How The Milwaukee Toolbox And DECKED Drawer System Reward Loyalty

All In The Family: How The Milwaukee Toolbox And DECKED Drawer System Reward Loyalty


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“Never go against the family Fredo.” Maybe that’s not the exact quote from the Godfather, but let’s not nitpick; it's good advice. In a world with seemingly ever expanding options, something as mundane as buying a toaster takes four days of research. ‘What smartphone to buy’, ‘what restaurant to order from online’, ‘what type of milk you want in your coffee’ — we’re lambasted with so many options at every turn. It makes one wonder whatever happened to good ol’ fashioned loyalty? Here we’ll look at two tool storage systems that are helping loyalty have a comeback: the Milwaukee Toolbox and the DECKED Drawer System.


There’s a lot of noise out there when it comes to choosing tool storage and it can be discombobulating for sure, but that’s not the only reason for the recent decline in devotion among discerning users. The handymen that use these systems want to feel a sense of loyalty from the manufacturer as well. After all, it's a two way street. The Milwaukee toolbox packout edition and DECKED Drawer System are two that have kept that allegiance to their customers alive. They have done it by rewarding the customer with increased performance by sticking with them. If you want to optimize tool storage then stick with your tool storage family. You won’t regret it.


Always In Your Corner: The Milwaukee Packout Toolbox


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It seems the more you are getting done, the more tools you need. Once you’ve stockpiled a formidable cache of gear the next problem arises: how to store them. The Milwaukee stackable jobsite toolbox aims to provide a solution to exactly that problem. You don’t want to get rid of tools for the sake of organization or leave equipment behind to make transportation easier. No need; Milwaukee rolling toolbox set let’s you have your cake and eat it too.


Milwaukee toolbox used the ingenuity of their development team to come up with the packout system. It is a fully modular tool storage system that allows you to configure your own customized tool rig using their patented technology. The Milwaukee jobsite toolbox uses cleats on the bottom of the box that can click into place on the top of another. This allows for the many to become one which works wonders for tool management. Add the Milwaukee rolling toolbox to the base of your stack and now you’re fully mobile. The Milwaukee packout rolling toolbox has 9” all-terrain wheels that can handle gravel, mud, and stairs. The also has an industrial grade telescopic extension handle with a wide grip for struggle-free navigation of the worksite. Don’t leave boxes back at the truck when you step on to the site – bring them with you without breaking a sweat.


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Even if you’re working in the harshest jobsite conditions, this tool box Milwaukee offers will keep your tools safe. The body of boxes is made from high impact resistant polymers so they can take whatever you throw at them. They are also IP65 rated so water and dust won’t get inside keeping your tools bone dry. The Milwaukee rolling toolbox with drawers even comes with locking bars to keep pesky thieves out of gear when your back is turned. This protection is the best Milwaukee toolbox has to offer, but what about organization?


The catalyst for getting a tool storage system was to make sense of a messy workshop or truck bed in the first place. The Milwaukee toolbox organizer is itching to make it happen. These organizers are fully compatible with the rest of the packout system and feature tight locking, IP65 rated, clear lids to provide the same protection as their brawnier counterparts. In each organizer are the Milwaukee toolbox packout bins. These bins are fully removable so you can optimize your organizer with a setup that works for you. They also feature back slots so they can be hung on a pegboard in the shop or on a screw at the site. This is only one of many clever Milwaukee toolbox accessories.


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What truly makes the Milwaukee three tier toolbox unique is the modularity. Having the power to mix and match components to your liking with a simple click is revolutionary. There’s no need for multiple trips unloading the pickup, or leaving tools behind because you can’t find space. Any tool is at your disposal when you need it and when the job changes the stack can adapt in seconds. This modularity pays dividends in time, energy, and efficiency.


The DECKED Drawer System Has Got Your Back


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The DECKED Drawer System takes a similar fundamental approach as Milwaukee to tool storage, but with a major difference: everything’s coming with you in your truck. The DECKED Drawer System is a fully modular tool storage system that custom fits into the bed of your pickup truck or cargo van. This system uses rolling drawers as the main storage compartments nested safely inside the outer body. The system has a payload of 2000lbs so don’t stress about losing room for hauling; you can move a grand piano on top without your tools even feeling it.


The DECKED Drawer System is tough. Constructed of High-Density Polyethylene (freakishly strong plastic, in plain talk) and anti-corrosion treated steel, this truck doesn’t need you to go easy on it. Your truck has ventured through the elements and so can your tools because the Drawer System is weatherproof. No running back to the truck because it starts to rain.


The storage drawers roll out on urethane sealed bearings instead of slides so they don’t bend over time. Each drawer has a capacity of 200lbs allowing you to not be choosy about what gear comes with you. Once these drawers roll out the real fun begins. The DECKED Drawer System allows you to fully customize your layout to meet the exact requirements you set. Similar to the Milwaukee packout toolbox system, it is fully modular. So adding or removing components is a breeze and can be done from the tailgate with both feet on the ground. No backbreaking reaching to the depths of the truck bed – let the tools come to you.


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The DECKED Accessories are components you use to optimize the Drawer System. The Crossbox is your trust toolbox with removable tray insert for added organization. The D-Box is like its big brother leaving room for larger tools like an impact drill or sawzall, but with dividers you can organize the smaller bits also. Both are made from the same futuristic materials as the rest of the system meaning your tools are protected from weather and wear. They also double perfectly as tackle boxes for all you anglers out there.


The Drawerganizer is an open top bin that sits at the head of the truck. Specially formed around the inside of the drawer handle, this space saver is a great spot for grab and go items like duct tape or bug spray. It also comes in a Double Drawerganizer format for twice as much storage.


For more grab and go access there’s the D-Bag. Carried backpack, satchel, or briefcase style, this versatile unit houses a detachable duffel and tool roll. The D-Bag is the exemplar of DECKED amazing versatile design.


That exact versatility and modularity is what sets the DECKED Drawer System apart. The tetris game of optimizing your truck bed for the task at hand makes tool storage enjoyable instead of a burden. When you can get home from a long day at the job and swap out a week’s worth of tools for your fishing tackle and camping gear in a matter of minutes you start to see how DECKED takes optimization to the nth degree. If you want optimal storage you need only trust the system.


It Pays To Be Loyal: Getting The Most Out Of Your Tool Storage System


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What can be said of the Milwaukee toolbox system and the DECKED Drawer System is that to get the optimal performance you have to take advantage of their modularity. The ability to interconnect and swap out components unlocks a new level of customization not possible before.


Each system’s versatile components play a role in optimizing your tool rig. No matter if it's the Milwaukee small packout toolbox and the Milwaukee packout compact toolbox for a packout system or a DECKED Crossbox and D-Box for the Drawer System, these are the building blocks towards optimization.


In this Milwaukee toolbox review we’re talking about loyalty and this is exactly how these systems reward you for staying true. By using a Milwaukee 13 in toolbox instead of a generic brand you’re getting maximum optimization. By going back to Milwaukee for their ingenious boxes, organizers, and totes is going to make your tool storage system run like a dream. They aren’t telling you to toss last month’s Milwaukee toolbox for a new one; they’re making last month’s function better with the packout system. It’s a win-win, of course, and one that promotes the exact fidelity we’re talking about. So maximally optimize your rig by staying faithful and don’t fall for every flashy new thing. Why bother when the classic red and stealthy black milwaukee toolbox is sexy enough anyways.


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When it comes to the DECKED Drawer System the same principle is true, but with a sight advantage. Just look at how perfectly the custom molded Drawerganizers fit around the inside of the drawer handle to see that using the DECKED Accessories is going to make your Drawer System work like a well oiled machine. The Crossbox and D-Box fit perfectly and can be placed and removed so effortlessly that it's a thing of beauty. Everything perfectly integrated and ready to be customized to your immediate need is peak optimization and the DECKED Drawer System takes you there when the bond is kept strong.


There is a catch; the DECKED Drawer System works amazingly with other brands also. In this regard the Milwaukee toolbox system is a bit cliquish, pardon the pun. That’s because the Drawer System can accommodate many toolboxes, power tool cases, and organizers from other brands. Optimization does have to factor for the odd tool out and the Milwaukee toolbox doesn’t have a solution for this problem, but DECKED does. You can stow a Milwaukee toolbox side by side with a D-Box – in fact, DECKED invites you to. Milwaukee gets too greedy in this department.


The DECKED Family Welcomes You With Open Drawers


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Both tool storage systems have incredible features that push the boundaries of versatility and modularity. Both reward users with a bounty of optimization for sticking by them when assembling a stash of gear. It’s one way they stay loyal to you, and in turn, it’ll feel good staying loyal to them.


It’s not a competition, but have to give a nod to DECKED for being more compatible with all brands. Being able to sneak power tool cases into an already dialed in Drawer System is an amazing perk, one that not many other tool storage systems afford their users. DECKED makes sure that no tool is left behind. Just another way that DECKED is staying true to you. It offers full optimization with the DECKED Accessories, but leaves room for outsiders. And that’s an offer that’s well, hard to refuse.