Going The Distance: The DECKED Drawer System And The D-Bag Hunting Backpack

Going The Distance: The DECKED Drawer System And The D-Bag Hunting Backpack


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Nobody likes a  job half done. When your truck pulls onto a jobsite you’re there to get the job done to the fullest. It should be no different when you roll out for play, either. When you head out on a hunt, you don’t plan on coming home empty-handed. Going out into the rut during elk season or heading out into the sticks for a deer hunt, the path to success can be treacherous. Even when the road runs out, and then the off-road terrain becomes too rough, that’s just the beginning and you’ll be heading deeper into the wild on foot. The DECKED Drawer System and the versatile D-Bag hunting backpack are going to take you further than you’ve been before.


The DECKED Drawer System will take you from the workweek straight into a hunting trip seamlessly and put you and your gear in the prime spot for a successful hunt. When the path runs out and your truck can go no further, the DECKED D-Bag may just be the best hunting backpack to get your gear the extra mile — or ten. Don’t get stopped in your tracks and don’t leave essential items from your backpack hunting gear list behind. Whether it’s in the back of your truck or strapped to your back, you’ll be ready, and so will your gear.


The DECKED Drawer System: Work Smarter So You Can Play Harder


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Getting back from a hunting trip and having to unload your truck bed completely so that you’re ready for work the next morning is a drag. Whether you’re unloading your deer hunting backpack or your turkey hunting backpack the DECKED Drawer System is going to make this a lot quicker and a lot easier.


The DECKED Drawer System is a modular tool storage system that is custom molded to fit most midsize and full-size pickup truck beds and cargo vans. The Drawer System wraps around the wheel wells and is fastened down with J-Hooks so that it’s fully integrated and secure with no wasted space in the bed. There’s even nifty ammo cans (not that kind of ammo, since we’re talking hunting) that fit nicely into the corners for some extra storage. There’s no need to worry about losing space in the bed for hauling because the system has a 2000lb payload. If you’re hauling a pallet of cinder blocks or an 800lb elk your gear will be safe and sound below. The Drawer System is made of a combination of anti-corrosion treated steel and High Density Polyethylene so it’s tough on wear. It’s also weatherproof so no matter where your truck goes – rain, hail, sleet, snow – your gear is coming for the ride and staying dry. Whatever corners of the wild you stalk your prey in, the elements can’t shut you down.


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Inside the system are two storage drawers that roll out on urethane sealed bearing wheels, not sliders, so there won’t be any bending, warping or snags happening. Each drawer has a detent so that they won’t open or close unexpectedly when your truck is stopped on an incline. The drawers smoothly open towards the tail gate so that you can access their contents without struggling, stretching, or climbing into the truck bed. Save your back for the task at hand and get your gear easily with both feet planted firmly on the ground. Each drawer has a capacity of 200lbs so you can bring all the gear you need without being too choosy.


So, you might be wondering “Sounds like a great way to store my tools, but how is it going to help me on a hunt?” Valid question, but the DECKED Drawer System is not only excellent for storing and organizing tools. Once you start swapping a case of power tools for a tactical hunting backpack, you’ll start to see how the Drawer System’s modularity unlocks the maximum potential for your truck bed.


All The Pieces Falling Into Place: The DECKED Accessories


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The DECKED Drawer System will definitely take you to the finish line on the jobsite. WIth your tools organized and at the ready in your truck bed there’s no stopping you. The ingenious nature of the Drawer System’s design, however, lies in its chameleon-like adaptability. Once you start personalizing your drawer layout with the DECKED Accessories, and then swapping the fully modular components out for one another with speed and ease, your toolkit is replaced by an archery hunting backpack in an instant. Here are some of the DECKED Accessories you can use to keep your hunting gear right where you need it.


Drawerganizer: The Drawerganizer is a unique open top storage tub that sits in the head of the drawer. It’s designed to wrap around the interior of the drawer handle so as to not waste any precious stowage space. During the week while this unit might house some duct tape or measuring tape, on the hunt this is a great place to throw bug spray and other odds and ends to keep them easily accessible right where you can grab them. Grab what you need for your hunting backpack and hit the trail with no time wasted. There’s also a Double Drawerganizer available for twice the storage.


Crossbox and D-Box: The Crossbox and it’s big brother the D-Box are your go-to storage cases. Their heavy-duty construction, made from high impact resin, and EPDM gasket seal to keep out water make these boxes great for storing tools of the trade and tools of the hunt alike. Removable inserts for organizing can be used for smaller components like finger protection for bow hunting or bulkier armguards and quivers. When the truck can go no further, snap open these boxes, pack out whatever you need into your bow hunting backpack, and start stalking.


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Piecekeepers: The components mentioned above are versatile enough to have your back at the jobsite and on a hunting trip, but now we’re looking at a component that was designed with hunters in mind: the DECKED Piecekeepers. As you might have guessed by their apt name, the Piecekeepers are a storage rack for your firearms. The Piecekeepers feature two foam covered, resin molded racks that can carry your shotguns and rifles securely in the Drawer System. This is full integration and modularity. You won’t need to be installing a gun rack in your truck and then have it be in your way at work on Monday. These components are inserted and removed from the drawers with the same ease as the other DECKED Accessories. The Drawer System will keep your firearms safe from harsh weather conditions, but also safe from thieves. Nobody wants to irresponsibly transport weapons without proper consideration for safety. The drawers can have locks added that will keep unwanted hands off of your firearms. It’s efficient and it’s safe so you can focus on the hunt and not worry about what’s going on back at your truck.


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All of the above components are incredible at increasing the efficiency at which you store your tools, your hunting gear, and how you switch one arsenal for another. With these accessories fitted snugly into your Drawer System you can take your gear anywhere you can take your truck. But what about when your truck meets the end of the line. When heading out into the bush or the backwoods, DECKED has just the badlands hunting backpack you’ll want with you.  


Shapeshifter For Sharpshooters: The DECKED D-Bag Hunting Backpack


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When it comes to the DECKED D-Bag they really have thought of it all. Is it just a backpack for hunting? Not in the least. Though the D-Bag is an excellent lightweight hunting backpack, that’s hardly the limit of its use. This component is versatile to the nth degree.


The D-Bag military-grade hybrid softshell/hardshell tool bag. It is designed for heavy duty use and abuse in the harshest conditions. Its top and bottom panels are constructed from thermoformed EVA foam coated with ballistic nylon cloth. The lid is reinforced. In plain English, it’s tough. The side panels are constructed of super durable 900D TPU coated nylon, which gives the bag the ability to collapse and expand, allowing for maximum packing space when you need it. At 42L volume it's not a small hunting backpack, but it’s lightweight.


The pack can be carried as a satchel with the straps over the shoulder, or a briefcase with the straps at your side, and of course as a hunting hiking backpack on your back. Open the beefy #8 YKK zipper to reveal the removable interior components: a tool roll and a light size duffel. The D-Bag is fully compatible with the Drawer System and can be used in tandem with all the other accessories to configure your drawer layout to your most optimal settings. It works great as a tool bag for jobs that require you to leave your truck behind and travel on foot some distance to a site; repairmen are familiar with this minor obstacle.


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How about when the “job” is several miles away though? On hunts the D-Bag shapeshifts and loses the tools for backpack hunting gear. Whether it’s used to traverse miles as an elk hunting backpack or simply 100 steps as a duck hunting backpack, the D-Bag is just as effective. Packing several bags and having a team be able to easily access their packs from an optimally organized Drawer System and get moving without wasting time allows you to spend more time out in the field stalking and less time messing around at a campsite.


So when you’re on a hunt and it's time to leave the truck behind, the D-Bag makes for a trusty companion. It’s versatility and innovative design, along with the fact that it fully integrates into the Drawer System, makes this a unique hunting backpack. When it looks like the trail has run out, keep going deeper. With this hybrid hunting backpack strapped to your back and you won’t return empty-handed.


Into The Wild And Home Again


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The DECKED Drawer System will definitely change the way you store tools to go the extra mile on the jobsite, but with the help of good design and accessories like the D-Bag, it’ll change the way you hunt too. So much planning goes into preparing for a hunting trip. The organization is a key factor and DECKED can revolutionize how organized your truck bed can be. Of course, once you make it deep enough into the wilderness you’ll have no choice,but to leave the truck behind. Now all that planning and organization needs to pay dividends out in the field and the D-Bag is a great hunting backpack to help make your hunt a success.


Once you get back home you’ll be able to easily and quickly swap out real guns for nail guns, ammo boxes for tool boxes, and have your truck ready for work in the morning. So stop wasting time with your head buried in your truck bed. Leave your truck long behind and go places you’ve never stepped before.