The Milwaukee Tool Box Vs The DECKED Drawer System

The Hunt For Optimization: Milwaukee Tool Box Vs The DECKED Drawer System


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As technology advances at a breakneck pace our daily lives have benefited from some pretty incredible devices. Smart phones, voice activation, self-driving cars: just a few of the things that have made us a little more comfortable in the home and more efficient in the workplace. There are some drawbacks though. What cost do these amazing gadgets and technologies bring with their advantages? For one, more tech means more stuff. A cluttered home, or desk at work, or an overflowing center console in your truck, are clear indicators that maybe what we need is not more devices, but instead, more optimization.


The same is definitely true for the workman’s truck, tool box, and garage. We’ve got all kinds of new tools to make tough jobs just a little cushier, but the new tech has brought with it the problem of more gadgets and more clutter. How do we optimize our truck and our tool box to keep the myriad of new toys in order? That’s where products like the Milwaukee Packout tool box and the DECKED Drawer System come into play. These storage systems are going to get all your new gear in its proper place, so your truck and your tool box can finally be as high tech as whatever tools developers come up with next. Let’s see which is more optimal for you; the Milwaukee packout rolling tool box or the DECKED Drawer System.


The Milwaukee Rolling Tool Box


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To start our Milwaukee tool box review let’s answer the most obvious question: what is this rolling tool box Milwaukee offers?


The Milwaukee tool box packout edition is a modular tool storage system that allows its users to mix and match components to their liking. It aims to let handymen of all stripes get a tool storage system that works best for their unique requirements. Whether you're a weekend DIY kind of guy or a hardened jobsite pro the Milwaukee plastic tool box is there to help your mission go off without a hitch.


The key to simplifying your tool setup is the modularity that the Milwaukee tool box provides. Made up of several different components like drawers, boxes, tool bags, and organizers, that fit together and stack to make a mobile, fully loaded, tool kit. The Milwaukee tool box on wheels lets you get around even the sketchiest job sites, over gravel and rubble, with ease so you can have all your gear at the ready where you need it most.


The Milwaukee packout tool box is built with an impact resistant polymer body and has IP65 rated protection to keep your tools safe and dry inside. Each component of this Milwaukee stackable tool box comes with specially designed cleats on the bottom and matching slots on top that allow them to click into place. So the first thing you’re going to want to consider when you get yourself a new Milwaukee tool box is how you’re going to fit all the components together for an optimal, fully personalized setup.


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The Milwaukee packout tool box comes in a wide range of different parts for you to choose from. There are the 3 drawer and 2 drawer rolling tool boxes great for stashing bulkier tools, but removable dividers can be inserted into the drawers to convert them into a place for small odds and ends. If you’re really a neatnik and want even more storage slots there are compact organizers available so you won’t have to go digging through drawers. They also offer soft body tool bags in a bunch of shapes and sizes so you can still bring just some essential tools to a small DIY job and leave the rest of the kit back in the garage. It all connects and disconnects with ease making way for mobility without any unwanted non-essentials.


The Milwaukee jobsite tool box can also be left unattended because the system comes with a locking bar so your gear is tightly kept safe from people with loose morals. You can find the Milwaukee tool box for sale at most major retailers and at the Milwaukee website.


So, what fancy new power tools will your Milwaukee tool box store? Anything you can throw its way, it's sure to handle.


The DECKED Drawer System


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Now we’ve seen how modular the Milwaukee truck tool box can be and it's pretty impressive. So let’s look at another solid option when looking for ultimate optimization in tool storage: the DECKED Drawer System.


The DECKED Drawer System is once again a modular tool storage system, but there’s a difference. The DECKED system is fitted into the bed of your truck for a fully integrated experience. No lugging gear in and out so as to not leave precious tools exposed in the truck bed outside a job or even in your driveway at night. The DECKED Drawer System lets you store all your gear in the bed of your truck and with a payload of 2000lbs don’t worry about removing tools to make room because you can throw just about anything right on top. It comes available with the option of drawer locks so would-be thieves can take a hike – they’re not getting into this thing.


Constructed from a combination of anti-corrosion treated steel and high-density polyethylene recycled plastic the Drawer System is built with real world work in mind. No need to go easy on it, the DECKED Drawer System can handle the most rugged jobs you can think of. It’s also fully weatherproof so your tools will stay bone dry even if you’re soaked to the bone. Don’t fear wear and tear, don’t fear thieves, don’t fear the elements – just focus on the task at hand.


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The ingenious Drawer System design also revolutionizes organization. With a rolling drawer system, integrated into your truck bed or cargo van, your tools are always easy to access. The drawers roll out smoothly on urethane sealed bearing wheels, not on sliders, to avoid any bends or warping that can happen with other tool drawers.


Once the drawers are rolled open the real magic starts. In each of your two truck bed drawers you can fit a number of DECKED Accessories for a multitude of layout variations. The Drawerganizer is the spot for grab-and-go everyday gear. The D-Box and Crossbox work as your more traditional tool kit and as a larger storage box. The D-Bag is great for workers on the move as you can strap it to your back, as a backpack, and then snuggly tuck it back into your Drawer System when it's time to roll out. Customization is key here with each person being able to choose their own layout by mixing and matching DECKED Accessories for maximum optimization. DECKED keeps your truck bed tidy while still allowing it to pack the punch of a full workshop on wheels, so don’t sacrifice more tech for more space – DECKED design makes room for both.

Designed For The Future To Get You Through Today


DECKED Drawer System, Milwaukee tool box, D-Box, pickup truck, tool box


What sets the Milwaukee tool box and the DECKED Drawer system apart from others in their class is their state of the art design.


The key design to the Milwaukee packout tool box is it’s interlocking system. All the different components and Milwaukee tool box accessories can click into place in a snap using its cutting edge cleat and corresponding slot design feature. This means you don’t have to choose between one box or another, you can just click them together into a stack. With their 9” wheels your stack of interlocked tools can now be rolled right onto the jobsite.


Design is the cornerstone of what makes the DECKED Drawer System so powerful. The Drawer system fits most standard size pickup beds and cargo vans. It's integrated right into the bed of your truck so there’s no clunky tool box rolling around the bed. The drawers roll out on wheels so there won’t be any warping or snags. Inside the drawers there is space for all the modular DECKED Accessories. The design allows for each individual user to cluster their Accessories in unique patterns. No two beds need have the same layout, nor should they. Possibilities with the Drawer System are limitless so get creative with your layout.

A great bonus is the DECKED Drawer System’s sleek design so that your truck stays looking as sharp with your tools in the bed, as without. Afterall, your truck is sexy, your tool box should be too.

Durability That Can Keep Your Tools Safe


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When you get new, expensive gear to make life on the jobsite a little easier you’re going to want that gear to be protected and that means heavy duty storage systems. Can these storage systems take a beating so your tools don’t have to? They sure can.


Whether its a Milwaukee packout small tool box or a Milwaukee packout large tool box won’t matter, the rugged construction remains the same for all sizes. They are built with a high impact polymer body and heavy duty latches and reinforced hinges. Water won’t be an issue, the boxes have IP65 rated protection to keep dust and water out. The 9” wheels let you roll over whatever debris has been strewn across the jobsite. Get your tools to their landing spot, dust and water free, ready to rip.


Durability in the DECKED Drawer System goes above and beyond. The Drawer System has a payload of 2000lbs and each drawer has a load capacity of 200lbs. Made from anti-corrosion treated steel and High-Density Polyethylene recycled plastic this system is as tough as tough gets. HDPE is like the cockroach of plastics, nothing can kill it. The DECKED Drawer System is also weatherproof so don’t fret about rain, hail, sleet, or snow. Your tools are safe in this built to last storage system.


Accessories: Customizing For The Setup That Best Suits You


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The place where you can really see the tech in tool storage catch up to the tech in modern day life is in the accessories. The chunky toolboxes of old, lugged full of tools you may or may not need, are a thing of the past. These modular storage systems make accessorizing the path to optimization. Choosing your components will make you feel like a kid in a candy shop.


The Milwaukee packout tool box comes with components for all your needs. There is the Milwaukee packout xl tool box for the bulkier tools in your cache. Or maybe the Milwaukee packout compact tool box for your smaller odds and ends. The Milwaukee tool box parts can be bought together or separately to custom fit your setup optimally.


The DECKED Drawer System has many accessories to offer that are as versatile as the Drawer System itself. The Crossbox has your standard toolbox needs covered. With a removable insert tray, organization is a cinch. The D-Box is your large size storage box complete with dividers to stow your tools to your liking. The D-Bag is versatility embodied as it functions as a toolbox, backpack, tool roll, and duffle all in one durable unit.


All of these accessories are designed to fit perfectly into your Drawer System with the most economical amount of space. And, of course, all of this in the bed of your truck. When you move, your tools move with you, and that’s why the DECKED Drawer System is a tool box for this century.


Keeping Up With The Times

DECKED Drawer System, Milwaukee tool box, Crossbox, D-Box, D-Bag, Drawerganizer, pickup truck, pickup truck bed, tool box


We invest so much into optimization through new technology. At this point everything from our phones to our toaster is automated with tech. So don’t have your futuristic tools rolling around the bed of your truck in old bins. If we can increase efficiency in all these other aspects of life then increasing it on the jobsite should be prioritized as well.


The Milwaukee tool box and the DECKED Drawer System each take new strides towards perfecting modular tool storage. The big advantage for DECKED is that it is integrated directly into your truck bed or cargo van, and that is going to make a world of difference.


There’s no heavy unloading and reloading the bed required with the DECKED Drawer System. It will save you time and save you the backbreaking trouble from one job to the next. If we’re talking true optimization this matters, as it brings you and your tools one step closer to the job at hand without extra fuss.


In a world further and further automated, why not extend that efficiency to the equipment we use everyday? Let’s be serious, if they’ve made something as simple as ordering a pizza easier through technology, maybe we can use some of that luxury when it comes to real hard work. Get some of that well deserved efficiency with the DECKED Drawer System. It will take you right to the brink of tool storage optimization.