DECKED Integrations for 8' Pickup Truck Beds: Toolboxes and Transfer Tanks

DECKED Integrations for 8' Pickup Truck Beds: Toolboxes and Transfer Tanks

So, we finally answered demand for an 8' pickup truck bed integration! If you have spent time studying our new product, you see that we have not created an eight foot long system, but rather favored our standard bed system adapted for an eight footer. In doing this, we have created a space between your bed bulkhead and the DECKED system. If you want to install a DECKED system in your long bed truck, you’re looking for that special something - likely a crossover toolbox - to put in the remaining space between the system and the cab. This article should give you a good idea of what you need to consider and a few good places to start.

First, this is only meant to be a helping hand and by no means should be considered an ultimate, authoritative resource: CHECK WITH THE MANUFACTURER BEFORE ORDERING ANY OF THESE PRODUCTS TO ENSURE THEY FIT! Other brands' product names, SKU's, links, and dimensions can change at any time and it's impossible for us to guarantee this information to be 100% accurate. We can account for the problem of basic fit, but we can’t very well do the same for preferences with respect to brand, style, and cost; a one-size-fits-all solution isn’t realistic here, so we are just pointing you in the right direction.

To give you an idea of what to look for, we’ve identified a few crossover toolboxes and transfer tanks that will work with each long bed DECKED system fitment. Note that some toolboxes come in multiple lengths. Make sure to read the whole article for information regarding the width of your bedrails and toolbox length.

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You can choose one of these, or you can use the following simple guidelines to choose the exact box that’s best for you.

The first thing to do is get out your trusty tape measure and measure up your truck bed to see what you are dealing with.  

Now, refer to the below illustration ( bed illustration w/ A, B, and C dimensions - “illustration 1” ); these are the three important dimensions to pay attention to when choosing a toolbox to fit with a DECKED system in a long bed. A : the distance between the cabside edge of the DECKED system and the back of your cab; B : the distance between your inner bed walls; C : the depth of your bed.

Using available CAD data, we’ve identified A, B, and C for each long bed fitment, shown in the chart . However, due to small inconsistencies in bed size across the range of any given truck, we urge you to take and use your own measurements when the presumed fit - with respect to any dimension -  is within an inch or less. And even if, based off our provided dimensions, the fit looks sure, it’s never a bad idea to double check .

The real “make or break” dimension when choosing a box to fit with a DECKED system in your 8’ bed is A : the distance between the cabside edge of the DECKED system and the leading edge of the cabside bulkhead. Each truck we fit will have a different gap - ranging from 17.1” to 19.5” - and while toolboxes designed generally for full size trucks (in the B and C dimensions) should fit most full size trucks, many aren’t narrow enough to fit in that gap (dimension A). Below we have provided the " 'A' Dimension" for your truck as it relates to the DECKED system in place. 

Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra:


RAM 1500/2500/3500:



Ford Super Duty F250/F350 (2009-2016):




Ford Super Duty F250/F350 (2017-CURRENT):



Ford F150 (2004-2014):

Ford F150 (2015-Current):



Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500 (2019-Current):

Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra 2500/3500 (2020-Current):


Truck beds vary in overall width from model to model and are frequently equipped with a variety of OEM or aftermarket bed rail covers, so another important dimension to consider is the distance between the outside of each bedrail. Crossover toolboxes are sometimes offered in one standard length, but often come in lengths usually somewhere between 69” and 72”. Some manufacturers specify which length is appropriate for which truck, and some do not. We think the best idea is to 1) defer to the manufacturer’s fitment recommendation when available and 2) measure the distance yourself and choose what you think is appropriate.

Crossover toolboxes aren’t the only option. Transfer tanks and external fuel tanks could also make a great addition to your bed, and can be vetted using the same dimensional guidelines provided in this article.

Alright folks, below is a run down of various brands that you can cross reference with the above schematics to give you an idea of where to start looking for crossover toolboxes. 

PLEASE NOTE: DECKED is providing these insights as a courtesy to its customers and dealers. We are separate companies and not responsible for integration and harmony with non-DECKED products. Please contact these companies directly for confirmation on product compatibility, specs, product links and model numbers.

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Crossover Toolboxes

(A, B, and C refer to above measurement diagram)


The DECKED Tool Box (crossover box) is 17.5" deep, and therefore is not compatible with Chevrolet Silverado or GMC Sierra vehicles equipped with DECKED Drawer System SKU DG5 .

A : 22”   B : 76”  C : 20.53”

Trail FX

Aluminium single lid toolboxes, DEEP (product# 111701(2) and 111721(2) work for GMT900/F150 and Ram/250 SD, respectively) 

72”: A : 17”  B : 62” C : 15”
69”: A : 17” B : 58” C : 15”

Note: the Steel single lid toolboxes, at 20” wide, won’t fit.


Red Label Crossover Toolbox
A: 17.125", B: 60.75", C: 7.2"
part # DZ10170 (or DZ10170TB): standard or textured black

Better Built

Crown Series Aluminium Deep boxes
72”: A : 16.5” B : 60.5” C : 14” (part # 73010966)
70”: A : 16.5” B : 58” C : 14” (part # 73010951) (73210094 for black)
69.5”: A : 16.5” B : 58” C : 14” (part # 74010892)
68”: A : 16.5” B : 56” C : 14” (part # 73012082)

^Customer needs to determine appropriate length, 69.5-72”  






69” Single Lid Deep Crossover (part # TBSD-69) (TBSD-69-BLK for black)
A : 17” B : 61” C : 15.5” (black)

72” Single Lid Deep Crossover (part # TBSD-72) (TBSD-72-BLK for black)
A : 17” B : NA  C : 15.5” (black)

Transfer Tanks

Transfer Flow (our recommended solution)

40-Gallon Vertical Tank
A : 13”, 16.5”   B : 47.5” C : 19.5”

50 Gallon Vertical Tank
A: 16.5”         B: 60.75”  C: 14.75”

Better Built

HD 36 Gallon White Steel Transfer Tank ( product # 29224166) (non-flammable liquid)
A : 11 B : 45” C : 17”

( )

HD 36 Gallon Uncoated Aluminium Transfer Tank ( product # 37024153) (non-flammable)
A : 11 B : 45” C : 17”

( )


45 Gallon Rectangle Tank (part # TT-45-R-T/P)
A : 10.5” B : 54” C : 19.5”


50 Gallon Rectangle Tank (part # TT-50-R-T/P) (DS5 Super Duty only)
A : 19” B : 36” C : 19”

Trail FX

35-Gallon Vertical Tank (part # 210501)
A : 11.25” B : 42.25” C : 18.75”


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