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Honestly, shopping for anything can be a nightmare. And, that’s no different when it comes to the type of truck tool box you may want to invest in. There are literally hundreds of options on the market, and not all of them are the best. No one particular box is the worst either.


What matters most is finding the right tool box to fit your specific goals – whether that’s having an organized and sturdy place to store your precious tools for work or a place to easily grab your recreational camping gear. And a company’s official website is meant to make the shopping process easier for you. But some of the most popular brands – like Husky – may be missing the mark on how they are marketing to you. And that might be a red flag.



DECKED's Tool Box and drawer systemKNOW WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR?


Some things to consider are affordability, longevity, storage capacity, and of course, how good your tool box looks with your sexy truck. Like most people, you’re probably looking for a toolbox that seems like it was made in this century and makes your truck appear even sexier than it already is.


There are literally hundreds of options out there. A lot of tool boxes are mass produced, and even though they can be  built with different materials – often they can be lackluster. Literally, the box can end up having dents or rust easily and become completely unusable. Also, some boxes may not be durable enough to hold your often heavy and expensive tools.


While some truck tool boxes do provide features such as shelving units or customizable drawers, convenience can be a major factor. Even if the box can store those tools, getting access to them could be a nightmare. Depending on how many items you need, you’d like them all to be handy at any given time. But, that might require you to crawl into the truck bed or step on your tire, which isn’t ideal.


The question is whether the website’s you’re going to can help you navigate these issues. And the answer is usually no. Let’s assess Husky’s website and some of the tool boxes on it.

The Husky Brand logo



The website for Husky Tools is kind of hard to find. And that’s because the website doesn’t really exist. Husky tools have been around for almost a century, but, in the 90s, Home Depot made Husky a house brand and began selling it in-store.


As the house brand, Husky tools are mass produced and distributed around the country. So, the online address for Husky Tools actually just goes to a page on the Home Depot website. This interface can be rather hard to navigate and somewhat annoying if you’re looking for background on Husky tools or even a customer service link. And searching for a specific tool on the Home Depot page also means having to navigate a bunch of search options.

Husky Tools



Since Husky is the in-house brand at Home Depot, they are naturally less expensive than other tools from high-end retailers or specialty stores. And, while it’s true these tools are commonly bought by a lot of people, including construction workers and truck owners alike, some Husky products do not offer as much bang for the buck as you’d like. In order to find this out, however, you’d have to go through all reviews on Husky products, and that can take a lot of time.  And if you skip that step, you may find out that – as the saying goes – you get what you pay for.

DECKED's supply chain is entirely in the USA


Husky may be sold around the entire United States, but that doesn’t mean it’s made in the good ole U.S of A.. Home Depot works with manufacturer Apex Tool Group, which often manufactures a lot of its products outside the country. And when it comes to Husky, a large chunk of the company’s products are made in China and Taiwan. So, that means the tool box you end up getting – which also may not be the best quality – wasn’t even made by U.S. workers in the first place. Moreover, it’s probably unlikely that Husky’s supply chain is that sustainable or environmentally friendly. The Husky website definitely does NOT talk about this issue.



So, we’ve already talked about the fact that bad reviews are buried and kind of difficult to find. That’s one issue in itself. But, the Home Depot website interface doesn’t really allow for explanations about any of Husky’s products, including Husky’s truck tool boxes.


For example, we can look at one of the more popular Husky searches – the 52 inch tool box – and see that results aren’t that great. The website tells you some of the specifications, but doesn’t really tell you how the box works.


Husky 52- inch tool box



Here’s what we do know. This box is solidly built and made with a powder coated steel. It has 15 drawers, although Husky makes other versions with fewer drawers. Each drawer is built for a 120 lb payload. And it’s fairly easy to use and can help you keep your tools organized. There’s a lock, and each of the drawers has an 8 socket AC power supply with USB ports for phones and other gadgets. Also, there’s a bottle opener.


But when you dig through the reviews, you’ll see that those quality issues come up. Many buyers have said that the tool box gets dented, with drawers that don't close properly. Some people said that some of the screws can come stripped and are unusable. Another person said the customer service support can also be pesky and time consuming.


We can look at another product and see the same trend. Husky’s low profile crossover box fits most full size trucks, and so it’s a really popular tool box option. Like the 52 inch tool box made to fit in a garage, this attachable truck tool box has a black powder coat finish, and includes two locks. Some of the positives of this model is that there is lots of storage space, and it’s fairly low price at only around $300-400 dollars. The larger model can be around $900.



Husky 52 inch tool chest with 15 drawers


But, just like the other products, some hard-to-find reviews of this toolbox say the equipment wasn’t very durable and  wasn’t as high-quality as buyers needed it to be. That’s because the materials are light-weight, which is a symptom of mass production. Again, people have complained about this tool box denting as well.


Of course, a website may not include this information up front, but transparency is definitely key to customer satisfaction.



While the website doesn’t provide much to go off of in terms of whether Husky products are the right buy for you, the fact is that a lot of people do buy Husky tool and tool boxes. There are lots of positives, like the fact that Husky makes fairly affordable tool boxes and accessories that most people can get easily. And, there are numerous models that fit all kinds of trucks. For example, Husky also makes some slightly more expensive tool boxes  that people are happy with, like the Husky Weather Guard DEFENDER SERIES. This type of box has steel reinforced material and of course includes a weather seal around the box.


If durability or longevity isn’t a huge deal, Husky is a great buy for the moment. Some tool boxes offer lots of storage space for your equipment, are fairly strong, and don’t cost too much at a price of less than $500.


DECKED's Low profile tool box

Shopping for the right box can be tough


Most truck owners want to make sure that anything they keep on their vehicle will be hard to steal. That’s especially true if you’re keeping hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of equipment in your truck.


Husky, Craftsman, MIlwaukee and other widespread brands make fantastic products. But, when you start to consider some major factors like price and longevity, you might find that you need to look elsewhere.


DECKED's Low-Profile Tool Box



DECKED makes a variety of tool box products, but specializes in the low-profile truck Tool Box and a specialized drawer-system that can replace a truck bed. The website doesn’t just list these products out, but includes numerous videos, illustrations, and interactive elements that shows you exactly what type of product you’d be getting. In fact, the team prides itself in making videos that showcase the durability of its tool boxes. In one of these, team members actually smack the tool box with a hammer. In another video, they do a dust resistance and waterproof test.


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>


The website helps buyers navigate through all the specifications of the products they’re interested in, while providing some insight into how those products may perform in the future.




DECKED’s products are undoubtedly a bit pricier than average home brand products on the market. So, if you’re looking for something on the more inexpensive end or something that will just meet your needs at the moment, it might be better for you to get a Husky or Craftsman tool box. No doubt, if you just need something basic, maybe you don’t want to invest in something heavy-duty.


But really, DECKED’s products are only a few hundred dollars more than some of the high-end Tool Boxes from Husky – at just under $1000. And then its specialty products, like the drawer-system, are still less than $2000 and designed to hold hundreds of pounds of tools. The question to ask yourself is whether you’re prioritizing affordability over durability, because DECKED’s Tool Box is designed to last for years.

DECKED drawer system



Ok, we talked about the cons. Now, let’s sift through the pros, cause there are a lot. The DECKED team has thought through some key shopping factors, like price, durability, and materials.



While DECKED’s Tool Box has torsion springs instead, which are harder to break and make it easy to lift the 30 pound lid, there are also plenty of other safety mechanisms. For example, the tool box includes a steel-armored locking system, which makes it extremely difficult for a thief to break and enter.  Also protected against some softer elements, like water. DECKED designed the Tool Boxes to be absolutely waterproof.


DECKED understands that having the right tools and especially having the right way to store those tools is critical to your ability to get the job done. When you look at the specifics, you might find that DECKED’s low-profile Tool Box is exactly what you’ve been searching for and better in the long run than some cheaper options.


DECKED accessory for Tool Box


DECKED’s Tool Box are not mass produced the same way Husky, Milwaukee, or Craftsman products are. An important distinction, because while those brands typically weld materials together, the DECKED team uses a precise scientific, molding process. It also means superior craftsmanship.


DECKED takes recycled plastic, grinds it up, melts it and injects it into molds. So it’s not only a sexy tool box, it’s also environmentally friendly. The tool box has a slick look that promises not to rust or dent. DECKED added some carbon to make sure that the whole thing stays with you throughout life.

DECKED's supply chain is entirely in America



This factor may be super important to you. A lot of manufacturing companies decide to ship their production process overseas, and as a result the value of the goods can really take a hit. Not just that – it means American workers aren’t putting their sweat and tears into the product that you’ve bought. DECKED’s supply is based entirely in the USA. DECKED was born in Idaho, and after expanding over the years,  the team built a plant in Defiance, Ohio. So, this Tool Box is manufactured in the heartland and engineered in the motor city.  


Not just that – DECKED works with numerous family run businesses, because the team understands the importance of uplifting hard-working Americans.