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Best Truck Tool Boxes: Which One Should You Buy?


Truck tool boxes are commonly used by tradesmen and building contractors. They can keep your handheld power tools and other types of tools secure and safe while carrying them to and from the job site. These are different from the toolboxes that are used for organizing small hand tools, instead, these boxes are used for storing larger tools. Aside from having a sliding tray, most often they do not include any additional organizers. The idea is that the tools are placed in their individual cases which also provide the organization.


Truck tool boxes for sale should be mounted on the vehicle so that it can become one with it. In this way, these toolboxes will become more effective, and at the same time, this can prevent any potential thief from simply picking up your toolbox and running off with it. The mounting is usually done from the inside, making it impossible for the potential thief to get the toolbox separated from your truck.


What Are The Most Commonly Used Truck Tool Boxes?


Another benefit of the toolbox is that contractors will be able to bring their building materials with them. Generally, a sheet of plywood can entirely lie in the bottom of a full-sized pickup truck. In case the toolbox will take up part of the space, it would be much harder to carry the plywood. That is why the most popular configuration of drawer truck tool boxes is the one that spans on the bed of the truck. This is mounted on the top edge of the bed, Hence, you still have some space for putting your building materials.


Pick-up with truck tool box installed at the back.


Aside from the cross-bed design, there are also used truck tool boxes that can be mounted on the sides of the truck bed. This type of toolbox looks similar to a cabinet, offering you easy-to-use storage space that is not just for tools. It can also be used for storing and organizing small parts or components. Smaller toolboxes are also available. These can be easily mounted within the bed, particularly, over the wheel wells.


Traditionally, toolboxes are made of steel. But now, there are flatbed truck tool boxes that are made of high-density blow-molded plastic. Although they might not be as secure as steel toolboxes, they are tough enough to prevent your tools from falling out. Unfortunately, plastic toolboxes are easier to break into compared to steel ones. Ultimately, the most important thing to consider when choosing a truck-mounted toolbox is to look for something that is rugged and has sufficient space needed for storing your tools. Keep in mind that you might require a larger space in the future, so avoid buying something that is not quite big enough. Instead, consider what you might require in the long run.


When purchasing truck tool boxes, be sure that the toolbox fits your truck. The length and width of the truck bed might differ, as well as the position of the wheel well. Some steel truck tool boxes that are designed for full-sized trucks might not fit yours, since they are created to fit another brand.


Men packaging DECKED Tool Box.


How to Choose a Tool Box For Your Truck


Most contractors find it impossible to accomplish their tasks without their pickup truck tool boxes. However, it doesn’t mean that toolboxes for trucks are only meant for contractors. The fact is, there are cheap truck tool boxes out there that can help you in clearing out your cab and in carrying your tools wherever you want to go.    


Toolboxes for trucks come in different styles, but the most common is the cross box. Aside from being popular, it is also the easiest to install. Additionally, you can place some materials and goods over it.


If you are planning to place your valuable items on your toolbox, then your best option would be the DECKED Tool Box. Although tractor supply truck tool boxes can also keep them secure, the DECKED Tool Box is built with security in mind. Its Tool Box tub is strengthened with steel for added security and stability. It comes with a durable steel armored locking mechanism along with a driver-side lock, making forced entry almost impossible. Additionally, it can also protect your tools from the elements since the DECKED Tool Box is waterproof and rust/corrosion-proof so you can be assured that your items are completely dry. Although most truck side tool boxes can do a good job in sealing your items from rainwater, it is also important that it has better hinges and latches as well as top-quality weather stripping to prevent any blown sand and snow.


Man getting something from the truck tool box.


When searching for truck tool boxes near me, it is also crucial to consider convenience. Obviously, any toolbox is capable of keeping your tools. However, it is important that you can easily open and close it. The following are some of the operational factors to consider when it comes to the lock and hatch performance as well as its ease of opening and closing.


  • To latch the lid, it should not be pushed too hard.
  • The lid must be opened quickly with gas lifts.
  • The lock must be made of high-quality materials so that it can be operated smoothly.


What is the Best Material for Tool Boxes for Trucks?


When it comes to security and strength, nothing can beat a steel toolbox. Nevertheless, you have to be cautious if you are living in the coastal or northern area. If paint scratches occur, then you’ll have to face a never-ending battle against rust. This is the reason why aluminum truck tool boxes are very popular since they won’t rust. The weight of an aluminum toolbox is approximately 50 lbs. less compared to a steel toolbox. Hence, it will be easier for you to remove it, in case you need to use the entire bed. On the other hand, if you are only looking for a cheaper toolbox for storing things such as tie-downs and jumper cables, then you can choose a plastic toolbox.


A woman arranging the truck tool boxes.

What Style Should You Choose?


It is undeniable that crossover truck tool boxes are quite popular nowadays. However, if you have a tonneau cover on your truck or you are thinking of adding one, then the best option would be a chest box that will fit perfectly under the cover. Since a chest box has almost the same height as your bed rail, then it will not distract your vision through the cab's back window. A chest toolbox is bolted on the bed floor to keep it from sliding. Additionally, it can even hold more tools compared to a cross box.


Weatherguard truck tool boxes are great since they use a high-quality lid and latching hardware. But if you require easy access to your toolbox, then you should go for the DECKED Tool Box that comes with the optional integrated Ladder. The adjustable nesting step ladder will easily slide right out of the toolbox without distracting your items within the toolbox. Even on a lifted truck, it easily drops down to the ground. You can guarantee that it won’t rust since it is built from 6000 series aluminum. Keep in mind that the ladder must be purchased separately.


While Husky truck tool boxes come with paddle latches, it also uses thin aluminum, making them less secured. Yet the DECKED Tool Box can provide you with more security since it is made from an injection molded high impact polymer resin and additionally strengthened with galvanized steel and aluminum.


Military men unloading items from truck tool boxes.


Although UWS truck tool boxes have a low profile look, yet you can assure that the DECKED Tool Box is difficult to break into with a pry bar and it doesn’t even get damaged. It uses a tub-lid interface to reduce theft pry bar points.


A side toolbox is designed for mounting above the side rails on the bed. Most side toolboxes have one compartment. However, there are also others that include two compartments. So, you can use the large compartment for storing your power tools while the smaller compartment can be used for keeping other smaller items. For complete security, each compartment includes two locking flip latches.


Wheel well truck tool boxes are another style that is quite different. Instead of having a saddle design, this toolbox utilizes the back portion of your truck bed. The toolbox covers half of the wheel well and swings out from its mounted position, giving you easy access to all the items inside. It can also be easily removed in case you want more space for carrying something bigger in your truck bed. It comes with a removable inner tray for storing smaller items. The lid is sealed with a single lock.


Your Vehicle Will Not Be Complete Without A Truck Tool Box


Do you enjoy exploring the great outdoors with your truck? Traveling on the road is a great way to take a break so you can concentrate on some important things while having a good time. It is even much better if it is done in your pick-up or truck. After all, you have all the things that you need inside your vehicle. Really? Regardless of how incredible your vehicle is, it does not feel complete if you don’t have a truck toolbox on it.


Military men looking for items inside the truck tool box.


These heavy duty truck tool boxes can protect you in case of emergency situations, allow you to explore a world of possibilities, and enhance your experience. While you are throwing all the things that you need at the back of your truck, it is never the same as having a toolbox. This is because your spare tools are not always clean and they can quickly fill your vehicle with bacteria, dust, and other unpleasant elements that you want to avoid.


The best truck tool boxes might be the thing that you have been looking for. Taking a trip on the road with your truck is an exciting adventure. Whether you are going on a family road trip, going to work, or traveling solo at night, it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is you have access to your essential tools. Having the best truck toolbox such as DECKED Tool Box can let you enjoy any type of adventure that you want to experience.


Why Should You Install a Truck Toolbox on Your Vehicle?


Emergency Kit


Have you ever considered what would happen if your truck suddenly breaks down? Perhaps you don’t have any other option but to call for help. But what if you are in the middle of nowhere and you can’t manage to get a good signal? It is always advantageous to carry a complete set of emergency items with you while you are traveling. Having large truck tool boxes will make it easier for you to organize your emergency items in one location so you can access them whenever you need them.


A person placing a shovel inside the truck tool box.


Protect Your Gear


If you enjoy camping and fishing trips, then having a truck toolbox is an excellent way of storing all your necessary gear. Tossing your gear at the back of your truck will make it harder for you to find them, resulting in a lot of wasted time. With low profile truck tool boxes, there is no need to worry about all of this.


Weather Supplies


If you choose to travel in an area having harsh weather, then you should have weather supplies in your truck to save you some delays. It is possible that you could get stuck on a road blocked due to snow. But if you bring a shovel with you, then you can easily clear the path. Without having custom truck tool boxes, your shovel will always keep on moving around at the back of your trunk which could likely damage its inside walls.


The DECKED Tool Box is the perfect companion for contractors, tradesmen, fishermen, hunters, skiers, campers, busy families, and many more. It is best for organizing your toys and tools. To access the two drawers, just lower down your tailgate, afterward, you can easily pull the drawers out. Opening the drawers can be done in a breeze, thanks to its small plastic wheels. The drawers are large enough for storing tools. At the same time, it is also longer for storing golf clubs, guns, and your favorite things.