Do You Need?

Deciding where to keep your tools organized is an important decision. You may wonder whether you need a tool bag or a tool box. Or, maybe you need to have both. If you are someone who requires a lot of tools for work, home improvements, hunting, camping, or other activities, then you need a lot of space. You have or need a truck bed tool box that keeps all of your things organized and with you.


There are many times when you need to be able to have or transport specific tools without taking the whole truck. This is when having the best organized tool bag setup is vital. You will keep your tool bag at home for easy access, on-the-go with you, or packed inside your truck bed tool box. If you are someone who leaves the home for work, there are tools you keep in both your truck bed tool box and tool bag. This saves you from those moments when your wife needs something, but you have the only one miles away in the truck bed.

tool bag organized for a fishing trip

15 Tools You Want in Both Your Tool Box and an Organized Tool Bag

Having the essentials in a tool bag that you can easily organize and transport will ensure no project or fix gets put on hold. Your truck bed tool box is probably DECKED out with all the goods. Also, make sure to keep an organized tool bag with tools for everyday use, or more specific projects that require a bag you can carry. Make sure your tool box and your tool bag have these common-use items:

  • Tape Measure
  • Pliers
  • Claw Hammer and Nails
  • Multi-Bit Screwdriver
  • Adjustable Crescent Wrench
  • Sand Paper
  • Hand Saw
  • Allen Keys
  • Nut, Bolt, Screw Assortment
  • Gloves
  • Safety Goggles and Earplugs
  • Utility Knife
  • Staple Gun
  • Level
  • Electric Drill


How To Set up a Tool Bag

Once you have a tool bag, you want to set it up in a way that you can easily get to and use your tools. The first thing to consider is choosing a bag you can easily use. You do not want to waste your time and money on something that will be difficult for you or someone else to use. Make sure the bag you choose is durable, easy to carry, and the most organized tool bag you can find. The DECKED D-Bag makes a great tool bag because it is easy to use whether you are using it for home projects, on-the-go, or to get things to a work site or activity.


When you think about how to set up your tool bag, think about when and where you will most use it. Imagine yourself, your wife, or someone else needing to access something and how to make that as straightforward as possible. Now, think about how to get to the most-needed items without totally unpacking it.

Tips for an Packing Your Tool Bag


What you put in your tool bag is going to be different based on what your purpose is. However, the way you set it up will be similar.

  • First, put the bulkiest and least-used objects on the bottom. Not only does this maximize your use of space, but it makes room for the tools that are less likely to be needed, but you still want to have on hand. You may also use the duffle bag in the DECKED D-Bag for some of these bulkier items.
  • Next, make use of your pockets and compartments. For example, in the DECKED D-Bag, you have the Tool Roll and zipper pouches to organize like a pro.
  • Lastly, save the top and most-accessible pouches for the items you use most frequently.

tools that can go neatly into a tool bag to make your work easier

Setting Up an All-Purpose Organized Tool Bag WIth Tools

When setting up an all-purpose tool bag, this includes the items someone is most likely to need for a simple repair or construct. Think of the most-used tools within your home. You are probably going to carry this one as a backpack or briefcase as you hit the repair site. Or, this is the one your wife is grabbing when she is making repairs at home. She needs to find all the tools. When organizing an all-purpose tool bag, make sure you have the basic electric tools, the hand tools, the safety gear, and things like nails and screws. Keeping like objects together in your Tool Roll or duffle bag will make these available at your fingertips.

Setting Up a Tool Bag for Painting

The most organized tool bag for painting is one that allows you to set up and get the job done. Whether it is a work project or your wife is repainting the bathroom while you are away, you want to set up your tool bag for painting with essential tools. Your painting tool bag needs to have tape, liners, brushes, rollers, painters’ tools, a drop cloth, and a paint cup or tray at the least. Keeping your tool bag organized not only makes it likely that you will have everything you need on hand, but helps to keep things clean and crisp with the paint job.


Paint jobs get messier than anticipated. A paint guide as well as brushes to accommodate corners and trim are also helpful in a painter's tool bag.

Other Purposes for Tool Bags

Your tool bag can have other purposes too. For example, you may want an organized tool bag for your next hunting or camping trip. Or, you may be taking your tool bag on a fishing trip. You might even want to use your tool bag for travel because of the pouches and pockets.  If you think your bag might be put through tough conditions, the best organized tool bag impact resistance can keep your treasured items safe.


Finding the Best Tool Bag for Your Family

If you are going to invest in a tool bag, you want to invest in the best tool bag for your family. You want it to be easy for you to use, and to carry from place to place. Additionally, a tool bag needs to be made of a material that is sturdy. Bonus points if it looks nice enough that you and your wife both like looking at it. Having a tool bag that leads to more frustration will only cause you to be searching again in a couple of months. Save the stress and consider these things when you are looking for the best organized tool bag setup for your family needs.

Tool Bag Materials

The majority of tool bags are made of polyester, canvas, or nylon. Other tool bag materials on the market include leather (real and faux), PVC, and denier. Choosing the right materials for your tool bag allows you to have confidence in the structure and sturdiness. If you are looking for the best organized tool bag impact resistant, the DECKED D-Bag will go beyond your expectations.


The DECKED D-Bag is a versatile, military-grade hybrid soft and hard shell tool bag. The side panels are a Durable 900D TPU coated nylon which gives the bag its expand and collapse capabilities. The removable Tool Roll from DECKED is also made from 900D TPU coated nylon. If you want to remove the duffle bag from the DECKED D-Bag, this part is made from the 900D TPU coated nylon with thermoformed EVA foam base. With each part of the product, you are getting quality materials that hold up to impact and maintain its shape as you pack it.

front of the DECKED D-bag organized tool bag

Tool Bag Durability

Your tools are tough and you want the tool bag holding them to be tough as well. Durability is key when choosing a tool bag. Whether it is you taking the tool bag on the road or your wife taking it to the shed for her next renovation idea, you want to protect the tools you love. Think about the durability you need from your product. Will it be around machinery and hard surfaces? Will there be inclimate weather or sites with unforeseen challenges? You want the best organized tool bag impact driver resistant for those wild days. The DECKED D-Bag is created with a priority on durability so that you can get anything done with the right tools at hand. There are many mindful details like the snag-free design. Additionally, the way it maintains shape as you pack it. Also, the military-grade hybrid soft and hard shell.

Mobility and Ease of Use

You should not need an extra arm to get your tools to the right places. A tool bag has to be mobile and easy to use so that no one misses a beat on the next project. Consider what is most important for you when moving your tool bag. You can find some tool bags with wheels, straps and handles. The DECKED D-Bag can be carried as a backpack, a briefcase, or slung over your shoulder so you can easily get where you need to be with your tools.

DECKED D-Bag back with two straps for backpack carry


An Organized Tool Bag For Organized Family Projects

Tool bags are no longer just for the worksite. Choosing an organized tool bag that everyone can use leads to happier family projects. Imagine knowing where the tools go and how to explain that quickly to your wife or family member when you are away. Getting the best organized tool bag for your family means more projects with more fun. Pockets, pouches, and a bag that is durable and versatile is like a dream come true for the wife who wants to get that next project done. And a wife who is able to get that next project done without stressing out over your messy tool bag, is a happier wife. Prioritize getting and keeping the most organized tool bag you can, for both of you.