Tool Bag Or Hunter Backpack? The DECKED D-Bag Adapts To Your Surroundings

Tool Bag Or Hunter Backpack? The DECKED D-Bag Adapts To Your Surroundings


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Survival of the fittest, a Darwinian trope that we all know, often gets repackaged as only the strong survive, but that’s not quite right. What Darwin was talking about was adaptability. Creatures that could evolve to meet the ever-changing challenges of the laws of nature would be rewarded with another meal, another mate, or even just another day alive. The DECKED D-Bag is the hunter backpack that embodies this philosophy; adapt and thrive.


Is it a tool bag, a duffel, a tool roll? Is it for camping and fishing or is it a hunter backpack? Well, the answer is it’s all of the above. The real question is where are you and what job are you trying to get done? Because the D-Bag’s unique design and compatibility with the DECKED Drawer System allows for it to shapeshift to your requirements. Not only can it adapt to the concrete jungle, as well as the wide open wilderness, it can also adapt from one type of hunt to another. If you need a saddle hunter backpack or a bow hunter backpack, the D-Bag can be both. From the garage to the rut, let’s see how this hunter backpack will adapt to your needs.


Blending In: The D-Bag Integrates With The DECKED Drawer System


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Even the most advanced creatures need a lair — a place to nest, rest, and be safe from the outside world. For the D-Bag, that place is the DECKED Drawer System. This is the primary place that the D-Bag will show off its versatility. What makes this hunter backpack cooler than others is its compatibility with a larger modular system.


The DECKED Drawer System is a modular tool storage system that custom fits into the bed of most midsize and full-size pickup truck beds and cargo vans. The system is molded to wrap around the wheel wells and is fastened down securely using J-Hooks. The Drawer System doesn’t unnecessarily use up hauling space in the truck bed because it has a 2000lb payload and whatever you need to haul, be it deer on a hunt or bricks on a jobsite, can be placed on top without disturbing what's below. The system is built using a combination of anti-corrosion treated steel and High Density Polyethylene, which makes it rugged and tough on wear, to protect what’s inside the drawers.


Inside the system, there are two drawers that roll out on urethane sealed bearings to reveal the real magic of the system’s design. The drawers can house a multitude of different components to enable full customization of your storage layout. It’s a perfect system for keeping your truck bed organized and keeping the contents protected. Each drawer has a 200lb capacity and can be configured to hold a variety of DECKED Accessories inside. One of these accessories is the black hunter backpack D-Bag, but its counterparts make it all the more versatile.


Fitting In With Others: The DECKED Accessories And Optimal Customization


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The DECKED Accessories are storage components that all interact to create a custom modular layout. There are boxes like the Crossbox and D-Box that are perfect for tool storage, but can also double as storage for hunting and camping gear. The Drawerganizer sits in the head of the drawer, molded around the interior of the handle to maximize storage space. This open top bin is great for grab and go access to odds and ends like rope or bug spray. The Piecekeepers, as you might guess from their apt name, are a firearm rack that is fully integrated into the Drawer System. The foam-backed molded resin racks cradle the stock and barrel of your weapons to keep them securely in place and at the ready for when you need them.


Each of these components is specially designed to fit snugly and securely inside the Drawer System. They all interact with their counterparts seamlessly to make loading, unloading, and organizing a cinch. The D-Bag is made even more dynamic by the interplay between these accessories. Each component stays in its proper place. When the truck can go no further and it’s time to continue on foot this hunter hiking backpack can easily be grabbed and strapped on while all your other gear remains safely stowed in the drawers. It allows you to spend less time mucking around in the truck bed and more time stalking out in the field.


The innovative system also allows the weekend hunter to transform back into the workweek handyman once you return home. Each component doubles smoothly as tool storage or camping and hunting storage so you can reconfigure your system in a snap by swapping out the various accessories. The D-Bag goes from deer hunter backpack to city hunter backpack in the blink of an eye. It can adapt to all types of environments.


Cruel Worlds: How The D-Bag Handles Harsh Environments


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Adapting to the environment is essential for hunter backpack performance and the D-Bag goes above and beyond. Most hunters’ packs stay in the garage collecting dust during the off season, but the D-Bag morphs into a perfectly good tool bag. It is perfect for when the jobsite is a distance away from the road that can’t be reached with your truck and will have to be managed on foot. The D-Bag is a great solution for the problems of service jobs that repairmen or plumbers are accustomed to; jobs in a building up four flights of stairs or in a crowded downtown area where parking the truck closeby is impossible. The D-Bag can be carried as a satchel over the shoulder, or as a briefcase on your side, and of course, like a backpack. The gravel and debris ridden job sites of the city are no problem for this tough pack. When the hunting season is back on, the D-Bag and the DECKED Drawer System are ready to take on the harsh conditions of the wilderness.


The DECKED Drawer System’s High Density Polyethylene body is fully weatherproof. So when you take your truck out into the elements, you can drive head on into rain, hail, sleet, and snow without fear. You’re D-Bag, firearms, and camping gear will be kept dry as a bone inside the drawers. Once you leave the truck behind with the D-Bag will be ready to take on whatever Mother Nature throws your way.


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The D-Bag has a military-grade hybrid softshell/hardshell body. The top and bottom panels are constructed with thermoformed EVA foam coated in ballistic nylon cloth. Its reinforced lid won’t rip, snag, or tear. The side panels are built from super durable 900D TPU coated nylon. This gives the bag the ability to expand and collapse so that you can pack to your requirements. It is sealed using a beefy #8 YKK zipper with glove-friendly oversized pull tabs. All of this is weather resistant to ensure, no matter the harsh conditions you’re hunting in, the bag can take it. This arctic hunter backpack can handle the desert badlands just the same.


With a storage volume of 42 liters, it's not a monster hunter backpack, but rather a lightweight medium hunter backpack, for easier mobility to keep you light on your feet. Bring whatever you need without hesitation while stalking elk or deer. Even on long hunts with many miles covered the lightweight makes this deer hunter backpack game ready. The D-Bag is not only adaptable on the outside; it’s also versatile on the inside.


Shapeshifter: The D-Bag Isn’t Just A Hunter Backpack


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There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the D-Bag. Organization and versatility are key features revealed once you pull back the zipper. Inside each D-Bag are a removable tool roll and duffel bag. The two extra storage components are easily detached and reattached using snaps buttons. They can be used as extra compartments inside the bag or snapped out and taken with you solo.


During the workweek, while you’re on a job site, the D-Bag functions as the perfect tool bag. The removable tool roll and duffel are great for organizing your tools and, with the ability to detach them, you're never carrying a heavy pack despite only needing a select bundle of gear. This feature keeps you mobile and spares you the time of digging through a bag full of gear for specifics. Everything you need is neatly tucked in its proper position and at your fingertips when you’re on the move.


This shapeshifting modularity is not just great for tools though. It comes in handy while you’re out hunting also. The tool roll is a great spot to keep a range finder, compass, knife, even power bars to keep you fed. The duffel is the perfect spot to keep parachute cord, duct tape, and ammo. Because each component is detachable you can leave your pack behind and only take the super lightweight tool roll or duffel with you when you march out to field dress a buck you just snagged. Save your energy for carrying out all that deer.


Survivalist: The DECKED x Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit


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The D-Bag’s adaptability makes it a true survivor and that couldn’t be truer when it comes fully kitted out with Uncharted wilderness survival supplies. The DECKED x Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit collaboration is a nice addition to any Drawer System layout, especially when heading out deep into the woods on longer hunting trips. It is designed to help two people survive for a full 72 hours.


Each Emergency Kit comes with gear ranging from key categories: tools, first-aid, air and vision, warmth, power, food and water. In the tools you’ll find tons of useful gear like waterproof matches, a multitool, and even a shovel. In the warmth, air and vision categories there are filtration masks, goggles, shelter, waterproof gloves and more. In the power equipment there’s a Zeus portable power station and jump starter in case your truck battery dies. There’s loads more gear packed neatly into this Emergency D-Bag and if you find yourself in a tough spot it could literally be a lifesaver. This is one of those items you’d rather have and not need, than need and not have.


The Fittest Hunter Backpack: Evolve Into A Better Hunter With The DECKED D-Bag


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Hunting is really about the primal instinct that humans have had for thousands of years. The need to hunt for food has existed since long before even ol’ Darwin’s time. But as humans evolved so have our tools and our weapons. We’ve used technology to go from spear to bow to rifle, so while the need to hunt has stayed the same, our gear shouldn’t.


The DECKED D-Bag will change the way you hunt for the better. Tucked in the Drawer System or strapped to your back, the D-Bag’s versatility provides a dynamic solution to nature’s rapidly changing environment. Survival of the fittest is about adaptability, and the D-Bag’s malleability is exactly what makes it such a rock solid companion. So don’t go the way of the dodo. Get the DECKED D-Bag so you can adapt and thrive.