DECKED Mini Tool Box

Front view from the top of the cargo bed of a truck, where a man is opening his DECKED Mini Tool Box.

Why Settle For Any Grandad's Toolbox? Get The Futuristic DECKED Mini Tool Box!

As a craftsman, professional by trade, or a person with a hobby, your tools mean everything. Without them, you can't do your work, and thus, you have to carry them always and everywhere. So you throw them all in the cap or bed of your truck, and when needed, you probably spend 20-30 minutes sorting the pile of junk to find the tool you need.


As a worker ourselves, we want to tell you that you are inefficiently wasting your time, and it's unprofessional. Especially when you can have an organized, futuristic toolbox, the DECKED Mini Tool Box.

The General Benefits Of Having A Mini Toolbox

For a craftsman, tools mean everything, and to tools, a toolbox is a home-safe home. In addition, a toolbox offers you many other benefits.


Get Organized

Having a personalized mini toolbox helps you organize your tools, and it makes it much easier to find one when it's needed. This saves you time, effort, and money and as businessmen, we understand that time is money.


Get More Professional

Imagine you go to work and rummage through your truck bed, looking for the right tool. Won't it give your customer the wrong impression of you? With the Decked Mini Tool Box kit, you won't have to worry about any negative reviews of a mini toolbox. A mini snap on the toolbox will improve your appearance as a professional and will also enhance your compliance with your tool.


Get More Secured & Protected

Your tools are not cheap. They are a piece of art. So why leave them in the cap or the truck bed when they are prone to get damaged or worse (get theft)? In addition, their exposure to the elements such as rain, sunlight, dirt, and extreme temperatures can wreck your tools. A mini truck toolbox can save all your tools from this misery. It helps protect your equipment from the wrath of mother nature and theft.


Side view of a back of a truck cargo bed where a man is looking and organizing his DECKED Mini Tool Box.

Features Of The DECKED Mini Tool Box

The DECKED Mini Tool Box is designed with scientific engineering and forward-thinking. It is not any other mere plastic or mini metal toolbox. Instead, this is a Tool Box from this century.


Its high-quality build will last for a lifetime (and by lifetime we mean you being a grandparent so that your child will tell their child that it's your grandad's toolbox. They will probably still say it looks like it came from this century).


Unlike other aluminum build diamond plated mini snap-on toolboxes, the DECKED Mini Tool Box is created with high-impact polymer resin. It is unbreakable, durable, dent-proof, rust-proof, and thief-proof. The DECKED Mini Tool Box is easy on the eyes, tough on thieves.

As Tough As Nails

At DECKED, we use high-density polyethylene material to make most of the body of our Mini Tool kit Box. The HDPE material is blended with fiberglass and injection molding. It gives it strength like Fort Knox.


In addition, its injection-molded high-impact polymer resin is reinforced with galvanized steel and aluminum. This makes it impact-proof, rust-proof,  unbreakable, and thief resistant. With DECKED, your tool box is dent checked.

Protected From Wrath Of Mother Nature

We understand that your wide-open truck beds are targeted by thieves as well as the elements. The rain, snow, mud, and some distasteful presents from an incoming bird or two are enough to wreak any snap mini toolbox, but not the DECKED Mini Tool Box. Of course, those distasteful presents are not welcome on our DECKED Tool Boxes, but yeah, we don't mind them.


The super-strong high-impact polymer resin lid with an EPDM gasket and bulb seal makes it completely water-proof. In addition, the DECKED Mini Tool Box has an uplifted lip covered by the lid that stops water from entering the tub.


With a bulb seal and gasket around the entire lid, our Mini Tool Box truly personifies the meaning of a fool-proof Tool Box (and yes, by fool-proof, we mean it). Also, our stainless steel and aluminum hardware are anti-corrosion treated, which makes them more durable and long-lasting.

Super Secured Locking & Docking

The DECKED Tool Box is reinforced with steel and aluminum which act as a shield preventing it from taking any damages from thieves. Thus, the reinforced steel provides it extra stability and security that even with a pry bar it is impossible to break.


The tub and lid interface is designed to minimize theft pry bar points. Its high-impact polymer resin structure with a robust steel-made locking system makes it impermeable for thieves.


Unlike other toolbox minis, the locking system of your Tool Box is on the driver's side. It makes it so tough that it’ll make a crowbar cry.


With the purchase, you get two keys, one for your pocket and the other to put in a safe place as an extra.


The Tool Box's security allows you to leave your precious tools in, park your vehicle, and conceivably, leave for hours unattended with a "not in sight, nevermind" attitude. Even if you see some thieves trying to break into your Tool Box, don't try to catch them. Instead, catch some popcorn and watch them fail again and again.


The one and only chance for thieves to break into this system is when you leave the lid open. With the open lid, thieves can remove the tub of the Tool Box from the bed of your truck. As such, keep it locked when not in use.


The back view of a truck with a cargo bed with its well-organized DECKED Mini Tool Box opened on a construction site.


Easy Organization

One of the main objectives of buying a mini truck bed toolbox is to get organized with your tool. To keep everything organized means no more rummaging looking for a tool, and also more room in the cab and bed.


The DECKED Tool Box serves this purpose better than any other mini-fridge toolbox (By calling the others mini-fridge, we don't mean to defame them, but we can't appreciate them for not fulfilling their purpose).


The DECKED Mini Tool Box model comes with a preinstalled D-Box. It is easy to grab with its handle and hangs on the ridges of the tub, sticking to its place. Each D-Box has three separate sections formed by the upstanding dividers, which help you organize your tools more effectively. Also, you can use it as a mini toolbox for the desk..


Just as the parent Tool Box, these D-Boxes are equipped with a gasket seal, which makes them water-proof to keep your tools dry and rust-proof. It will keep your gear bone dry, even when you are soaked to the bone.


In addition to the D-Box, there is a handy Snack Tray that nests in at one edge of the Tool Box and simplifies storing quick tools and gear. You can keep whatever fits in there for easy access.


The additional preinstalled Tie-Downs present at the base of the tub on the tailgate side can be used to secure large cargo, bigger equipment, and other big items like motorcycles and woodblocks.


Most of the other toolboxes come with so-called hydraulic lids and air-supported operating systems. After some period of use and even in winters they get trucked, jammed, and need hectic maintenance. To avoid this trouble, we use a simplified torsion system.


The opening-closing mechanism of the lip is operated via a torsion system working on spring. It helps you effortlessly assess your tools without slamming your fingers during the opening or closing of the lid.


A close-up top view of an opened DECKED Tool Box where tools are stored and organized systematically.

Made From The Future, For The Future

We don't just say that DECKED products are made from materials from the future, we prove it with vigorous testing. So whether you put 500 pounds of heavy equipment or your monster machinery, the tub will not bend, dent, sag, or break. It is tough and we have tested it.


It is tested at 180 degrees Celsius and even at minus five degrees Celsius with 500 pounds of weight in the tub, and it did not affect any pieces of equipment in the tub or the tub body.


The DECKED Mini Tool Box is 100 percent easy on the eyes and tough on thieves and weather. It is water-proof, weather-proof, and has solid core strength with endurance. It has everything worth paying for.


The injection molding technology with HDPE resin makes it tough and rust-proof, while the bulb seal and gasket integration around the lid makes it impermeable to water, thus protecting your equipment from water damage. Our advanced, driver-side locking system and ultra-strong nature of the body can take on any thief without taking any damage and sustains its super sexy shape.


The lid is provided with gas struts and steel springs that build a robust torsion system to assist in the efficient operating of the lid. Therefore, our DECKED Tool Box is fully functional, super secure, and totally tough. Our Mini Tool Box on wheels is from this century, made from materials from the future.

Simple Installation, Tight Security

Installing a truck mini snap-on toolbox is typically a time-consuming process, but with the DECKED Tool Box, it's a task of a few minutes. Our mini mobile Tool Box can be installed within 2-3 minutes and does not require drilling holes.


All you need is a powerful tool to grab the rail of your truck bed and install the Tool Box with the provided bracket and bolt installation system.


These installation bolts are under the lid. This means, thieves can't remove the tub from the bed of your truck. The only way they can get into your Tool Box is when the lid is left open, so we advise you to please lock the lid when not in use.


Easy Access With Integrated Ladder

You no longer need to be an 8 feet person to assess your equipment from our Tool Box, nor do you need to do all that acrobatics.


The DECKED Mini Tool Box gives you an option to have an integrated ladder, which makes it super easy to access your tools and wrenches. The result?  You don't have to do that jumping or climbing on the tires or the truck bed when looking for anything in your arsenal of tools.


The ladder is made from 6000 series aluminum attached to one end of the Tool Box in a nesting manner. Its nesting design does not take any of your space, so it doesn't feel like it's there unless you slide it out for use.


You won't find this feature on any other mini toolbox set.  Our tech-geniuses at DECKED made this all possible without obscuring the style, structure, or space of the Tool Box.


To access any of your tools, open the Tool Box lid, slide out the telescope ladder (You won't get to the moon with this telescope ladder, but you will definitely get close to your tool), and lock it in its place. It will be operable even when the truck is lifted.


The ladder increases your reach and also prevents injuries that might happen during the acrobatics you do when normally looking for your tool. Our ladder is the new normal, so it will be better if you buy one with the DECKED Tool Box. You can buy one later as well.

Why Buy a DECKED Mini Tool Box?

Just in case if you are still not convinced about replacing your grandad's mini aluminum toolbox with the DECKED Mini Tool Box, let us share our life story.


DECKED was founded in 2013 to provide a solution to the common storage problem of the truck. After research of three years, our in-house Einsteins developed storage systems that we are proud of.


Another thing that we are proud of is, DECKED is 100 percent American and everything we build is 100 percent Made in America.


The DECKED Mini Tool Box is a state-of-art storage system designed, developed, and manufactured in our facility at Defiance, Ohio. It is built from the material of the future, yet, it is a Tool Box for this century.


Crafted and created by engineers with scientific in-depth research and application, it stands out on its merit amongst all its competitors. It is a Tool Box that looks as good as your truck, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or an amateur by trade, the DECKED Mini Tool Box is the ultimate choice.