Husky Toolbox vs DECKED Toolbox

Husky Tool Box vs. DECKED Toolbox

A toolbox is one of the valuable assets you can get for your truck. As you think of what options are available, you might be asking yourself questions like, how much does a toolbox cost? Will my tools and the drawers be secure? What material is it made of? How much does it cost? Most importantly, what brand is ideal for your truck? All these questions are vital in choosing a perfect toolbox.

In this guide, we will compare two of the most established names in truck toolboxes: Husky and DECKED. Both of these big-name toolbox makers are based in the USA; however, only one is ideal for your truck. Therefore, which one is it? Let's dive right into it and get the answers.

A Husky Aluminum Truck Toolbox

Husky Tool Box Truck Review

Husky is a trusted truck toolbox maker in the US. It grew from a humble beginning, slowly developing into an established toolbox maker. Having been around for several years, Husky produces reliable truck toolboxes you can consider using. Apart from Husky truck toolboxes, they also make truck bed drawer systems. Depending on the size, these drawer systems could fit just any van or truck.


  • It is compact and lightweight
  • They have lots of variety in their products


  • It has no additional storage inside
  • It has a tight fit
  • The drawers are not dust-proof

DECKED Toolbox Review

DECKED emerged from sweet but humble beginnings. Funny enough, the DECKED toolbox concept was first thought of in a local diner. With the idea being brilliant, several years of thorough research, engineering, and design followed. After the hard work, the founders developed a truck toolbox that solves all the problems associated with tool storage.

In fact, DECKED has all the significant elements of what a perfect toolbox entails: organization, security, and accessibility. Since its inception in 2013, DECKED has set new standards in truck toolbox manufacturing. Every working man and woman could use the DECKED toolbox for more efficiency. Today, DECKED prides itself in providing remarkable in-built storage systems that go beyond usual standards.

Thanks to this unique toolbox, DECKED has made a name for itself. Its success has been tremendous, becoming one of the biggest names in the industry in a short time. It is also evident that DECKED is a leading brand regarding toolbox accessibility. Perhaps, all this can be attributed to its simple and straightforward mission: to make your life better.

The DECKED Truck Toolbox


  • It is a highly durable toolbox and comes at a reasonable price
  • It has organized and decent storage drawers
  • It is weather-resistant and UV-protected
  • It won't dent, rust, or ding
  • It works with a wide range of truck beds
  • It is easy to install and maintain
  • It has one of the fastest shipping times in the toolbox industry (1-2 weeks)


  • It does not have many luxurious accessories

Husky Vs. DECKED: Let's Compare

It's wartime. These two established toolboxes will go head to head for a battle to win over your truck bed. We have compared these two systems based on what customers find essential in a toolbox. Read on.


Who wants a toolbox that can't secure their items? When shopping for a toolbox, assessing its security features is very important. You need to be sure that the contents of your toolbox are safe. This is why we have featured security in this fierce comparison.

The Husky truck toolbox offers reliable security. Its locks prevent forced entry and the possibility of getting away with valuables. There is also a double-cylinder deadbolt lock that keeps intruders at bay. The Husky truck toolbox is also designed such that the locks are mounted in latches. While having two locks is great for security, there could be slight problems opening and closing the toolbox since the locks are close to the handles. The two locks come with two keys included in the total cost. The Husky truck system also features a weather-stripping seal that helps prevent water entry in adverse conditions.

The DECKED truck toolbox is no stranger to security. This storage system is built with safety in mind. The toolboxes are made from a high-impact polymer resin using injection molding. Even beating it with a hammer won't dent it. Furthermore, its drawers are reinforced and supported by a galvanized steel subframe. This makes it extremely difficult for anyone to break into it.

Also, the DECKED toolbox is constructed from 100% recycled HDPE, one of the most complex substances available. It also features an all-accessible strength-to-weight ratio, meaning that you can keep various tools without worrying about space. As if that is not enough, the toolbox features stainless steel hardware that is impossible to dent.

Your tools will be completely secure thanks to the two-point locking system. The first one is the internal Drawer System, while the other is the toolbox itself. Gaining entry into this toolbox is almost impossible unless you are the owner. Even the most experienced of thieves won't get anywhere near the contents of a DECKED truck toolbox.

Highly Secured DECKED Truck Toolbox


Weather Resistance and Durability

A good toolbox lasts and doesn't let in water or humidity. Most tools are made of metal, so they could easily rust and corrode. This is why you need to get a high-quality toolbox that guarantees maximum protection against extreme weather conditions. Therefore, how do Husky and DECKED toolboxes compare to weather resistance and durability?

Husky products are made of medium-density materials that are primarily fire-resistant. The black Husky Tool Box doesn't attract moisture, making it ideal for keeping cameras and firearms. Also, its drawer system is wrapped in protective liners that help prevent rusting. Besides, its drawer closures have a rubber bulb seal that prevents water entry.

While the rubber does a good job of preventing water entry, it is not airtight. This means that you could be vulnerable to sand, dust, delicate snow, and mist. Husky developed an additional weather protection feature called Truck Cap to make up for this setback. However, this accessory is purchased separately, meaning that you could spend more if you want to protect your tools against extreme weather fully. The additional accessory could also weigh more, making the Husky truck toolbox slightly heavier.

DECKED could easily be the godfather of weather-resistant truck toolboxes. The DECKED toolbox design covers all possibilities of extreme weather, with accessories put in place to protect your tools. The heavy-duty products are also long-lasting, giving you value for your money. With the DECKED design team knowing what mother nature can do, they ensured the DECKED toolbox could face pretty much anything mother nature throws at it.

Its drawers are fully waterproof and weatherproof, ensuring that your tools are safe at all times. The HDPE material used to make this toolbox is also durable, ruling out the possibility of rotting or degrading over time. All the hardware in the toolbox is treated with extreme rust inhibitors. This means that you don't have to get worried about your tools becoming rusty.

Weather-Resistant DECKED Truck Toolbox

Another exciting feature of the DECKED toolbox is that it has an in-built UV protection — it won't crack or get adversely affected by the sun or rain. This explains why the DECKED products tend to last for so long. Your DECKED toolbox won't ding, dent, or rust no matter the weather conditions. This is an excellent option, especially if you want to keep your expensive tools safe and in perfect condition.

Toolbox Organization

One of the benefits of having a truck toolbox is organization. You will be able to keep your tools organized and easy to access. While this is expected from any toolbox, the ease of organizing and accessing tools varies from one truck toolbox to another. Therefore, you should go for a truck toolbox that guarantees easy access and ensures tool organization. Given their status in the industry, Husky and DECKED toolboxes offer remarkable tool organization features. But which one is better?

Husky has side-mounted models that are ideal for easy access. This model will be perfect if you frequently get in and out of your toolbox. The Husky side-mounted toolbox makes it easy to access tools from either side of the truck. It is also possible to mount it on one side for additional storage.

A standard Husky 60-inch truck toolbox will hold several items, including smaller tools. They also have a Husky 62-inch truck toolbox used for the same purpose. However, this toolbox doesn't have internal organization shelves, meaning you will have to keep it as organized as possible by yourself.

When it comes to accessories, Husky has several of them. However, not all Husky accessories are designed to improve tool organization. Nonetheless, they are well-designed to enhance tool-keeping units.

For instance, there is a table extension nestled underneath the storage unit. This is meant to provide extra storage surface if needed. Given its large size, it extends to the back of your truck. If you intend to transport other items with your truck, the additional surface could be problematic because it takes up most space. You could have problems organizing extensive tools because there are designated areas in the Husky truck toolbox tray.

DECKED has invested significantly in providing reliable and quality modular solutions to your needs. It aims to attain cutting-edge problems both in your truck and on the go. Given the several features this toolbox comes with, it is easy to organize your tools.

DECKED has a unique storage unit called the DECKED D-BOX. This is a large, weatherproof, lockable toolbox designed to withstand anything. No matter the abuse it gets, it keeps your tools and gear secure. You want a toolbox that makes it easy to organize your tools, right? That is precisely what DECKED offers.

It is well-partitioned and makes it easy for you to organize your tools. If you are wondering how to keep small tools in a unique spot, Don't worry. The DECKED toolbox is designed in such a way that you can keep tools neatly, no matter their size. You can keep smaller tools in a unique area, away from larger ones. This makes it easy to access them. You can imagine how challenging it is to try to pick out a small screwdriver in a crowded toolbox. The DECKED toolbox prevents this by making it easy to organize your tools.

DECKED also has a unique accessory called CROSS BOX. This is a half-size version of the D-BOX and very solid in structure. Thus, if you are worried about security, Don't be. No one will get into any of these drawers without the key. With its hard material and protective features, your tools and gear will be dry all the time.

The DECKED CROSS BOX fits all the DECKED drawers, ensuring maximum compatibility. Besides, you have a wide range of options when it comes to color; you can choose from blue to desert tan. This accessory also streamlines organizing irregular-shaped tools that could take up a lot of space in the toolbox.

DECKED also has the INNOVATIVE DRAWERGANIZER. This is a unique feature that directly fits in front of your drawer. It fully utilizes the space usually wasted around the locking mechanism. Thanks to this organizer, it is easy to keep your DECKED toolbox organized.

It fits all cargo vans and full-size truck drawers. You can also fit on mid-size truck drawers. Also, this organizer is extremely easy to install and comes at an affordable price. Its modified features also enhance your toolbox operations.

Ease of Use and Accessibility

What is the point of keeping your tools in a secure toolbox but it is tough to access them for regular use? Like any other tool, ease of use is essential when looking for a truck toolbox. You need a toolbox that makes it easy to access your tools. Therefore, how do Husky and DECKED perform when it comes to ease of use and accessibility? Well, let's find out!

Generally, most toolbox drawers are easy to use and access, no matter the brand. As an established toolbox maker, Husky got it right. Husky truck toolboxes have several tray counts. They also have offset drawers that range in sizes. The drawers slide out using the L-shaped system, making the glide easy and pretty smooth. There are also the Husky truck toolbox dividers that section off interior drawers. This creates more storage space.

DECKED fully understands the importance of making your tools accessible. With the DECKED toolbox, your operations are much more straightforward given its ease of use. The toolbox is uniquely designed that you can have all the tools come to you just by snapping your fingers. This is possible through various accessories.

For instance, the DECKED drawers give you full access to the truck bed. This toolbox covers the wheels for a standard wall-to-wall surface. The flat load surface can also manage a payload of over 2,000 lbs. Therefore, you will have more bed surfaces to work with. As if that is not enough, the DECKED toolbox also offers you modular storage options and dividers. This goes a long way in making your life easier.

You may wonder how easy is it to slide the toolbox in and out, no need. It is as smooth as applying butter. Even a baby could easily open the DECKED truck toolbox. Given that there are no slides or tracks, the drawers never bind or bend. This means they can quickly role no matter the weight of your tools — the heavier your tools are, the easier it is to move the toolbox. Thanks to the optimized strength-to-weight ratio, the DECKED toolbox makes it easy to access your tools.

Vehicle Compatibility

Vehicle compatibility is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a truck toolbox. A toolbox with poor vehicle compatibility could be a huge setback. This means it won't work on particular trucks because it can't fit. This could be a considerable disadvantage, especially if you have different trucks of the same size. So, how do Husky and DECKED toolboxes compare when it comes to vehicle compatibility? Let's find out.

Husky truck toolboxes fit a wide range of truck models and make. The company could also make a custom toolbox if you want something they don't have. Generally, toolbox system dimensions depend on your truck's specific model and make. This means you confirm your truck model before getting any toolbox.

No matter the type of truck you drive, DECKED got you covered. Whether it is a Chevy Colorado or Silverado, Toyota Tundra or Taco, or a standard Ford F150, you won't miss a compatible truck toolbox at DECKED. Designed and developed by highly experienced engineers, the DECKED toolboxes are compatible with most truck models and makes. Any truck model designed in the last 15-20 years could get a match at DECKED.

Furthermore, you can get customized drawers for your cargo van or midsize truck. When it comes to dimensions, it depends on your truck. However, you should know that every DECKED toolbox system is custom-shaped to fit your truck. This means there are no large cavities or gaps that could attract clutter. With this, your toolbox will be in excellent condition at all times.


You also need to consider the ease of installation when choosing a toolbox for your truck. The best part is that Husky and DECKED are some of the top performers when it comes to ease of installation but how do they compare?

The Husky Tool Box comes as a disjointed unit. You will find all the hardware and essential parts you need in the left drawer. The remaining parts can be found in the right drawer. Here are the steps you should follow during Husky truck toolbox installation.

  • Start by taking out the drawers and drawer stoppers.
  • Then, gently slide the drawer boxes in and attach all the supports into the halls you have pre-drilled. They have bolts you can use to do so.
  • Afterward, gently attach the wings and lids to complete the top.
  • Slide the Husky drawers back into place and reinstall the provided rubber stoppers.

Owning a DECKED truck toolbox is a smooth experience from start to finish. The DECKED engineers went all out to ensure the installation process is as easy as possible. This has been achieved because the DECKED toolbox doesn't have a no-drill installation.

In simpler, you don't have to drill your truck during the entire installation process. This ensures the best resale value for your truck. When installing, some installation is required. Nonetheless, the actual installation process is very simple. All you have to do is slide in the structure and anchor it. Afterward, slide in the drawers and install the tailgate-end wheels. That's all. You don't need rocket science to install the DECKED truck toolbox. That's the DECKED guarantee.


After the fierce comparison battle, it is time to determine which emerged the best. From the above overview, you will agree that DECKED is the better toolbox between the two. It edges out Husky in almost every field.

For instance, when it comes to security, the DECKED toolbox is made of tougher and stronger material than the Husky Tool Box. The DECKED toolboxes are made from a high-impact polymer resin using injection molding. Even a hammer can't break it. Besides, the DECKED toolbox is better when it comes to weather resistance. While the Husky truck toolbox is made of medium-density materials that are mostly fire-resistant, the DECKED toolbox is made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and fiberglass-filled polypropylene. This material protects your tools against any weather conditions.