Montezuma Tool Box vs DECKED Tool Box

Montezuma Tool Box vs. DECKED Tool Box

Tool boxes are excellent for both special and general use. Whether you want to use them to keep your work gear or your essential work tools, you will need them. With a tool box, both your gear and tools will be safe. Given the ever-increasing demand for tool boxes, the market is flooded with a wide range of varieties. While this might give you a wide range of options to choose from, it could make it challenging to choose the right one, especially if you are unfamiliar with what to look for.

For that reason, it is vital to know some of the crucial features to consider when shopping for a tool box. For instance, you should be keen on the material used to make the tool box, its security features, and durability. These factors will go a long way in helping you choose the proper tool box. It is also crucial to consider the brand that makes these tool boxes.

If you are wondering where to start when looking to buy a tool box, this review will be of great help. We have compared two of the leading tool boxes brands, Montezuma and DECKED. Without a doubt, these brands produce some of the industry-leading tool boxes that you can rely on for any use. Read through this guide to know which tool box is ideal for you.

About Montezuma

It goes without saying that Montezuma is one of the top tool box makers in the country. With their relatively many years of experience in the industry, the Montezuma tool box makers pride themselves in building some of the best equipment. They produce a wide range of products, including service bodies, winches, and tool boxes.

The Montezuma tool box

With their operations based in the east, you are likely to see their trucks transporting products from one point to another. Montezuma has been building tool boxes for many years now, meaning that they create top-quality products. They also give you a wide range of products that you can use to keep your items secure at all times. They also do a good job when it comes to weather resistance products.


  • Spacious
  • Durable
  • Reliable


  • Some designs could be heavy
  • Costly
  • Misses out on extreme security features


DECKED is one of the top tool box makers in the country. The brand has a very captivating story that started from humble beginnings. DECKED has steadily mushroomed into a leading tool box brand in the country from a simple idea conceptualized in a local diner. Being a brand that values the integrity of quality products and excellent customer relations, DECKED creates highly durable products. Even though this brand has not been in operations for that long, it produces exceptional products you can rely on.

The DECKED tool box

With DECKED, you can enjoy versatile products that every worker can appreciate. It is impossible to question the authenticity of DECKED products. If the comprehensive customer reviews are anything to go by, this brand makes by far the best tool boxes available. DECKED is committed to providing storage solutions, developing a wide range of products that will keep your tools and gear in good condition, no matter the circumstances.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Very secure
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Offers a wide range of designs


  • No access to luxurious accessories

Montezuma Tool Box and DECKED Tool Box: The Comparison

Having known the essential background information about these two brands, it is time to compare them. With this guide, you will know which brand has better features and suits your needs. Let's get started.

Weather Resistance

Weather resistance is one of the crucial features you should consider when shopping for a tool box. It does not make sense to work with a tool box that cannot keep your tools safe in extreme weather conditions. Even though most brands of tool boxes are metallic, not all of them provide resistance against weather conditions. This is why it is vital to ensure that your preferred tool box offers weather resistance, protects tools against humidity, and is weatherproof. If you tend to use your tools regularly, you increase the chances of causing rust due to excessive moisture.

Even though most metallic tool boxes do an excellent job preventing water entry, their design significantly increases the chances of rust and corrosion. This is why you should go for a well-conditioned tool box that guarantees maximum protection no matter the conditions. The tool box should be treated to prevent cases of corrosion and rusting. Montezuma and DECKED have designed industry-leading tool boxes that perform well in harsh weather conditions; however, which of the two has the best weather-resistant features? Let's find out.

The Montezuma tool box has reliable features that help offer protection in harsh weather conditions. These tool boxes have special features that prevent rusting, something that could cause significant damage to your tools. The Montezuma tool box 36 comes with accessories designed to resist corrosion and rusting. Even better, the Montezuma 72 tool box comes with special weather-resistant features in the form of a rain gutter lid. This guarantees maximum protection against harsh weather conditions.

This ensures that your tools will remain in an optimal state no matter the conditions. In addition, most Montezuma tool box parts have extra features that defend the inner layer from water. The Montezuma tool box 30" has extra weather-resistant features that guide water off its top. This means that even when you leave the tool box exposed, water will not find a way of entering it. As a result, your tools will remain in good condition at all times. Cases of corrosion and rusting are also significantly reduced.

DECKED prides itself in producing some of the top tool boxes when it comes to weather resistance. The DECKED tool box is robust and highly durable. This makes it stand out from the many products found in the market. The unique features found on the DECKED tool box give it a huge advantage over the competition. These features place the DECKED tool box in the 21st century, a sizable distance over competitors.

The DECKED tool box is made from a high-impact polymer resin; this material has weatherproofing features that help keep your tools in good condition. This material also guarantees reliability and durability. Due to the high-impact polymer resin used to make the DECKED tool box, this tool box will not dent or rust no matter the conditions. Besides, unique injection molding strengthens these tool boxes, making them weatherproof and waterproof.

With DECKED, you will enjoy numerous defensive features that help keep your tools secure. For instance, the DECKED tool box has an intelligent lid design that automatically prevents water entry. This technology also prevents unwanted debris from entering the tool box.

The weather-resistant DECKED tool box

As a result, cases of rusting and corrosion are significantly reduced. The tool box also comes with a rain gutter on its lid —it ensures that tools remain dry no matter how wet it gets outside. There is a sizable space between the edge of the tool box and the gutter. These features go a long way in enhancing weather resistance. You will also notice a deep gutter in this tool box's MDPE gasket that keeps off the water. This is a highly specialized accessory that also protects against debris intrusion.

The MDPE gasket and the medium-density polyethylene are weather-resistant and offer resistance to a wide range of liquids. This means that if your tools tend to rust due to excessive extreme weather conditions, the DECKED tool box will help change the tale. This tool box comes with reliable features that help keep your tools in excellent condition no matter the weather. You should get yours today.


If you are a tool box owner, you understand the importance of security. Nobody wants a tool box that cannot guarantee tool and gear safety. In fact, people get tool boxes specifically to keep their tools and work gear safe. This is why it is vital to analyze the security features of the tool box before purchasing one.

By doing so, you avoid getting a poor-quality tool box that doesn't offer maximum protection. Being experienced tool box makers, Montezuma and DECKED have high-quality tool boxes with excellent security features. However, it is vital to know which one has the most secure tool box.

The Montezuma brand is known to produce reliable tool boxes with remarkable security features. The Montezuma 41 tool box has a highly sophisticated security system that keeps your tools safe at all times. This tool box has a two-phase locking system that guarantees security. However, this tool box could be problematic to install. As a result, first-time users could have challenges handling this tool box.

Given its complex and enhanced security system, the Montezuma rolling tool box offers maximum protection when keeping tools safe. It comes with a state-of-the-art in-built security system that makes it challenging for thugs to break into. Users can also opt for Montezuma 36 inch tool box that offers protection against forced entry. Its keyless entry feature allows you to access the tool box without using keys. This makes it extremely difficult for a third party to access the tool box without your permission.

However, as much as the Montezuma tool box 36" has reliable security features, most of its parts come unassembled. This means you will have to assemble these parts by yourself. As you can imagine, assembling tool box parts could be hectic, especially if you have never done it before. Any slight mistake during the assembling could affect the tool box stability. This could negatively impact its performance. Therefore, you could experience challenges using this tool box.

With the several years that DECKED has been in operation, their tool box is quite remarkable when it comes to security. The DECKED tool box has excellent security features based on simplicity and ease of use. This makes it incredibly easy for you to handle. DECKED has a wide range of other products like the Double Drawerganizer and the Drawer System that rely on advanced mechanical technology. This technology is essential because it guarantees secure, robust, and reliable storage solutions. The DECKED engineers created a tool box that does not ding, rust, or dent.

You will also find the DECKED tool box highly durable and positively affect your tools. The DECKED tool box will keep your devices in an optimal state no matter the weather conditions. The galvanized aluminum steel in the DECKED tool box is incredibly tough on thieves. They could spend hours trying to break into the tool box but they won’t manage. Its tough body means that no one can break into it, not even with crude weapons like crowbars. In fact, it could take a thief a very long time to get anywhere near the inside of your tool box — you will always catch them in the act.

The safe DECKED tool box

The revolutionary tub-lid boundary is another feature that makes the DECKED tool box highly secure. This is an essential feature that gets rid of or minimizes weak spots. With these tub-lids, cases of forced entry are eliminated. This is because this unique feature discourages break-in efforts and helps keep your tools in perfect condition. It is evident that the DECKED engineers went all out to create this high-quality tool box.

Its unique locking mechanism is another feature that keeps your tools safe at all times. With this feature, you are reminded to lock your tool box whenever it is not used. To make things easier for you, this tool box comes with a spare key. You can keep one key and have your assistant hold onto the spare one. This goes a long way in preventing inconveniences in case you misplace your key. It is good to keep the spare key in a safe place to avoid having to gain forced entry. This can affect the stability of your tool box.

The unique and advanced technology used in designing the DECKED tool box security features puts it miles ahead of the competition. It is also the toughest tool box in the industry. The aluminum reinforcements used to make the DECKED tool box can sustain any damage. Even better, industrial HDPE makes it incredibly difficult to break. Its tough build means the tool box can withstand even the heaviest of weight.

Ease of Use

A good tool box makes it easy to use, specifically to access tools. Thus, while shopping for a tool box, it is vital to evaluate its ease of use. Some users mistake by focusing on other attributes and forgetting the ease of use and accessibility. It does not make any sense to have a tool box that keeps your tools safe but makes it hard for you to access them. This can slow down your work significantly. Being established tool box makers, Montezuma and DECKED have reliable tool boxes that make it easy to access your tools. But how do they compare against each other? Let's find out!

The Montezuma 72 inch tool box has a remarkable design that makes it easy for users to access tools. It is safe to say that all brands of tool boxes come with accessories that make them easy to use, this includes the Montezuma tool box. Also, it has a unique design that prevents any accessibility problems. This tool box comes with trays that make it easy to access your tools.

Even better, the Montezuma tool box - 72 has offset drawers that you can get in various sizes and shapes. These drawers have a unique shape that makes them easy to slide in and out of the drawer. You don't have to use excessive force opening and closing them. The tool box is also equipped with an extensive catalog you can choose from. The wide range of sizes and designs means you have several options for tool storage. The problem of mixing up tools is also prevented thanks to the availability of drawers and dividers.

DECKED takes tool box accessibility and ease of use seriously. From its unique design, it is evident that the DECKED engineers understand the essence of accessibility and ease of use. The DECKED tool box makes your operations easier by making it easy to access your tools. Thanks to its unique design, you can access your tools just by the snap of your fingers.

This tool box is also equipped with various accessories that make it easy to use. For example, it comes with drawers that you can use to keep tools. This is an ideal design, especially if you intend to keep more extensive tools. To enhance accessibility, you can keep tools that you use on top of the tool box. You also don't have to ransack through the tool box looking for smaller tools.

Given the tough design of this tool box, you can use its top for various purposes. For instance, you can keep various items on top of this tool box. This helps you utilize the extra space. Its top is tough enough to sustain up to 2,000 lbs of weight. The dividers available in this tool box also make it easy to organize your tools. You won’t experience challenges trying to open and close this tool box because it is incredibly easy to do so.

The Decision

From the features discussed here, it is evident that the DECKED tool box edges out the Montezuma tool box. For instance, the DECKED tool box has better security features than the Montezuma tool box. Thanks to its reliable features, it is impossible to break into the DECKED tool box. This tool box is made from tough and durable materials that guarantee maximum protection. When it comes to weather resistance, the DECKED tool box also performs better. Compared to the medium-density materials used to make the Montezuma tool box, DECKED is made from High-density Polythene (HDPE) that will keep your tools safe no matter the weather conditions. Order your DECKED tool box today.