DECKED - Leer Truck Accessories: All You Need To Know

Leer Truck Accessories: All You Need To Know

Leer is one of the leading manufacturers of tonneau covers and truck caps in the US and Canada. They specialize in both fiberglass and aluminum truck caps and bed covers. Leer truck accessories come in all shapes, sizes, and types.

Leer was founded in 1964, and they currently employ over 1,000 people. They are headquartered in Elkhart, Indiana, and that is where their engineering, mold-making, and design works are to this day. They remain a privately held company.

There are Leer truck accessories distributors in all 50 states and most of the provinces of Canada. This is easily the largest distribution network in the industry. They sell to fleet operators, businesses large and small, and to individual truck owners.

Leer acquired the Truck Accessories Group in 1987, and they have manufacturing facilities in Milton, Pennsylvania, Elkhart, Indiana, and Woodland, California. Other Truck Accessories Group brands include Snugtop truck caps, tonneau covers, and bedslide sliding bed trays.

So, let’s take a much closer look at products Leer makes and distributes, and a few DECKED brand alternatives for the discerning truck owner.


Leer logo



Leer Truck Accessories, Caps

Call them what you will: camper shells, truck caps, or truck toppers, many pick up truck owners choose to mount a hard shell over the bed of their pick up to make it something more akin to an SUV. Many come from the factory floor with truck caps already installed, and many others are bought aftermarket.

Leer topper on Ranger pick up



Aftermarket truck caps are typically manufactured for a particular make and model of vehicle today, and can be had in just about every standard color the trucks are sold in. However, you can still get “generic2” or “universal” truck toppers that fit a wide range of models with the same bed dimensions. The visual effect is usually jarring, though, and these have become much less popular than they were 30 years ago.

Leer 100XR truck cap


Leer 100XR

The Leer 100XR truck cap provides a weathertight seal for your truckbed, but also offers ventilation for hauling pets or camping. Side window and rear door tinting is standard, as is automotive grade paint, and roof insulation. This truck cap also features a recessed LED brake light, gas-filled props for the rear door, fiberglass base rails, and a lifetime warranty.

Leer DCC-MT3



Leer DCC-MT3 Truck Cap With Tool Storage

This truck cap is highly configurable to a range of different purposes, and should only be installed by a Leer Authorized Dealer. It offers an adjustable shelf, lockable side hatches for tool and supply access, and can be purchased with modular tool boxes.

This model has a reinforced infrastructure to offer 17% more strength than the standard Leer fiberglass truck cap, and is Leer’s first foray into an all-aluminum truck cap. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty if installed by an authorized dealer.


Leer 180CC Mid-Rise Truck Cap

This truck cap is another popular option from Leer Truck Accessories. It extends slightly above the height of the cab to give you extra cargo space. The sides are solid, featuring only false windows, to add extra security. After all, what people can’t see, they won’t be tempted to steal.


Leer Truck Accessories: Tonneaus

A tonneau cover is a simple, inexpensive and relatively effective way to weatherproof your truck bed and to keep it free of blown trash and debris. Most importantly for some buyers, the aerodynamic drag of your pick up will be noticeably lower with a tonneau cover attached, making your vehicle more fuel efficient. This results in lower running costs and a smaller carbon footprint.

Note, though, that a truck with a crossbed or rail-mounted tool box or other accessories (even Leer truck accessories), will not usually be able to mount any kind of tonneau cover.

Leer SR250 tonneau cover



Leer SR250 Tonneau Cover

The Leer SR250 tonneau cover is simple and economical. It features the Leer Cync release latch, which allows you to open the cover with one hand, from either side of the tuck bed.

The cover is made of reinforced, double coated vinyl, and rolls up for access to the bed. Tension is adjusted automatically, with no action required from the user.

Leer Latitude tonneau cover



Leer Latitude Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

This tri-fold tonneau cover is not rigid, but soft, and pliable. It is designed to protect your bed and its cargo in extreme weather conditions, and has additional security fasteners to keep everything locked down.

This model can be opened and closed with the tail gate of the truck up or down, and the catch plate can be positioned very close to the tail gate. It features Leer’s proprietary Cync easy-open latching system.



Leer HF350M Tonneau Cover

This rigid tri-fold tonneau cover can be installed quickly and easily without any tools. It is resistant to dents and attaches to most pick-up trucks in seconds. This product comes with a 3-year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.  



Leer Truck Accessories: Miscellaneous

It is rare when a one-piece truck cap or tonneau cover solves all your problems. That is why Leer truck accessories offers… well, more truck accessories for use with their truck caps. These range from electrical fittings and clothes hanger racks to storage lockers and topside cargo bars.



Leer 3 Outlet Powerblock

This useful little kit provides 3 lighter-style power sockets to be mounted nearly anywhere inside your bed or truck cap. Simply tie the heavy gauge wire into your truck’s electrical system.    

An inline fuse prevents overloads and short circuits.



Leer 7 Way AUX Power Harness

This wiring harness provides not just control of your third brake light, but control of additional turn signals. Also available in an INT power version.


12-inch Royal Clothes Hanger Rail

Always have a change of clothes on hand, and you can look professional on any job. This fold-away hanger rail mounts to the roof of your truck cap. Non-slide protrusions prevent bunching and wrinkling.

Leer Locker under-cap storage



5 Foot Leer Locker Storage System

This wide, lockable drawer mounts on the top / ceiling of your truck cap or topper.  It offers four internal spaces for light cargo or supplies, and keeps your gear up away from the truck bed. Better still, most potential thieves will never know the locker or its hidden treasure is there. Also available in a 6 foot version for longer toppers.

Pet Screen Protectors

These plastic mesh screens attach to any Leer truck caps with 50/50 side sliding windows. They provide all the ventilation dogs or other animals could need, without the risk of an open window.


Fishing Rod Holder

These adjustable mounting brackets allow you to secure several fishing rods with or without reels, inside your truck cap, or tonneau cover. This is one of the most useful Leer truck accessories for anglers.  

Leer Truck Accessories For Thule Roof Rails And Cargo Bars

Sometimes even the protected cargo space inside a truck cap is not enough. Many users opt to mount roof rails on top of the more sturdily built truck caps in order to transport even more gear. Just be sure your truck cap is truly capable of taking the extra load. Some un-reinforced fiberglass toppers can crack or buckle when overloaded.

Thule roof rack



Thule Load Straps, 15 Foot

A set of 2, 15-foot straps for securing loads to Thule and other brands of cargo rails when mounted above your truck cap. Buckles are bumpered to prevent any scratches to your finish.

Thule Wingbar



Thule Wingbar With Brushed Aluminum Finish

These premium Thule branded cargo bars are shaped aerodynamically in order to provide a smooth ride with as little wind drag as possible. Available in a pack of 2 with locks and mounting instructions.

Black finish is also available.

Thule Airscreen fairing


Thule Airscreen XT Fairing

This fairing is mounted forward of your cargo racks, in order to reduce the atmospheric drag they produce. Like a tonneau cover, an aerodynamic fairing can reduce your running costs and carbon footprint by improving your fuel efficiency on long trips.

Where Can I Find A Leer Truck Accessories Store Near Me?

Leer truck accessories are sold all over America, Canada, Mexico, and even farther afield. Almost all major auto parts stores and specialty truck accessory centers carry leer parts and accessory kits. But, while you’re shopping for accessories, don’t overlook some of the other amazing brands out there. And, yes, we’re mainly talking about DECKED.




What You Won’t Find At Leer Truck Accessories Stores

DECKED drawer system in a red pick up



The DECKED Drawer System – All The Storage And All The Bed Space

The DECKED Drawer System gives you two full-size underbed drawers, each of which can store up to 1,000 pounds of tools or equipment safely, securely, and dryly. It is an amazing tool and cargo solution, because it actually increases the effective size of your bed. Look closely. The raised bed extends above both wheel wells. The entire system is designed, built, and sold in the USA, using recyclable plastics, steel, and aluminum reinforcement.  

DECKED drawer system and a pallet of sacks



The DECKED Drawer System lets you pile all the cargo you could normally carry on top of the bed protector, while protecting the actual bed of your truck from damage.

DECKED drawer system under logs




The DECKED Tool Box – Mobile, Secure, Low Profile Tool And Gear Storage

The American-made DECKED Tool Box fits behind the cab of almost any working truck or pick-up. Much like a traditional crosswise style truck box, It lets you transport a huge volume of tools or supplies in a sturdy, weatherproof container. The lock is even armored against both unauthorized access and accidental opening.






Better still, the DECKED Tool Box is just one part of a complete DECKED tool organization ecosystem. It comes with a DECKED D-Box and Snack Tray small parts container, and many other organizational extras are available. All of these parts are fully compatible with the DECKED Drawer System. In fact, you can lift a D-Box or Crossbox directly from the DECKED Tool Box and mount it securely in the DECKED Drawer System.


A Word About The Recyclability Of Truck Accessories And Modifications

Ecology and recyclability might not be the first things we think about when selecting truck accessories or add-ons. We think about style, utility, weight and expense, naturally. Possibly in a different order. But environmental concerns should always be in the corner of our minds.

Part of making an environmentally sound product is making sure your materials are reusable, recyclable, or both. DECKED products have three main ingredients. The first is a high impact, durable, and UV-proof polymer resin. Plastic if you will. The second is steel and the third is aluminum. Steel and aluminum are poster children for recyclability. They can be melted down, alloyed, and reformed hundreds or thousands of times with very little loss or waste. No problems there. But historically, plastics have been a problem. Single use plastics can be terrible for the environment. They are a petroleum product, so they start out with one strike against them. Then there is the fact that they creak down only very slowly, and when they do they release microplastic particles which can harm animals and people.

Well, DECKED’s plastics aren’t like that at all. Not only are they very easy to recycle, they leave the factory already containing a high percentage of recycled material. The key to using plastics responsibly is making sure they are not just possible to recycle, but economical to recycle. Well, we have. Any ‘plastic waste’ we generate in our factory is a resource. We break it down and add it to the next batch of resin, and virtually nothing goes to external recycling, let alone the landfill.

In the end, that means that DECKED products are surprisingly green and ecologically responsible, as well as strong and great-looking.  


We hope you learned a little about the Leer Truck Accessories organization, as well as some of the sturdier alternatives from DECKED. Remember, when you need to take your tools on the road, DECKED is always the answer.