Why the DECKED D-Bag (an Industry Newbie) is Getting More Popular, Rivaling Century-Old Brands like the Husky Tool Bag

Why the DECKED D-Bag (an Industry Newbie) is Getting More Popular, Rivaling Century-Old Brands like the Husky Tool Bag  

Assume you're working on a home improvement project. To work on an HVAC system, you're lugging your tool kit up three flights of stairs and into an attic via a narrow access door and a wobbly ladder. You'd agree that having a reliable tool organization and toting system is crucial.  

Almost every tradesman and field service person recognizes the importance of having an effective portable toolset and storage organizer. It is not only a life saver, but  an essential means to get the job done efficiently. As a result, many people have turned to the Husky toolbag, Home Depot's brand of tool bags.

Husky tool bags are almost as well-known as cornbread. They're everywhere, even if they change their range so frequently that you'll never see the same one twice. They're also reasonably priced, making them simple to replace when necessary. But DECKED is here with an ergonomic, new generation toolbag dubbed the D-Bag, which we think you should try.

DECKED D-Bag is a New Generation Tool Bag, made to fit into the Drawer System and the Tool Box as well as work with accessories from other brands. It makes tool storage ad organization a lot easier.

 Features of the DECKED D-Bag

  • Sturdy enough to survive the harshest environmental conditions
  • Includes a removable Tool Roll secured within the main bag with heavy strength ring snaps.
  • Inlay semi-transparent pockets for enhanced visibility and easy tracking of tools
  • Adaptable carriage and holding mechanism means it can be modified to be carried in several ways: backpack, briefcase, and shoulder slingStraps can be tightened or removed when carrying, creating a briefcase or shoulder sling
  • Several attachment points for carabiners
  •  Both ends of the bag have aluminum handles that are simple to grab
  • Top and bottom have thermoformed EVA foam with a ballistic nylon cloth
  • Reinforced lid will not rip, tear, or snag
  • Side panels areTPU-coated nylon, giving the bag the ability to expand and collapse
  • Top lid access port with a full-sized, robust horseshoe zipper (#8 YKK)
  • Zippers are non-snagging, double-taped, and have big, glove-friendly pulls


 With the D-Bag, you will be able to transport and organize your handy tools in a totally different manner making your filed work easier and enjoyable than ever before.

Materials Used in the Construction Process

The D-Bag is a military-grade hybrid soft- and hard-shell tool bag (which will not rip, tear, or snag no matter the abuse you subject it to). It has a thermoformed EVA foam base, a reinforced lid, 900D TPU-coated nylon side panels, and removable storage compartments that can be expanded or collapsed as needed.


Generally, materials vary by bag, but most are made of 600 denier heavy-duty polyester or tough canvas cloth. The larger bags from Husky have a molded base that keeps them upright—zippered, large-mouth bags with a metal frame. Overall, Husky makes tough tool bags that can withstand a difficult working environment, but they may not hold up for long.

 Talk of state of the art adaptability.With the D-Bag, you'd be sure that your other important work gear such as shoes, clothes, and personal protective equipment are safely kept for convenient transportation.

 Benefits of DECKED D-Bag

Up to two D-Bags fit neatly into the vast drawer tray system when used with the DECKED Drawer System

● Sturdy frame which ensures the bag will not rip, tear, or snag

● Superior comfort from padded shoulder straps with sternum strap for an even weight and pressure distribution

● Reinforced aluminum handles that won't shatter even while carrying the heaviest gear

● Soft expanding side panels to ensure optimal capacity

● High-quality YKK zippers with resilient teeth that won't separate or degrade under large loads

● Small components, wrenches, and screwdrivers can comfortably snug into the in-built removable tool-roll

● Includes a separate duffel bag, perfect for dirty work clothing, boots, and other accessories.

Is the Decked D-Bag Better? Let's do the comparison

Weather Resistance

Who needs rusty screwdrivers or a dirty water bag when you are DECKED out? DECKED's D-Bag, often known as the drawer bag, is the ultimate tool or hunting backpack for everything from power equipment and small tools to field service equipment and camping gear.

Organize and transport tools and equipment to a job location, a campground, an airport, a trailhead, an office, or anywhere else. This badass tool bag features a sturdy coating which gives it a water-resistant frame. Moreover, its basic design suggests that it is made to be used and abused in some of the most intense and high octane outdoor activities, yet keeping the shape as you stuff it with equipment and gear. As a consequence, the design is snag-free, allowing you to carry and move large, pointy goods with ease. But most importantly, it is resistant to adverse weather.  

On the flipside, the components of your bag will be protected to some extent by Husky's 600D water-resistant material, but your equipment may still be exposed to elements as the polyester fabric will allow moisture to sip through.

 The D-Bag is made to work in harmony with both DECKED and Non-DECKED accessories. Its fits into the Drawer System and works perfectly with the Tool Box, but can also work as  a standalone tool organization equipment.

Holding and carrying options

Thanks to its adaptable strap system, the D-Bag may be worn as a backpack, carried like a briefcase, or slung over one shoulder like a boss. Each D-Bag comes with a detachable Tool Roll that clicks into place with heavy-duty ring snaps and a portable  Duffel Bag. All full-size system drawers and midrange wide drawers accept two D-Bags.


On the other hand, since Husky bags are primarily handheld, they have limited carrying options and are therefore inflexible.

Strength and power

Husky's bigger bags include a plastic casing with a metal structure for stability. Generally, Husky produces strong tool bags that can withstand a lot of abuse while still performing admirably.


The D-Bag is in another power league altogether. It is almost made for military use and generally designed to go to work.


When you can just lay out a roll with your most commonly used equipment, why go in your entire backpack and rummage through a thousand pockets? A removable tool roll accompanied with a duffel bag with a standard number of compartments and storage organization choices are all you need. These removable bag components are made of the same robust material as the D-Bag hence can withstand rough treatment as well.

Husky backpacks contain internal and external tool compartments, allowing larger tools to be stored in the main compartment. This has two zippers and converts into a tool bag with a large mouth.

The Husky tool bag's major features are its payload and capacity to accommodate practically every piece of necessary equipment within. For instance, the Husky 18-inch Tech Tool Bag is 18 inches long, 11 inches wide, and 14 inches deep, giving it significantly more space than almost any other tool bag on the market.This bag provides 18 specially designed pockets to keep handy tools. The pockets are spacious and hold tools securely, while the front hook-and-loop pocket is perfect for small bits. One drawback is that all the pockets are the same size; thus, no apparent slots for a bit bigger or medium sized implements. The D-Bag solves this problem by offering a range of storage options with unique inlay designs for different things and tools.

With the D-Bag, there is not a thing you cant do. You'd move electrical tools, technician's equipment , Field service gear, snugging them nicely in.


Thanks to solid aluminum handles on both ends, the D-Bag is easy to grab out and never gets snagged in the Drawer System. It has fully padded straps with double reinforced stitching that attach to the bag with military-style carabiners and can be carried in four different ways:


  • Double shoulder straps with sternum strap for comfort when used as a backpack
  • To carry the D-Bag like a briefcase, tighten the straps
  • Adjust the straps to carry the bag horizontally (pizza delivery style)
  • Over the shoulder, a single strap that is longer

Husky tool bags aren't designed to work with a specific storage system, so they won't fit in larger toolboxes or truck organization systems. It's a tool bag, after all, and it'll probably find a home somewhere. It's possible that it's not in the right spot.

Carrying a hundred pounds from the shop to the vehicle, or even from room to room, is a difficult task. Thus, a telescoping handle and wheels are included in the Husky tool bag to offset the pressure. The handle seems robust, stretches, and collapses easily, and there is no two-handed fidgeting, as some cheaper models can have. Thanks to the smooth-rolling wheels, this bag glides over rougher terrain with ease.

It's also worth mentioning that the main section of the Husky tool bag has a zipper closing. This includes two nylon pull cord sliders that can meet in the middle of work from one side, depending on the user's preference. The smoothness of the zipper makes it possible to unzip the bag with one hand, yet it may take both hands to close.

The D-Bag is designed to fit into the DECKED Drawer System, but it also works well on its own as well as with other non-DECKED accessories. Two D-Bags fit in full-size system drawers and midsize wide drawers (but not in the narrow drawer of the midsize system). The answer is simple if your truck is equipped with a DECKED Drawer System. Like our other accessories, the D-Bag fits like a glove in there. It's even better than O.J.'s.

Take your tool organization game a notch higher. With the D-Bag , you get more power, strength, better organization, versatility and durability all in one package.


Despite the Husky weighing 7 pounds empty, you'd find them to be the most comfortable in a bunch of competitors' tool bags loaded with identical items (compared to the other bags weighing roughly 2 to 3 pounds). The handles have a plush, padded padding and a rolling design, in addition to the nylon webbing providing plenty of strength and grip. They're thin enough to get a solid hold on, but not so thin that they hurt or irritate your hand.

The handles, however, are one area where the Husky tool bag's design falls short. This bag does not have any side handles. This design allows for unrestricted access to the tool pockets on both ends, but it also means there's no practical method to hoist the bag once it's packed to its maximum weight capacity. Lifting a loaded bag into the back of the vehicle without these handles proves challenging, especially when the bag is fully loaded.

The Next Tool Bag….

The Husky tool bag has a large weight capacity, plenty of storage, and a few handy features that make wheeling it about a breeze. Is this, however, the appropriate bag for you?

DIYers and professionals who prefer to use a smaller bag or many sets of bags or boxes for specific tasks may not perceive the value in this bag. This is the bag to buy for DIYers who want to keep all of their hand tools (and even some power tools) in one place. It has distinct pockets for simple organization, a large weight capacity, and enough space inside for practically any toolset.


Although there are a few areas where the Husky tool bag may be improved, it's a great tool bag that most DIYers will find quite useful, if not vital, to their workflow. It doesn't leave much to be desired, with easy carrying, one-handed use, and plenty of storage. An extra set of handles and perhaps smaller compartments would improve the utility, but their lack does not detract from the bag's overall value and convenience.


The D-Bag will become your new favorite gadget if you're an electrician, plumber, or even a DIY enthusiast. It's a tote bag, an ergonomic backpack, a tool organizer, and more!


Although the D-Bag is more expensive than a Husky tool bag, it offers superior storage, ergonomic features, and long-lasting, durable construction to protect your tools and equipment.


Forget about the glitzy rolling tool bags with broken telescoping handles. The D-bag is a 360-degree organizer bag ideal for any tradesperson or craftsperson. Get the job done with a tool backpack that's both simple and effective.