D-Bag: Your Favorite Hunting Pack Is Also the Best Everything-Else Bag

Man in plaid shirt and tan pants stands next to open tailgate of pickup truck with a topper. A DECKED D-Bag is horizontal on the tailgate and the man is opening the zipper. His face is not visible.D-Bag: Your Favorite Hunting Pack Is Also the Best Everything-Else Bag

A Hunting Pack That’s Just What You Need When You Need It

Anyone who enjoys the outdoors knows how important it is to have the right essentials and gear with them. Whether you’re hunting game or fowl, or just getting out to enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature for a little while, you’ve probably sought out the perfect pack for your outdoors adventures.


A lot of good products are available to choose from out there. A hunting fanny pack offers convenience and comfort — just strap it on and go. (Look, Ma! No hands!) You may find you like a hunting fanny pack with shoulder straps for the extra stability the straps provide.


Or maybe you find you need something a little bigger to carry more gear than a hunting waist pack. You may look at a sling hunting pack, if that’s your style, or if you’re looking to haul a lot of gear, maybe you’ve got your eye on a hunting frame pack.  


A lot of choices out there, for sure. But at DECKED, we’ve come up with what we believe is the best hunting day pack for just about anyone, anytime. The DECKED D-Bag is a right-sized, multi-purpose (use this baby for your tools and so much more), all-around utility player. Plus, its separate duffel and tool roll make it easy to store and organize all your important stuff.


With the DECKED D-Bag, we give you multiple carrying options — depending on what you’re hauling and where you’re going, you can decide if it’s a backpack, a briefcase-style bag, a sling, or even use it as a horizontal bag, pizza-delivery style. (Talk about options. You know DECKED gives you plenty of options so it’s always super convenient for you.)


Our D-Bags are made from materials from the future so they are ultra durable and weather-resistant. Best of all, they fit perfectly with our DECKED Drawer System or DECKED Tool Box — you decide. (See, we’re not just bragging. This bag really does deliver.)


This is not your Grandma’s fanny pack. It’s so much more. The D-Bag is just what you need, when you need it, for all your outdoor and work adventures.

A man in a plaid shirt and tan pants is standing next to the open tailgate of pickup truck with topper. A DECKED Drawer System drawer is open and an open DECKED D-Bag is visible inside the drawer. The man is placing tools in the bag. His face is not visible.Durable Materials You Can Depend On

The DECKED D-Bag is about as durable as they come. We’re talking military-grade durable here. And of course, it’s weather-resistant — you’re going to be out in all sorts of weather so your bag needs to stand up and deliver. Our gear keeps your gear bone dry, even when you are soaked to the bone.


The top and bottom are made of thermoformed EVA foam that’s coated with a ballistic nylon cloth. What that means is that this bag isn’t going to rip or tear. Or even snag. Seriously — what’s the point of having a hunting back pack that can’t stand up to sharp objects or a little side trip through the underbrush? There’s even a reinforced lid. Because we don’t know everything you might be thinking of putting in your D-Bag, but we’re going to make sure it's protected as possible.


Even the sides are durable TPU coated nylon. You can expand or collapse the bag to suit whatever you have going on.


We’re also proud of the zipper on this bag. You may have also been let down by other zippers that snag or break. (We sure have.) Ours won’t disappoint. The D-Bag’s zipper is a non-snagging, double-taped No. 8 YKK zipper with oversized pulls. This is one tenacious fastener.

A bicyclist is shown from the back, lifting a bicycle off the ground in a garage-type space. The bicyclist is wearing a black shirt and tan shorts and has a DECKED D-Bag on his back, worn as a back pack Versatile Gear Bag To Fit Any Situation

It’s just as Forrest Gump told us: Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.


Boy, do we understand that. That’s why at DECKED, we believe in options. Lots and lots (and lots) of options. That way you can be prepared for anything that comes your way. If you’re familiar with our products, you know what we mean.


In this case, we mean we give you lots of options even in how you carry your D-Bag.


A lot of times, especially if you’re out in the field or woods using it as your hunting pack, you’ll want to put it on like a backpack. We included a sternum strap for extra stability and comfort.


Or you can wear it as a sling pack. Sometimes, that may work out better, and to make it a little more convenient,  you can tighten down the straps so they aren’t in your way.


Other times, you may want to carry it like a briefcase or small suitcase. Again, you can tighten the straps down so they are out of your way. It works great.


Or remove the straps entirely if you don’t need them that day. There’s easy-to-grab aluminum handles on either end.


You can even carry it horizontally, if that’s what you need. We told you we like to give you options.


A person in a plaid shirt is shown reaching into a DECKED D-Bag that is contained in an open drawer system in the back of a pickup truck with a topper. The D-Bag is open and you can see the person reaching into one of the zippered compartments on the inside lid of the bag. The person's face is not visible.The D-Bag Is Just the Right Size

What size is the best hunting pack for you? Finding the right fit may leave you feeling a little like Goldilocks looking for just the right bed.


For example, you may have looked at a Cabela’s hunting pack or an Alps Outdoorz hunting pack. Good quality stuff there, and you have several options to choose from. You can get a fanny pack, a hunting hydration pack or even a multi-day hunting pack. But you may be wondering: How much is too much and what’s not enough? Am I going to buy something, only to be disappointed?


We take away the guesswork with the D-Bag, giving you a pack that’s right-sized for just about anything.


  • Outside dimensions: 19” x 16” x 9”
  • Volume: 42 liters or 2,500 cubic inches


Our unique hybrid hard/shell softshell design means you can maximize your space. And by “maximize,” we really mean you can cram a lot more stuff in this bag than you thought you could, thanks to the expandable soft sides. The hard shell on top and bottom protects your gear and keeps the bag’s shape no matter how much you put in there. So go ahead and overpack. (Be prepared, we always say.)


The D-Bag is just the right size, and even bigger when you need it to be. And it won’t be all bulging and misshapen even if you do throw in a little extra gear or tools, so it’s still easy to transport. Goldilocks would definitely approve.  

A person is seen pulling a clear plastic box with small items out of an open duffel bag, which is part of the D-Bag. Stay Organized With Removable Components

A lot of us can be a little organizationally challenged. That’s why DECKED gear makes it as easy as possible to keep all your gear where it should be — not rolling around the bed of your truck, or lost under the passenger’s seat. (It’s OK, we’ve done it too. We’re here to help.)


We included two removable components in the D-Bag that will help keep your gear in its rightful spots. Both snap right into the D-Bag, or you can just grab them and go.


  • Removable Tool Roll: We call this little gem the D-Rito Tool Roll. When laid out flat, it measures 19” x 12”. It has two zipper pouches inside to hold smaller items. It also has a flip-out storage section that holds 8 individual tool sleeves. It’s held in place with an external cinch system to roll it up, just like a burrito (hence the name.) It’s also weather resistant, TPU-coated nylon and includes a heavy-duty zipper with big, easy-to-grab pulls (so you don’t have to take your gloves off just to open and close it.)


  • Duffel Bag: The removable duffel bag is also made of coated nylon, making it resistant to all kinds of weather. It has a hard EVA foam base so it retains its shape and provides another layer of security and closes up tight with a heavy-duty zipper. You can secure it inside the main compartment of the D-Bag with the heavy-duty ring snaps — this baby is going to stay put until you decide to take it out. Just another way we give you plenty of options to use your D-Bag.


Two men wearing camoflague hunting apparel are standing next to the open tailgae of a pickup truck. There is hunting gear in the bed of the truck. The truck is parked in a remote area with scrub brush in the near background and tree-covered hills in the distance. Perfect For Whatever Happens Next

Maybe in a perfect world, you would have a special pack for everything you have going on. Maybe you’d have a small hunting pack, a hunting day pack, a deer hunting pack, an elk hunting pack  even a pack for when you may not be doing all that much hunting.


But at DECKED, we believe in making your life easier, not more complicated. We specialize in products that fit your lifestyle — all parts of your life. That means you don’t need a dozen different pieces of equipment when one really durable, well-designed, flexible product will suit all your needs.


That’s the D-Bag. In addition to being one of the best day packs for hunting, you’re going to find all sorts of uses for this workhorse. Use it as a tool back pack to transport hand and power tools and your other equipment to and from the jobsite. Use it for camping — you’ll appreciate how you can use (and even abuse) this bag to transport your gear in and out of your campsite. Whether you’re on the trail or in the office, you’ll find yourself reaching for the D-Bag again and again.


So rather than a fleet of expensive bags taking up space and gathering dust, stick with one bag that’s smart enough and tough enough to do it all. Now that sounds like the perfect world.

An open DECKED Tool Box is shown. It contains one closed D-Box, which is the same size as the D-Bag.Fits In Drawer System Or Tool Box

You know at DECKED we make it easy for you to access your gear. It’s what we do. We make durable, versatile gear that works to keep your important gear safe, secure and easy to access.


So, of course, we made our D-Bag to work with our DECKED Drawer System so it lives out of the way and secure, ready to go when you are. Our Drawer System is one of the toughest and most durable bed storage systems available anywhere. The drawers roll out smoothly so you can organize and access your gear and equipment easily and without fuss. The D-Bag fits right inside the drawer — for reference, it’s about the same size as the D-Box, our ultra durable and watertight storage box we designed to also fit exactly inside our drawer system.


The D-Bag also works with our DECKED Truck Tool Box. The bag is a perfect fit inside, just like the D-Box. Your Truck Tool Box does everything you need it to — it’s super durable and extra secure. It won’t rust, dent or get all dinged up: It’s nearly indestructible. Oh, and it’s waterproof. The only thing that can make it better is having your trusty D-Bag waiting for you inside.

Two workers wearing blue work shirts are shown on either side of a large cardboard packing crate on a pallet inside a DECKED facility. A DECKED Guarantee You Can Believe In

Here at DECKED, we’re proud of what we do. We were founded in 2013 with a pretty simple idea — we wanted to help working folks have a better way to store and access their tools and gear from the back of their pickup trucks. We knew a lot of folks were rigging their own DIY plywood systems for the back of their trucks — we wanted to give them something better, something durable, something totally secure, and flexible enough to work for anything they needed.


We’re in business to make the everyday lives of working men and women better. We believe in giving you a fair price on our products every day — we don’t do sales, coupons or discounts. We will give you free shipping and a lifetime warranty, though, because we believe in our products. And we know you will too.