In Bed Tool Box Guide: Picking A Truck Bed Tool Box That’ll Last The Long Haul

In Bed Tool Box Guide: Picking A Truck Bed Tool Box That’ll Last The Long Haul 

Written By Charli Haase

Looking for an in bed tool box? We’ve created a guide breaking down everything you need to know from what features a truck bed tool box should have to choosing one that works for you, before making the purchase.

We’ve also added a list of common in bed tool boxes, by brand, and their specifications so you can get an idea of what in bed tool boxes are out there and which ones check out for, so that you know what features an in bed tool box should have.


 Let us do the heavy work for you, because DECKED is here to help. 

What An In Bed Tool Box Should Have 

To keep it short and sweet, your in bed tool box should be: 

  • Durable
  • Secure
  • Weatherproof
  • Accessible


Durability = Longevity 

Durability is an important factor to consider before purchasing your next in bed tool box. Truck tool boxes that are durable last longer, which means you won’t burn through your hard earned money replacing them sooner than necessary. 

You may ask, How do I know if an in bed tool box is durable?

 In bed tool boxes made from impact resistant material absorb the heavy dings that naturally occur as tools get moved around, making them more durable than truck tool boxes that are made entirely from aluminum, which don’t absorb impact very well. 

Don’t let “fully-welded” tool boxes fool you when it comes to durability. Often enough, in bed tool boxes need to be mounted in order to properly install them. This can lead to mounting holes, which may be hard to repair. 

Did you know that about 50% of aluminum tool boxes leave a job dented? That’s why it’s even more important to consider if the material of a truck tool box can handle the weight of all of your tools once it is fully loaded. Not only should the tub portion of your in bed tool box be able to handle a beating, the lid and gas struts should be able to as well. In bed tool boxes that bend and sag are no fun and don’t get the job done, literally. 


Why even buy an in bed tool box to keep your tools safe and secure if your tool box can get broken into without any problem? May as well just leave your tools out in your truck bed as a free-for-all. We’re kidding, but really. Make sure the next in bed truck tool box you purchase can’t be broken into. 

An in bed tool box that’s secure should be theft-proof. Secure tool boxes are also durable, as they’re smash-proof and prybar-proof, as well as have extra security features such as a lock and key or where the user has to remove the lid of the tool box before being able to remove the tool box itself from the back of a truck. 

Weather, Rust, and Corrosion Proof 

Aside from avoiding theft, another reason why adventurers and working people invest in a tool box is to protect their tools and hardware from rain, moisture, and other weather conditions that cause rust and corrosion on tools. 

 A question that often comes to the mind of many workers is: How do I keep tools in my truck bed tool box from rusting? 

You’ll find that many in bed truck tool boxes are aluminum, welded, and outdated, however truck tool boxes that effectively protect stored tool items and keep moisture out are typically molded instead of welded, as well as have strong seals and gaskets. 

If you do choose to go with an aluminum truck tool box, you’ll want to make sure it has been treated with a protective anti-corrosion coating. 


You’re gonna want an in bed tool box that is easy to get in and out of, as well as stays organized. Finding a truck bed tool box that comes with a snack tray will help you get more for your money's worth, as you'll be able to keep smaller tools and parts better organized, which means they’ll be easier to find. 

Finally, the last thing you’re gonna want to do after a long day of work is spend another 30 minutes trying to install or remove a tool box that’s not so accessible. Some in bed tool boxes come with ladders to make getting in and out of your tool box even easier, so be sure to check out a tool box’s specifications and additional resources that are available for purchase with it.


 Think about what else you will be storing in the bed of your truck, how often you will be removing your tool box, how long it will take you, and what tool box would make your life a whole lot easier when doing all of that before deciding which in bed tool box to keep in the back of your truck. After all, your truck is sexy, your tool box should be also. 

Common In Bed Truck Tool Boxes 

The DECKED Tool Box

The DECKED Tool Box is made from materials from the future, using injection molded high impact polymer resin that’s reinforced with galvanized steel and aluminum for maximum durability. Since this in bed tool box isn’t made using only aluminum, you won’t have to worry about your next in bed tool box denting or sagging with the DECKED Tool Box. Tested at 180 degrees and a 500 pound payload, this Tool Box is impossible to dent, but easy to love. Plus, it’s a tool box that looks like it came from this century. 

This Tool Box is so tough, it’ll make a crowbar cry. With security in mind, the tub-lid interface of the Tool Box was made to minimize prybar points and is reinforced with steel for extra security against theft and powerful dings.


The locking mechanism isn’t so easy to break into either, as the Tool Box lock is made from thick steel that’s accessible only by the two keys the Tool Box comes with. For even easier accessibility, the lock is also on the driver’s side of the truck. The lid of the Tool Box, being 30 pounds alone, can stay open by itself and must be opened in order to remove the entire Tool Box from the truck bed, for added security measures.

    Not only can the DECKED Tool Box effectively keep thefts out, it can do the same with rain and moisture, since it's waterproof. Your tools and hardware can stay 100% dry and you won’t be prone to any rust or corrosion since the DECKED Tool Box is made with anti-corrosion treated steel and aluminum, has a bulb seal and bulb gasket outlining the entire lid with an upstanding lip acting as a gutter for rain, and is tightly sealed with an EPDM gasket.


    For easy organization and accessibility, the DECKED D-Box (a smaller tool box by DECKED) and a Snack Tray come with the Tool Box to separate tiny screws and bolts from large saws, or whatever other tools you may be storing that are prone to clutter. Tie-downs to secure larger hardware and tools also come pre-installed at the base of the Tool Box on the tailgate side to add further security during commutes. 

    Worried about installation? Don’t be. The DECKED Tool Box takes just two minutes to install using four clamps to grab the truck bed rail, as well as an easy bolt and bracket system. No drilling is required. 

    Just when you thought the DECKED Tool Box couldn’t get any better, it does. This in bed tool box lets you get in and out of your Tool Box easier with the DECKED Optional Integrated Ladder (sold separately). The Integrated Ladder is made from 6000 series aluminum and fits perfectly inside of the Tool Box when you’re done using it. 

    The Protech Cross Body Box



    The Cross Body Box is a Protech in bed tool box designed to protect your tools from weather with it’s heavy-duty steel-grip neoprene bulb seals and fully welded edges on the base of the tub. For easy accessibility, the Cross Body Box can be opened on either side of your truck. 

    The Cross Body Box comes in Diamond Plate of Polished Aluminum and has the option to be treated with a powder coat in three different colors. 

    The Kobalt Aluminum Top Mount Truck Tool Box


    The Kobalt Aluminum Top Mount Truck Tool Box is a standard in bed tool box made from fully welded aluminum, and features pushbutton locks that are on both sides of the tool box. 

    Fitting in certain full-size pickups, this Kobalt in bed tool box has a weatherproof seal to protect tools stored inside, as well as gas springs on the lid for smooth operation. 

    The Tractor Supply Single Lid Truck Box



    Fitting nicely in the bed of a truck, this Tractor Supply in bed tool box is made from heavy duty aluminum, has quality latches and locks, and is finished with a semi-gloss rust-resistant and weather-resistant coating. 

    To protect your tools from Mother Nature’s harsh elements, the Tractor Supply Single Lid Truck Box is sealed with a closed cell foam gasket. 

    The Husky Aluminum Deep Saddle Box


    The Husky Aluminum Deep Saddle Box is a fully welded aluminum tool box for full-sized trucks and is sealed with rubber to keep your tools moisture-free. To prevent further oxidation, this entire Husky in bed tool box is coated in black powder, both inside and out of the tub. 

    The Deep Saddle Box is also secured with lockable push buttons and loop strikers, and comes with a sliding plastic tray to keep smaller parts and tools from getting lost in the main chamber of the truck tool box.