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Getting To Know Leonard Truck Accessories

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“Leonard” has been around as a company since the early 60s, and is not to be confused with The Leonard Company, founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan by Charles H. Leonard. Rather, the Leonard buildings & truck accessories manufacturer operates out of North Carolina. They have four main product lines, including truck and vehicle accessories, storage sheds & buildings, trailersm and commercial fleet products.


Leonard Storage Sheds And Buildings

Leonard offers a range of sheds and outbuildings, from traditional barn shapes to gables, salt boxes, and lean-tos. They allow you to buy or rent to own, typically with free delivery, and/or a year of free financing. They also have a “design studio” utility on their website which lets you build a virtual outbuilding to order. While these are all presented as storage sheds, Leonard also has guides for converting them into home gyms, office space, entertainment rooms, and more.


Leonard Cargo And Utility Trailers

Leonard has been known as a trailer manufacturer since 1961, and still makes utility trailers, flatbed trailers, tow dollies, cargo trailers, and dump trailers exclusively in the USA. They also service their own trailers, as well as offering financing options.

Their trailer-selling arm has just under 60 brick-and-mortar locations, throughout Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina. These service centers are also the largest installers of gooseneck and bumper trailer hitches in these 5 states.


Leonard Commercial And Fleet Sales

Lastly, Leonard has a special arm of the business dedicated to providing all three of these services to large commercial fleets and government bodies. Several large utility companies, construction firms, non-profits, and government agencies use no one else.

So, let’s take a closer look at some of the accessories and other goodies you can find at Leonard building and truck accessories stores in NC, SC, TN, VA, and WV.


Leonard Truck Accessories – Mayhem Combat Series Chrome Wheels

Mayhem Chrome Wheel

Mayhem Wheels stress their “tactical approach” to product design. They have produced an extremely durable wheel size for today’s trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps. The base material is a strong aluminum alloy which can withstand load ratings of up to 3,540 pounds (based on 40-inch tires). As they are made with a range of different offset and backspace values, you are sure to find something that suits both your truck and your sense of personal style. The wheels come with a lifetime structural warranty.

Other styles available include the Cali Off-Road Americana and the Cali Off-Road Switchback.


Leonard Truck Accessories – Leer Truck Caps

Leonard is one of the top distributors of Leer brand truck caps in their entire 5-star service area. Leer, in turn, is one of the biggest manufacturers of truck caps in North America. They were founded in 1964 in Elkhart, Indiana and most of their product lines are still built in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and California today.


Leer 180XR truck cap


The 180XR mid/high rise truck cap by Leer is ideal for off-roading. It offers an extra 15% of cargo space over a cab-high design, and its single-piece curved glass rear door is as stylish as it is effective. The 50/50 sliding side windows and screens installed are perfect for ventilation and pets. Fiberglass base rails and a recessed 3rd brake light are included.


Leer DCC commercial truck cover

Leer DCC Commercial Truck Cover

The Leer DCC commercial truck cover is more than just a truck cap. It incorporates a TIG welded “super cage” roof structure, an external skin of 035 smooth aluminum, stainless steel latches with bolt locks, and a DCC fuse box to make sure you have power when and where you need it. This product can be configured for a range of popular working truck models, and fitted with many internal accessories.

Both the color and the structure are warranted for 5 years.


100XQ truck cover by Leer


Leer 100XQ Fiberglass Truck Cover

This truck cap is cab-high to give you a sleek, streamlined look as well as maximum cargo space. It includes a flip-up weather cover, twist-out windows, a recessed 3rd brake light, tinted glass, and an interior light. Both roof and headliner are insulated, making the cab of your truck ideal for camping. This truck cap comes with a lifetime warranty, limited to a single vehicle and owner.


LEER 100XQ Sport Truck Cap

This is another fine cab-height truck cap from Leer, the nation’s number one manufacturer. It is based on the 100XQ, but provides an integrated spoiler, tip-out windows, an interior tube light, and keyless remote access. Both color and structure are warranted for 5 years.


Leonard Work Van Accessories


In addition to truck caps and toppers designed for working vans, Leonard sells accessory kits to make the interior space of your truck more effective and efficient.

In addition to a “General” working van line, these accessory kits can be specialized for plumbers, electricians, mechanics, and contractors.


Leonard commercial van shelving


Model 600-8110R Commercial Shelving Van Package

This fine Leonard Truck Accessories product is designed specifically for the full-size Ford transit van with a 130-inch wheelbase. The shelves can be arranged in a wide variety of configurations, and offers a hefty bulkhead to protect the driver and passenger against shifting loads or cargo. Additional products and kits, such as a van rack, can be incorporated.

Leonard Cable/Plumber van package


Leonard Cable / Plumber Van Package, Full-Size

This set of Leonard truck accessories is designed specifically for plumbers and cable / telecommunications installers. It is designed to be installed in a Nissan NV2500 with a 130-inch wheelbase. It includes adjustable shelving, a shelf door, drawer cabinets. and a bulkhead to protect the driver and passenger from shifting loads during sudden stops or accidents.

A range of other productivity accessories are available, and similar packages exist for other makes and models of working vehicles.



Leonard Electrical Contractor Van Package, High-Roof

Another set of fine Leonard truck accessories for the Nissan NV2500 model, this version is designed specifically with electrical contractors and electricians in mind. In addition to the standard features like a safety bulkhead and adjustable shelving, this accessory set for the 146-inch wheelbase Nissan NV2500 includes a parts bun and other industry-specific productivity enhancers.



Leonard Truck Bed Liners And Bed Mats

One of the best things you can do to preserve the value of a pickup or working truck is to protect the bed from scratching and denting with a sturdy bed liner or another form of protection. Here are a few of the bed liner options you can buy from Leonard Buildings & Truck Accessories, either online or in-shop.


Rugged Liner bed liner for Ford F-150

Rugged Liner For Ford F-150

This bed liner from Rugged liner was specifically designed for Ford F-150 model years 2015-2020, with the 5-foot seven-inch bed. This is the thickest bed liner of its type in the industry today, and is highly skid-resistant. It offers superior impact protection over spray-on liners, and its form prevents pooling or puddling. This product has integrated tie-down holes.

Rugged liner products are patented, and made in the USA.


Man accessing DECKED drawer system


If you need to protect your truckbed, but also want to incorporate a secure, weatherproof tool or cargo storage and organization system, consider an upgrade to the DECKED Drawer System, which we’ll look at in more detail later in this article.


Spray-On Bed Liner


Leonard Spray-On Bedliner, Under The Rail

This spray-on bed liner product from Leonard Building and Truck Accessories is a black, textured coating which is attractive and durable. You can load any kind of cargo without risking gouges or scratches to your paint, which in turn prevents rust and maintains the value of your vehicle.

The compound releases no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) when drying or in use, and is environmentally friendly in other ways as well. Note, this material must be applied by a skilled technician at a Leonard Truck Accessories center.

This product is priced differently for application on long and short bed pickups.



Leonard Spray-On Bedliner, Over The Rail

This is the same high quality, environmentally inoffensive compound used in the under-the-rail spray on bed liner application, but it is applied to the tops of the bed rails as well. This protects the rails themselves from wear and damage, which could lead to rust.

This product is priced differently for application on long and short bed pickups.

Curt Rear Mount Trailer Hitch

Leonard-Installed Trailer Hitches

Leonard offers a range of different trailer hitch products, from reputable manufacturers like B&W and Curt. You can choose from rear-mounted trailer hitches, bumper-mounted trailer hitches, RV hitches, gooseneck hitches, 5th wheel hitches and base replacements, and trailer-related Leonard truck accessories like hitch pins, hitch balls, hitch adapters, couplers, and trailer hitch locks.



Curt Trailer Hitches

Leonard supplies and installs front, rear, and bumper mounted trailer hitches made by Curt. These are perfect for hauling boat trailers and campers, but also for light commercial use. A typical Class 3 trailer hitch from Curt offers a 2-inch receiver, and can pull trailers or similar loads up to 12,000 pounds.



B&W Turnoverball Gooseneck Trailer Hitch Kit


B&W Gooseneck Trailer Hitch Kits

These high-quality aftermarket gooseneck trailer hitches from B&W can generally be mounted with only a 4-inch hole in your truckbed. Otherwise, it bolts to holes that already exist in the frame, and requires no welding or drilling.

This product fits Ford F150 trucks between the 2015 and 2020 model years. However, it is not compatible with Any F150 Raptor or F150 Limiteds of the 2019 or 2020 model years.


B&W Patriot 5th Wheel Hitches

These 5th wheel hitches and hitch bases from B&W offer a number of features, including a full 12 inches of movement – plenty for maneuvering in shortbed trucks – and durable polyurethane bushings for a long product life.


Leonard Truck Accessories Near Me

Leonard is one of the largest truck accessories distributors in North and South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia, and Tennessee. You won’t have to work too hard to find them, either. Just google “Leonard Truck Accessories.” Before you do, though, we would like to ask you to consider some of DECKED’s fine mobile tool storage and organization solutions as well.


What You Won’t Find At Leonard Building And Truck Accessories Stores

As much as Leonard has, they don’t carry everything. Let’s explore one or two DECKED items you can’t get at a Leonard Truck Accessories Center or at their online shop.


DECKED drawer system

The DECKED Drawer System – A Ton Of Storage Under Your Bed Liner

Imagine if your bed liner protected your cargo, as well as your bed. The DECKED Drawer System can do that. The raised second bed protects a pair of heavy duty, lockable, and watertight underbed drawers, each of which can store up to 1,000 pounds of tools or equipment. Better still, it comes with a host of tool and gear organization features which make using the system much easier.

The DECKED Drawer System tool and cargo storage solution actually gives you a bigger truck bed too. You see, the raised bed now extends above both wheel wells in most vehicle types and models.

The entire system is made of recyclable plastics, along with steel and aluminum reinforcement. Each drawer locks independently, and cannot be opened unless your tailgate is down. This keeps everything you store in it not just safe from the weather, but from unauthorized access as well.


The DECKED Tool Box – Tool and Gear Storage for the 21st Century

The DECKED Tool Box lets you transport a huge volume of tools or supplies. Like the DECKED Drawer System, it is not just sturdy and weatherproof but also completely secure. The locking mechanism is not just reinforced but armored against even the best-equipped thieves.

No other truck-mounted tool box on the market offers the kind of strength the DECKED tool box offers. It features removable dividers and organizers, but can open up into a single weatherproof, secure space.


We hope you learned a little about Leonard Truck Accessories, and some of the many fine products they manufacture or carry. We hope you’ve learned a little bit about the kind of tool storage and organization accessories you can only get from DECKED, as well.