Considering a Husky Truck Toolbox? Read This.

Considering a Husky Truck Toolbox? Consider A DECKED Truck Tool Box!

 If you’ve been thinking about a Husky truck toolbox, or wondering about Kobalt vs. Husky vs. Craftsman truck toolboxes, you might want to consider a DECKED Truck Tool Box into the consideration matrix. You might think all toolboxes are the same. How much can they have changed? Why, my grandpa, he had a toolbox he got during the War and…

 Hold the phone, friend. This ain’t your grandad’s toolbox. We love a good 8 track as much as anyone, but it’s not 1973 anymore. Think if you’ve seen one tool box, you’ve seen them all? Guess again.

 Welcome to the truck toolbox of the future. 

DECKED is All-American

American workers support American workers and that’s just the way it is. It’s certainly possible to find cheap truck toolboxes and even used truck toolboxes imported from overseas, but are they a good idea? Are they supporting what made this country great?

 DECKED was born right in Northwest Ohio, the heart of the industrial belt. Each DECKED Truck Tool Box is absolutely 100% American made to make the lives of working men and women better. You like to work, we like to help you do that work.

 We know money is tight these days and that’s important. Maybe you like to wait for the Black Friday tool sales or Cyber Monday or Space Alien Wednesday. Well, it is worth mentioning up front that DECKED Truck Tool Boxes never go on sale and that’s because we believe in having a fair price every day of the year. 

DECKED is Bone Dry

You don’t rust but your tools sure do. Work doesn’t wait for nice weather and you don’t need those high-priced beauties laying in a puddle of rain and getting all stained and rusty. Sure, you might be soaked to the bone, but tools don’t need to suffer that way. While you’re out in the elements, the tools you need to get your work done are snug as a bug in a rug in your DECKED Tool Box.

That’s because these babies are designed like Fort Knox: They’re impact resistant, they don’t dent or ding or get rusty.

 Hang on, it’s about to get technical.

Some truck toolboxes use metal. Heck, about 50% of aluminum toolboxes show up dented, which is 50% more than should show up dented. That is, of course, a hassle, and a disappointment. Imagine waiting all that time for your toolbox to show up and it has a big ding in it. It didn’t earn that ding. That’s a fake ding. 

The DECKED Tool Box uses injection molded high impact polymer resin, galvanized steel, and aluminum reinforcement. What does that mean? It means the lip and tub are seamless and it’s just about impossible for water to get in. The DECKED Tool Box is impact resistant and won’t dent, ding, or rust, which means your tools won’t dent, ding or rust. 

DECKED is the Tool Box from this century using all that whiz bang technology that gave us phones with pictures of cats on them no matter where you are. It’s pretty impressive and those cats are so cute. 

DECKED is Secure

 Dry tools are happy tools, but stolen tools just make you mad. The nicest and coziest toolbox in the world isn’t much good if the nogoodniks of the world can just reach in and take your tools. Some toolboxes open so easily it’s a wonder they even put locks on them at all. It seems like it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

Fortunately, all that stuff about polymers and metal means that the DECKED Tool Box is just about impossible to break into with a pry bar. In fact, it’s pretty tough to get into because the way it’s made means it’s hard to even find a place to put that pry bar. And then they get to prying but they just can’t seem to get a grip. In the meantime, your tools sleep contently, dreaming of the next job. 

The nefarious ne'er-do-well may be determined, however, which is why the tub itself is reinforced with steel, making it extra stable and secure. The lock is steel and wearing a nice little suit of armor. It’s going to take quite a dragon (or pry bar) to get through that gate. You may need a lock replacement but this truck tool box may not need lock replacement at all. 

An enterprising thief may decide, heck, if they just take the whole tool box, they can figure out how to get into it later. Well, that’s going to be a problem with your DECKED Truck Tool Box, because the lid has to be opened for the Tool Box to be removed. How do they get the lid to open? Now you see the dilemma. It’s so tough it’ll make a crowbar cry. 

DECKED is Organized

Nothing is worse than knowing something is in that dang tool box and not being able to find it (except, of course, the tool not actually being in there because you forgot it back on the job site). You want your tools to be snug and safe and warm, but you also want to be able to find the darn things. 

That’s why each of our DECKED Tool Box comes with its very own, easy to grab D-Box that hangs within the tub. By the way, the D-Boxes are also weatherproof and have a gasket seal, we didn’t forget that part. There’s also a little Snack Tray for smaller tools, assorted gear, or of course, snacks. There’s a reason for that name.

If you’re a worker, you know how important it is that everyone do their job on the jobsite and your toolbox is no exception. DECKED Tool Boxes have tie-downs preinstalled at the base of the tub on the tailgate side to help you with anything else you’re carrying. Your toolbox becomes a tool all on its own!

 Oh, and the best part is the lid opens and closes effortlessly. Those torsion springs do a real nice job and they also protect your fingers. Your hands hurt enough at the end of a long day without getting nipped by your toolbox. 

DECKED is for Life

 Well, technically that depends how long you live and maybe you’re from the strange alien race that gave us the DECKED Tool Box technology (don’t worry, we won’t tell). As for the rest of us, DECKED Tool Boxes last a pretty darn long time, and that is a technical term. You get a lifetime warranty, that limitation about the aliens possibly applying. Maybe. We’ll talk. 

You also get a Tool Box engineered with structure in mind. For you younger folk, life has an important lesson, which is that as you get old, there’s certain parts of you that tend to sag under load if you catch the drift. 

The DECKED Tool Box is the exception to that because even if you’re getting a little saggy (we do see that crack, yes!), your toolbox will be holding up even if your belt isn’t. Each DECKED Truck Tool Box has been engineered with structure in mind. Put all your tools in’ll hold at least 500 pounds, you might be able to put one or two of your crew in it if the situation was urgent, though we’re not endorsing that idea. At least they’d be dry! 

Anyhow, put all your tools in it and it won’t bend or sag, even if you do. We’ve tested it up to 180 degrees and -5 degrees with 500 pounds of tools (and maybe drywallers, we’re just thinking out loud here) packed inside and haven’t seen an issue. There’s gas struts made with a spring steel torsion system and torsion bars that last forever. The lid is 30 pounds but stays open as long as you want it open. 

You could purchase a used tool box and Husky used truck tool boxes are pretty easy to find. However, consider that with a DECKED Truck Tool Box, you don’t have to worry about any nasty surprises or worry about wear and tear. DECKED Truck Tool Boxes last so long you won’t ever want to sell it where you might wind up looking for another used Husky truck toolbox down the road. 

DECKED is Easy

 You get 2 keys! We just wanted to say that up front in case you needed replacement keys. At least you have a backup. Just don’t get in the habit of losing keys. Eventually they run out! Lots of people are looking for Husky toolbox replacement keys so we imagine they must be losing a lot of keys. Now where did those go? I just had ‘em! 

If you have one of those great big trucks, then DECKED knows sometimes you need to get up the dang thing to get to your toolbox. That’s why there’s an easy access—but completely optional, for regular-sized trucks—Integrated Ladder. This is a nesting step ladder that slides right out of the box, but doesn’t cause any problems with your tools. That’s because they are the most important part of this whole thing. 

The integrated ladder drops to the ground even if you have a lifted truck and it’s made from 6000 series aluminum so it’s light but sturdy enough to hold you as you’re climbing around. 

On the other hand, the integrated ladder is completely optional! You don’t need a nice, light aluminum ladder to climb in your truck, you think, and maybe you’re right. But the possibility is always there. If you change your mind or your truck suddenly swells up in size, the integrated ladder can also be purchased and installed separately. 

None of that does any good if your truck toolbox is a hassle to put in your truck. The DECKED Truck Tool Box takes 2 minutes to put in there. With DECKED’s bracket and bolt system, all you do is thread it in, then use a power tool and it grabs a bed rail to install. You don’t have to drill anything, either, just use 4 clamps to grab the bed rail. 

DECKED has Parts

We know a lot of people are searching for Husky truck toolbox parts. We wanted to get a jump just in case you were wondering what DECKED Truck Tool Box parts are out there. We mentioned the D-Box already, but if you’re wanting to get even more organized, we’ve got Drawer Dividers for those drawers. We also have the Drawerganizer, which is both a drawer and an organizer, just a little more of that space age modern technology we may have gotten from another planet.

There’s also the Crossbox, which is a smaller toolbox that fits in the drawer of your larger truck toolbox. Have you ever imagined having a toolbox inside your toolbox? Today that dream is reality, friend. We are talking warp speed, time travel, toolboxes inside toolboxes. Maybe there’s a smaller toolbox inside that? We don’t have that...yet...but there is a very nice tool wrap on our site.

We also know a lot of people want Husky truck tool box accessories, so we know while you’re considering us (and thanks for that, by the way), you might want to consider the DECKED Truck Toolbox Accessories. We mentioned the cross boxes and drawer dividers, but if you take the work truck out for the weekend—not that you would, of course—consider the Piecekeepers. These transport traditional rifles and shotguns inside your DECKED Drawer system so maybe you can snag a few white tails at a remote jobsite. We don’t mind how you use it as long as you’re using it.

 If you happen to need replacement locks for the drawers, they’re right there on the site. Maybe you need an emergency kit? We’ve got those, too. Need a tool roll? Step inside, friend, the D-Rito Tool Roll is a small but useful bundle that’s also weather resistant.

 Step up your accessory game because this is not your grandad’s toolbox.