60 years of Crescent JOBOX VS 8 years of DECKED

60 years of Crescent JOBOX VS 8 years of DECKED


The invention of the Crescent JOBOX Truck tool boxes has changed the world we live in today. When first introduced, these truck tool boxes were rare, and only a few were sold around the country. Since then, they have become more popular due to their premium design, unlike any other type out there. High-level engineering and manufacturing techniques make it a high-quality product that is in demand among truck drivers across the country. The Crescent JOBOX Truck tool boxes come in various sizes and colors, so you can pick out the one that suits your taste.


Crescent is known for manufacturing high-quality products with innovative ideas for years. The launch of the first-ever JOBOX truck tool box by Crescent has once again made a significant contribution to the industry. Moreover, this initiative was greatly appreciated by the users. There are many new features in these truck tool boxes that are not found in any other product on the market today. With a variety of accessories, you can customize the truck tool box that you want to own. The customizability of the tool box helps you to get a tool box that matches your style.


By starting with the JOBOX truck tool boxes, Crescent has been able to achieve this milestone. Crescent makes sure that each of the tool boxes looks and functions perfectly. By giving truck drivers a range of different choices in terms of design and quality, Crescent has developed an excellent product line that attracts the upcoming generations as well.




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About Crescent JOBOX

Crescent JOBOX has been serving the country for over 60 years and has gained recognition as a leading brand in the truck tool box industry. Crescent tries its best to provide the best quality tools and tool boxes to its customers. With these long years of experience, Crescent JOBOX also lives up to its purpose and people’s expectations to a large extent.


It all started in 1961, when the company was known as Delta Consolidated Industries, Inc. Throughout its history, Crescent has been known for its high-quality products and innovative ideas. In 1976, Delta Consolidated Industries expanded its manufacturing operations at their plant in Pennsylvania and introduced a new line of truck tool boxes. This change was the stepping stone for the JOBOX truck tool boxes, one of the most used tool boxes by truck drivers even today. Currently, their line has expanded to include up to 200 different types of tool storage compartments.


The image shows a Crescent JOBOX Tool Box with tools

The company has a reputation for extreme quality and innovation. That’s the reason why Crescent has maintained the trust of many truck drivers till the date. By providing a wide range of truck tool box models, Crescent is a step ahead in the competitive market. The classic design and reliability of the tool boxes are some of the major reasons for their popularity. Currently, the company manufactures over 2.8 million products every year. Crescent JOBOX continues to be a leading company that constantly creates new and advanced products for its customers.


Crescent JOBOX gives truck drivers a range of product choices that fit their specific needs with different configurations and sizes. The amount of research work they put in is unmatched in the industry and can be seen in the various new ideas they are introducing to the market regularly. Their products are engineered and manufactured at their first plant located in Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA.





Top Selling JOBOX tool boxes

The JOBOX tool boxes are the most popular truck tool boxes from the JOBOX line. These have been made in different configurations since their inception. The earlier versions included just a simple flat compartment in the back and didn't include an adjustable weight distribution system. However, the new line of their products is more advanced and incorporates the latest technology. Each of the JOBOX tool boxes is different from the other depending on the dimensions, colors, and use. This way, each driver can pick the one that matches their style and preference the best. The best JOBOX tool boxes are as follows:


A Crescent JOBOX Tool Box

1. StorAll™ 9" Tall Heavy-Duty Steel Drawer Storage


This JOBOX truck tool box is a single tool drawer with an adjustable base. The drawers are powder-coated, making them more durable. The tool box is corrosion-resistant and has a base designed to withstand any weather conditions. The small footprint and design of the truck tool box provide maximum storage in a limited space.


The tool box is made up of steel and comes with mounting for any type of truck. The JOBOX tool box is extremely easy to use and offers the utmost security. This JOBOX truck tool box has a quality and durable finish and is easy to maintain. The height of this truck tool box allows the maximum work to be done quickly and efficiently, while it also protects valuable tools from damage.



  • Comes with customizable drawers for driver and passenger usage
  • Easy to operate as it comes with a grip and release system
  • Weatherproof and has proper draining measures
  • It comes with an anti-skid strip which comes in handy during operation
  • The outer body is reinforced with 12-gauge steel to provide extra strength
  • Comes with an installation kit


2. Drawer Long Floor Heavy-Duty Aluminum Drawer Storage


This JOBOX truck storage tool box has been designed with aluminum drawers and a flat bottom. The outer body is also made up of recycled aluminum and comes with an anti-skid base to prevent the loss of valuable tools. The design of this truck tool box provides maximum storage space. This truck tool box has a simple, easy to use, and compact design. The overall strength of this truck tool box can withstand any weather and comes with an added feature that perfectly aligns the tool boxes. It also has an adjustable bottom to further enhance the features of the storage unit. You can divide the tray as per your requirements. The drawer can also be removed, making it easy to carry around. This truck tool box is compatible with any truck and has an overall dimension of 12"W x 6"H x 50"L.



  • It comes with pins to keep the drawers in place on the glide
  • Dividers can divide the tray into small, medium, and large sections
  • Drawers close automatically when they are latched
  • Made from heavy-duty aluminum, which prevents rusting and deterioration
  • It comes with an easily adjustable base
  • Easy to adjust and can be checked for alignment each time


3. 4 Drawer Long Floor Heavy-Duty Aluminum Drawer Storage


This JOBOX truck tool box is a perfect combination of design and quality. It has an aluminum drawer and flat bottom, making it sturdy and durable. The drawer has been customized with special features that allow you to quickly identify your precious tools. The outer body of the tool box has a heavy-duty aluminum build that prevents rusting and deterioration. The tool box comes with an adjustable base and is checked for alignment each time.


The inner side of this truck tool box is divided into four compartments. Each compartment has an independent locking mechanism that allows you to store your valuable tools safely and conveniently. It is a universal truck tool box that is compatible with any type of truck and can also be used for other purposes apart from carrying tools.



  • It has an easily adjustable base
  • Each compartment has a lock that can be operated separately and is water-resistant
  • The aluminum used in the manufacturing of this truck tool box makes it anti-corrosive, strong, and lightweight
  • Easy to mount on any type of truck and has an overall dimension of 48"W x 6"H x 50"L


4. JOBOX Aluminum Innerside Truck Box


This JOBOX truck tool box is the ultimate solution to all your storage problems. It has been made from A6061 T6 aluminum with a powder finish, making it durable and resistant to corrosion. The floor of this truck tool box has been treated with an epoxy coating which makes sure that your tools remain safe and secure inside. The overall body of this truck tool box can be adjusted and it comes with an easily adjustable base. This JOBOX truck tool box is made to fit a truck of any size and is compatible with different types of trucks. The JOBOX truck tool box comes with a set of locks that can be used to secure the drawers individually. The JOBOX truck tool box is extremely simple to use, making it easy for each driver to find and place their tools conveniently.



  • Rust-resistant aluminum due to its powder coating finish
  • Made from aluminum with an epoxy coating
  • Manufactured to fit any type of truck and has an overall dimension of 48"W x 6"H x 25"L.
  • It supports up to 3 keys to unlock the drawers individually
  • Heavy-duty guards help protect the gas spring lid lifts. They also add durability
  • The design of the trunk is reinforced to protect it from damage, and the lock system is well-protected by a full-width console
  • A built-in, full-length storage compartment for small tools and parts


5. Black Aluminum Topside Truck Box


This JOBOX truck tool box is made up of aluminum. It has a flat and smooth design. This truck tool box comes with a front lid which makes it portable. The box has enough strength that adds up to its durability and helps prevent any breakages. The inside of this truck tool box comes with two different compartments that can be used to store different sized tools and accessories at a single place. This JOBOX truck tool box has been designed for smooth operation, efficient storage, and easy handling.



  • Comes with a front lid, which increases its convenience
  • Has an adjustable bottom to further enhance the features of the truck tool box
  • Has two independent and separate locking mechanisms, each with a key
  • The design of this truck tool box is easy to install and comes with an anti-skid bottom
  • Has a flat and smooth design which helps in providing ample storage space
  • Lid lifts are protected from damage by heavy-duty guards that increase durability and add to the trunk's overall strength


Crescent JOBOX truck tool boxes have been a popular choice because of their compact design, easy to use build, and excellent storage capacity. It has been manufactured with some of the most efficient features that make it a tool box that would perform all your tasks.


If you're in to trucking, you shouldn’t miss a chance to have a look at the amazing product line from DECKED. DECKED tool boxes are known to have the best in class designs and quality. Being a truck driver or owner, you would need a tool box specifically designed for your truck. An enclosed truck tool box will protect your tools from being stolen or damaged by weather.

DECKED has different tool boxes that can fit in compartments of various types of trucks. These tool box packages are affordable and can fit into any truck. Their new eight-drawer system is a great choice for truck drivers who want to secure their tools and keep them organized. It has lockable drawers designed to adjust to the size of your tools. Like other products from DECKED, these tool boxes also have a good quality base which ensures that the tool box does not move around while you're driving. With the DECKED tool box, you can drive your truck with no tension in mind!



A DECKED tool box for trucks

Our Final Thoughts

The market would offer you a couple of truck tool boxes that one could go for. The tool box you purchase depends on your needs and preferences. Always take your time to investigate. Talk to a few people about various truck tool boxes before you come to a decision. It will ensure that you get the best value for money in quality and durability. Crescent JOBOX truck tool boxes are known for their good quality and durability, and Crescent JOBOX truck tool boxes are also affordable.


DECKED tool boxes are new in the market. But we believe your smartness of judging the tool boxes only on the basis of their quality and durability. DECKED offers a range of tools, accessories, and tool boxes. The DECKED drawer system is one of the spots for public attention. We can assure you that you wouldn’t leave the DECKED website with disappointment,