Hyper tough vs DECKED Tool Box: In-Depth Comparisons

Hyper tough vs. DECKED Tool Box: In-Depth Comparisons

Hyper tough tool box says its products are hyper tough. Well, we say it is not the only game in the town. It is a great tough toolbox, but the DECKED Tool Box is the perfect tough toolbox out there. We don’t own a hyper tough rolling tool box. All we have is our DECKED Tool Box, and we appreciate it, too. We think you will too.

We are introducing the DECKED Tool Box for the hyper tough toolbox enthusiast in all of us. There are a lot of "good enough" toolboxes out there, but none can rival the sturdy construction and sleek style of the DECKED Tool Box.

Engineered and tested by our passionate teammates, inspired by a love of the outdoors, and fueled by the dedication to make your life easier, we'll match most brand toolboxes on any feature standards, comparable items, or feature subsets.

We love building them because we know contractors and truck enthusiasts will build a better world. That passion translates into real performance advantages over other toolboxes on the market. While many other brands use the same materials for their toolboxes, DECKED goes further.

The hyper tough tool box set is good and affordable. It's designed to for storage at home.  Our toolbox is engineered and tested by our passionate teammates, inspired by a love of the outdoors, and fueled by the dedication to make your life easier.          Figure1: Hyper tough tool box                                              Figure 2: DECKED Tool Box

The secret sauce of how we surpass our competitors

We’re more than just a toolbox company. DECKED is a consumer-facing brand that offers products for its users with the primary goal of carrying awkward, bulky items more enjoyably. We do this with easy-to-install, secure storage solutions.

DECKED is creating a new category of storage systems for the automotive aftermarket. Our products are designed to make every life of outdoor enthusiasts as safe, convenient, and enjoyable as possible.

It is not a secret that the DECKED Toolbox is way better than the hyper tough 19 inch tool box. If you have heard about any of them, you'll know why in this article.

The hyper tough tool box set is good and affordable. It's designed to do a specific job at home. For many truck enthusiasts owning bigger, heavier trucks, we have our DECKED Toolbox.

DECKED is to make carrying awkward, bulky items more enjoyable with easy-to-install, secure, and storage solutions.

It's not about hype, and it’s about how DECKED is engineered better. Talking about toughness. Our DECKED toolbox is virtually indestructible. We've even tested it with a sledgehammer.

DECKED is hyper tough on duty, but we've got a soft spot for you. Order your DECKED Tool Box today, and we'll offer FREE Shipping to your doorsteps. It's our way of saying "thank you" for giving us the chance to show you what we do best.

Criteria and Factors to Access in this Comparative Audit

The hyper tough 3 drawer tool box is trying very hard to be the best, and we wish them success. We all want to buy toolboxes that can stand the test of time, but those products that seem like they'll last forever don't always last long enough, and those that do boast a lifetime guarantee often aren't as durable as you think.

Hyper tough product range still can't cope with our cut-throat competition. What do we mean? We've put together a comparison of the DECKED toolbox and hyper tough 16-inch tool box so you can get the whole story.

In addition to this, we've thought of all the possible nuances that could make a toolbox better. This detailed market research can help you separate the wheat from the chaff. Let's take a look at feature-wise comparisons.

1) Product Aesthetics: Want to show off your toolbox or use it when no one is looking

It's all about details, and the DECKED toolbox has 'em! The hyper tough 16 inch tool box is smaller and easier to use but is less attractive and doesn't have a big brand name's reputation. The material is important when you buy a toolbox, but why compromise on style?

We have a different approach that separates the DECKED Tool Box from the rest. We believe that form should follow function, and our designs are built with purpose. Our toolboxes are designed to look great and last for a lifetime.

We're designers and we asked ourselves "What if we could design something that‘s both beautiful and made all the right engineering decisions?

Our toolboxes are made from high-quality material and are engineered with a single focus: maximum utility. They're specifically designed to be practical, yet beautiful. If you're looking for an innovative toolbox that fits your modern lifestyle, step inside our world of utilities at DECKED.

2) Integrated Ladder for Frictionless Accessibility

DECKED is the ideal companion for life on the job site, the site of the weekend project, or a weekend adventure. Our toolbox has a smart, innovative, and sustainable design, so your tools are always secure and organized.

With our collective experiences in product design and field testing, we created the integrated ladder feature completely missing in the hyper tough 19-inch tool box for easy access to your tools and gears with ergonomic steps.

The DECKED Toolbox has a smart, innovative, and sustainable design, so your tools are always in secure hands. DECKED is the ideal companion for life on the job site, the site of the weekend project, or a weekend adventure.

It simplifies content retrieval for users and you'll appreciate the convenience of an integrated ladder as it makes it frictionless to access the top of the box.

3) Weatherproofness: Won’t ding, rust, or dent

While the hyper tough 41 inch tool box plastic may be tough, we engineer the toughest toolboxes to combat all fields of life.  We know how frustrating it is to store away wet or dirty tools. Our weatherproof, spill-proof design will keep your tools safe anywhere you go.

Our product is unaffected by extreme shifts in temperature, blazing UV exposure, or anything the environment may bring. DECKED is entirely weatherproof,  incredibly durable, UV-resistant, secure, and designed to be outside in any environment.

It will withstand all types of weather and is an on-the-go storage solution, whether it's for tools, camping gear, or anything else you need to keep dry and protected.

4) Ease of Installation, Asset Longevity, and Min Invasiveness

Your pickup truck or fleet vehicle’s resale value can be affected by making any installations as minimally invasive as possible. Luckily, our toolbox does not require drilling for installation into most vehicles, affecting the resale cost.

DECKED differentiates in the market by being easy to install. You won't need any special tools or hardware to mount this toolbox. Everything you need comes in the box, and the instructions are straightforward to follow. This means that you don't need to rent or hire an installer or pay a carpenter to build a custom storage solution for your tools.

Ever considered the re-marketing value of your vehicle after the toolbox is not required. Well, it's painful to see your assets depreciating.

DECKED won’t damage a leased vehicle either. This was a key consideration when designing our products, and our engineering team worked to ensure a no-drill installation for most applications. This maximizes the resale value of your trucks and vans.

5) Security that Thieves Hate and Lightness that you Love

Nothing is theft-proof, but we've made it virtually impossible to break into our toolbox. The DECKED Tool Box uses robust steel hardware and high-impact resistant polymer resins combined with secure locking mechanisms to make your toolbox at least more secure than the rest of your truck.  

Because industrial-sized storage containers are a pain to move around and are less efficient in transportation from one job site to another. Therefore, look at our product because our DECKED Toolbox is a lightweight and portable solution for transporting tools and hardware on construction sites.

Do you feel the hyper tough toolbox is old and outdated, or are you confident about build quality? At DECKED, we are so confident in the build quality of our toolboxes that we're giving customers a no-hassle limited lifetime guarantee. Yep, there are many toolbox options out there, and hyper tough toolbox is one of them. However, when it comes to the DECKED Tool Box, we think it stands out above the rest.

6) Environmental Friendliness

The DECKED Tool Box is made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) molded to a steel frame. And guess what? HDPE is 100% recycled, and it's easy on the environment as we're recycling HDPE into something new instead of just adding it to the landfill. It is proudly one of the most eco-friendly tool boxes made from recycled materials.

The DECKED Tool Box is way better than our competitors, but we don't come up with hyperboles on our own. Our real customers give us a 5-star rating and rave to their friends about our product.

7) Number of Patents for Portable Tool Shop

Every inch of the DECKED Tool Box is engineered with precision leading us to have over 10+ patents for our range of accessories. Please click here to see the list of patents. We offer an integrated ladder, optimized storage, increased interior volume with larger internal dimensions, and an expanded selection of optional accessory trays that can be purchased separately to customize the box to meet the needs of individual job sites perfectly.

The DECKED Tool Box is so much better than the hyper tough 2 drawer tool box because, with its patented technology, you can keep your tools easily accessible in seconds. It's like having a portable tool shop.

8) Ergonomic & Safety Comparison Reports

What are the typical awkward conditions in the work vehicle environment? Reaching into toolboxes, crawling into the bed of a vehicle, and training to reach items out of the truck’s bed are all examples of poor ergonomic conditions that ultimately lead to strain and the potential for injury.

The most common types of overexertion injuries are poor ergonomics in the work vehicle environment affecting the lower back and upper extremities. These injuries can occur suddenly or develop over time, becoming chronic musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

Therefore, creating a workplace environment with good ergonomics reduces these injuries, saves money, and leads to more productive workers. You can read our Complete Ergonomics Report here.

DECKED lets you work in your Power Zone because movements for reaching for items are greatly reduced and items are available in the best ergonomic zone. We reduce the degree of movement to retrieve items that are in the truck bed or cargo van.

DECKED lets you work in your Power Zone because movements associated while reaching for items are greatly reduced, and items are available in the best ergonomic zone. We reduce the degree of movement to retrieve items in the truck bed or cargo van.

With our products, your awkward postures are eliminated, work is more efficient, productivity increases, and vehicle injury chances are greatly reduced.

We’re not pulling any legs for the hyper tough tool box with 3 drawers. We're here to be as honest and helpful as we can be. The fact is, in our opinion, the hyper tough 2 drawer tool box is a product that might deserve your consideration when you are looking for a new product. It can indeed have a few improvements.

But here's the deal, you are a grown man. You need to step up your toolbox game. You deserve it. Don't take no for an answer. Do more, push your limits, and get the gig done faster. With the DECKED Tool Box, you can do any job better than ever before and work smarter, not harder.

Say NO to Plastic Liabilities and Build an Asset With DECKED

Two boxes, similar sizes, contain the same tools and accessories but worlds apart! Why this difference? In the world of toolboxes, some just do a job and some support tirelessly for a lifetime. Don't let the name trick you.

The hyper tough tool box sold on Walmart seems okay in design but falls short in many areas. The DECKED Tool Box has many innovative user-centric features, is more durable, extra strong, and has a more attractive look than the hyper tough tool box 3-drawer.

Your task is too important to skimp on quality. So, when it comes to buying a toolbox, why settle? Why try to work with an inferior product when you have the best?

The DECKED Tool Box is tough enough to hold anything you need to secure your tools out of sight while still easily accessible. And it looks good doing it.