Is the Husky Toolbox The Right Fit?



DECKED team doing its thang


Finding the best truck accessories is undoubtedly almost as difficult as finding the right truck. Your toolbox can be a lifeline, the instrument that helps put bread and butter on the table. For others, a toolbox is what holds your favorite fishing, hunting, and camping cargo. Most truck owners know that keeping expensive tools in the truck can be risky. So, making sure precious equipment – which could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars – can be put into a secure, durable, weather-proof, and accessible container is absolutely critical and financially prudent.




But, there are hundreds of options on the market and wading through all those can be quite taxing, especially if your main way to shop around is to sift through the shelves of Home Depot. Some things to consider are affordability, longevity, storage capacity, and of course, looks. Like most people, you’re probably looking for a toolbox that seems like it was made in this century and makes your truck appear even sexier than it already is.


Looking at some of the most common brands on the market, there are a few that regularly pop up at major retailers – like Dee-Zee, Milwaukee, and Dewalt, among others. One that comes up a lot is the Husky brand. Many Husky tool boxes run just a few hundred dollars.  It’s a tempting sale, especially for the truck owner that wants an easy-to-buy and budget-friendly accessory. But there’s still a question: Is the Husky brand really the right fit for you?


DECKED's Low-Profile Tool Box



The line of Husky tools has been around for nearly a century, but in 1992 it became the exclusive brand of Home Depot. As a house brand, Husky tools are naturally less expensive than those from a designer retailer or specialty shop. Tools are mass produced by Apex Tool Group (owned by Bain Capital), which produces a number of other lines including JOBOX and Wiss. Here are some fast facts to know about these tools:


Before being taken over by Apex Tool Group, the Husky brand, which was born in the United States, was being produced by Stanley Works. But after being acquired by Home Depot, the retailer had to find a manufacturer. Under Apex, the vast majority of the Husky line is now made in China and Taiwan.


If purchasing a product made in the United States is a concern, it’s important to have this knowledge in your back pocket when you’re searching for your next tool box. Brands like DECKED are fully made – from every frame to the galvanized steel top – in the United states.


The Husky Brand logo


Apex advertises on its homepage that it produces over a million sockets globally per day. That’s a lot of product. So, when it comes to whether each tool or toolbox can be perfectly manufactured to meet your needs, there might be a dud or two that you come across. That’s just what happens in the world of mass production. The cost may be less, but quality could be average or mid-level.



While Home Depot often features tool boxes and other Husky equipment for sale, a lower price means longevity and durability could also be a problem down the line. So if you’re looking for a piece of equipment that can work some heavy-duty and professional work, Home Depot’s Husky tools, rolling tool boxes, and pit boxes may be a good fit. But if you’re looking for something long-lasting, some other brands could work better.

Quality issues are another thing DECKED has considered. The DECKED Tool Box may be a bit pricier than Husky, but for just a couple hundred more dollars, the product could last for decades (maybe generations).  DECKED’s low profile Tool Box is made from an injection-molded, high-impact resin, or high-density polyethylene, to be exact, making it virtually impossible to destroy.



Husky Tools


One way to really wade through the hundreds of choices available on the market is to see how a few options may meet the needs of your precious, beautiful truck – which obviously deserves only the best.



Ok, we started talking about the low-profile tool box, so we need to finish that conversation. Some truck owners just need a tool box that’s gonna do the essential job – hold their stuff. So, we get it, you just want something simple. But, simple doesn’t mean inefficient.


Husky’s low profile crossover box fits most full size trucks, has a black powder coat finish, and includes two locks. Some of the positives of this model is that there is lots of storage space, and it's fairly durable. The price range is only around $300-$400 dollars.


However, some reviewers of this toolbox say the equipment didn’t stand up to the task, because it wasn’t as high-quality as they needed it to be. At that price range, the materials for this toolbox are fairly lightweight, which means it can dent easily. And with a dent, those tools may not fit properly, or they could get damaged. Another complaint is that the equipment may not come with mounting hardware. We’re all busy here. Installation should be easy.

Husky Crossbed Truck Tool Box 61.86 Matte Black Aluminum Low Profile






Sometimes diamonds are a girl or boy’s best friend, but they might also be fake and a foreboding sign of a-soon-to- be toxic ex you need to run far far away from. That may be the case with Husky’s diamond plate aluminum cross bed. First, let’s talk about the good stuff.


This toolbox made for full size trucks is made from fully-welded aluminum with a rubber weather seal. It’s powder coated to prevent rust and has lockable push buttons with loop striker to help prevent break ins. Included is a sliding plastic tray that helps with organization. There’s also a no-drill mounting kit. This toolbox runs about $300 dollars, but judging by its name and its looks, appears fancy as heck. If you want a tool box you can vibe with, it’s definitely a solid choice. The box also includes gas struts for easy opening, and a sliding plastic tray for organization.


However (and this is a big however), that diamond look may just be a facade. The toolbox is lightweight and materials are, much like other husky boxes, easy to dent. And some have said the lock-system doesn’t work as desired. That means it may be difficult to store all the tools you’d like to keep safe. So, while the box looks good on the outside, it may make you feel terrible on the inside.


Husky Diamond Plate Aluminum Full Size Crossbed Truck Tool Box


The Weather Guard DEFENDER SERIES model Saddle Box for full size trucks is Husky’s beefed up toolbox, designed to be extra-protective and tough. The box includes a push-button lock system, steel reinforced material, and heavy-duty welded aluminum to keep the box together. The system also comes with two hook loop strikers and is coated in black powder to prevent rusting. Of course, the key feature is weather resistance with a weather seal around the box. At over $500, this toolbox is definitely one of Husky’s pricier models, because it promises to deliver a sturdier, weather-resistant type of storage.


But pricier, doesn’t necessarily mean better. Again, looking at reviews on this toolbox, you’ll quickly see that people have found difficulty installing this toolbox on their trucks, and often there’s a gap between the box and the back of the bed. Also, there’s concern about not being able to open this bad boy as easily as you’d like to. And if you use some tools to get it open, you may risk denting the material. In fact, just a hundred or so pounds of tools may tear this tool box apart.


Husky WeatherGuard Toolbox



Ok we took an extensive look at the Husky brand, the pros and cons of some of their signature tool boxes, and some key shopping factors, like price, durability, and materials. Now, let’s do the same for DECKED.


DECKED’s Tool Box is made entirely in good ‘ol U.S. of A. And the team is really proud of that. DECKED was born in Idaho. The team started shipping the first Tool Boxes in 2014. And after growing substantially over the years, DECKED built a plant in Defiance, Ohio. That’s right – this Tool Box is manufactured in the heartland and engineered in the motor city.


Also, DECKED’s supply chain includes numerous family run businesses. The company understands the importance of work-life balance. Having the right tools and the right Tool Box at your disposal can help you get the job done quickly and safely. And at the end of the day, you can pack up your tools and focus on getting back to family.


Tool Boxes being made in America also means that the DECKED team can monitor every part of the production process and make sure that the product you receive is up to par.


DECKED in the Good Ole USA


DECKED’s Tool Box is produced in a plant, but is not mass produced in the same way Husky products are made. An important distinction is that while brands like Husky weld together their products, DECKED molds them. That means the bottom tub and the top lid are each their own single piece, creating a Tool Box that has superior craftsmanship.


Also, the Tool Box is crafted from an injection-molded, high-impact resin or high density polyethylene. That means this plastic is virtually impossible to destroy. Not only that, DECKED uses recycled plastic materials, in order to reduce the production footprint on the climate.

DECKED takes this plastic, grinds it up, melts it and injects it into molds, so that the Tool Box is made exactly the way it needs to be. Then they add some carbon to make sure that the whole thing lasts as long as your truck.


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Literally. There are videos of this happening, and this Tool Box does not budge. That’s because this Tool Box is made with galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcements, making it as tough as possible. The box is engineered to handle a 500-pound dynamic payload.


But, DECKED also thought about the fact that truck owners will want to have easy access to their tools too. The Tool Box doesn’t include gas struts. The team decided to go with torsion springs instead, which are harder to break and make it easy to lift the 30 pound lid.


Then there’s also safety. The Tool Box lid must be open in order to install or remove the box. It includes a steel-armored locking system that makes ford entry extremely challenging and not really worth it. And it’s not just safe from pesky thieves, it’s also protected against the elements. DECKED designed the Tool Boxes to be absolutely water proof, so that your tools, worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, are kept dry to the bone.


One thing to consider: DECKED’s products run a bit pricier than Husky. But, that’s because these Tool Boxes are individually molded and crafted to last long and look fabulous. And, when we are talking pricier, it’s not even by that much. DECKED’s low-profile Tool Box costs less than $1000, but it will last years.



Look at that sexy D-Box


DECKED cares about organization. It’s key to business, but it’s also key to having a good time. Organization ensures that you aren’t wasting time looking for that rope, fishing rod or camping gear, and instead that you’re cutting straight to having a beer outside with your friends.


DECKED’s low profile Tool Box can come equipped with a ladder, so that it’s quick and easy for you to reach in and grab exactly what you want without having to climb into the bed of your truck. Not only that, the system can include a D-Box that hangs in place within the tub. There’s also a smaller SNACK TRAY, which hangs right in the top, making it easier to grab the smallest items – and also to never lose them.


DECKED's drawer system




One of the best indicators that a company is good at what it does is that it not only makes one product exceptionally well, but multiple products exceptionally well. If you want to upgrade from a low-profile toolbox to complete baller status, DECKED also makes a rolling drawer system. It’s an under-bed packout tool box alternative. And may be a better choice for you than one of Husky’s rolling tool boxes.


The entire system can live as the bed of your pick-up or working truck, or it can be tucked under a secondary truck bed. The top is incredibly resilient and acts like an actual truck bed, so it leaves tons of space for other items. Each of these drawers can be pulled out independently, and (because we know y’all are packing a lot) each of these drawers can store up to a 1000 pounds of equipment.


The best perk is that these drawers can be locked away and live on your truck incognito. So all you have to do is roll them out, grab what you want, and get your job done.


DECKED accessories being organized and getting it done



Let’s be real. Shopping for truck accessories is tough. There are literally hundreds of options on the market, and not all of them are the best. One thing that’s especially difficult is wading through brand-name products that are kind of everywhere.


Husky makes a fantastic line of truck tools and tool boxes, and they might be right for you. But, when you start to consider some major factors like affordability and durability, you might find that you need to look in another direction.


DECKED understands that having the right tools and the right Tool Box at your disposal can help you do exactly what you need to do quickly and effectively. When you look at the specifics, you might find that the company low-profile Tool Box is exactly what you’ve been searching for.