Kobalt Truck Tool Box vs. DECKED Truck Tool Box

Kobalt Truck Tool Box vs. DECKED Truck Tool Box

Tool boxes are very important, no matter what activity you do. They are so common that almost every household has them. This is because, among many other things, a truck tool box helps keep your work tools safe. This is more likely to be the case if your work involves working on the go, i.e a plumber, mechanic, or electrician. A truck tool box makes it easy to keep your tools organized, allowing ease of access.

With the ever-increasing demand for truck tool boxes, the industry is flooded with numerous manufacturers. While this gives you a wide range of options to choose from, it also makes it hard to identify the best one. This is more likely if you are not used to shopping for truck tool boxes. To help you address this problem, we compared two of the leading truck tool boxes on the market; the Kobalt truck tool box and the DECKED truck tool box. Read on for a detailed comparison.

Kobalt Truck Tool Box

Kobalt is one of the leading truck tool box manufacturers in the US. Its reliability has made it a popular name in the country. Apart from truck tool boxes, Kobalt also produces utility storage chests, truck accessories, and trailer hitch accessories. Given its many years of experience, Kobalt produces reliable products. A majority of its products are rugged and offer dependable storage solutions. This explains its high-reliability score.

Slim Kobalt Truck Tool Box


  • Sturdy design
  • Ideal space        
  • Durable


  • It could be too heavy
  • Size could have been more manageable
  • Costly

DECKED Truck Tool Box

DECKED is a vibrant truck tool box manufacturer that started operations in 2013. Based in Ohio, DECKED uses quality materials and technology to make its tool boxes, guaranteeing maximum satisfaction. DECKED should be your first option if you need reliable and versatile truck tool boxes. The DECKED products are made from many years of research and come with adorable features. These truck tool boxes are ideal for every working individual.

The DECKED truck tool box


  • Very durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Weather-resistant
  • Affordable


  • Misses out on luxurious accessories

Popular Types of Truck Tool Boxes

Before getting into the comparison, it is vital to know some of the popular truck tool boxes. It is not a secret that storage requirements are vital when considering any of these categories. This is because every truck tool box category comes with a unique set of storage benefits. Therefore, it is vital to figure out what you want and the kind of tools you will be storing. Doing so will help you pick the correct category of truck tool boxes.

All-Purpose Tool Box

This is by far the most common and basic type of tool box available. As its name suggests, this tool box is meant for all kinds of uses. The material used to make this tool box varies depending on the company — in most cases, it is aluminum or polythene. Most all-purpose truck tool boxes also come with a unique spot to slide in a padlock. This is meant to enhance security, especially if it includes the tool box. Therefore, if you are looking for a tool box to keep different types of tools, the all-purpose tool box will come in handy.

Pork Chop Tool Box

This is the smallest tool box in all categories. If you are a driver who doesn't have lots of extra space to spare in the truck bed but still needs secure storage, this tool box category will work excellently for you. They are weather-resistant and help keep your tools safe. In most cases, Pork Chops are mounted on top of the wheel bump instead of the back of the truck bed. This gives you the entire truck bed to keep oversized items like pipes and lumber.

Besides, this tool box category is ideal for off-roaders and campers who need a bigger truck bed space for things like ATVs. It also makes it easy to store smaller gear. Therefore, go for the Pork Chop tool box if you want a truck tool box that will help create lots of space on your truck bed.

Saddle Box Tool Box

This is another common category of truck tool boxes. It combines some of the vital features of other categories of tool boxes. With a saddle box, it is easy to access your tool. This is because you can easily access tools from either side of the truck bed. Many of the saddle box tool box models are made from extra heavy-duty materials like aluminum or powder-coated steel. There are also drill-resistant locks.

In terms of space, this tool box category is roomier, meaning that you will have enough room for your tools. However, if you want lots of truck bed space, this tool box category will not be ideal — it takes up a lot of space on the truck bed. Therefore, if you would like to use your truck bed for other purposes, this type of truck tool box will not be ideal.

Lo-Side Tool Box

This is a common category of truck tool boxes that most users prefer. Lo-side tool boxes offer adequate security and have unique weather-resistant features. What makes them unique from others is that they have a lower profile — perfect for users who don't want to reach up because they can easily pull the tool box out. Many tool boxes in this category have storage compartments that make it easy to organize your tools. They also make accessibility easier. If you have several tools and are wondering how you will keep them, this tool box will make it easy. It also prevents the risk of sustaining injuries by trying to look for small tools. You can keep smaller tools in a unique spot away from others. As a result, you will easily access it whenever you want. The same applies to larger tools.

Crossover Tool Box

This category of tool boxes is ideal, especially for users that like accessing tools from either side of the truck bed. You can easily access these tools while sitting flush with a bulkhead. Crossover tool boxes have varying styles depending on what you are looking for. It can be anything from a tool box that fits tightly with the corresponding tonneau cover or a unique box with pushbuttons and standalone dividers. These features help enhance security.

Hi-Side Tool Box

This is the least common category of truck tool boxes. It is specially designed for commercial trucks. Hi-side tool boxes are excellent for securing your tools and equipment. These tool boxes are made from drill-resistant material that provides maximum protection against theft. It also provides built-in protection against advanced climatic conditions. For example, it has gutters that push out in the case of rainy conditions. They also have a weather seal that keeps the inside dry. This tool box will work excellently because it easily flips open if you work at a job site. As a result, you will have easy access when stashing or retrieving tools.

Kobalt Truck Tool Box vs. DECKED Truck Tool Box: The Comparison

Having the different categories of truck tool boxes, it is time to find out which is the better tool box between the Kobalt and the DECKED truck. We have compared them based on the features that users find essential. Read on.


No one wants a tool box that cannot keep their tools secure. One of the basic functions of a tool box is keeping your tools safe. This is why it is vital to assess a tool box's security features before buying it. Without determining the security of a tool box, you could easily end up purchasing one of poor quality. When it comes to secure truck tool boxes, Kobalt and DECKED are among the best. However, it is vital to know which one is better between them.

Kobalt is known for producing truck tool boxes with excellent security systems. The black Kobalt truck tool box comes with an intimidating security system that keeps your tools safe. It has a two-phase severity system that can be quite complex to install. Nonetheless, this security system is also impressive. Most of the Kobalt truck tool box parts are modified to fit this complex system.

You will enjoy an inbuilt security system whenever you purchase specific Kobalt products. The Kobalt full-size truck tool box comes with a wide range of security features, including the optional remote keyless entry feature. Given that most of these parts come unassembled, you will have to install them by yourself. This will also mean you have to figure out how they work. This security system can be quite excellent if you have the time to sit down and figure it out. However, from Kobalt truck tool box reviews, some users find installing and using this security system extremely difficult.

The DECKED truck tool box guarantees maximum security. It is based on ease of use and simplicity for your convenience. However, its Drawer System and tub operate using highly advanced mechanical technology. This ensures that you have secure, robust, and impact-resistant tool storage solutions. The DECKED tool box security system is impact-resistant —it won't ding, rust, or dent like most metal storage products.

Galvanized steel and aluminum found in the tool box's tub lid keep it easy on the eye but incredibly tough on thugs. This tool box is so secure that nobody can easily break it open using a crowbar or any other hard material. If you have several free hours in an isolated location where no one can hear you trying to break into the DECKED truck tool box, then you are welcome to try.

The DECKED tool box has a revolutionary tub-lid boundary that minimizes weak spots. This goes a long way in discouraging break-in efforts. Forced entry is unheard of with the DECKED tool box because it has a steel locking mechanism. This locking mechanism is like armor plating. The DECKED engineers deliberately designed the tub lid with a high-quality locking mechanism on the cab side. This is supposed to remind you to lock it whenever it is not in use. The tool box also comes with two keys that you can use with your assistant to prevent inconvenience in case one loses their key.

The DECKED tool box with versatile security features

It is vital to always keep the spare key in a safe place. Given the tool box's tough security system, no one can access your gear or get rid of the tub — this can only happen when you leave the lid open. With this technology, the DECKED tool box stamps its authority as the best truck tool box when it comes to security. It uses industrial HDPE with aluminum reinforcements and galvanized steel in the lid. This makes it one of the toughest in the industry. In fact, the DECKED tool box can withstand around 2000 pounds of weight, with the tub carrying around 500 pounds. This means that the DECKED tool box is a robust, tough, and secure tool box that beats competition thoroughly.

Weather Resistance

Weather resistance is another important factor to consider when getting a truck tool box. You wouldn't want a tool box that cannot control moisture or water entry. Most truck tool boxes are made of metal, but not all offer weather resistance. Thus, you must ensure that the tool box you choose is weather-resistant to protect your tools against increased humidity.

If you tend to use your tools regularly, the chances of them rusting are high because such conditions increase humidity. Even though metallic tool boxes do a good job preventing water entry, they are the leading catalysts of rust and corrosion. This is why it is a good idea to choose a metal tool box that is treated and well-conditioned to prevent corrosion and rusting. When it comes to weather resistance, Kobalt and DECKED have leading truck tool boxes. But which is the better one? Let's find out.

Kobalt produces reliable truck tool boxes that do well when it comes to weather resistance. For instance, the Kobalt truck side tool box has reliable features that help prevent rusting. Most of the Kobalt tool box truck parts are also made of durable materials that prevent corrosion. They have a clever rain gutter lid to enhance weatherproofing features.

This means your tools will be in good condition no matter the weather. In addition, it has additional features that defend the tub and other contents from adverse environmental conditions. The Kobalt small truck tool box comes with waterproofing products like Kobalt-TUF that help keep tools in excellent condition. These measures help ensure that tools are not damaged.

DECKED has some of the best features when it comes to weather resistance. Its robustness and durability distinguished it from other products on the market. This huge distinction places DECKED in the 21st century, several steps ahead of the competition. The advantage also gives DECKED an edge over other products concerning weatherproofing and water.

The DECKED truck tool box is made from high-quality materials that guarantee durability. It is made from a high-impact polymer resin that doesn't rust, no matter the circumstances. As if that is not enough, injection molding makes the DECKED tool box weatherproof and waterproof. This tool box also has several other defenses. For example, an intelligent lid design gives the tub a triplicate barrier to water. It also does the same to debris trying to enter the container. The lid has a rain gutter, which means water won't enter the tool box no matter how hard it rains.

There is also a broader space between the edge of the design and the gutter, guaranteeing weather resistance. In addition, the deep gutter is a bub seal and an MDPE gasket that resists any water. It also resits any form of debris intrusion into the tub. The MDPE gasket or medium-density polyethylene is resistant to many liquids, not just water. This product also keeps its shape, meaning no memory will remain whenever there is wear and tear.

This goes a long way in ensuring the seal continues to work effectively. Therefore, if you are looking for a high-quality truck tool box that guarantees protection against harsh weather, DECKED should be your choice. This truck tool box can protect any kind of tool from weather damage, regardless of its size or material.


Having seen how these two tool boxes compare in various features, it is time to know which is better. From the comparison, it is evident that the DECKED tool box is by far the better tool box. This tool box emerged victorious in almost every field. For instance, the DECKED tool box has better security features when it comes to security. It edges out the Kobalt black truck tool box with its high-quality safety design. Even though the Kobalt truck tool box lock parts do a good job keeping tools secure, you can't compare it to DECKED's superior locking system.

The DECKED tool box is also made from high-quality materials that ensure durability. Made from high-impact polymer resin, this tool box is tough and can resist any impact. You could even hit it with a heavy hammer, but it won't dent. Weather resistance is another area that DECKED edges out Kobalt. This tool box has various features that guarantee maximum protection against weather damage. It is designed so that water won't enter it no matter how hard it rains! It also protects against rusting and corrosion. This is why the DECKED truck tool box is better than the Kobalt truck tool box.