The Milwaukee Packout Toolbox is Nice, but the DECKED Tool Storage System with Drawers is SWEEEET

The Milwaukee Packout Toolbox is Nice, but the DECKED Tool Storage System with Drawers is SWEEEET


There is an old adage that “A man is as good as his tools.” This saying does  apply to any industry where proper organization, orderly, and efficient arrangement of tools is required for ease of access to enhance productivity. One thing you may not afford to do as a field service guy is lose a critical piece of equipment in the middle of your job or have to waste your time in the course of a quick repair task hollowing through a huge heap of tools to find a particular one. No doubt, looking professional as a handyman is about having the right tool for the job at just the right time.

Unquestionably, you need a good toolbox. But there is more to the tools game than just storage. You want to be sure your tools will be secure, safe from elements, preserved adequately for longer shelf life, and well kept to avoid hazards. You want them where you can see them clearly, so you’d easily pick the ones you need. The Milwaukee Packout Rolling toolbox is a good option for organizing your handy implements, but if you want your work made easier with your tools kept working flawlessly for more extended periods, you need the DECKED Drawer System. Here is why.


DECKED is a new generation cargo management and organization application .It brings more than just storage of things though. There is style, class , strength  and durability.


It may not matter what you use your equipment for, whether hunting, outdoor activities like camping, field service work, or repair work, you will find that tool organization is more of a necessity than a luxury. The Milwaukee pack-out storage system has been the go-to toolbox for many. This tool organization system is designed for use by professional handymen. The packout functionality lets users interlock and interchange a wide range of heavy-duty organizers, toolboxes, and storage totes in various configurations.

This toolbox features high-impact resistant polymers, all-terrain wheels, and an industrial-grade extension handle. It boasts unmatched flexibility and a payload of up to 250lbs. It also has a sturdy frame to withstand harsh job site conditions and is fully compatible with other Milwaukee Packout accessories as well as some storage equipment from other brands. Indisputably, the Milwaukee packout-rolling toolbox is a commendable cargo and tools organization equipment, especially when one is faced with outdoor job situations that require a lot of movement; the rolling functionality is essential. But it won’t be long before your toolbox develops gritty sidewalls and finally becomes crappy.



My camping ability  has improved manifold.  I am now certain that whatever cargo I bring to my outdoor activities , I am sorted in terms of order , security and organization.


Agreeably the Milwaukee Packout rolling toolbox is one of a kind. Take, for instance, the Milwaukee 22 in. packout rolling modular toolbox, which is quite rugged, flexible, and spacious enough for storing medium-sized equipment. This brilliant toolbox is such a piece of handy equipment for light garage jobs. But at times, you'd be faced with a need for something more versatile, stronger, with bigger storage. I mean, a 250lb payload box is quite compressed in space and limits you somehow; besides, it doesn't offer more choice in terms of storing lengthy equipment such as guns and fishing rods.


Another drawback of the Milwaukee toolbox system is that it comes as a pack of boxes mounted up on a trolley in a vertical version. A major problem with this is that it is quite constricted and centers weight in one location, limiting options for more spread out and bulky storage.


So we’ll have a look at DECKED, which offers everything the Milwaukee packout toolbox offers and goes a step ahead to guarantee strength, style, and top-of-the-class ergonomics.


With DECKED you can do much more. The drawer system applies the "hold and divide concept" for holding and separating smaller and medium sized items with the upper surface offering a  more robust space for securing heavier and bigger cargo.

What is So Special about the DECKED Drawer System?

DECKED is bigger in terms of the storage surface area. Other than the drawers, the upper area offers a flat platform for securing bigger or voluminous cargo hence more capacity and therefore more haulage capability. For example, because your storage is not restricted, you'd bring both small and big cargo for a remarkable day out in the woods. Therefore with DECKED, you can do much more compared to the Milwaukee tool box system.

DECKED is flexible in all senses of the word. There are gliding  wheels underneath the drawers with portable storage boxes . This ensures cargo access is seamless and worry-free. It is also designed with incredible efficiency .  An upright body posture with waist level reach ensures unimaginable body comfort and relaxation while working with it.

A little heads up

Maybe you are used to cheap tools storage equipment like the Milwaukee tool box but hey, DECKED is not for misers. You may pay a bit over the odds in comparison to some of those ancient toolboxes out there. But it's worth the investment nevertheless as you'd save some serious bucks in the long run; you know that thing of being “a penny wise and a pound foolish?” Just don't be too concerned with saving now while forgetting bigger problems, ultimately spending more in the long run. I can assure you investing in DECKED will bring back your money's worth, so yea, go right ahead and spend.

With DECKED, you get more than just storage; there is boundless innovation and creativity

Pro outdoors-people know quite well that every item packed in the pick truck should serve an essential purpose; otherwise, it is junk taking up space for no reason. You will need traction boards, a pulley, tire chains, a shovel, a tow strap, and an assortment of car repair tools in a separate compartment. This set of equipment is to help yourself get out of a stuck situation. The second set is special gear for your task, that is, the things you need for your outdoor activity. With different tools meant for different things, you need a storage system with special design aspects such as compartmentalized inlays to help with cargo separation, holding, and organization. The thing with DECKED is that it is properly researched and developed to meet the actual needs of field service people. There is a space for small tools, medium ones, and big ones. There is additional space for super-big equipment and implements. Then there is class, strength, and  versatility.

There is not a single outdoor task that DECKED cant handle.


Secure Gun Storage

An outdoors person's biggest concern is his guns. Whether for hunting  or defense, you want to be sure that your storage system can accommodate your firearms. It should not just be any space though, it should be secure and properly organized to ensure ease of access and to keep the guns safely away. DECKED comes with a special accessory called the Piecekeepers –a pair of high-density specially designed foam-backed molded polymer resins. They help hold rifles and shotguns safely in your Drawer System. The padded cradles offer such a nice grip and a convenient barrel for ease of keeping and removing your firearms. Each of the Piecekeepers has slots for holding three guns in each drawer or two long ones for mid-sized ones. The drawer slots are adjustable to meet various gun positioning and storage needs as you please.This is a feature you may not enjoy when you use the Milwaukee tool box system.

DECKED is aware of your gun storage concerns , so we bring you an ergonomic solution to offset this problem.


Versatile tools and cargo storage

When we speak of versatility, we speak of functional abilities to adapt to different user needs, or rather the universality of use. DECKED offers more than just storage; it is a modular application that revolutionizes tools storage, giving you class, safety, strength, durability, and productivity. In other words, DECKED is an all-purpose cargo organization solution.


It comes as a set of:

  • The Desert Tan D-Box
  • The Drawerganizer
  • The Divider system
  • The Desert Tan CrossBox

Additional DECKED accessories that are part of the system but can be ordered separately include:

  • The D-Bag
  • The T-Tracks
  • The Core Trax, additional dividers, and boxes  


DECKED is made to handle some of the Earth's most challenging outdoor jobs. The product is manufactured from high-impact HDPE resins through injection molding (casting plastic to metals) and exposure to intense UV light. The result is a highly rugged storage application resistant to whatever wear and tear you can think of in the wilderness. In fact, DECKED is bombproof, resistant to claw hammer impact, and quite sturdy to withstand rough handling. With such power and strength, DECKED guarantees incredible durability.


The materials used to manufacture the product–high impact polymer resins, coupled with the sturdy frame adds to its security aspects. Additionally, the boxes have a gasket and a latching and lock system (cam locks), making it one of the market's safest tool and cargo organization applications. A would-be thief with a crowbar would have a hard time trying to make a forced entry.


DECKED is resistant to adverse weather such as water and high temperatures. In this regard, you will be sure that your tools and cargo will be protected from rust and other negative hydro-impacts. This also makes the product suitable for all year round, whether during the winter or summer.



Installing DECKED is a kid's job. With a set of instructional materials embedded in the pack alongside easy-to-follow pictures, including videos, it takes a maximum of 3 hours working solo to put the system together. Upon order placement, what arrives at your door is a densely packed box of about 300 pounds packed with the assembly parts labeled to ensure you get it right in the first attempt. You don't need any special knowledge or tools; in fact, normal handy equipment will do. But you may need a power drill, though, for some light screwing.  

After the initial installation, subsequent disassembly and assembly take about 15 minutes. DECKED is compatible with a range of pickup bed storage accessories such as tonneau cover, tailgate bridges, etc.

Free Shipping

The DECKED Drawer System comes as a standard set of several accessories (The Desert Tan D-Box, The Drawerganizer, The Divider system, and The Desert Tan CrossBox). Orders placed for the standard set will be delivered free of charge wherever you are in the continental USA. However, additional accessories for the system that are not considered critical to being part of the standard set but are still essential will incur a fixed shipping cost of $25, with any other orders placed being shipped at the prevailing market-determined cost.


The company has invested heavily in R&D, though not to mean that its products are defects-free. For this reason, the firm has put in place a generous warranty policy for the accessories that might develop manufacturer-induced problems.


Return policy

Because the company accepts that at times, the product and its accessories may be faulty for mistakes, not your own, there is a return policy for remedy and for refund. However, there are conditions that qualify a product as worthy of returning.

This product speaks to wider wisdom in terms of vehicular cargo storage. It is quite pricey, due to the range of features and functionalities you get in return, you can afford it anyhow.

So there you go, the ball is in your court. Be part of the revolution or stagnate living in the past.