JOBOX Tool Box or DECKED: Which Will You Choose

JOBOX Tool Box or DECKED: Which Will You Choose?

The Apex Tool Group has been around for more than 60 years. In this time, they’ve been making the JOBOX tool box and other equipment from out of Arkansas. DECKED has been around since 2013 and has been making their DECKED Drawer System and Tool Box since 2013 in Defiance, Ohio.

Like the all-Americans they are, both these companies saw a gap in the market to produce the kind of quality they love. DECKED was also intent on customizing its products to improve the quality of the lives of everyday Americans.

Despite companies like Apex developing the JOBOX truck tool box and over 200 others under the Crescent name, DECKED still saw an opportunity for improvement. Perhaps this is the difference between old-timers and newcomers—the ability to see potential in an already flooded market!

A brief look at the JOBOX tool box website displays loads of information and products, so we'll cover many of the vital details of the JOBOX vs. DECKED issue.

Image of the DECKED tub in action on the back of a pickup truck.

Crescent JOBOX Truck Tool Box vs. DECKED

The closest products to the DECKED Tool Box that we could identify are the JOBOX truck tool box crossover model PSC1456000 and the Delta JOBOX truck tool box crossover model PAC135700. Both these models are full-size truck boxes.

The table lists many of the features of each of these models and the DECKED Tool Box. Further discussions about the respective benefits follow because they’re vital considerations when matching these products to your activities.


Image of a fully packed JOBOX PSC1456000 steel single lid full-size deep crossover truck box.

Comparison item

JOBOX Pickup Tool Box - Model PSC1456000

Delta JOBOX Truck Tool Box Crossover - Model PAC135700





HDPE, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum

Manufacturing Method



Injection molding

Lock System

  • Gear-lock™ system
  • A high-strength body keeps cargo safe and protects the lock system
  • Over 1,000 pounds of prying force to break-in
  • Gear-lock™ system
  •  A high-strength body and full-width lock console resist cargo damage and protect the locking mechanism.
  •  Over 1,000 pounds of prying force to break-in
  • Armor locking system
  • Steel and aluminum lid reinforcement
  •  Injection molding
  • Superior structural design
  • It can withstand 2000 pounds of evenly distributed weight and is highly resistant to break-in.

Lid Features

  • High-strength, self-rising lids will resist attempted break-ins better than other steel lids.
  • Heavy-duty guards on single lid models protect the gas springs and extend long-term durability.
  • Self-rising lids with dual gas spring lid lifts for easy access
  • RSL™ laminated rigid structural lid bolster for superior strength

Torsion spring, spring steel, easy opening, and closing lid

Weather and Corrosion Resistance

Tough Armor-Brite® powder paint finish

Tough Armor-Brite® powder paint finish

  • HDPE, UV, galvanized steel, eco-treated hardware - water and weatherproofing.
  • EPDM and bub seals


  • Two small storage bins on tub ends
  • Four-component sliding tray
  • Two small storage bins on tub ends
  • Four-component sliding tray
  • Free D-Box
  • Snack Tray
  • Tie-downs


End-mounted push buttons

Lids lock from the driver’s side and can open from both sides of the vehicle.

Lock-on driver's side and push-button allows opening on both sides

Optional Integrated Ladder




Size Options

Multiple size options

Multiple size options

Two – for specific full size and medium-size truck models

Customized Fit




Parts Available




Image of the JOBOX crossover box - one in silver and one in black aluminum.


High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum all form part of the DECKED Tool Box structure. Industrial strength HDPE is an exceptionally robust material, while steel is known to be a durable metal.

On the other hand, aluminum is not especially strong and is vulnerable to dents. So although the first JOBOX pickup tool box model is made from steel, the other is not.

Even the military uses the DECKED Tool Box made from HDPE, indicating its value under extreme conditions. So, instead of manufacturing the DECKED tub from steel, it relies on material from the future to create a sturdy tub that does not easily incur damage like aluminum.

Neither is the DECKED Tool Box needing reinforcement other than the lid to maintain its structure.

Manufacturing Method

Both the JOBOX truck bed tool box products undergo fabrication to produce the end product. Fabrication requires the shaping and bending of metal to create any of the products from this brand, from the JOBOX underbody tool box to the JOBOX gang box tool boxes and many of the other designs from this brand.

In contrast, DECKED uses injection molding to make their tub. The difference between these two manufacturing methods is that the DECKED Tool Box has no seams. Seams make any metal product susceptible to corrosion, which is why the company chose what it believes to be a superior technological process.

An image of the open DECKED Tool Box showing the seamless injection molded structure with lid reinforcements.

Using injection molding also does away with the need to reinforce the tub structure, unlike the Delta JOBOX tool box or pickup models made by the Apex Tool Group.

As visually appealing as both these products are, DECKED also considers the use of HDPE and injection molding to give its tub the upper hand. Because your tool box should be as sexy as your truck, HDPE was the ultimate choice after comprehensive research. DECKED made this decision due to its strength, longevity, and aesthetic appeal.

Lock System

Many of the JOBOX tool box locks have a trademarked Gear-lock™ system which provides security for your equipment. JOBOX has also strengthened the body of its tool box models to safeguard stored cargo. Likewise, this reinforcement helps to protect the locking mechanism.

Due to the steel reinforcements in many JOBOX products (including the two in the table), they can withstand a pry bar force of more than 1,000 pounds. Add these features up, and the JOBOX models present a unique challenge to thieves.

DECKED has also researched and decided to use an armor locking system to help customers secure their gear. If you don’t know about an armor locking system, it is basically so kick-ass that it presents a major challenge for thieves. If thieves aren’t familiar with opening safes, they are unlikely to get through the DECKED’s defenses.

Internal image of the DECKED Tool Box armor lock system.

Add tough injection molding, steel and aluminum lid reinforcements, and a special tool box and lid interface, and you're dealing with a Fort Knox entry type of security solution.

The chances of any thief breaking into the tub are close to zero, so your gear is safe. Neither will anyone be able to remove the DECKED tub from your truck without the lid being open, giving you yet another security feature and peace of mind.

DECKED has also done its tests, and the studies show that the tub can take 2000 pounds of even weight distribution without straining or cracking. Even bending the lid with a crowbar and using intense force sees the top returning to its original position—a very discouraging situation for anyone wanting to break into your tub.

As with any reputable brand, you can get JOBOX truck tool box replacement locks and receive the same level of support from DECKED.

Lid Features

These JOBOX tool box models feature helpful lid designs in that they consist of a high strength level, are self-rising, and are resistant to theft attempts. In addition, the single lid features heavy-duty guards that protect the gas springs.

The gas springs also ensure an easy opening and closing function, essential when the lids are metal. JOBOX builds in one more feature, which is the RSL™ laminated rigid structural lid design that bolsters its strength.

The image shows the rigid internal structure of the galvanized steel lid reinforcement, which provides an additional security feature.

DECKED chose to make use of a torsion spring system for its lid. Torsion spring steel in this mechanism means the easy opening and closing of the cover. As a result, this system means you won’t suffer from bruises because of an inferior lid mechanism like the wood of your granddad’s tool box lid compressing your bodily parts.

Weather and Corrosion Resistance

JOBOX uses their trademarked Tough Armor-Brite® powder paint finish for rust resistance and other weatherproofing.

DECKED utilizes various methods to prevent the weather from impacting your tools and equipment. Anything from hailstorms to thunderstorms, dust, and debris do not get into this tub.

Other than using galvanized steel hardware and other treatments like UV protection in the HDPE structure, DECKED also uses premium-grade seals. For example, one of the lid seals is made from ethylene propylene diene monomer or EPDM. This EPDM material is known for its hardy weatherproofing benefits.

It is resistant to corrosion, seals the tub lid tightly, and the rubber reverts to its original shape despite being under pressure when closed. Another protective method is the bub seal, which adds to the efficacy of waterproofing, no matter how torrential the rain is.

To translate this benefit, your stuff stays dry and free of debris even if you’re drowning in a thunderstorm or dust storm. The heat from the sun will also not cause the tub to lose its original allure or suffer chemical damage (within reason). So, even if you’ve seen better weather days, few environmental conditions will affect the DECKED tub.


You can stack 200 pounds of gear in the DECKED Tool Box. As this image shows, a part of the blue D-Box is visible on the left and the remainder of the tub is packed to the brim. A small glimpse of the integrated ladder is visible on the right.

Plenty of this competitor's range of storage systems is available with organizational help. Other than the models under discussion, the stationary designs like the JOBOX tool box 48 inch support modular tool organization, as does the JOBOX drawer tool box.

Both of these JOBOX models contain an inbuilt storage bin on each width side and have a four-component sliding tray. These features help store smaller items while the remainder of the tool box is built to take larger items.

DECKED builds its tub with a Snack Tray on the driver's side of the tub and provides one free D-Box with each purchase. The D-Box hangs on separate supports, leaving plenty of room to the side and underneath it for additional storage. You can also buy other accessories to customize your organization strategy with this tub.

Many people prefer to personalize their tool organization strategy, which DECKED accommodates. Of course, you can settle for the smaller JOBOX tool box van trays, but then you wouldn't have all the benefits that DECKED provides, like the inbuilt tie-downs.

These tie-downs attach at the bottom of the tub, giving you the “on-call” solution you need for carrying additional freight. This feature is exceptionally beneficial when your tie-downs have gone on a convenient (NOT) walkabout.


These JOBOX products feature end-mounted push buttons and locks on the driver’s side. You can also unlock the JOBOX tool box on both ends. If your product does sustain any damage, you can access JOBOX tool box parts.

The image shows an easy push button opening mechanism on the right of the tool box. The left side features the armor lock and push button opening mechanism.

Likewise, the DECKED armor locking system is on the cab side (great reminder to lock up). This tub also has a convenient push-button opening on the opposite side, giving you two easy ways to access your gear.

Optional Integrated Ladder

Neither of these JOBOX tool box models has an integrated ladder. Instead, DECKED offers its customers the option to order the Tool Box with or without the 6000 series aluminum ladder.

If you choose the integrated nesting ladder, know it lies firmly in the tub without taking up storage space. In addition, your tool access is much easier with this ladder of the height benefit, which saves loads of time that you could spend on being productive. This ladder even works on raised trucks, so be sure to order one with the DECKED Tool Box.

In case you didn't notice, you don't get this innovation with the JOBOX tool box models. If you need a ladder, you'll have to make a separate purchase. It will take unnecessary loading space and will likely not be as safe or convenient as the DECKED ladder.

Better still, order the DECKED Drawer System when you order the tub. Then, when you combine these systems, you have a solution with clean lines and ample storage space, which is far more efficient than the JOBOX tool box with drawers and truck box options.

Image of the optional integrated ladder in its folded position.

Size Options, Customized Fit, and Parts

While JOBOX makes multiple truck tool box sizes, DECKED makes two Tool Box models for medium and large vehicles. It may seem that having more choices is better, but this is not necessarily the case.

JOBOX makes various truck tool box sizes, but none make a customized fit for specific makes and models of vehicles.

This is one more benefit that you get from DECKED—customization for the following makes:

  • Ford
  • GMC
  • Chevy
  • Jeep
  • Mercedes Benz (Sprinter)
  • Nissan
  • RAM
  • Toyota

DECKED provides replacement parts, and so does JOBOX. You can explore the website for JOBOX tool box replacement parts and DECKED for the same purpose. Either check the accessories page, contact us for help, or read through the FAQs section for more information.

You can see the integrated ladder in a position that is halfway out the toolbox, which is installed on the back of a pickup truck. The DECKED Drawer System is also installed, giving you a comprehensive storage solution.

JOBOX = NOBOX in Comparison With DECKED

As good as the JOBOX brand is, our customers and we are partial to DECKED for the many benefits this Tool Box provides.

With the comparative benefits of DECKED vs. JOBOX, there is no reason to settle for a JOBOX tool box for sale or a new model.

Rather shop by brand and application by checking if DECKED makes a Tool Box for your vehicle, then place your order online if it does. You'll get your tub in a few days, and it will take about two minutes to install securely.

Get your DECKED Tool Box today and apply for financing if you want the ultimate storage solution by ordering the DECKED Drawer System. In combination, these products are unbeatable.