What You Need To Know About Lund Truck Accessories

What You Need To Know About Lund Truck Accessories


Lund logo



Lund International manufactures an extremely wide range of accessories for trucks, SUVs, utility vehicles, vans, and passenger cars. They have a huge national and international distribution chain, and their products can be found in automotive parts retailers, online websites, catalogs, and often as original (OEM) equipment on many high-end pickups and SUVs. It is no surprise the Lund truck accessories logo is so well known.

Lund Industries truck accessories is not to be confused with the Lund company who makes fishing boats. Lund International was founded in 1965, but the business has existed in one form or another since the 1920s. Lund got its start in Anoka, Minnesota, but is currently headquartered in Buford, Georgia. Current Lund-associated brands include LUND itself, Rampage Products, Bushwacker, Belmor, AVS, AMP Research, Tonno Pro, Stampede Automotive Accessories, Roll-N-Lock, and RoadWorks Manufacturing.

Lund and these associated brands together offer everything from cargo management solutions, jeep and pickup truck accessories, chrome parts and accessories, light covers, floor liners, liquid transfer tanks and tonneau covers to toolboxes, storage bins, fender flares, running boards, nerf bars, hood protectors, and side window deflectors.

The Lund truck accessories homepage is almost equally well known, and forms a big part of Lund truck accessories’ marketing strategy. One of the most important aspects of that strategy is their generous shipping terms. Another is the Lund truck accessories customer service policy. For example, if an order is returned due to a defect in the product or any error on their part, they will generally refund both the cost of the item and the original shipping cost (if any).

So, let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular Lund truck accessories and a few DECKED brand alternatives which we think you’ll prefer.



Lund Truck Accessories Visors

Lund doesn’t make or market visors as such, but they do offer a wide range of window wind deflectors that many people think of as visors. Wind deflectors control the airflow over both open and closed windows, giving you better mileage through reduced wind drag. They also keep the air from blasting noisily into an open window or sunroof, letting you run with windows open even in a light rain.

Lund wind deflectors



Wind deflectors have been proven to improve the mileage of various vehicles in controlled tests. Perhaps most importantly, depending on where you live, they reduce the amount of bug-splatter and scratches from road debris dramatically.  


Lund Ventvisor


Lund - In-Channel Ventvisor™ Elite Window Deflectors

Lund truck accessories like their in-channel window deflectors can add substantially to both the value of a pickup truck or SUV. Perhaps more importantly, though, they can help you make better use of it. They are even available in colors designed to complement the tint of OE windows on most models. They are completely safe to leave on in an automatic car wash, as well.

They allow you to move fresh air through your vehicle even during a rain storm, and actually reduce the noise of the wind when your windows are open. They have even been shown to reduce the effects of window fogging in cold weather. No special hardware is needed to apply then, and you won’t have to drill into your door or roof!


Lund interceptor bug shield



Lund Interceptor Bug Deflector

The design of the Lund Interceptor bug shield works with the unique styling of your model of truck or SUV to ensure that bugs and road debris are naturally channeled away from your vehicle’s windscreen while out on the interstate. They make many different models, each specific to one model of car, truck, or SUV.


Lund Interceptor Smoke Bug Deflector

This is a new version of the Lund interceptor that we looked at above. It is smoky-colored, and again comes in a wide range of different makes and models. This bug deflector can improve your mileage and decrease the number of unsightly splats on your windshield. Better still, it can be attached mechanically or with easy to use 3M adhesives.


Lund Fiberglass Truck Accessories


Lund makes a wide range of fiberglass body kits, fender flares, custom hoods, and other replacement or add-on parts. Each is designed specifically to fit many of today’s most popular cars, trucks, SUVs, and working vehicles. The fiberglass itself is nearly a miracle material. Consisting essentially of literal glass fibers and a resin base (as well as a weatherproof surface layer), fiberglass body panels and attachments are incredibly light while remaining both strong, and durable.

These Lund truck accessories can change the visual profile of your vehicle, but will also change its aerodynamic performance. Now, a lighter and more aerodynamic vehicle won’t always be faster, but it will almost always be more fuel efficient. That efficiency can save you money every time you drive as well as lowering your overall carbon footprint – after all, you’ll be burning less gas every time you drive.

Lund Harwood front end



Lund Harwood Front End Body Kit

The Lund Harwood series of front end kits are more than just Lund truck accessories. They replace major pieces of your vehicle! They are the lightest weight Lund fiberglass truck accessories on the market, and they look amazing too.

And because no front end is an island, Lund makes these custom to a wide range of makes and models. Looks, strength, efficiency. These kinds of things offer you everything on a platter.

Lund riveted fender flare



Lund Bushwacker Pocket-Style Riveted Fender Flares

These attractive and hard-wearing fender flares are meant to completely replace your OEM fenders. The pockets these are named after are designed to catch debris before it can fly off your tires and damage your vehicle, or anyone nearby! In addition, they provide a rugged and aggressive look for almost any truck.

These kinds of Lund truck accessories are intended more for the off-road sport customer than for working trucks, but as more and more pickups and SUVs end up doing double duty for work and play, you’ll be seeing more of this kind of upgrade on the jobsite.



Duraflex Custom Hood

A custom hood panel can lighten your truck’s front end substantially, without giving up durability or style. In fact, the streamlined lines of Lund truck accessories of this king will generally only add to your truck’s sleek appearance.



Lund Truck Bed Accessories

Of course, work or play, the part of most pickups that gets the heaviest use is the bed. Lund truck bed accessories are designed to help you work or play harder (sometimes both), without giving up anything in the way of style or comfort.


Lund Tonneau Cover


Lund Genesis Elite Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

A tonneau cover not only keeps dirt and debris out of your truck bed when it’s not in use, it can dramatically increase your fuel efficiency by improving your truck’s aerodynamics at high speed. The convenient trifold design makes this tonneau cover easy to fold away and store when not in use, or to close over smaller types of cargo.

If a tonneau cover is just not what you are looking for, but you still want to protect your cargo while ensuring your truck looks great, why not consider something like the DECKED Drawer System, which we’ve detailed later in this article?

Lund tailgate seal


Lund Genesis Tailgate Seal

Not all Lund truck accessories are big and flashy. The Genesis tailgate seal works in conjunction with Lund truck accessories like the Genesis line of tonneau covers to prevent dust from creeping in under the cover even at the highest speeds.


Underbed tool Box by Lund


Lund Single Door Underbody Tool Box

This one door diamond plate style tool box is meant to be fitted under the bed of any flatbed or trailer. It has a sturdy lock and a weatherproof seal to keep its contents dry and secure, no matter where you park your truck for the night.

Lund Hitchrack Bed Extender


Lund Hitchrack Truck Bed Extender

This simple but robust mechanism attaches to your trailer hitch and offers an adjustable fork to brace breams or other loads too long to haul safely in just your truck bed. It fits any vehicle with 2-inch receiver hitch, and is made of high-grade steel for a long service life. This model can handle loads of up to 750 pounds, adjusted in height from 38 inches to 68 inches, and in width from 27 inches to 49 inches.




Lund Grille Guards And Steps

Whether you know you’ll be driving through rough brush or tall grasses, the local flora can do terrible things to an OEM front end. That’s why so many drivers rely on Lund truck accessories like a grill guard to protect their pride and joy.


Lund Bull Bar



Lund LED Bull Bar With Skid Plate

This front end accessory will do more than just protect your grille and bumper from damage. It also offers a bright LED lightbar to further improve visibility in difficult terrain – just when you’ll need it most. The tubes are a full 3½ inches thick, and both tubes and skid plate are made of high-grade steel. Black powder coat finish is optional.

Lund Tube Steps



Lund 3-Inch Round Bent Tube Steps

With truck cabs creeping higher and higher (especially on off-road and working trucks), Lund truck accessories like these bent tube steps become necessary. Made of marine-grade 304 stainless steel, these tube steps can support up to 350 pounds at a time. The rubber grip pads offer extra traction where it is most needed.


Lund nerf bars


Lund Six-Inch Oval Straight Nerf Bars

An attractive alternative to bend tool steps, Lund truck accessories like these make it easier to get into and out of today’s larger pickups and SUVs.

Lund Truck Accessories Near Me

There are authorized Lund truck accessories dealers all over North America, and some even farther afield. You won’t have to work hard to find them, either. Lund truck accessories are sold all over the US and many places abroad. However, we would like to ask you to consider some of DECKED’s fine mobile tool storage and organization solutions at the same time.



What You Won’t Find At Leer Truck Accessories Stores

However, Lund doesn’t have everything. Let’s explore one or two items you’ll never find with a Lund logo.


Man accessing DECKED drawer system



The DECKED Drawer System – Storage And Bed Protection All In One

The DECKED Drawer System is more than just a high impact plastic bed protector. The raised second bed also protects a pair of heavy duty, lockable, and watertight underbed drawers. Each of these drawers can store up to 1,000 pounds of tools or equipment.

This amazing tool and cargo solution actually increases the effective size of your bed, because the raised bed now extends unbroken above both wheel wells. The entire system is made of recyclable plastics, along with plenty of hefty steel and aluminum reinforcement.  


 DECKED drawer system under logs



Even better, the DECKED Drawer System lets you pile all the cargo you could normally carry on top of the bed protector.


Construction worker accessing a DECKED Tool Box



The DECKED Tool Box – High Capacity, Low Profile Tool And Gear Storage

Like all DECKED products, the DECKED Tool Box is made right here in America. It fits behind the cab of almost any pick-up. As you would expect from a crosswise style truck box, It lets you transport a huge volume of tools or supplies. As you might not expect, it is not just sturdy and weatherproof but also incredibly secure. The locking mechanism is armored against even the best-equipped thieves.

Perhaps the best reason to consider a saddle-style ruck box from DECKED, though, is its sheer utility. No other box on the market offers the strength of the DECKED tool box without internal supports and divisions. The DECKED Tool Box has removable dividers and organizers, but it can also be one large, weatherproof, secure internal space. Nothing else is so versatile.


We hope you learned a little about Lund Truck Accessories, the Lund Corporation, and their products. We hope you’ve learned a little bit about the superior tool storage and organization accessories you can get from DECKED as well.