DECKED or Mac Tools Tool Box?

DECKED or Mac Tools Tool Box?

DECKED or Mac Tools Tool Box?

As a tradesman, contractor, or mechanic, you rely on your tools to make a living. If you are also a handy homeowner who knows a thing or two about DIY, or you have a thing for such activities as fishing, camping, or hiking, you turn to your near-at-hand equipment to accomplish your projects. No doubt you need a tool box that keeps the implements organized, tidy, secure, and within reach. Some options like the Mac Tools Tool Box are cheaply available and are an easy choice among many, but convenience, ergonomics, and durability have always been major aspects worth considering.

With a great storage and organization system, like the DECKED Tool Box, you can keep your appliances in one place, optimize storage, and keep your truck or garage clean.

Agreeably, finding a cargo organization and management facility that suits your needs may be challenging. Add to this the fact that there is a sea of brands in the market, and each offers different product features which one has to choose from—it’s always sixes and sevens and making the right decision can be a nightmare. This piece will make the choice more effortless with the retooled DECKED Tool Box.

DECKED is a new generation tool storage solution taking the industry by storm . This ergonomic storage application is the talk of the town among truckers.

You May Fancy the Mac Tools Tool Box but Perhaps You May Reconsider

You may find the Mac tool box and kits a lovable option if you are handyman and want to organize your equipment. This incredible piece of application will offer a durable storage option and is professional-grade, meaning it will stand the test of time. It also comes with wheels for enhanced portability .

Additionally, Mac Tools  have several storage configurations and capacities with a bit of aesthetics. As such, you’d be assured of large storage space and classy organization for easy tool retrieval.

But that is just that. Mac Tools Tool Box Kits target mechanics and homeowners who want a tool storage means for indoor tasks. However handy it may seem, at times it could be a significant inconvenience especially if you have to handle tasks in the field that require moving a lot thereby a need to constantly carry your equipment with you.

DECKED goes an extra step in every cargo storage utility aspect you may think.Security, strength , portability , access- you name it.

We both agree that a large rolling box is ideal for a garage. Period. But you should go beyond something that limits your options. The DECKED Tool Box takes you to both worlds. It is both portable and fixed depending on your needs. Delve deeper to find out.

Why You Should Not Think Twice About Purchasing the DECKED Tool Box


Do you care about the material a manufacturer uses to make tool boxes? Some value plastic, others steel, and others swear by aluminum. A unifying factor is that you want to find the best value for your money, and you wouldn’t buy a tool box that bugs you with replacement and repair costs every few years.

DECKED is made using an industrial-grade polymer that won’t dent no matter how bad you abuse your tool box. You can hit it with a hammer, throw stones at it, or jump on it, but it won’t leave even a scratch. You will load it up with up to 500 pounds of weight, but it won’t sag or bend.

Look no further, DECKED is here to sort the security concerns you have with your truck bed tool storage and organization applications.







The DECKED Tool Box is not like other ordinary tool boxes with joins and welds that weaken their structure. The injection modeling process keeps it free from such structural and physical  flaws.  

In addition to the industrial-grade polymer, the DECKED Tool Box is reinforced with galvanized aluminum and steel. It is practically indestructible. No amount of impact, including a bomb explosion will damage your tool box. Can you say the same about the Mac Tools Tool Box Kits?

If you are hunting for an excellent tool box, look no further. The Mac Tools tool box is okay but DECKED is of another order of magnitude entirely.


You cherish your tools, and we are pretty sure you want to keep them safe from prying eyes and low-life thugs. Your handy implements are valuable assets that cost money, and your tool box should safeguard all your gear.

You can never go wrong with DECKED. Unlike the ordinary locks and padlocks, DECKED takes the bar even higher. And honestly, the Mac Tools tool box can't hold a candle to this kick ass new generation cargo box’s security features. Rest assured that no one will access your DECKED Tool Box without proper permission. It has steel reinforcement, which already makes it tough for forced entry. It also has a robust steel armored lock system with a driver-side lock. Your tool box would be impenetrable.

Woe unto thieves who enjoy using pry bars? DECKED has a tub-lid interface that minimizes pry-bar entry points

Tools hanging loosely at your truck’s bed are an easy target for thieves, because of their value and ability to be disposed of for easy quick cash. And loafers will always hang around your truck hoping you are distracted somewhere far away doing errands so they can break in or make away with whatever loose object they can set their hands on. Such an ordeal ends with the revamped DECKED Tool Box. No one can remove it from the back of your truck, because it is huge, rugged, and mounts firmly. Unless you leave the lid open, you can be sure there will be no malicious entry. You will go away for a long time, but your tools will remain the way you left them. So long as you lock your tub, you can work, hike, fish, hunt, and do whatever you wish without a worry.

DECKED is manufactured with the kind of ruggedness that will withstand all kinds of forced entry .


DECKED offers the comfort of being a versatile cargo management solution in addition to being fully compatible with all full-sized trucks.

One characteristic feature defining the 21st century wave is the desire for agility—that is, to possess the requisite features for evolution and adaptation into different situations, environments and conditions. For your truck bed cargo and tools, you need something with more to offer in terms of capacity, mobility, class, and serviceability. The DECKED integrates a number of functional capabilities in a single storage application.


DECKED is versatile and agile enough to allow you do anything, everything that you want to in the outdoor. You can camp, work , engage in recreation and do a hell lot of things being sure your cargo will be well secured .

Huge but not “bulky”

That DECKED is quite huge does not necessarily mean it eats up your truck bed’s space leaving so little for cargo holding. In fact, it does help save space as it adds more functionalities. With the small-sized modular tool boxes integrated in, you can easily carry around portable items hence more usability.

Protection from the Elements

You won’t find plenty of tool boxes out there that can withstand the wrath of mother nature in its entirety. At DECKED, we understand that water, snow, dust, and UV rays can damage your storage system and tools. And as a result, we have developed an excellent product guided by a creative and innovative collaborative process of craft  product that is quite resistant to these elements.

DECKED is designed to work in all weather conditions , freezing cold conditions , sweltering heat , rainy conditions , dusty situations etc; DECKED is a year round cargo management  utility system.

Due to injection molding and the seamless design, there won’t be welds or joins where water, snow, and other debris like sand will get in through. DECKED uses an ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) that offers state-of-the-art sealing properties, ensuring that the lid closes tightly.

The EPDM will not only seal your tub but also protect your tools and tool box from heat, UV, and ozone. You will use the DECKED Tool Box for ages without worrying about it fading or losing its original appeal.

It should already be apparent to you that the DECKED Tool Box is waterproof based on the above specs. The lid has a clever design (it overlaps an upstanding lip, which acts as a rain gutter) that deflects water from your tub. Moisture won’t wet or ruin the tools, gear, or equipment in your tub. No one also enjoys moving around in a corroded tool box. The DECKED tool box has anti-corrosion-treated steel and aluminum that proofs your tub from corrosion.

DECKED is deigned with the kind of materializing that won't allow the smallest of water droplets  to seep through.Its rubberized gasket will keep off moisture that could sleep in through the thin lid opening , keeping  your tools corrosion free.

Effectiveness and Organization

The DECKED Tool Box comes with extra facilities for more utility. You will get an embedded snack tray, an open container that you can use to store the tools you need easy access to and use regularly, and an open D-BOX with inlay organizers.

But there are more accessories which, even though not part of the standard set, come as an extra package to enhance the functionality of the DECKED Tool Box. For instance, you could buy more D-Boxes or a Crossbox to maximize the box’s storage capacity, or get a  D-Bag Emergency Kit which would come in handy for high octane outdoor activities. Luckily, all these extra accessories can easily fit into your tub.

A Smart Ladder


You no longer have to engage in gymnastics climbing up and down your truck's tailgate trying to get to your cargo. The ladder makes it safer, easier and more convenient.

You haven’t even considered the DECKED Telescopic ladder which is integrated into the system. This feature is the peak of DECKED’s creativity and innovation. You no longer have to climb on and off your truck’s tailgate to retrieve your cargo. Upon opening the lid box, the ladder comes out automatically and does not take up any of your storage space or obstruct you from reaching your tools. But you have to deploy it further by simply folding it out in a few moves, stretching it off to the ground. What about stability? Well, it has stoppers at the bottom end of the stands for ground traction and you can be sure it won't skid off sending you flying in the air. With it, you could access more than half of the box from either side of the truck with little effort compared to climbing up and down the truck’ s tailgate. This alone makes the DECKED Tool Box a distinguished brand.

A 21st Century Look


It is a fascinating modern age we live in, and as a trucker you have to strive to blend . Nothing will teach you how to be super-modern than DECKED. This heck of a versatile cargo organization solution is manufactured from the future.

Surely you do not want to move around with a tool box that looks as if it was retrieved from the stone age era—surely,we all could add some sense of style to our truck beds. The DECKED Tool Box oozes elegance, style, and luxury all around it. It has a matte black and rugged exterior that gives it a masculine and beefy look. The minds behind DECKED strived to ensure that they created an aesthetically striking tool box.

Now It’s Time to Make the Wiser Choice

The DECKED Tool Box is the ultimate truck bed storage facility of this century. This new invention disrupts a market that has remained untouched for more than 50 years with little to no creativity. It's cushy in all senses of the word. Besides the durability, efficiency, effectiveness, security, and versatility that comes with it, the DECKED Tool Box delivers modernity and style offering more than just tool storage. It is 100% made in the USA, comes with a lifetime warranty, is shipped for free to clients anywhere in the continental US, and can be returned for repair  or exchange. Furthermore, DECKED is easy to install and remove.

Choose to invest in excellence. Visit DECKED online to place an order and get your tool box delivered to your doorstep. Just ensure that your order and specifications match your truck.




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100% Weatherproof

Recycled Steel

Lifetime Warranty