Looking for a Harbor Freight Truck Bed Toolbox? Consider a DECKED Truck Tool Box!

Looking for a Harbor Freight Truck Bed Toolbox? Consider a DECKED Truck Tool Box!


So you need a truck toolbox and naturally you think of Harbor Freight. The problem comes when you take a look at Harbor Freight’s site: they don’t sell a truck bed toolbox. No matter how much you look around their site or what words you punch in that magic box, you will find that Harbor Freight doesn’t carry a truck toolbox, a tool box that goes in your truck bed, or even a truck bed tool box for your Toyota Tacoma. The best they got is a couple trailer tongue boxes. They say they hold 2 ¾ cubic feet, but maybe you need a little more space. Or maybe your feet are regular shaped instead of cubic.


Take a minute and consider a DECKED Truck Toolbox.

A construction worker uses the integrated ladder to access his DECKED Truck Toolbox


DECKED is Worth The Money

There is a time and place to save money. Maybe when you get the fancy coffee, you can skip out on the extra-fancy stuff, for example. We know times are tough and every penny counts, but we look at it this way: There are also times when it’s important to spend money wisely.


When it comes to working folk, the simple truth is: Your tools are you and you are your tools. Without you, they’re just a bunch of expensive metal. Without your tools, you’re not much good to anybody on the jobsite. Well, you can always fetch and carry and hold the flashlight, that’s true, but there’s also kids that do that.


So while you may look for a truck bed tool box from Harbor Freight to save a little scratch, the truth of the matter is they don’t exist.


On the other hand, DECKED offers a very nice line of truck Tool Boxes with a lifetime warranty, no dents or dings or rusting, and a lifetime warranty.


We offer a fair price every day of the year, which means you won’t buy it then see it on deep discount on Black Thursday or Super Tuesday or whatever holiday they make up next. There’s no coupons or secret sales or “should’ve waited a week” and no trying to prove to the guy at the desk that their price matching does apply, just the same fair price for a quality product.


Our toolbox won’t show up dented–some 50% of aluminum truck toolboxes do!--and…okay, if you’re still skeptical, there’s free shipping.


Ready to learn a little more about DECKED? Let’s have a chat.


A worker stands in a field with a wind turbine and a pickup truck with DECKED toolbox and accessories displayed.

DECKED Truck Tool Box: The Toolbox For Your Truck


Now, we’d love to make a truck toolbox for everybody, but some people are still driving their grandpa’s work truck from before the War. That’s pretty cool, but this ain’t your grandpa’s toolbox and won’t fit your grandpa’s truck. Tell your grandpa we said we were real sorry about it and we mean that.


On the other hand, we do have truck tool boxes for:


  • GMC Sierra 1500 and 2500/3500
  • Chevy Silverado 1500 and 2500/3500
  • Ford F-150, Raptor, and Super Duty
  • Nissan Titan
  • Ram 1500 and 2500/3500
  • Toyota Tundra


You’ll want to check the exact model and year, but we have toolboxes for trucks going back to 2001, and if your truck is old enough to go to college, well, it gets more expensive every year. All the more reason to take care of your tools.


Not to badmouth Harbor Freight, but the best they have is some trailer tongue toolboxes and those little things won’t hold enough for a serious construction job. And that’s not going to pay for your truck’s college.


Work trucks covered in snow


The Truck Toolbox That Looks Good

A work truck isn’t a show truck and we know that, but if you’ve got a truck, you still want it to look pretty good. Some battle scars aren’t going to hurt anything (and add to the appeal, really), but you don’t want a rusty old toolbox from the 1950s in the back when you’re still making payments on the darn thing.


DECKED Truck Toolboxes don’t ding, dent, or rust. They’re impact resistant, so they can take a beating in the back of your truck and still look decent. If you take a close look, well, not to get too scientific, but they use a special high-impact polymer resin with galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcement. Where did it come from? Time travel is, technically, illegal, but if it seems like it came from the future, let’s just say the guy said to not ask a lot of questions.


Those good looks aren’t just superficial, mind you.


The DECKED Truck Toolbox is designed with structure in mind. You can load it up for a day at the job site and it won’t start sagging even if your pants do (That’s okay, it happens to the best of us). We’ve tested it at up to 180 degrees and even -5 degrees with 500 pounds in the back and those tools stayed nice and secure.

A DECKED Truck Toolbox is open


The Tool Box as Tough as Your Truck

Now yes, you do like your truck to look decent, but you are also taking it out to the jobsite, into the woods, out where the only “road” is the one you make. Your truck is going to take a beating and a cheap truck toolbox isn’t going to stand up to that kind of pounding. That means your tools are going to get jostled and tossed around, which means you get all the way out there, then have to drive all the way back into town because something broke. Maybe you’ll drive a little more carefully on the way back.


The DECKED Truck Tool Box is designed like Fort Knox. We talked some about its polymer design from space, but in simple terms: it can take a beating and won’t show it. More importantly, the tool box is waterproof and rust and corrosion proof.


That means your tools stay completely dry no matter the weather outside. They’ll probably be more warm and cozy than you. The toolbox seals tightly with an EPDM gasket and also has an upstanding lip. When the lid comes down, it forms a rain gutter that channels water far, far away from your precious tools. There’s a seal and gasket around the entire lid when it’s open.


Even the gas struts are fancy. They use a torsion system powered by spring steel and torsion bars that last forever. The lid is 30 pounds, but it opens easily, stays open, and won’t bite your fingers. That’s one less bruise in a day full of them.


The Toolbox that’s Secure

It’s just a fact of life: On a jobsite, sometimes things tend to wander off. And hey, in this world, sometimes someone sees a nice, big box of tools on a nice truck and gets a bright idea that it’s easier than getting their own truck.


That’s no good at all.


Without your tools, you can’t go to work and buy more tools. So we made the DECKED Tool Box security-minded. What that means is it’s impossible to break into with a pry bar and won’t damage no matter how much they beat on it. The way the tub and lid fit together make it hard to even put a pry bar on the darn thing.


Cheap toolboxes might just wear down, but the tub of a DECKED truck Tool Box is reinforced with steel for extra stability and security.


All the fortifications in the world don’t matter if the lock is easy to pick, but the DECKED Truck Tool Box has a robust steel armored locking mechanism and a driver side lock that makes forced entry nearly impossible.It’s so tough it’ll make a crowbar cry.


Some bright bulbs might just decide to take the toolbox out of the bed entirely. They’d have to be pretty strong with all those tools in there, but stranger things have happened. However, they won’t have any luck with that angle because the lid must be open for the toolbox to be removed from the truck bed.


It’s not as exciting as steel reinforcement and armor, but it also comes with two keys. We’ve found people just can’t stop losing the keys to their toolbox, so we threw in an extra one. Probably want to put it somewhere you can find it, though.


The Toolbox Made For You By People Like You

Harbor Freight tools have their place, but the Harbor Freight truck toolbox just plain doesn’t exist, so there aren’t a lot of options there. The other thing with cheap tools is: they’re cheap and who knows who made them?


DECKED Truck Toolboxes are 100% American Made by American Workers in Northwest Ohio. The company itself was founded in 2013. Everyone at DECKED goes to work every day for one reason: to make the everyday lives of working men and women better.


Our values are your values and that’s why we have things we’ve talked about like the lifetime warranty, the everyday fair price policy, and the concern for the safety and security of your tools instead of delivering the cheapest possible product.


Sometimes you pay a price beyond what’s on the tag for those cheap tools.

The interior of the DECKED warehouse/factory


The Toolbox Where You Can Find Your Tools

You know that feeling when you raise the lid of your toolbox and wonder where the darn thing you need is? Sometimes that sinking in your belly is just the truck stop hot dogs (so tempting, so good, always a price!), but a lot of times it’s knowing it’s in there somewhere but knowing you have to rummage around to find it.


Each DECKED Truck Tool Box comes with an easy to grab D-Box for your most important tools and it hangs within the tub. Oh, all that good stuff about weatherproofing applies to the D-Boxes: They have a gasket seal to keep the water out even when you’re lugging them around.


For smaller things, the toolbox also comes with a little “Snack Tray” that can hold smaller tools, bits and pieces, and maybe those snacks you got when you were grabbing the hot dog. We won’t tell, that’s your own business.


If you need a little more organization, DECKED offers a whole lot of dividers and containers that can sort out your tools and keep things nice and neat. We can’t make you clean your room or your toolbox, but we can sure help if you’re inclined that way.


The Toolbox That’s Easy


It’s just about quittin’ time, but only just about, and that one tool you need is all the way up in your toolbox and maybe your knees and back are achin’ and climbing in the bed of your truck, well, that’s just the worst.


DECKED Truck Tool Boxes are made by working men and women and we all know how that feels, which is why we try to make ours as easy as possible. This one’s so simple you won’t believe you didn’t think of it sooner: we put in an integrated ladder. It’s optional, so if you’re still young and spry you can forgo it, but we think you’ll like a ladder that nests right in the box without obstructing anything.


Most importantly, if you thought you were a little more young and spry than you actually are, you can always purchase the ladder separately if you need it.


The Integrated Ladder–that’s its formal name–goes all the way to the ground, even on a lifted truck, and it’s made from 6000 series aluminum, which means it can hold you no matter how long you spend rummaging around inside. Maybe you need more of those organizers we were talking about.


Our toolboxes are also easy to install! It takes about 2 minutes with our bracket and bolt system. All you do is thread it in, then use a power tool and it grabs a bed rail. There’s no drilling required, just 4x clamps to grab the bed rail.


Now there’s nothing wrong with Harbor Freight tools and toolboxes, but in this case, the Harbor Freight truck toolbox just plain doesn’t exist. We think you should try DECKED instead. This ain’t your grandad’s toolbox.