The Hart Tool Box Or The Tool Box From The Heart of America?

The DECKED Tool Box From the Heart of America or the Hart Tool Box?

DECKED lies in the heartland of the U.S. in Ohio along with other states like Arkansas, Kansas, Tennessee, and several others. As such, we embody the heart of the working person and make the DECKED Tool Box and Drawer System to support your work. In contrast, Techtronic Industries (TTI) manufactures the Hart tool box brand. Where does TTI have its headquarters? None other than China.

Being a home brand, DECKED immediately wins hearts over something like the Hart rolling tool box because home brands typically equal better quality. However, in this case, the DECKED brand stands out head and shoulders above TTI despite this company producing multiple brands.

Many of these TTI are recognizable in the U.S. and globally, but you may not know that China produces Ryobi, Ridgid, Milwaukee, Hart, and others.

Fewer people know of the DECKED brand but that is rapidly changing as people become more aware of how they spend their money. And people are now thinking with their hearts and minds and choosing the unique quality of DECKED over lower-budget brands.

Before going for the Hart tool box Walmart option, see what DECKED can do for you in comparison.

Image of the DECKED Tool Box without the integrated ladder.

Multipurpose Design

Any Walmart Hart tool box gives you the basics that you need for tool storage. Some of these products have a plastic structure; others are made from aluminum or steel.

Many plastic products feature polypropylene (PP) resin like the Hart 24in rolling tool box resin tool storage, which is pretty sturdy, depending on the PP grade. Others feature practical designs like the Hart stackable tool box.

And many people are happy with the Hart brand because it matches their situations. However, few of these Hart products can live up to the universal, multipurpose design standards set by DECKED.

DECKED products like the large pickup truck Tool Box and Drawer System are formidable. But, once you install both these products (or just one), you have a built-in solution that is with you wherever you want to go. Your gear is always safe, and you have a mobile solution for any purpose—on duty or off duty.

So, while a Hart tool box set is handy, it will never deliver the multipurpose level of versatility that comes from the heart of DECKED. Besides, if you feel it is important to have a Hart tool box with tools, you can still pack it into the DECKED Tool Box or Drawer System for immediate access.

Image of a pickup truck featuring the DECKED Drawer System and Tool Box with the integrated ladder.


DECKED makes its two products for use in the construction industry, ranching, tactical, and fleet management.

Anyone who works in these specialist areas wants a durable, reliable, ergonomic, and affordable product. They also want something that is portable offers easy access to equipment but is lockable and theft-proof.

DECKED delivers on all of these benefits and adds a few more.

1. Construction and Security Factors

Construction workers choose the DECKED Tool Box over many others. It is custom-made to fit many pickup truck models and is lockable. Obviously, a tool box on the back of a pickup truck or any other truck type should be lockable, but DECKED takes security a step further, knowing how important it is to secure your expensive gear.

When your work is in the construction industry, you frequently move between your vehicle and the job site—so securing your tools while away from the truck is critical. For this reason, DECKED has retooled its Tool Box. The result is that this Tool Box has a no-drill install to preserve the integrity of your vehicle structure. In addition, once installed, nobody can remove your Tool Box when the lid is closed.

Okay, that's one problem taken care of, but what about the safety of your tools? The DECKED Tool Box reinforces the tub lid with steel and aluminum. This design strengthens the tub so that entry is so problematic and time-consuming that criminals look for easier targets.

The DECKED Tool Box in action on a construction job site.

On top of this, the tub and lid interface is so effective that using a crowbar to attempt entry is near impossible. Combine an armor locking system with two keys, and your stuff is so safe that you can lock your tub, the truck and park it, and walk away.

So, unless you want something like a Hart 3-in-1 16-inch rolling plastic tool box black and blue, which you cannot store safely on your truck, DECKED is the answer.

But because of the size of this Hart product, it may even fit into the DECKED Tool Box with dimensions of 76" (L) x 22" (W) x 20.53" (H). However, you may need to remove the free D-Box to make space for this Hart tool box or any other small storage container should you prefer it to the sturdy DECKED accessories.

Also, something like the Hart 24in rolling tool box resin tool storage black with blue has some level of security, but it is not in the same league as the DECKED tub. This particular Hart product is also not weatherproof.

2. Ranching and Durability Elements

Ranching is another tough business for which you need durable tools to make work easier. In ranching, benefits like durability, weatherproofing, and waterproofing are a concern, which DECKED has also considered in its designs.

Ranch owners can load up to 2000 pounds of evenly distributed weight on top of the Drawer System.

DECKED makes its large Tool Box from industrial quality high impact, high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This tub can take massive punches and remain intact, which is what you need on a ranch where you have to load all kinds of stuff on your truck.

Because many ranches are exposed to extremes in temperature, DECKED tested its HDPE tub under intense heat and cold (180 degrees Fahrenheit and -5 degrees). We packed tools and equipment into the tub before this test, and the tub and its contents remained unscathed.

A UV protective layer in the HDPE further preserves the tub's quality and protects it from weathering and fading. Hardware in the tub also features protective factors like galvanized steel, aluminum, and other eco-protective features.

You can also rely on this tub for its longevity because of injection molding. Injection molding is devoid of fabrication that involves joining and bending metal, which leaves the product prone to weaknesses.

Two additional benefits in the design of the lid and tub include a rain gutter and a high-quality MDPE gasket seal. Water doesn't run uphill, so your gear will always be dry and free of dust, with the rain gutter being one defense. The other is the gasket seal which stops water in its tracks. Both these benefits are essential when working in conditions that do not favor maintaining your tub and gear in excellent condition.

Image of the small HART 24in Rolling Tool Box, Resin Tool Storage, Black with Blue.

You can choose to store your equipment in something like the Hart 24in rolling tool box, but these products are made from polypropylene. While PP is great for smaller storage systems, they’re not ideal when you require a rugged, durable solution that will last a lifetime.

3. Tactical Storage Solutions

Anyone frequently on tactical excursions understands the need for reliable storage systems. Our military personnel are set for successful maneuvers with the DECKED Drawer System.

We specifically make PIECEKEEPERS to store weapons and draw dividers for ammo safely. You can store up to 2000 pounds of equipment in the Drawer System, which meets all safety and security storage requirements for the military and police. And you have quick access to necessary items when you need them due to the easy sliding drawers that will never slide out of their moorings.

DECKED also provides survival equipment like the DECKED X Pathfinder Survival Kit and the DECKED X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit to help you survive in unfortunate situations.

Image of the DECKED X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit with everything that fits into this storage container.

The DECKED Drawer System leaves the truck bed free for other storage solutions like the DECKED Tool Box. For example, if you're in the military or police force and need to transport large items like dog kennels or ATVs, you can use the tie-downs attached to the tub or install CoreTrax Tie-Downs to secure this cargo. Unfortunately, there is no Hart 24in rolling tool box resin tool storage, black with blue that includes inbuilt tie-downs, so stick with DECKED.

And because our military and national service providers keep us safe, we provide discounts. We provide these discounts as a show of our support in helping you kickstart your business when you return to civilian life, which comes from the heart. You can also access financing to support your new endeavors, whether you intend to work or retire and enjoy hunting, fishing, or camping.

If you don’t think that any or all of these benefits don’t beat the Hart 3-in-1 16-inch rolling plastic tool box, black and blue or Hart 24in rolling tool box, resin tool storage choices, hands down, read on to see what more to expect from DECKED storage solutions.

4. Fleet Management

A Hart tool box on wheels is practical if you have a workshop, but you need much more if you're in fleet management. The DECKED Drawer System allows fleet managers to save on costs and protect their staff members.

Several benefits arise from installing the DECKED Drawer System for fleet management, including:

  • Improving safe access to tools and equipment by 44%
  • Reducing falling risks by 17%
  • Increasing worker strength from 28 to 99%

Part of the tests conducted on the DECKED Drawer System shows positive improvements in productivity due to ergonomic movements through exceptional modular storage.

Image of how much you can pack in the Drawer System and still have the same surface space on the truck bed to load up more.

As you can see from these stats, a Hart tool box combo is unlikely to improve productivity or reduce injuries to the same degree.

Thefts, losses, and damage incidents go down because this Drawer System is so secure. Once the tailgate is closed, your gear is safe. The same principle applies to the DECKED Tool Box. If the lid is closed, it cannot be removed from the truck bed, and when it is locked, no one access the contents.

Injuries and liability claims decrease too due to the ergonomic drawers of the Drawer System, and workers can more easily access tools from the DECKED Tool Box when they have the integrated ladder.

Additional benefits encompass the excellent total cost of ownership (TCO) benefits. Part of these TCO savings arises from the lightweight, no-drill installation of the Drawer System and Tool Box. The lifespan of these products exceeds that of the vehicle, reducing upfit and fuel costs. Another benefit to fleet management TCO is that the asset replacement cycle lengthens along with the average resale value of vehicles.

Managers and employers are much happier when you give them tools fit for their work. Regrettably, the same cannot be said for any Hart 3 in 1 16 inch rolling plastic tool box or Hart 24 in rolling tool box no matter how useful they are.

Off Duty Benefits

Some people’s hearts lie in their work (like the staff members at DECKED), while others put their hearts into having fun. Balance is always advisable, so we strongly recommend both work and play.

Whether fishing, hunting, or camping, you can load everything you need into the DECKED Drawer System and Tool Box.

DECKED also caters to fun with its tub, which provides excellent storage space for camping, hunting, Overlanding, and fishing trips.

Let's face facts; it's so much more convenient storing all your equipment in a DECKED tub that handles up to 500 pounds or a Drawer System that caters to 2000 pounds of gear. Of course, always distribute the weight evenly; otherwise, you may run into trouble. Other than this, the integrated ladder helps you access tools quickly in the tub, and the Drawer System features smooth, effortlessly sliding drawers.

The fun can begin with both these products or only the DECKED Tool Box. Then, use our modular storage accessories to customize your packing and enjoy the DECKED experience.

We guarantee that this experience will outweigh anything you find in a Hart 3-in-1 16-inch rolling plastic tool box or Hart 22 tool box. Even if you see a great Hart tool box review, it's for a smaller product because this brand does not make a truck tool box.

Put Your Heart Into Your Work With DECKED

Image of a pickup truck with the DECKED Tool Box and off-road motorbike secured with the tub's tie-downs.

We put our hearts into designing and growing the DECKED brand because we wanted to provide you with real-life storage solutions.

So, put your heart into your work by ordering the DECKED Drawer System or our DECKED Tool Box for on-duty or off-duty purposes.

You increase your productivity and protect your health simultaneously. No deal from Hart can compare.