It's OK to use the Harbor Freight Truck Tool Box, but Have You Checked Out What the New DECKED Truck Tool Box has to Offer?

It's OK to use the Harbor Freight Truck Tool Box, but Have You Checked Out What the New DECKED Truck Tool Box has to Offer?


Some people use their trucks to make a living through a range of activities such as construction work, woodworking, hauling trash, trailer towing, and other practical uses. Others use them for passenger transportation, yet others look at them as a formidable alternative to their regular SUVs.


Truck utility can vary based on needs and the kind of work involved, but one thing remains common among all users: “once a truck guy, forever a tools guy.”

If you own a truck, you definitely need a tools storage and organization plan. In fact, even by natural design, a truck is ideally “a moving workshop,” which means tool boxes are a necessary accessory.


And because you are a tools guy, you continuously need access to your equipment. You cannot just toss things on an open truck bed and later try to find a specific one from the heaped-up mess. A careless “field service guy” is not the impression you want to create when you do deliveries, run errands, or visit clients.  


There are other reasons why your truck bed should be orderly and clean though. If your pick-up gets cluttered with loose debris, trash, equipment, materials, and other  things, it becomes hazardous not just to you but to everyone whom your work affects in one way or another, including motorists. Free moving materials may fly from the pick-up bed and onto oncoming traffic, causing accidents. You’d also need to keep your cargo from prying eyes and protect them from adverse weather. No doubt you need to install a Tool Box if you need to keep your cargo organized, safe and protected, and everything in between. The DECKED Tool Box is your cargo organization and tool storage solution of choice.  

A truck bed cluttered with loose debris, materials and tools is not just a safety as well as a health hazard ; it will destroy your cargo and your truck eventually hurting your wallet.

When it comes to the purchase of truck bed tool boxes, there is no doubt that the “Harbor Freight” Truck Tool Chest is indeed a household name. And it is not for nothing that this product remains a darling among most American pickup truckers. Maybe due to its fabricated Steel and Aluminum materialing or perhaps due to its low pricing. But we think it is most probably because people have not been keen enough to look around and see what other options there are. If you discovered the new versatile DECKED Tool Box, we are pretty much sure you’d not restrict your truck bed storage needs to a quite aged medium-sized Harbor Freight tool box.  

DECKED will keep your truck bed organized, secure and presentable .

Why you need the DECKED tool box

Truck beds are always open spaces unless you cover them with a bed cap. Therefore, weather aspects can be such a big problem. This, however, is not to mean that anything that secures your tools in an enclosed compartment after each use is a guarantee for safekeeping or, rather, protection from adverse weather. Some tool boxes are as good as nothing, as your equipment will still rust from the inside.


In this regard, one of the most preferred anti-rust maintenance strategies is to invest in proper defensive mechanisms. The DECKED tool box has a superb rubberized gasket –the lining between the bin and the lid. Even though it is normal for super small materials like specks of dust to find their way through it, the high-quality EPDM gasket will keep off moisture while maintaining an air-tight internal environment, thereby protecting your tools from corrosion.

DECKED is more like a tools tray :It employs the hold and organize technique to allow for the orderly and efficient storage  your tools and cargo.


DECKED will hold your cargo safely in position

A tool box is not your ordinary bin where you can throw in things, and voila, you are good to go. A good tool box is more like a storage machine with specialized features to keep both tool and user secure and safe. It also offers tool access and storage convenience, thereby enhancing productivity.  


Imagine having some metallic crossover cargo cabinet firmly fitted on the bed, but goes off into a hell of a racket every time you maneuver a corner, go over bumps, or shift car transmissions as tools float all over and bang against each other while mixing around. You'd dread over the thought of dealing with ringing ears and migraine due to the rattling and cluttering of metals in the truck bed tool box every time you go on a ride.


And when you finally reach your maximum wrath and can't take it anymore. In which case, you'd have to set a side your precious time for a session of creativity thinking how to design ways of preventing the dinging of things in the box , such as improvising a makeshift tool roll of layers of foam to stuff up the internal space and slamming the lid to wad it off . But you'd have to remove those huge foams from the box and put them aside to access the tools every time you need them.

With the DECKED tool box you really don't have to worry about the internal jostling of cargo as the truck moves.


Everything in it is made to give you seamless storage functionalities.

  • The product features a standard and easy-to-handle D-Box (a small portable tools cabin) held with hangers inside the tub
  • There is also an inside snack tray for use to hold small gear and tools
  • At the bottom is a preinstalled tie-down mechanism for holding larger cargo. Most importantly, the D-RITO TOOL ROLL comes in handy for use as a lightweight, portable carrier. While this is a separate accessory, it is more organized than those improvised tool rolls of rags, foams, and towels for preventing internal tool movement.

DECKED is designed to to make your work easier .You can be sure of enhanced productivity with this versatile storage system

Design aspects

The model and brand of the tool box you choose is, to a greater extent, a matter of personal preference. But the way you intend to use your truck bed is as important, which brings us to the design features of your toolbox-it is critical that your cargo storage solution matches the desired use of the truck bed. That is, if, for instance, you intend to move a lot, such as transfer tools and cargo from one workspace to another, you may need something that offers greater portability.

DECKED guarantees unmatched flexibility.


“Access to your cargo is seamless, and movement is such a breeze.”


The Tool box's inbuilt functional features not only organize your cargo but also make their access quite easy.


  • The in-store ladder system takes up little space while minimizing gymnastics as you don't need to climb up and down the tailgate to get to your cargo
  • Indeed these are not features you get to enjoy with a Harbor Freight truck bed tool box

DECKED comes with (an optional ) ladder system  to aid access. With it , you can access more than half of the tool box from either sides of the vehicle.


DECKED is made to meet future needs. It has always been perceived that you may not know what the future brings or what holds in the impending coming time. But DECKED has proven that this is not quite right because even though you can't predict the future, it is possible to sneak peek into it right in the present if you truly know where to look. Thus, we believe that with our time-honored craft, we have been able to solve truck bed cargo storage needs in a manner that will stand the test of time.


The DECKED Tool Box is made with a careful thought process of detail, serious investment in R&D, and trials to ensure that the resulting complex creation is conceived with no concessions to compromise. We are driven by an absolute devotion to understanding the emerging storage needs of present-day truckers, which is why our artisanship is executed with the deftest of touches there can be.



In the determination of storage space needs, it is always advisable to weigh the available bed spacing with the cargo volume you need to store or transport. A word of advice is that you should always ensure you read the specifications with care, especially things such as compatibility. With DECKED, you do not need to be so worrisome, though. The tool box is compatible with almost all full-size trucks manufactured in 2001 and onwards. Additionally, the product works well with other DECKED AND non-DECKED accessories such as tonneau covers, ramps, and tailgate assists.

Price versus Quality 

Harbor freight truck tool boxes are an obvious choice to many when it comes to price considerations. We cannot dispute the fact that you'd get something that gives most of their competitors a run for their money at much less (up to 80 percent lower). You'd think acquiring such a Tool Box is a no-brainer when it is so cheap but is it so? But is it not known that sometimes cheap can be expensive. I mean, some tool chests are so bland and uninteresting and not worth your sleep time dreaming about. In the tool box game, the rules are pretty much simple and straightforward. You get what you paid for. Yes, you'd think that our product is a bit pricier compared to the Harbor Freight truck tool box; but have you stopped to think of the reasons?


  • We are a generation Z brand, and other than the obvious features of durability, quality, and convenience –we are here to meet emergent needs
  • Our system is a “panacea which means through a single application we are able to solve many problems : style, organization, order and security needs are all addressed with DECKED.
  • But there is more. Where in the world have you heard of a bomb proof truck bed tool box? Suppose it can offer this kind of high-level protection to the extent of withstanding the impact of nukes and missiles, it can as well be used as a doomsday vault for things that require top-notch security- well, maybe not but it is not uncommon to think of it as a piece of military equipment-thanks to its rugged design.  


That it can withstand the impact of bombs is enough proof that DECKED is made to offer high-level cargo protection. It is manufactured from high-impact polymer resins giving it a sturdy makeup capable of keeping off a range of  malicious intrusions; not even a crowbar can get in. Its superb latching gives it an impenetrable functionality, keeping off stray entry .It also protects your cargo from non-human adversity such as bad weather including high temperatures and water.The high-quality gasket lining will ensure your tools don't rust. These truly are features you wouldn't expect in steel and aluminum products.  


DECKED brings strength , style , security and quality  in a perfect execution of time honored craftsmanship.

Free Shipping

We deliver to our customers wherever they are in the continental US, free of charge. This policy, however, applies for the complete package comprised of:  

  • D-Box Blue
  • Snack Tray

Additional orders for accessories or other equipment that are part of the system but ordered separately will incur a shipment cost of $25. Otherwise, accessories that are not part of the system will incur shipping costs billed at prevailing market conditions and pricing.

Warranty Policy

Even though we have invested heavily in methods and approaches of precision for value creation and service delivery, we cannot deny that at times the product may develop defects, and in the event it does, we have you covered by our generous warranty policy. We may either repair defective parts or replace the entire product, whichever will be deemed fit to remedy the defects.

Return policy

Again, since we do accept that defects are imminent though rare and that certain things you may have bought from us may at times not meet your expectations, we are considerate enough to devise a return policy with details of what we accept back and the conditions for the merchandise to qualify as returnable.


Agreeably, the tool box industry is awash with players who are out to satisfy the range of customer needs that emerge in regards to truck bed tools and cargo organization and storage. While some, like the Harbor freight truck tool makers, employ a pricing strategy, we place a considerable emphasis on value, performance, and quality. Every hand that contributes to the craft does so with exquisite detail, care and expertise so the end product may exude utmost value.


The DECKED Truck Bed Tool Box is engineered through a process that anticipates future needs making it one of the most versatile tools and cargo organization solutions in the market today.