DECKED/Nissan Team Up With Habitat for Humanity to Build The Ultimate Work Titan

Recently, as part of Nissan’s “Calling all Titans” campaign, DECKED was asked to contribute to Habitat for Humanity by donating a DECKED system for the Ultimate Work Titan. Nissan’s goal was to build specialized, purpose-built trucks for 3 different charities, The American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity and The National Park Foundation. This is the second truck in the three-part series. The first was the Ultimate Service Titan for the American Red Cross. 

Nissan Truck

Habitat For Humanity has been around for a long time with the mission of building low-cost/affordable housing for less fortunate families. It was with this goal in mind that Nissan consulted contractors, jobsite managers and volunteers to come up with a truck that can do it all. And they didn’t skimp when they had the crew at Fluid Peak put in the work to make this thing the dream truck for the volunteers at Habitat or really for any jobsite manager or contractor. 

nissan truck side view


The Ultimate Work Titan is a heavily modified 2019 Nissan Titan XD Diesel Midnight Edition with a 5.0L Cummings Diesel V-8 motor and 4WD. Outfitted with Addictive Desert Design steel bumpers, Calmini fender flares and a Warn winch up front. With a 3” Icon lift kit and 35” Nito Grapplers, the guys and gals at Habitat for Humanity won’t have any problem accessing even the hardest to get to jobsite.

Nessan cockpit

The cab of the truck boasts what can only be described as a mobile office. With a 13” laptop and a printer mounted to a modified office desk replacing the backseat, you can manage the job properly no matter the location.  

Decked Drawer open

The back of this Ultimate Work Titan is where the real work gets done. The exterior frame starts from the top down with an aluminum TrailFX ladder rack paired with side mounted utility tool boxes. The bed of the truck is equipped with a Bedslide, mounted to the Titan’s Utili-track bed channels and finished off nicely with the durable, weatherproof and secured DECKED storage system. Allowing for more tool storage than your neighbors garage.