The DECKED Large Tool Box: Innovation + Excellence

The DECKED Large Tool Box – Where Innovation Meets Excellence

Mediocrity is for half-jobs, and we know that just doesn’t cut it in any vocation—ours or yours. So, when we began developing the DECKED large tool box, our focus was firmly on creating excellence.

One thought was to make the standard large metal tool box better, but the idea didn't excite us. Another way to improve on the typical large plastic tool box, and that didn’t spark much interest.

We considered a large tool box on wheels, but that concept was limiting. A large rolling tool box is great for the garage or a workshop but inconvenient to load and take to a job site.

We wanted something that was fixed and portable to give you the best of both worlds. Our aim was also to build something that went beyond what the market was offering. It was also our goal to create something significant that would improve your working circumstances.

Ideas slowly started coming, and the research followed. It has been a long exciting road to get to where we are, but finally, we can bring you a large portable tool box. The features and benefits of this large tool storage box exceed what we believe is presently available.

The result encompasses innovation and excellence.

Open DECKED Tool Box showing a closed D-Box, telescopic integrated ladder and Snack Tray filled with work items.


Innovation comprises a new idea, method, or development or an original device. These concepts include something that has never been done before or take existing theories, processes, or devices and change them to produce something wholly new and original.

Individuals or corporations and the people who work in them can innovate through technology or something else. The basis is an improvement on existing concepts, bringing something new into being that wasn't previously there.

DECKED has used technology and ideation to achieve the best large tool box for our customers. But, of course, this newness does not mean that someone else can't do the same. Still, we're aware that competitors are continually investing in research and development, so we will keep pushing ourselves to keep our heads above the crowds.

For now, we are happy with our DECKED Tool Box, which is synonymous with excellence.


We didn’t want to build another large wheeled tool box or another large Craftsman tool box or compete with the types of products like the DeWalt large tool box. Instead, we aimed to create something more unique, modern, and durable using available materials and technology.

A look at what happens behind the scenes with a DECKED employee standing at a machine.


Our research led us to speak with engineers, manufacturers, and scientists to get to the nuts and bolts of engineering, materials, and design.

1.        We learned about High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and how this plastic is widely used to create multiple and diverse products. Also, we found out about polypropylene (PP) with fiberglass reinforcement that is hardier than many other materials.

2.        Our curiosity led us to weigh the features of stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, and anti-corrosion materials and weigh these against other materials.

3.        Further exploration motivated us, and we investigated the advantages of injection molding.

4.        Science, technology, engineering, and creativity drove our search. As a result, we came up with many ideas that fed into the manufacture and design of the DECKED Tool Box and accessories.

Finally, our search led us to produce a quality product that we could be proud of and that you would love as we do.


DECKED does not make anything like the large wooden tool box, which looks like it came from your grandad’s era back in the 1970s or earlier. Don’t get us wrong—we appreciate the value of a wooden tool box, and we respect the sentimentality of owning one. However, your grandad’s tool box is not made like ours.

Man standing to the side of a fire service vehicle with the back of the pickup truck packed to the brim with emergency equipment. This toolbox is so tough that the military and service industry relies on the DECKED Tool Box and DECKED Drawer System.

Injection molding is an integral part of making our large truck tool box. This manufacturing process translates into zero welds or joins that weaken the structure of the box. So you can sit on it, throw rocks at it, tow it behind your pickup over rocky terrain, and the worst that will happen is it will get dirty. It may even get a few scratches.

It won't get dented or dinged because our extra large tool box is made from industrial strength HDPE. Include galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcements and high-polymer resin, and it is pretty much indestructible.

This DECKED Tool Box is so tough, it will even make a pry bar cry. So, the next time you’re looking for a large tool box for sale, look no further—you’ve reached your destination. Not even the DeWalt tool box Tough System series can compare.

What you have is a large tool box that is impossible to dent but easy to love.

Secure—Like Fort Knox

Think if you’ve seen one tool box you’ve seen them all? Guess again.

Where the Milwaukee Packout large tool box is durable, the large Snap on tool box is a large tool box with drawers and wheels. Both have excellent features, but neither brand has the level of security that gives you the confidence to lock up and walk away.

What sets the DECKED Tool Box apart is that it is built like Fort Knox—no one gets in or out except with your say-so.

Image of an employee demonstrating how trying to get into the DECKED Tool Box is practically impossible.

Steel reinforcements in the lid are the first step in a design that is easy on the eyes, tough on thieves.

Step two consists of a tub-lid interface that is practically immune to pry bar vulnerabilities.

Step three of the design has an armored locking mechanism made from robust steel.

Much of this design may sound familiar—but put them all together, and you have a security system similar to a safe. You can unlock the tub with one of the two keys, but no thief can break-in, even if using a pry bar. One more advantage is that thieves can only remove the tub from your pickup if you leave the lid open—and that's on you!

You can do your work, go camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, or anything else. As long as you lock the tub while away, your goods stay safe.


Anyone looking at large storage containers for tools is typically looking for efficiency. Efficiency means that the performance and function are the best possible. Efficiency is also reliable and produces a cause or effect, which describes the DECKED Tool Box to a "T."

Due to injection molding, our toolbox doesn’t have the seams that you typically see in something like the Kobalt large tool box. Seamless creation equates to a waterproof product.

Clever design in the lid of our product also deflects water from entering the container, ensuring that your power tools and other sensitive equipment remain dry, even in the worst conditions.

Image of a pickup truck with the DECKED Tool Box standing up to poor weather, indicating that it is 100% waterproof.

We use an ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) gasket, which provides different sealing properties. This sealing gasket not only seals the tub but resists damage from the environment, such as UV light, steam, heat, ozone, and other weather factors. Your tub is protected at so many points that even the internal hardware is safe from unfavorable conditions.

Our large waterproof tool box also contains corrosion-resistant materials in the lid and hardware, so it won't rust. It is so effective that it keeps your gear bone dry, even when you are soaked to the bone.


People often confuse the different meanings of efficient and effective. Effective, in this case, means to achieve the results that you want. Because our tool box large is also modular, organizing your tools is effective.

The Snap On large tool box is modular, but it is only mobile around the garage or workshop. Although efficient and modular for tool organization, it doesn't have the same characteristics and advantages as the DECKED Tool Box.

With our Tool Box, you can arrange your sensitive electrical tools and components in one place and other devices in another. Of course, every good tool box allows for modular storage. Still, this product is not just any large mechanics tool box, even though it is suitable for multiple purposes beyond the mechanic's needs.

Besides being lockable, secure, and highly durable, the DECKED Tool Box makes space for a Snack Tray on one side and the integrated ladder on the other. Snack Trays are open containers where you can store items that you regularly use for easy reach. They act as convenient easy-reach packing solutions with the D-Box providing further modular storage.

Image of man carrying a blue D-Box with its easy-grab handle.

The D-Box rests on supports within the tub. They have separate compartments and are easily removable due to easy-grab handles. Below the D-Box, there is more storage space that extends the length (76”) and breadth (22”) of the large tool box.

You can purchase additional storage solutions such as the Crossbox. In addition, separate draw dividers make the organization even more effective. Ultimately, you can load the tub up with 500 pounds of goods, which increases its efficacy.

Another practical benefit is that you can store the unique Decked X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit in the tub. This impressive product combines the versatility of the D-Bag with additional benefits like a Seventy2 Pro survival kit and Zeus power station.

The Decked X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit showing how much it can store for emergency purposes.

Because we are constantly improving our products and services, this last addition is invaluable if you want the ultimate in 21st century excellence. But, as we said earlier, this ain’t your grandad’s toolbox, because it’s not 1973.


This large tool box for trucks is not just convenient; it is also aesthetically pleasing. The matte black exterior gives you the sense of it being a class act while also being rugged, efficient, and effective. It is robust and exudes a masculine air while being modestly striking.

It looks like it came from this century, and we specifically designed it to have an understated look. Our thinking behind this exterior was that if your truck is sexy, your toolbox should be the same. So, if you want a large tool box for pickup trucks, you’ve come to the right place.


You no longer need a large garage tool box if you have a pickup truck. The DECKED Tool Box is versatile. It combines the large tool box that is mobile with the convenience of the large tool box on wheels. Also, you don't need a separate large rolling tool box because it effectively becomes a large portable tool box on your truck bed once you install it.

You get to own a large tool box that is portable, saves space in your garage, and contains smaller modular tool boxes that you can carry with you, no matter what work you do.

One more versatile element of our product is that you can use it for work and recreation. It is suitable for storing camping gear, hunting equipment, hiking provisions, or fishing tackle.

More versatility is at your fingertips since this tool box is ideal for ranches, fleets, and tactical purposes.

The versatility of this tub does not end there, as we have one more ace up our sleeves.


We brought the integrated ladder (separate purchase) into reality when tapping into the team's innovative, creative side. This ladder fits into the large tool box without taking up storage space. We make the ladder from 6000 series aluminum which is fit for medium-duty. That's a great idea, but it doesn't end there.

Pickup truck displaying the Full Monty with the DECKED Drawer System, DECKED Tool Box and integrated ladder extended out to ground level.

You fold the ladder out with a few quick moves and clicks to telescope it onto the ground, even if the truck is lifted. From there, you can climb up to get stuff out of the tub. This innovation does away with the problem of repeatedly having to climb on and off the truck bed.

This innovation alone distinguishes our products from the rest, so step up your game.

But there are many more besides the adjustable nesting ladder. Remember, the box itself is industrial grade. It is indestructible, built like a safe with dual security mechanisms, and it is so robust that it will outlast your great, great granddad's large wooden toolbox.

Invest in Excellence

The DECKED large tool box possesses unique features and many benefits that make on-duty and off-duty activities a pleasure.

Access financing for individual or bulk orders and consider kitting your pickup truck, service body, or cargo van with the DECKED Tool Box as well as the DECKED Drawer System.

Check the applications to see if our products match your vehicle type by clicking the respective tabs before placing your order.

Once you’re happy that they will, invest in innovation and excellence by investing in yourself.